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    "Suman. It's a habit," Takumi said to explain the fact that he hadn't left any options open. With Eira stating that she would go forth to take her bath, Takumi started the stove. He had a few other things to grab and throw together while it heated, and this was for the best in the end. Something was fated to happen, and Takumi wouldn't even be in the process of actually cooking by the time it did. In fact, he was reaching out to grab an egg the moment Eira attempted to start her bath water... which happened to be the very same moment Takumi was teleported, clothing aside, to the space right against Eira's backside while she was bent over the bathtub. Takumi would also question the universe aloud. "... What?" he asked. In that exact moment, a stream of the same red mist from earlier would erupt from the drain toward the face of Eira.

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    Eira was confused by the lack of water coming from the bathtub, but more confusing than that was the sudden appearance of a nude Takumi right behind her. Beyond this she was also sprayed in the face by more of this red mist all before the water started to run. Her eyes widened and she coughed just a bit but it was too much and her body absently pushed back against Takumi's. "Gomen... this isn't what it looks like. I promise I was just trying to run a bath... did you just get teleported in here, naked?" she asked, of Takumi figuring the lad wouldn't have been cooking breakfast suddenly naked. 'I mean on demand is kind of cool, but why?' she asked her thoughts almost immediately only half of what she intended them to be. If she could have, she would have been on the verge of tears, she straightened up to try and put some space between them finally noticing that she'd been rendered naked by the most recent teleport as well. 'This is too much right? We aren't even... on the same page... why doesn't anyone get that?' she asked of the universe at large within the confines of her mind. She didn't know how to make this better but she felt like this house was going to keep doing things like this regardless of how she felt about it.

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    It seemed Eira was just as confused about this situation as Takumi. He hadn't even realized his own nudity until the moment he noticed that his bare groin was against Eira's bare bottom for a moment. "Uh... yeah. I was trying to cook, but..." he started. A single step back was taken to produce space between Eira and himself. "There's still doors here, so I'll just... go," he finished, taking an additional step away with the ultimate goal being leaving the bathroom. The more he stepped away though, the more quickly the water pressure in the bathroom would decline, until it stopped flowing entirely and drained whatever had already been collected.

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    The water had started to flow when Takumi entered this room, but as he moved away from her, claiming that doors still existed, the water flow began to decrease. Eira had been stunned but there were several things she wanted, one of which was a bath and the other of which, surprisingly enough was for Takumi to stay. It seemed that in order to have one of these she had to have the other. "Takumi, don't move away. Come back..." she murmured after he'd taken a few steps away and she could be certain of what was happening. "This house really isn't going to stop. The water won't run if we aren't both in here... if you leave this stops," she mused becoming annoyed enough by the happening that she managed to keep her less than decent thoughts to a minimum. 'I don't want to be without you...' she thought only to rub her hand over her face. "Let's just have this bath together since we're already naked," this made the most sense to the crimson haired lass. It would seem that they'd be in for this a lot. "Maybe if we do stuff together the house won't be so forceful about everything. I mean I can't be sure, but I am fairly certain that if we don't do stuff together it will get worse," she surmised, from the information she had, and given the most recent happening. The house itself wanted them to spend as much time together working towards their goal as possible. If they did this the house would have less to do, it would give them time to come up with an alternative and hopefully not get them teleported into drug central again.

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    As Takumi made his attempt to vacate the bathroom, he was told to do otherwise. He was quickly made curious as to why she'd say such a thing, having not even seen the mist which struck her. However, it became clear that the reason was the house yet again. If he left, the bath would cease. One could only assume the same would be the case if he tried to bathe himself. Eira's idea to fix this issue was for them to bathe together. He stood there looking at the woman with a deadpan expression the likes of which would normally be seen on the face of Youmu. "So you think we should just do things like bathe together just because the house is trying to force us to? I guess it makes enough sense to be worth a shot. Fine," he said while stepping forward again, prompting the water pressure to return.

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    Eira's idea for the fixing of this issue was indeed for the pair of them to simply bathe together as the house apparently wanted them to. And while this might have seemed a bit far-fetched giving something small in order to keep ones self up wasn't really that big of a deal. As it stood, this bath was the least invasive thing the house had tried, aside from Eira's red misting. Still the deadpan expression on Takumi's face as he processed this was one which made Eira stare at him and in staring her thoughts began to drift again. 'Sugoi! I always wondered what that would look like on an actual man's face~' she chimed mentally. "Haunted Houses are one my specialties and eighty-five percent of the time they are fixed by doing what they want..." she stated, the water pressure returning with Takumi's forward steps. "What kind of temperature should I aim for?" she asked. When she'd turned on the water it had been all hot, now she was adding just enough cold that she'd be able to step into it, but it was still probably way hotter than most people would appreciate. 'I don't know, if it's hot enough his whole body will flush. Cute red muscles~' she had this thought and found her eyes wandering around Takumi and felt the need to try not to be so direct about it. She needed to get a grip or risk ruining her bath.

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    "... Sou ka." Something about Eira's claim to specializing in haunted houses seemed vaguely familiar to Takumi, but he wasn't at all sure why. Either way, if she was such an expert and saying that fulfilling the house's desire to an extent would be the most likely fix to the problem, he could only accept it. Nothing seemed amiss at all, so it didn't matter to him what Eira wanted to do, or how she intended to have it done. As such, he stood akimbo while waiting for Eira to finish preparing the bath. "It doesn't matter. Whatever you think is best, I'll go with."

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    Takumi didn't take that well to the truthful joke she'd made but it didn't really matter. She found herself chuckling and shaking her head as she let a single finger dance across the water. "That all sounds good until you're cooked like a lobster... no complaints~" she chimed. 'Red chiseled body and adorable blank face~' her mind sang. Though Takumi claimed not to care, she still lowered the temperature of the water a few more degrees, lest the lad over cook in the water. Soon enough Eira had a filled tub and with that taken care of she stopped the flow of this water and stepped over to shower off and bathe properly before hand. "Come on, I'd rather not risk this too..." the girl said figuring if one thing in the washroom didn't work while they were alone it would work like that even for the shower heads attached to the walls. This place like her home was stocked with soap and shampoo for all types of people and there was bound to be something for everyone here. Eira didn't decide to pick one thing or another, so she was content just to physically drench herself in water, if it worked.

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    "Hai," was all he said regarding the joke of him being cooked like a lobster if she filled the tub to her preference. She didn't seem to be running water that was 'too' hot, so it apparently didn't matter regardless how their exchange turned out. Eira first intended to shower as normal, inviting Takumi along to avoid any situation in which the shower would refuse to function as well. "Hai," he said again, taking a moment to properly inspect the temperature of the tub's water. The moment Eira stepped into the shower, the shower head would mist her once more. However, it would not turn on until the moment Takumi also stepped inside, at which point the shower's walls and glass door would also draw closer and closer together by the moment.

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    Eira would find herself misted in the face again, but she didn't know that was what it was, because her eyes had been closed in the hopes of gaining a bit of warm water flow. This warm water happened a few seconds later when Takumi finally made his way up to the shower himself. Her eyes opened in time to note the closing of shower walls around them both. "Water to your liking?" she asked the lad with her a small smirk coming to her face. Still, she found herself to looking at Takumi's body once more before allowing her attention to wander elsewhere. 'Soap dripping down his body, and foggy glass...' she imagined in this moment which was too real for her to voice, aloud she said something else. "If they put this kind of effort into peace talks there wouldn't be a war," she said of this house created by the Satans which just kept setting up situations for this pair of individuals to end up in together. As she finished that line of speech her body turned away from the water to wet her hair leaving water to fall down her body further stimulating her wandering mind. 'I wonder if it'd be too much to get him to wash my back?'

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