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    Takumi raised a brow when Eira mentioned being embarrassed, though he also had a grin appear on his face. He was beginning to understand why ones such as Eira and Izuna would have such teasing natures; it was an interesting reaction to see. "But your face looks so amazing when you're like this," he said as a hand rose to her cheek. He spoke nothing but the truth. Seeing Eira's face challenging her hair and eyes for their very dominant shades of red was appealing in a way he couldn't even describe. With this, and the simple act of Eira speaking his name in that soft manner he'd become so fond of, he could do nothing but lean forward to kiss her again. He would simultaneously return to having his hands explore Eira's body beneath the water. The quality of the physical closeness between them this time around didn't seem to only have an effect on Eira. Takumi himself was more content to be like this than he was to be in the bath as a whole.

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    Eira's eyes widened at the notion that her face was somehow amazing this way. Obviously she understood why one would enjoy teasing, she was prone to such behavior herself for the sake of seeing the looks on people's faces. Even so, the fact that she managed to become embarrassed was simply a testament to this lad's pull on her. Before she could even properly make the assertion that she now understood what it was like to be accosted in such a way, she felt the touch of Takumi's hand against her face, and if it was even possible her expression softened more. She couldn't help it at this point, and soon enough the lad's hands were touching her beneath the water again as their lips were locked once more. This kiss was slow and soft on Eira's side, at least initially. But as they progressed and as she felt the lad's hands move about her body she began to want more. Her eyes closed gently but her tongue left her own mouth to enter Takumi's. All the while the red tint applied to her face didn't seem to leave her at all, instead the meaning of it shifted, from embarrassment to arousal.

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    A simple kiss that was soft and relaxed seemed to stir something deeper within Eira. As the woman's tongue entered Takumi's mouth, he understood this well enough. Of course, he couldn't say he wasn't in the same state, as he was more often than not at this point. No, it would be more accurate to say he'd been constantly at this level for nearly three years, whether he was always consciously aware of it or not. He was at least very conscious of it as of late, and now especially as his tongue met Eira's as an act of answering her apparent arousal with confirmation of his own.

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    The movements of Eira's tongue were soon met by Takumi's. If she had any questions about whether he felt the same way she did, it was easily understood by her now that they were on the same page. This sort of thing probably should have led to this young woman questioning her own sanity. How could she let something like a simple kiss become so much more rousing than anything else? She didn't really have an answer for that, all she knew at present was that she wanted more, even as Takumi's tongue met hers and danced in the space created between their mouths. Her body began to move unconsciously within the tub, stirring her own arousal by moving against Takumi's manhood. Undoubtedly putting herself in the position to start copulation even as they sat like this within the tub. Doing so would put Takumi's manhood between her open thighs and she'd easily find her own hand closing around it gently underneath the water. Broken sentences escaping her mouth as they continued to kiss. "Takumi..." she started to say as her hand rose and fell beneath the water, stroking his length gently as her body urged her to claim him. "I... need you...." she murmured into this lad's face. She seemed to be incapable of stopping herself from trying to move on from this point. Though she enjoyed the closeness of their current bond. Her body was hot once more, just like it had been at lunch... just like it would be again. She had no doubts about this now.

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    It went without saying that Takumi had no qualms with whatever development came next. In fact, he found himself both assuming and hoping for what it would be. Their tongues rubbing against one another the way they were was one thing to build a state of elation within the lad, but as Eira began to move, he felt something much more direct in the form of her rubbing against his groin. Even this evolved when his member found itself betwixt Eira's thighs, with her hand closing around it. Takumi's eyes opened and spread wider than the norm. Underwater, this was a very different experience than he could have imagined it being. "Eir," he said, beginning his response to the woman's assertion. In speaking, he brought his hands up to cup her breasts both within and just above the water simultaneously. "I told you. Whatever... whenever... wherever," he continued, placing a kiss upon the nape of her neck during every pause he took. "Just give me the order."

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    The widening of Takumi's eyes was something Eira saw as she looked behind herself at the lad. Even so, by her own assumption she could say he didn't seem to mind the attention she was currently giving him. If anything, he seemed to feel at least similarly to how she felt. If she needed any more confirmation than that, it would come with repeated kisses to her nape and the fondling of her breasts. Such a strange sensation that was, outright pleasing as it seemed to simultaneously happen in and out of the water. "Uuum~" the sound that left her mouth was something akin to a muffled moan. Still her hand didn't stop moving, even as Takumi claimed that he'd already told her he didn't mind this sort of attention and topped it off by repeating that she could just give the order to have her satisfaction on demand. She was still confused about this lad's desire for orders but in this particular moment she couldn't bring herself to do anything but as he asked. "Takumi, give this to me... now." Her statement was an order and a request made with undeniable urgency. But not one that needed a reply, as her hand came to a gentle stop in its strokes, it took her almost no effort to position herself to slid over the tip of this lad in the water and slowly lower herself even in this position, to start the act anew.

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    The sound that escaped Eira as he began his efforts made Takumi realize he was clear to progress. What's more, she once again delivered an order. Takumi's eyes glowed only for a moment as his grin widened. "Hai," he said blatantly, though nothing was required of him right away since Eira took the liberty of enveloping his member herself. "Hah," he sighed, taking his grip on Eira's bosom to new heights without even thinking of doing so. As he rubbed and groped away, his fingers began the process of toying with the female Devil's nipples, all while his hips began moving of their own accord in grinding motions beneath her. Once more, he began kissing Eira's neck while speaking to her. "You didn't even have to say, but... I like the orders coming from you."

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    "Ahhhh~" there was relief in this sound as Eira sank into place on Takumi's lap. Even beyond this initial relief, more was to come as the lad had already acquiesced to her wish to have him this way. Strangely, the movements of his hands became a bit more aggressive, even as his manhood began to stir within her person. Her eyes widened at this sensation and she could only moan her pleasure as her own hips began moving. "Ooooooh~" this sound was associated both with the feeling of her loins and the tingles coming straight to her chest. She couldn't have explained what was good about this feeling if she tried, but something about being groped while she moved this way was utterly satisfying. As lips continued to meet her neck the lass had her eyes open then flutter to a close, such an array of feelings could only be added to by what was about to be said by Takumi. The movements of her hips and begun as a gentle rise and fall into the gyrations of Takumi's, but his words about her orders gave her slight pause. "Hah~ I... don't know what to say about that... but giving you orders is growing on me," she admitted. And this was the truth, she didn't ever have the intentions of using such a power, perhaps because she knew he could potentially deny her, she gained a strange satisfaction from giving him these types of orders and having them followed.

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    "Heh." Takumi's lips curled upward against Eira's flesh when she spoke of the orders growing on her. "Good," he said before his tongue erupted from his mouth, slowly licking a straight line up the side of her neck. This event had become quickly satisfying to great extent for Takumi, and even though Eira herself had begun moving, his own movements below the water just couldn't stop. "Keep giving them then," he continued. True enough, if Eira chose to order him of her own volition, he would be far from upset. Takumi was in no way a submissive individual by his nature, but something about the concept of Eira giving orders using her powers as a Succubus gave him a deep-rooted confirmation that she felt as he did. As such, and given his own desires, these were not the types of orders he would even begin shunning.

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    Eira would have found it strange to have this boy's lips curling against her in a smile as she admitted enjoying giving him orders. But she supposed it likely made sense in a way similar to her own choices and desires. As the boy's tongue escaped from his mouth the slow line he licked up her neck caused her face to tingle with warmth. "Hmmmm~" the sounds which came from her now were satisfaction especially as the lad's own motions never stopped. He claimed that if she liked giving orders to him, then she should continue to do so. Her eyes widened at this notion, as she still found it strange for him to say such things to her. Who actually wanted to be under the control of a Succubus? Why did he think it was alright to be food for her desires? And why... why did she like the idea of him accepting it so much that it made her heart thump uncontrollably in her chest? "Kiss me and slow down..." her eyes were glowing with power in this moment as she ordered a change in pace, from the boy's hips as her lips met his. The movements of her own hips would also take the motion a bit slower just enough that each rise and lower gained seconds but she could feel it within herself as a slower build towards that insatiable feeling. Her tongue would protrude from her mouth as her kiss was also slow, as if she aimed to mimic this slowed pace the entire way through. Something about this was more satisfying to her, in this moment, as if easing the urgency of the start to pursue something longer was somehow better in the moment. Deeper even as the waves of water in the bath began to rise and fall with greater intensity.

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