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Thread: Gremory Enterprise Estate

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    Takumi never missed a beat in his movements toward their conclusion, and Eira seemed to respond well enough that he could continue until they were both satisfied completely. That didn't seem too far off for the woman, who soon achieved climax from the repetitive motions while her Succubus body demanded that Takumi do the same. She stopped moving during this time, but Takumi continued thrusting even as he unleashed a gush of his own flourish - interestingly similar in quantity to its predecessor - into her again. 'Not yet,' he thought. He'd been ordered to take her the way he wanted, and he wanted more. By this logic, sheer force of will saw to it that he moved even more with a faster pace and greater ferocity. "Iia, iia. I can't be done with you yet," he stated as his grip on Eira's hips tightened to keep her steady. After a few moments of this, he leaned over her while reaching out to grab the tub's edge with his left hand, keeping his right hand on her hip. He managed this without hindering himself much, if at all, but doing so simply offered him something of a different angle to work with.

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    Eira's body reached a satisfying end and went numb as Takumi sprayed his flourish within her. Her body claimed this absorbing it into herself and causing her another massive burst of energy. "Sugei!~" she chimed such a feeling was well beyond anything she could possibly give voice to, warm and flush her body tingly. Even so, it seemed this treatment was far from over, though her own hips had stopped, Takumi's didn't even as his own flourish was claimed. She knew he'd finished, she'd felt it in the core of her being. Still, the pounding of this lad continued as he held onto her hips to keep her steady. "Huah~" a moan escaped this lass as her body went into overdrive. Such a filling feeling on top of what she already felt made her body pulse with pleasure. Takumi's words on this subject made her eyes widen. She couldn't imagine how much such a thing should have taken out of him, but she couldn't deny how much she was enjoying his continued movement. "Haaa~ Takumi, don't stop. Go until we're satisfied~" Eira chimed, this too was an order as well. Eira herself knew nothing but joy in this moment even as Takumi found a new angle and new depth within her person. She looked back at him with nothing but admiration in her person. Beyond that the order she gave was for both of their continued pleasure without care for anything else in the world.

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    Eira's initial reaction to his renewed vigor was immensely satisfying to Takumi, for whatever reason. In that moment, he thoroughly enjoyed the sound of her voice even more than usual, and the way she now felt within was something to make the situation even better. The Succubus went on to deliver yet another order for him to continue until they were both satisfied, and when she looked at him thereafter, he felt a strange pang in his chest which drove him farther beyond. His eyes widened. He had a realization of something... an understanding even, which made clear the subject of his attachment to these orders. This revelation brought an even wider smile to his face as he pressed his torso against Eira's back and spoke into her ear. "Yare yare. I'll die like this, Eir. I couldn't possibly say I'm satisfied enough to stop with you."

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    The renewed vigor Takumi showed, continued even as he managed to register the order laid down by Eira. The feeling in his chest was one she shared, given her own attachment to this lad and soon enough she felt his flesh pressed against her back as he made clear he understood what she'd said. Her own eyes widened at the assertion that he'd die because he could never be satisfied in these moments at least not enough to stop. A grin came to Eira's face and her cheeks reddened if only because such a statement was truly gratifying for her as well, knowing that he wanted this as much as she did. "Iie~ I won't let us die," she mused as she turned her face towards his and licked his cheek. "It'll be fun though to feel like it until we pass out~" she finished as she angled her hips back content to go on in this way for quite a while yet.

    Eventually though a change would be seen, and this pair would find themselves back within their bedroom within the center of their heart-shaped bed. Eira's body was wrapped around Takumi's as she lifted and lowered herself within his lap but strangely her gaze was pointed upwards. She'd caught a glimpse of herself and Takumi engaged in this way in the mirrors above them and seemed quite taken by it. So much so that as her hips moved and her chest bounced against his she seemed content to watch in this way. Her breathing caught and her body tightened as she got to witness the look on her own face as she claimed her pleasure here and now. Her body tightened around Takumi's in this moment as she moaned her happiness. "Aaaaah!~"

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    Sometime later as they took up a new position within the master bedroom, Takumi sat with Eira around him taking the reins of their encounter for the time being. Her gaze was toward the mirrors in the ceiling, but Takumi's own gaze was quite a bit lower than that. He couldn't take his eyes off the woman's upper torso - not her breasts per se, but elsewhere. Her raised head produced a great deal of open space between her chest and neck area, and that was something Takumi sought to abuse by applying very direct strokes of his tongue to every centimeter of flesh he found in the area. In the meantime, his own arms were wrapped around Eira. No movements were made by Takumi's hips, but none were really necessary. At this point, he was all but lost in the thought that he felt as if he was drowning by the groin. Even his pelvis and thighs had become quite soaked at this point, but it seemed this only drove him further to the madness of the moment.

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    As Eira continued to watch the pair of them through their reflections, she took in the moments of Takumi's tongue pressing against the flesh of her upper chest and neck. Seeing this happen from the outside perspective, seemed only to feed her anticipation in this moment. Every time she moved clasped in his arms, she got to feel something very different from these tongue strokes. This clash of feeling along with her own slick movements within the lad's lap only seemed to feed her arousal. More and more, she moved like this, with her hands traveling down the Red Dragon Emperor's back and shoulders, until ultimately, her hips shifted down and she stopped moving. Her insides tightened as she moaned her finish. "TA-KU-MI!~" she practically sang his name as her eyes finally shifted from above and back to this lad's face as her body aimed to claim more from him in these last remaining seconds. Her crimson eyes glowed with power as the feeling of utter relaxation settled in her body once more.

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    This position of Eira's choice worked just as well for Takumi as it seemed to for her. Even so, there was a certain amount of pleasure Eira clearly obtained from this, and that was enough to bring her to flourish. This was once again one which brought about Takumi's end while winding him, but there were two things which became apparent in the following moments. Firstly, his experience was no less explosive or plentiful than it had been the previous times. If anything, it now seemed to be becoming something even greater. Secondly... Takumi's second wind returned with haste, as if he'd become just as re-energized as the Succubus herself was meant to be.

    With his energy seeming to be right back to its maximum, Takumi rolled forward to bring Eira's back to the mattress. He never waited for her to release him or even relax for long before he straightened himself and lifted Eira's right leg until it was slung over his left shoulder. Her left leg was left alone; this was all he needed to begin plunging into the woman's undercarriage with what seemed to be reckless abandon, but was actually measured thrusts even quicker and mightier than his previous maximum output. During this obvious use of aggression, he leaned further to kiss Eira again with matching vigor, though the withdrawal of his lips came with a gentle statement. "Hah... If I didn't mention... I love it when you say my name that way."

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    A full flourish came from Takumi once more, and if Eira didn't know any better by feel alone she was almost certain it was more than prior times. Even so her body absorbed it and she gained so much energy from it she couldn't even begin to care about the logistics of such a thing. Her happiness was soon made more by the shift in her own body caused by Takumi. Her right leg was soon shifted up onto his shoulder and her left was left below as the lad seemed to gain more energy and begin rather forcefully moving in and out of her body again. This time, her eyes widened as she'd been so relaxed in the moments prior to this one that she was ill prepared for the urgency presented by his movements. "Huyuck..." a hiccup of a sound escaped her, but was quieted almost immediately by Takumi's mouth over hers. The kiss they shared included just as much vigor as this lad moving below her waist. Over time though this merger of mouths ended and she was met with a soft statement which made her eyes widen just a tad. A gentle blush came to her face as she had the presence of mind to want to shift her gaze from his but couldn't. "You hadn't said so..." she paused a smile taking over her face. "But that makes me really happy~" she managed with a thumping of her heart and a pulsing of her loins to join it.

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    In Takumi's mind, there was no foreseeable end to this moment. He didn't want to see an end, even. The widening of Eira's eyes while Takumi's gaze was set on her face caused him to look at her curiously. No, that wasn't it at all. He wasn't curious; he was elated. To have elicited such a reaction from one he admired to such an extent was a blissful experience of its own, only adding to the overall moment of ecstasy. Eira claimed she was happy that he found enjoyment in the way she spoke his name, even while her face returned to its reddened state. The simple fact that she was made happy made him feel the same. In fact, it even took the edge off his otherwise aggressive approach, leading to a gentle hand being brought to the side of Eira's face as he kissed her tenderly.

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    Strangely in response to her happiness, a bit of edge was taken from Takumi's otherwise forceful approach. Instead of continuing in his dominating way, he placed a hand gently upon her face while looking her in the eye. What was more he brought their faces together for a gentle kiss even as her leg was thrown over his shoulder and they continued to have such a strange interaction. Their kiss was met by Eira with the same level of devotion. She found herself simply enjoying the attention of it. Until this moment would inevitably reach its end. "Hmmmm~" she moaned a finish eventually which would pull at Takumi as all others had before and regardless of how this turned out she'd feel energized eventually lower her leg and using a bit of leverage to roll Takumi over.

    Once this happened and Takumi was below her once more, Eira's body would be spread across his, her body balanced on her knees on either side of him. Her chest was pressed against his and her face was buried against the side of his neck. Instead of moving her body in a constant manner, she moved just her hips around up and down in a circle while she kissed and sucked upon the Red Dragon Emperor's neck. Only when her mouth stopped being busy with such things, did she speak into his ear with a flick of her tongue over his ear lobe. "You know, Takumi..." she started speak only to press her lips against his neck again. "I really like when we're touching like this..." she mumbled as the fingers of her unoccupied hand traced down the skin of his side stopping just short of her own knee at his hip. Truly she enjoyed the contrast between the softness of her own body and his muscles especially the ones of his fore when they were sandwiched together like this. "I could stay like this forever," she mumbled as her tongue traced down to his collarbone from where she was. All the while her hips kept moving in this rotating rhythm as if she heard a song no one else could.

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