Takumi raised a brow when Eira mentioned being embarrassed, though he also had a grin appear on his face. He was beginning to understand why ones such as Eira and Izuna would have such teasing natures; it was an interesting reaction to see. "But your face looks so amazing when you're like this," he said as a hand rose to her cheek. He spoke nothing but the truth. Seeing Eira's face challenging her hair and eyes for their very dominant shades of red was appealing in a way he couldn't even describe. With this, and the simple act of Eira speaking his name in that soft manner he'd become so fond of, he could do nothing but lean forward to kiss her again. He would simultaneously return to having his hands explore Eira's body beneath the water. The quality of the physical closeness between them this time around didn't seem to only have an effect on Eira. Takumi himself was more content to be like this than he was to be in the bath as a whole.