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    As Takumi went through the process of washing himself, Eira returned his greeting and mentioned the satisfaction she felt in seeing him. His smile remained as his eyes shifted toward her. "I'm happy to see you too. I didn't want to leave the clubhouse, but... I have good news," he said. A brief pause was taken, in which Takumi finished the act of lathering himself with soap, freeing him to begin a rinse as he continued speaking. "I had a contract signed today. 99 left."

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    Takumi lathered up and Eira watched seemingly without shame. She even got to feel an extreme sense of satisfaction at the idea that the lad hadn't wanted to leave the clubhouse. "If I am being honest, I didn't want to send you off..." she murmured. It was quite true that now that she had him in her possession she truly didn't want to ever be apart from him. The fact that they had to do it, only seemed to move her towards random actions and other works to keep her mind occupied from things she'd rather be doing in this lad's company. Surprisingly the lad claimed to have good news and upon hearing what it was at the start of the rinse of this lad's body, Eira's eyes went wide. "Really?! That's awesome! Great work Takumi!~" Eira congratulated the lad and did something she would have done the last time he had made such a great accomplishment. She wrapped her arms around his body without care, stepping into the spray of the water and covering herself lightly with soap in the process. This lass had been holding back quite a bit of herself in interactions with Takumi prior to this, now though she felt free to be herself and in truest form she'd appreciate everything this lad did. She even went on to press her lips into his for what would seem like a brief moment compared to their greeting.

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    "Sou desu ka," he replied to the idea that Eira didn't want to send him off. Pleasing as this was, he knew - and knew that Eira did as well - that it was quite a necessity for him to acquire a great number of contracts as soon as possible. The sooner he did so, the lower the chances were of the pair encountering more and more problems along their path. At the very least, Eira seemed happy with the fact that he'd succeeded in having a contract signed, and wrapped herself around him in expressing this. As she did so and kissed him, the soap that remained on his body spread between the two. Takumi felt the water pooling between the fronts of their bodies and washing away the suds after the kiss' final moments, but he then kissed her again. "I'll get more and more, every day. Then... we'll have the biggest wedding the Underworld has ever seen!" he proclaimed, just as the final suds washed away into the shower drain.

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    Eira was pleased that he didn't really question why it was necessary for him to leave. Of course, she enjoyed Takumi's company, she always enjoyed him. But in order to be able to enjoy him more later she had to bear with the idea of them not getting to spend absolutely all their time together now. The achy longing of their moments apart, only to be alleviated by these moments together. She sighed against him, in between their kisses only to have her heart beat speed up at the proclamation that he'd do everything he needed to so that they could have the biggest wedding the Underworld had ever seen. To be honest, she'd never considered what her wedding would actually be like, she thought about marriage as an eventuality but hadn't really considered the idea of the storybook wedding that they spoke about now. Of course, while their lips met and water filled between their bodies, she considered a similar kiss sometime in the future with a very different outlook. A grin came to her face after this...

    "I'll look forward to it~" she said as the last of the soap on their bodies washed down the drain she reached back to turn the water off. Now that it happened for the second time she went to take Takumi's hand as she moved towards the tub. "Come on then... we can have a bath, and you can tell me a Devil story~," she said with a nostalgic smile coming to her face. She'd head to the tub and given the moment, she would take the seat in front aiming to let Takumi have the back of the tub she'd settle between his legs and lean her back against his chest. In this way, they'd have their positions reversed of the kind of comfort they used to have together while she told him stories, but at the same time they'd make new memories together. This was an exciting moment for Eira, as she hadn't considered what it would be like to be the person listening to such a story from Takumi specifically.

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    "Hai!" Takumi said. There was much to look forward to, despite the likelihood of much adversity in their future. With Eira taking his hand, he followed suit to the bathtub with a story in mind to tell. He happened to already be thinking about their position in the tub, and it was exactly what Eira led them into in the end. He sat in the tub with Eira placing her against his front. In this position, he wrapped his arms around her midsection and rested his head on her left shoulder. When he spoke, he did so softly after kissing the female Devil's neck. "I met someone interesting today. Shaoling, from a village just on the other side of those mountains to the East. She was supposed to be head of her clan, but others were keeping her from it, even though she inherited something sacred to them that made her qualified as heir..." he began to explain, pausing to sink into and kiss Eira's neck again.

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    Eira settled into the tub with Takumi behind her as she figured he would enjoy. She had a gentle smile on her face as the boy's head appeared over her left shoulder and she relaxed into the embrace offered her. It seemed that Takumi did have a story to tell, about a person he'd met who lived in the mountains to the East. He began this tale, with his lips touching the side of Eira's neck, which elicited a small gasp from her initially. That being said, she heard this information out, finding it to have the makings of a good story and one which she found to be a little familiar. "Umm~ Sounds like quite a problem... but is there more to it?" she asked, attentively. She was quite interested in the tale he had to tell, but a second kiss to her neck brought a blush to her face making the lass bite her bottom lip gently.

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    The second time Takumi's lips met Eira's neck, he lingered a bit longer than needed for one who intended to continue telling a tale. Eira, despite her reactions to his attention, made her interest in the story clear. As such, he took an extra moment to let his breath crawl across her neck before returning to the tale. "Hai. There's a lot," he said, kissing her once more. "It was her uncle's idea to have his son become the clan head in her place, since it was also tradition for the head to be a man. The problem Shaoling knew already was that Akito, her uncle's son, wasn't a man at all. He had his daughter in a full suit of armor to hide her gender, and cast a spell on her to keep her under his control. Shaoling knew this, but she still challenged Akito's right to rule the way their traditions dictated: by combat. At the end of the day, she only wanted me there to make sure the rest of the clan found out Akito wasn't fit to be clan head by either tradition, while also saving her from her own father's control. When I did that, the challenge was void and Shaoling was able to deal with the real problem without harming her cousin. The other villagers also got to learn how qualified she was to lead them..." Again, Takumi paused to kiss Eira's neck, making an additional effort to caress her exposed form beneath the water's surface. "And I had a chance to live out one of your old stories. I dispelled the influence on Akito by mixing your powers with my magic."

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    Takumi's lips lingered against her flesh, and beyond this the feeling of his breath across her skin made her squirm just a little bit. Eira was known to be attentive and beyond that to enjoy a story or two, but it was clear her concentration could be easily broken by this lad, and her mind filled with nothing but him at any point he desired to make it so. That being said, this tale would indeed get more detailed, even as the lad decided to plant his lips against her neck one more time before he got to it. The tale he told was one of combat, complicated family ties, and old traditions meeting new world problems. It was one she could understand both as a story and from a mix of personal experiences and general observations. Every piece of information given, gave her a clearer picture of the potential problems and outcomes of the moment. At the conclusion of the tale, after his lips met her flesh once a tingle ran up her spine as his hands found her exposed flesh beneath the water's surface.

    "Sou ka, you did do a lot then huh? That tale never really differs at all, no matter who is living it, people are always trying to live vicariously through their kids, at the cost of their independence and happiness," she said knowing of several situations similar within Devil society and having seen it a couple of times with Youkai as well. Still there were some shining lights in this story as well. "That girl, Shaoling sounds like she'd make a good servant... she has all the makings of one~" Eira mused happily. The news that he'd gotten to try out a power like hers and used it to help dispel the influence on the girl who'd been controlled also made the crimson haired woman's eyes widen. "Sugoi! You did something like that? That's amazing..." she commented, enjoying this moment of closeness. Happy this lad remembered something helpful from her tales long ago and more than that glad he'd been able to do good with his Devil work. "You tell a really great story, Takumi~" she mused as she turned her head towards him to meet his lips with her own. "I can't wait to hear the next one."

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    "Ou. I've seen that sort of thing happen before, but not to that kind of extreme. She fought against it without hesitation, though. She's strong," he said to praise the human with whom he forged his first official contract. He didn't know what Devils considered the makings of a good servant overall, so he couldn't necessarily agree to Eira's assertion about that. But, he could see this human girl as a decent enough comrade, so that had to count for something. Moving on, he nodded to the notion that he'd managed to make use of Eira's power. While this wasn't the first time he'd done so overall, it was the first conscious effort to tap into what the seal on his neck offered him. "It was a first step. I said I wanted to understand everything about you. I meant that in every way," he said, shifting to meet Eira's lips thereafter. It became apparent when they separated that Eira looked forward to future stories. This heralded a chuckle from the young Red Dragon, as he supposed he did have some years of storytelling to catch up on. "Hai. Every day, I'll have a new contract signed... and a new story to tell."

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    Takumi's praises of this girl he'd helped only went on to further Eira's thoughts that she'd make a good servant for him. Perhaps he didn't know or consider the idea that he'd be able to properly have his own at some point, but the fact of the matter was that the criteria for choosing them tended to be different for every devil. The only thing that seemed remotely constant was the idea that whoever was chosen could help them along their chosen path in some way, but she supposed that was something they could get to eventually. As they moved along though, his words about the use of his powers through the seal she'd given him seemed to embarrass the lass just a little. Even as their lips touched she managed to have a reddened face, and this didn't seem to ease once their faces parted. "Ano... that is really sweet, but kind of embarrassing," she mumbled as she averted her gaze.

    It wasn't often at all that she managed to feel like this but it was becoming standard in Takumi's presence. Perhaps it was the simple fact that she wasn't always sure she understood herself, that made the idea of him wanting to know her at such a deep level something amazing. Beyond all of this, there was the fact that the lad agreed to come back with a new story every day he completed a contract. Her eyes widened at this assertion because she remembered doing something similar for him less consciously than this. Of course, she couldn't deny that she'd enjoy such a moment of closeness and the intimate bonding involved with hearing something new from him everyday. "Takumi..." she said his name softly turning her head back towards him. "Hai, I'll wait up then~" she said, knowing that she would regardless but feeling a strange excitement at this as an idea. Beyond this she relaxed against him their bodies touching surrounded by warm water was quite interesting and though this wasn't the first bath they'd shared, it was the first instance of this sort of reversed closeness which cemented its importance in Eira's mind.

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