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Thread: Higurashi Shrine

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    Higurashi Shrine

    The Higurashi Shrine is a small shrine kept up by a strange family. On the property is a deep well which seems to be bottomless. It is said to attract a high number of spirits and Youkai. Even so the place doesn't get very much attention, even when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and the lamp is lit the lone shrine at the top is usually unoccupied.

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    The shrine known as Higurashi was so often vacant... until this night. Inuyasha, a former half-youkai born of Kyoto's Inudaiyoukai, sat at the shrine. His long, white hair cascaded over his back while the ears of a dog atop his head twitched. He was leaned against the shrine itself with an old katana in his lap, sporting no shoes, only a garb woven from the red fur of a fire-rat youkai. He seemed to be escaping something, and due to his efforts, it also seemed he had finally found some semblance of peace... as temporary as such a thing was for him at this point. With an elongated sigh, the white-haired reincarnated Devil closed his eyes, that he might drift off into a peaceful slumber.

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    That night, after leaving the company of another group, a white haired young woman was making her way towards the shrine currently occupied by a former half-youkai. She'd been looking for him, and had picked up his trail with relative ease, all the while she hadn't made a single sound. Her presence was quite suppressed, even more so by the spirits around this place. She had no real smell nor any kind of change in her disposition. In fact, to most senses she registered as an anomaly. As nothing. But that didn't really matter at present. She moved towards this lad, her body joining with another she slipped through the wall to come out at the lad's right side her own sword now moved to her lap as she also leaned against this wall. Seeing his form so close to slumber she was content to let him rest as given what she knew it was likely the first time he'd done so in quite a while. 'Oh? I wonder what kind of blade that is?' she allowed herself to wonder with apathy in her countenance. She was content at this point to wait until her presence as noticed to speak aloud. If he opened his eyes he'd see her, dressed in her dark green and white clothes with boots and a swirling ghost motif upon her clothes. Though she had a longer katana in her lap there was still a shorter blade strapped to her lower back.

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    Inuyasha's slumber remained uninterrupted even by the appearance of another individual within the temple. Even so, he remained unconscious for a total of only three hours ago. He woke easily, skipping the normal state of grogginess as his eyes opened to witness this strange visitor. He was clearly surprised by anyone's presence, though this certainly wasn't a person for him to be worried about as far as he knew. "Eto..." he muttered. He looked to her curiously, subconsciously gripping the sheath of his katana. "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

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    "Oh. Did you sleep well?" she asked calmly as if there was nothing amiss with her presence. Of course, she noticed completely the way he gripped his weapon, but she seemed not to have any fear of this moment. She cut her ice blue eyes towards this lad and answered his questions rather easily. "My name is Konpaku Youmu. Yoroshiku." she said. "I was told to take a walk and look for you. But you seemed like you were sleeping comfortably, so I was content to wait for you to wake," she explained her presence here as if it was a perfectly normal thing to say. Of course, she was here specifically to check on him, and by being in such close proximity she was quite sure he wasn't under the influence of his Evil Piece and that he was simply running from his Master. After meeting with that girl she understood completely why one might do that, but her job here was to convince this lad to go back. She even had something to give him to sweeten this for him but she expected at least a little animosity given the person who'd created him.

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    When asked if he slept well, Inuyasha had nothing to say. He didn't automatically have anything against this person in his company, but he also wasn't in a position to be outright trusting of anyone. Still, she offered her name to him, and though he opened his mouth to respond... he had a sudden realization. "Konpaku... Youkai Taijiya..." His eyes were wide as he spoke these words. Suddenly, those widened eyes became narrow. This was entirely the fault of Youmu's claim to being sent after him. There were only two reasons someone would be looking for him at present, and he wasn't fond of either. The one called 'Youkai Taijiya was a thing of legends, and something both people who sought him might be keen on using to dispose of him. He had to be ready. Inuyasha's right hand reached for the hilt of his weapon while his left hand held its sheath steady. As he drew the sword, the gleam from its movement was quickly replaced by the appearance of a battered, chipped and rusty blade. In this same movement, Inuyasha rose to his feet and pointed the blade at Youmu. "Who sent you!? Tell me now!"

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    Youmu's name got a response out of this lad, given this the lad had to be much older than he looked. "Sou ka. I didn't know any would still know that name," she said. Youkai Taijiya, 'The Youkai Slayer' had been a title that Youmu possessed as a young lass, when she lived with her clan she'd been known for slaying youkai, sent after them even. Now, she had no such affiliation but she supposed most wouldn't be aware of her current disposition. This lad's sword was soon pointed at her as he demanded to know who'd sent her, her eyes moved up the blade and she examined it without moving at all her eyes traveling up the blade to the lad before her. "Your blade needs care," she mentioned absently. "Eira Gremory, sent me." she said, not knowing if this lad would have any idea who the heiress was or if he'd care if he did. "And for the record. I no longer slay Youkai with impunity, and I am under no orders to kill you. Though I'll test your blade if you like..." she mentioned finally moving for the first time she held her blade in her hand as if waiting.

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    Inuyasha had indeed lived a very long life, though it was hardly much by youkai standards. As far as his family would be concerned, he'd be about 17 or so in human years. However, what Youmu had to say about her own title was something strange. The idea that she wouldn't encounter another person who knew of her by name was baffling, as her work spoke for itself for a very long time. Of course, such a thing was a very long time ago for one such as Inuyasha. There was apparently no call for his death that Youmu was brought for, and she no longer did such a thing. What bothered Inuyasha more though, was the name of the person who sent her. "Gremory..." he repeated. This was a name he heard a few times since becoming a Devil, with two different given names applied, and two very different contexts. In the case of the name he heard from Youmu, it was one of distaste... which implied that there were no worries to be had that she was connected to his 'master' Roxanna. "So then... why are you here for me?" he asked, ignoring the comment about his blade, and refraining from lowering it in case she happened to have been sent by someone else he wished to avoid.

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    The name Gremory seemed to cause something to stir within this lad's mind. There could be several reasons for this, as Eira wasn't the first person with this surame, but Youmu wasn't the type to question this too much. "Eira doesn't like the idea that you've been alone and on the run for so long," Youmu explained calmly. "Though after meeting that girl, none of us blame you," Youmu stated, and this seemed to be very true. No one on Eira's Peerage could even be counted as criticizing this lad's actions. Still this blade was pointed at her and she wondered if he intended to use it at all. Instead of questioning it further she drew her own blade as well holding the blade in her left hand and the sheath in her right. "So, where are you going?" she asked while staring at Inu-youkai.

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    So, the Gremory girl he'd heard about had some issue with him being alone for such a long period of time. There was also a rather nonspecific reference to Roxanna as 'that girl' in Youmu's follow-up statement, which didn't have a very positive effect on Inuyasha. "You met her then... Roxanna Phenex. She nabbed me in a moment of weakness. I could have gotten over that, but... not the way she is. I'm not going back," he said whilst eyeing the sword held in Youmu's hand. Her body language wasn't doing much to say she didn't intend to assault him, but regardless of her intentions, he was prepared. "I'm going away. If you're not here to attack me, you must be here to stop me. That's not gonna happen."

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