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Thread: Gremory Enterprise Estate

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    Takumi had no earthly idea what he was doing, but it felt right at the time. The sound he heard from Eira as he buried both his mouth and attention into her womanhood urged him to continue, though even without that, Takumi himself was quite taken by what he'd chosen to do. It was almost as if he couldn't stop himself if he wanted to once he tasted the woman. His eyes eventually traveled up her body as he continued to lick away, and when this happened, he saw her looking back at him. The expression he found on her face was greater motivation than he previously knew, pushing him to continue his tongue's efforts even as he wrapped his lips around the redhead's pearl.

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    Eira stared down her body into Takumi's eyes feeling the attention he payed to her nether with his tongue. She could hardly believe the amount of sensation by this sort of interaction, and as he continued a moment of eye contact would lead the young woman's eyes to widening. If not because of the sheer look of just the lad's eyes then by the feeling presented by his mouth upon her pearl. In fact as his mouth closed around it, her own opened, she sound of pleasure escaping her was longer and louder than she expected. "AAAAAAAHHHH!~" she moaned. The pressure building in her lower body was well beyond what she'd experienced the first two times it had happened. In fact, she could barely control herself as her face fell back but her left hand found itself buried in Takumi's hair, her fingertips tracing his scalp as she enjoyed the sensations provided by his mouth.

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    There was apparently many positive vibes to be taken from what Takumi managed, at least according to how Eira was reacting at the time. Over time, Takumi found that every movement of his mouth and tongue was becoming easier than the last, simply by virtue of the added moisture below Eira's waist. He still assumed this wasn't enough. In fact, he outright knew it wasn't enough for him, but he couldn't bring himself to stop regardless. There was something within the idea of providing this woman some amount of pleasure which gave Takumi his own sense of satisfaction. But, he needed to do more. His lips pressed against her enough that his hands could move freely, and he took this opportunity to slip his left forefinger into Eira's being while his mouth slurped up the excess moisture she produced.

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    Eira's body reacted to the movements of Takumi's tongue, in turn making those movements easier and thus making her feel them more. She didn't have an explanation for how this felt, but knew she enjoyed it more and more with every movement. "Aaaah~ It's so..." there was a pause in her speech as Takumi slipped a finger into her. The sounds of Takumi slurping up that which her body produced, in addition to the movements of this seemed to cause something great within her. Her entire body tensed up, sending a tingling sensation that started in her face and simply spread across the rest of her body. It would have been similar to a blush but a wave of pleasure which she rode with an incidental movement of her hips, complete with extra fluids leaking from her person. "GOOD!~" her statement finally finished but she wasn't done. This flourish was powerful, too powerful. The feeling which pulled at her so simply continued, her first thought to escape in the moment, her hips aimed to shift backwards out of this lad's reach. "Ta-ku-mi..." his name came out of her mouth as a combination between a moan and a whisper.

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    The way Takumi enjoyed himself during this exchange made it seem as if he'd partaken of some addictive mythical nectar. Eira's physical response gave him even more to take in, along with an audible statement moaned in two parts. He was immersing himself very easily in these actions, but Eira seemed to have something else in mind. Just as he was planning to begin moving his finger and perhaps add another, Eira shifted away from him. As a result, he was left with an open and unoccupied mouth with its tongue protruding, and a lone finger pointed forward. "Ano..."

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    Eira had successfully escaped Takumi's grasp as the feeling of her most recent flourish rushed her. Her legs twitched her arms nearly buckled, even the center of her being pulsed with unknown pleasure as the waves subsided. And then she looked down at the boy who's face she'd abandoned in the middle of what would have been the methods which had driven her to something so close to madness. The whisper of his name so previously made would soon be added to as she reached forward to pull him towards herself. "Takumi, I can't wait anymore..." she started as she leaned forward to press her lips against his and in this moment tasted herself from his mouth and enjoyed it enough that she moaned her pleasure. "I need you inside of me..." she said as she pecked his lips gently thereafter. "Please." it seemed like a simple request, like something he could say no to if he wanted, but the look in her eye implied that it wasn't negotiable, her tone and the glowing crimson of her eyes demanded to be filled after the tongue lashing she'd received.

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    Takumi wondered what warranted this escape from his attentions, but Eira was quick to explain herself in a roundabout way. It seemed she'd been rendered incapable of waiting any further, and she made this known as she brought them together and kissed him, in spite of her own fluids being upon his mouth. Since she'd initiated, he returned the gesture in kind without hesitation. The woman's request led to him positioning himself over her, where he held himself up by using his right arm as a prop. His left hand rubbed against Eira's right thigh during this time, before taking hold of his member and placing it against her. Once more, he kissed her by lowering himself a bit, finding his manhood pressing against the cusp of her being. However, he once again stopped himself the moment he felt himself starting to stretch her opening. He broke the kiss just long enough to speak. "Iia. Give me an order, like you always do," he said, pausing his efforts just for this even though Takumi himself could hardly wait another moment.

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    It seemed they were close to finally beginning. Her kiss was met with this lad not rejecting her. Eira found her thigh being rubbed as they moved into position. She'd almost begged for this and for the second time this day, she found herself waiting just at the cusp of something great. She could feel the push of his manhood right at her entrance, but just like before it stopped just short of crossing the threshold. Given her already maddened state, she could almost feel it pushing past this point. She could imagine it. But as their kiss broke, Takumi himself looked at the lass, choosing not to take her pleading as the start of them. No... just like before, Takumi wished for an order. One could wonder where obtained this necessity for being bossed about in these moments, and perhaps if she remembered she'd ask him about it later. But right now, there was only one thing she needed and one way for her to get it. "Takumi, come inside, take me, and make me whole." Eira's words were a demand for the boy to join his body with hers. She was a virgin Succubus with incomplete powers and a girl with an incomplete heart, until this lad. She wanted and needed him within her body to feel complete in life.

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    Though there seemed to be a moment of hesitation, but a fleeting one succeeded by Eira delivering her order to the Dragon lad. Unlike most times when he received an order, he did not enter a trance-like state at all. No, instead he merely smiled. "... Hai," he said. Without further ado, the long-awaited moment occurred, but it was no sudden happening. The virginity of Eira alone resisted Takumi's forward movement, but he persisted in what became a slow forward thrust to make his home within her. It felt like an eternity of forward moving for Takumi, but in that, there was also an eternity of building pleasure consuming his entire manhood over its course. As he reached the greatest achievable depth this positioning offered him, Takumi felt something very different from within Eira. What had once been tight enough to resist his entry now felt as if it aimed to trap him inside. As such, he took a moment of rest where he was while his member throbbed throughout the Succubus' interior.

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    Unlike times prior to this one, an order given by Eira didn't make this lad a slave to her will. No, in this moment he smiled at her, accepting what she'd said simply as something he'd do. Her anxiety would have ceased at this point, but their journey was far from over. The only relief initially was that the lad finally started to push forward, though her body still resisted just a little she got not pain from this sensation, just unwavering tightness. As if being filled required this agonizingly slow push forward. "Aaaaaaah~" this exhaled sound was accompanied by the grip from within her body seemed to pulse as Takumi finally made it to the absolute depth he could reach within her. Her back arched and she accepted this. A flood of emotion seemed to overwhelm her. Her mind reached near blankness but all she could see, was Takumi above her catching his breath. She saw in him, in this moment that which completed her and she leaned up to kiss him content to sink into this.

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