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Thread: Gremory Enterprise Estate

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    Eira very quickly came through with yet another order. As Takumi's eyes glowed in response to her power being applied to him, it sank in. "Sou ka," he said to voice his understanding of the woman's desires as given in this order. Right away, he gradually slowed into a different steady pace of while meeting Eira's lips with his own. Their paces matched in a matter of moments during a simultaneously-occurring waltz of tongues and breath exhaled through the mouth in moments of brief, ecstatic pauses.

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    If Eira had simply been needy for a fix at lunch, she had an entirely different mannerism about her now. Takumi's understanding of her current desire, combined with her receiving of what she wanted seemed to spur her on. Each movement of her body had her tighten within progressively, as if the reduced speed of each movement allowed her to feel more of it. As their paces synchronized it was even more obvious why she'd enjoy this, breath exchanges, a deepening feeling each push down needing gravity to help it, but not quite having it be allowed because of the water. More resistance, more force, and the softness of Takumi's tongue moving against hers as she tasted him in this way. Every part of her body tingled with each met stroke, and it was blissful. "Ta-ku-mi... I'm so close now..." she whispered through their kiss, and it was true it was only matter of time before this slow torture saw her an ending unlike the others. "Aaaaaaaah~" The tightening of her person, the depth of this feeling, the gentle press of lips and tongue. It was all too much for Eira as she found her end, and in so doing... aimed to claim Takumi too. Her very womb quivered as she pulled him in and sank into his lap in that final moment.

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    This pacing was not so torturous to Takumi as it was extended continuous pleasure. In fact, one could say this was better in its own way than the former experiences, as his senses were allowed ample time to feel every movement of every nook and cranny within Eira's being. He could hardly avoid feeling as if he could lose his entire being in a slow-rolling spiral into her core, and as that feeling grew for him, it did for Eira as well. She even took the moment to whisper the announcement of her encroaching flourish into his face. With a sigh of contentment, he met her words with his own. "Let me feel it... every second, every quiver," he said, basically demanding that it be so. Only a moment later, that was exactly what happened. Eira's climax saw her lower more into his lap as her body demanded his seed, and that, it would received with a grunt, a clench, and zero hesitation whatsoever. It seemed that despite the amount of intercourse shared between these two in recent days, Takumi never lost an ounce, leaving him free to pour gratuitous amounts of his seed directly into the womb of Eira.

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    This feeling, this tingle, this pull within her person, only seemed to be added to and gratified by the pouring out of Takumi's essence into her very being. This warming feeling from within seemed to cause Eira's entire body to relax, but as Takumi demanded, every quiver of her nether would be felt in response to this filling. "Ahhhhhhhh~" it was simply the most relieving thing the young Succubus could have ever felt. She was awash with energy, like her entire life demanded she feed this way, and though she'd thought that eventually Takumi wouldn't be able to give her this, over the last two days it happened every time her body needed it. "Sugoi~" she mused as her hastened breathing began to slow and her body managed to find the proper relaxation within Takumi's lap. Her body claimed his essence and the power it gave her, disappearing within her womb, but all the same she didn't remove herself from him in this moment. No, Eira chose now to find true comfort within Takumi's arms and as such she caught her breath a while longer enjoying this level of intimacy. "Takumi, you're the best~" she murmured softly between her ever calming breaths.

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    Even Takumi could tell he wasn't losing much of anything each time they finished a round. Perhaps it had something to do with Eira being a Succubus, making him produce more of his reproductive fluid in less time. Surely this was no natural occurrence on his part. Either way, Eira beginning to relax against him resulted in Takumi once again embracing her. She hadn't undone their connection quite yet. As a result, Takumi's member continued to pulsate within her even as they reclined in this manner. He didn't lose a single bit of solidity as of yet, and this, he knew to be the fault of the Succubus. He even found himself subconsciously moving his hips just a bit more as they began speaking. "Iia," was his choice of response as his head sank into the space between Eira's neck and shoulder again. "You're the best. If you weren't, how could I be like this?"

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    Eira had no idea if her powers affected this lad in a manner so direct as to change his body chemistry or not. What she did know, was that as she relaxed, she still felt his throbbing member within the confines of her body and it had yet to lose its vigor. As if to comment upon this, Takumi's head sank into her shoulder and he transferred her previously uttered compliment back to her. This caused her eyes to widen and her face to gain more flush than she knew her body was capable of allowing. "Takumi..." she started to speak as her own hips began to move against him once more. "If you say that... I won't know how to respond..." she mused. Even so each subtle movement of her hips would seem to strike a cord deep within herself. She turned her eyes towards him and they'd be seen to glow once more. It seemed to take absolutely nothing for her to maintain arousal either. She didn't need to feed and at this point it felt overindulgent to continue, but she couldn't stop herself. "Takumi, take me how you want me," this was an order which surprisingly surrendered control of this situation to the lad at her back. It was as if in satisfying her own needs she realized hers weren't the only ones present. Beyond all of that, she truly enjoyed being at this lad's mercy though nothing about her would have indicated this as a desire she'd have normally.

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    Eira claimed she wouldn't know how to respond if he were to say such a thing, but it had already been stated. What's more, she did end up with something to say while her own hips moved in response to his own. What she said both physically and audibly registered to Takumi as an order. In having that happen, he stopped moving briefly while it sank into his being. "... Heh," he snickered before kissing Eira's lips once again. Pushing forward, he would see to it that Eira was bent over the opposite edge of the bathtub without ever extricating himself from her. In doing so, he would be kneeling and pressed up against her rear, both able and willing to thrust into her at a depth and ease of hip movement he hadn't previously known. He found it difficult to maintain any sort of slow pace like this, so from the very beginning, he built up a greater speed even without maintaining a high quality of forcefulness. "That's a vague order, Eir," he announced. "I want you in every way - including how you want to be taken."

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    The order she'd given was met with a snicker. As their lips met again though, it seemed to just be how he chose to accept this. Eira had no idea what these orders were like from his perspective, but if he enjoyed taking them and she enjoyed giving them she saw no problem with how they happened. Moreover soon she would find herself urged into a new position entirely. Bent over the edge of the tub without Takumi extracting himself from her person. "Hah~" the first push forward came with enough ease and speed that Eira herself was surprised by it. Still her body tightened with this motion, perhaps this too was something she wanted. She'd look back over her shoulder to see Takumi as he spoke to her about the vagueness of her order and how apparently he wanted her even in the ways she wished to be taken. Her hands met the edge of the tub and her back arched in response to these movements. All the while water splashed up around them. "Ah... you... would... say that..." she muttered but the sound from her mouth was nothing but pleasure even as her hands held the edge of the tub with tightness enough to whiten her knuckles as her nails wanted to sink in but couldn't. "I want to be taken just like this... keep going, Takumi~" her words were encouraging but strangely also an order. She didn't know what it was about this position she liked, but as her chest bounced and the water splashed against her, she felt the coming of something great and with such ease, that her own hips shifted backwards to meet the speedy thrusts offered by Takumi.

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    Once more, a small laugh escaped the young male. For Eira to say that he would say something like what he did while true, was amusing. The way she said it made it seem like this was nothing negative at all though, and as she gripped the edge of the tub, the next words from her mouth registered to Takumi as another order. "... Hai." He was somewhat surprised that she ordered him yet again without even having an order requested. It was refreshing, though. For her to use her powers and speak such words through them, she spoke her very desire into existence. So long as this was the way, Takumi would be there to meet those desires every time. The order itself gave his body the stipulation of continuing its pace and force. With that, Takumi's decision was happily taken out of the equation. It was suddenly as if he could take a proverbial back seat to his own actions and simply enjoy every feeling that came to his end of the exchange, while his body acted on his allowance of the order to move. Unconscious as his body was though, Takumi himself was very alert. He looked down to view Eira in all her radiance, noting her every movement as she met his thrusts, and even her breasts which were ample enough that he witnessed their swaying from behind her. Takumi's hands moved as he observed in this manner, taking up placement squeezing Eira's hips in his body's effort to retain some form of balance.

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    The small laugh which escaped Takumi didn't go unnoticed. In fact, Eira had time to realize much of the boy's shining personality had returned over the last few days. The encouragement she'd offered, left her mouth as an order and apparently registered as one to Takumi. As he continued to move forward and back at the exact same pace she'd requested of him, she moaned repeated as her body moved back to meet these motions. If Takumi's mind was free to explore as his body moved, Eira's whole body seemed preoccupied by her movements. "Sugoi!~" she chimed each stroke seemed to do something for her, and though she'd requested his movements she hadn't expected the hands which gripped her hips. His hands firmly in place around her made meeting his thrusts that much more satisfying, it was as if she took pleasure from being held in such a way. Eventually her hips would shift back and she'd feel it the rush of sensation which burst forth from her center and spread across the rest of her body. "Aaaaaaah~" she moaned as her body began to clinch more and more even as her hips stopped, her desire to claim Takumi, was beyond anything she could consciously think. Her body wanted him, her mind wanted him, her power wanted him and her heart longed for him, and such was obvious by the pull she had on him.

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