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Thread: Gremory Enterprise Estate

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    Takumi had taken to standing around lackadaisically while appraising the place they were brought to. It had become quite obvious that the Crimson Satan intended to have words with his sister alone, so he kept himself distant and used the time to consider what apparently had to be his new living conditions. That is, until he received confirmation that Sirtreize was gone, which he got in the form of Eira suddenly being upon him with her arms around his person. The boy was shocked, then tense. He felt both fine with this, and opposed to it simultaneously, but in the end... he made no movements. All he could do at this point was wonder about this apology he was given. "Why?" he asked. "What's there to be sorry for? I don't have to worry about how I'll pay rent now, and this place looks like more than wages around here could afford anyway. Is everyone else inside already?"

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    Eira had taken to hugging this boy, and though he was shocked and tense she simply continued on in this way for a few moments longer. During this time he managed to question why she would be sorry and pointed out the apparent extra ease his life would possess by living here instead of in his apartment. Now though she was confronted with the fact that he'd truly heard nothing of her conversation with her brother and it made her sigh ever so slightly, she didn't willingly let him go for a few moments longer and squeezed him a little tighter as she explained. "There is plenty for me to apologize for," she started. "This place belongs to me... technically it has for a very long time, but the top half here didn't exist before," she said thinking about how best to word this. "And if anyone else is inside they won't be for long. Apparently this space is barrier protected for the two of us. And we can't go out, but the others can and can visit for a short while," she tried to find the right words to explain what was truly going on here. And in trying to think about it more, she found herself relaying the information in a rather strange way for her now, but had once been very common.

    "Satan Beelzebub, is a strange man and very obsessed with my brother. He is concerned about the general livelihood of Devils in general a lot too, because of the war. He's really smart too, probably the smartest. So he makes a whole bunch of calculations about stuff and basically he realized that your powers could grow to be penultimate for devils. Because of this... he and the other Satans decided they couldn't really wait to see how it turned out. This meddling is their answer, they want to force us into the situation which could lead to the outcome they are searching for the fastest, and it has to be me and you because it's our combination of powers that make it work out the right way," she finished thinking about it more.

    "So for the most part, I was apologizing because you're stuck in here with me until we either produce what they are looking for, or I figure out an alternative which will make them leave us alone..." she said finally loosening her hold on the lad. "And it is a headache for me, but I'm used to them doing this kind of thing to me... It isn't really fair to you though, and I know being around me is weird for you, so... that too," she finished her explanation, admitting quite a bit. She wasn't really sure if it covered enough to be completely clear or not, but she'd hit all the major points. They were stuck in here, just the two of them (mostly), and basically they were trying to produce some unknown outcome though Eira had a more than reasonable idea of what was called for by her brother's words.

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    There was allegedly much for the crimson-haired devil to apologize for, at least in her own opinion. She said this place belonged to her, which made sense considering its title. If they were to be sealed in until something special occurred, it wasn't too much different compared to what Takumi felt was happening already. There was more though, mostly in the form of information regarding one of their previous Rating Game's announcers. Everything he had heard about his Sacred Gear from devils, and now angels as well, pointed to this sort of thing. Regardless, he had already resigned himself to being someone's weapon. If his power was required in conjunction with Eira's, he associated it with the mark he was given in that very awkward situation between them over one week prior to this day.

    "Sou ka. Then why don't we get started on what they want from us?" he said after coming to his own conclusion about this scenario. Having been released by Eira, he turned to face her while clenching his left fist. "Dragon Booster!" the voice of Ddraig spoke as the Boosted Gear appeared on his left arm.

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    Eira readied herself for any great number of reactions, but she found herself surprised by this lad. His immediate response wasn't the one of outrage nor the one of pure rage, it was instead the idea that they should start on what they wanted from them. It was in this moment that Eira realized she hadn't been clear enough in her explanation to the boy, because what came next wasn't the proposition of potential baby-making, nor a potential strategy discussion, but instead the boy called to himself his Boosted Gear Gauntlet. Her eyes widened in this moment because she couldn't believe she'd taken this entire situation completely the wrong way. This kind of misunderstanding, made her wonder if he was constantly just misinterpreting the things she said to him. 'Ano, that isn't what I meant at all... they don't want us to fight,' she thought only to have a small smile appear on her face. To be fair she was all about sticking it to these people who were always trying to force her into these ridiculous situations, and not just doing what they wanted was one of her prime directives. Not one she was given per se but one she intended to go through with because she didn't appreciate being bothered at every turn by the elder Devils.

    "Hm, the mark I gave you should allow you to use one of my powers. I have two, the Power of Destruction, which I used exclusively during our very first Rating Game, and my abilities of Energy Manipulation which come from being a Succubus... have you noticed anything new?" she asked of the lad knowing he would likely know more about his fighting skills than she would. This would be in large part due to the fact that she hadn't had a hand directly in anything he'd done since the first week she'd picked him up. Still there was the matter that she wasn't sure how this was going to play out just yet and she hadn't really decided what she should be doing about Takumi should he choose to attack her in the moment. 'Hmm, what to wear?' she thought to herself as she tried to find something in her arsenal that might help mediate and give her a bit of time.

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    As he faced the woman, Takumi heard something specific regarding the mark he received from her. Apparently, he would be capable of using one of two powers Eira possessed as if it was his own somehow. Now that she mentioned such a thing, there was perhaps a link to something he had been told in the Familiars Forest. "Sou. In the forest, she mentioned something like that. I shouldn't have been able to control all those dragons so quickly, so it might have been that second power. I haven't done anything with it yet though," he replied. If anything, Takumi was currently more invested in chasing another power entirely. He'd acquired something from the White Dragon Emperor, whom he now sought as a goal of sorts. Even though he wasn't interested in the battle between their dragon partners, he felt a certain uselessness within himself after seeing the vast gap between himself and his angel counterpart with his own eyes. It was undoubtedly a thing he intended to change, even if seeking such a goal saw him unknowingly fall into the same pattern as those that came before. For now however, there was to be something between his own power and that of Eira, so he started putting his brain to work right away. "Oh, yeah. I guess I can take the powers of dragons now. That ability and Boosted Gear Gift are kinda closely connected, I think."

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    Takumi was soon using his mind, mentioning the events of the Familiar's Forest as a starting point for the idea that he had a bit of the power of the Succubus or in his male case, Incubus. Eira thought about this for a moment and came to the same conclusion, she in general didn't have a problem getting people to like or agree with her, if Takumi gained such an ability and it was applied to how he interacted with dragons then his feat at the Forest made more sense. "Hm, I suppose that would make a great deal of sense. The ability to tame such creatures is one which is generally elusive. I would have been willing to believe it was a naturally occurring one from you but, it would make sense if it started there and ended up specific to your needs in the moment. Demonic powers do require imagination to use after all..." she mused knowing this to be the truth of their universe.

    What would come as a surprise, would be the idea that he could take other Dragon's powers. Eira's eyes widened at this particular revelation, as she remembered that before this lad had returned to his apartment he'd been in the company of the Vanishing Dragon. "Right you met Cassie this morning, and you took a power from her?" this question was mostly rhetorical and implied by the lad's own words. "Sugoi!~ That's really impressive..." there was quite the interesting skill difference between them presently, it wasn't Takumi's fault as Cassiel had been training with her Sacred Gear her entire life so far. The fact that he'd gotten something out of their exchange was beyond optimal as an outcome. "Show me!" she was very interested in this development, because of what she'd seen of the Divine Dividing she knew that if he'd taken such a power for himself he'd be capable of something amazing with it. While she waited for this a magic circle appeared beneath her person, which would change her attire completely. She'd end up going from the little black dress she normally wore to a new full suit of armor. This armor was predominantly dark red in color, but also had orange and black parts, with the orange parts being shaped like flames and the other parts being reminiscent of Dragon's limbs. It consisted of: a breastplate, gauntlets and greaves. The breastplate didn't have pauldrons, making it reveal Eira's shoulders, and extended down to cover her groin, showing her legs, in a manner similar to a one-piece swimsuit. The black parts were mostly decorative, with the exception of the one covering her groin. The breastplate also possessed a pair of Dragon-like wings attached to it. The gauntlets sported prominent orange decorations, along with small claw-like protrusions on the hands. The greaves were shaped like Dragon's claws which possessed orange-colored knee guards and black parts which extended up from the knees to the upper part of the thighs. In addition to all of this, in putting on this armor, Eira's hair was tied into a pair of high, long pigtails by clips, resembling Dragon's horns. After doing this she opened and closed her hands, getting an innate sensation for the kind of energy Takumi provided her.

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    "I... think I took a little more than just a power," Takumi said about his interaction with the White Dragon Emperor. True, he did take and make use of the White Dragon's power, but there was a bit more to it than that. "I made a copy of her Sacred Gear, more like my own. She did the..." His clause was cut short. He'd responded in the way that only felt natural given the topic of discussion, but he had something of a late realization as to what they were actually discussing. As Eira accessed a power within her that stemmed from his own dragon influence, Takumi looked at the woman and wore an expression that did nothing but question everything surrounding her. "... Huh? How did you know I went with Cassiel?"

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    Eira was still inspecting this dragon armor as Takumi answered the question revolving around his earlier meeting with the Vanishing Dragon. She'd been ready to hear him out when his sentence rather suddenly stopped, and she looked up at him to find confusion in his face. This confusion was soon voiced aloud as a question about how she had the information regarding his interaction with the Miracle Child Cassiel. "Shit!" Eira gave this young man the blankest of stares for several moments, after this swear left her mouth. It was quite rare for her to even remotely appear bothered or disheveled but around this lad it was beginning to seem normal. 'Lie!' her mind told her this and she shook away the thought a chuckle escaping her, as she rubbed a hand over her face. "I am really not even a little dishonest, not really..." she mused to herself. She didn't realize that her brother had basically saved her from exposing herself earlier, and she was now in a strange place mentally. This was mostly the case because she never thought she'd actually have to confess to this at such an early junction, she didn't know if she'd ever really need to do so. "Look, I was the kitten at your apartment."

    This was an interesting confession for her to make but she felt the need to explain. "It wasn't malicious or anything. I just wanted to hang out with you and it was really awkward, but I figured I could use that form and check up on you and it'd be less stressful for both of us. Because, if I am being honest here, I am a total mess when it comes to you and I don't even really get why..." she said giving a full confession of her actions. "Sumimasen."

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    Takumi's query seemed to take Eira by surprise for whatever reason. Soon enough, this reason was given, and Takumi was more shocked than he may have ever been. To claim she was the cat who entered his apartment, and even give her reasons for doing so... she couldn't have known what this meant to the male. He felt a great many things about this, most conflicting with the rest. He'd spent the last of his funds to be properly capable of adopting this random cat into his home, freely altered his own regular diet, and most importantly, he'd named it after Eira herself. He didn't seem to be taking this information very well. "It wasn't malicious? Are you kidding?" he asked. "What sort of reason could you even have to just hang out or check up on me? If you want me to do something, give me an order and it's done. Just do that; I don't need maintenance."

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    Eira found herself staring at this young man for a lot longer than she needed to given what was happening here. He didn't take the news of her spying on him very well at all, but given what she'd been doing she could for the most part understand his anger. It prickled along her skin in a very strange way but she'd promised to leave this lad his emotions so she didn't feed on him directly. "It wasn't malicious. I'm not kidding, it was the best option to find out what this you wanted," she said as her form returned to normal. "You want orders when I want you to do things? I can do that for you... but I can't order you to be my friend," she mentioned even more calmly than she'd managed to be most of the time she'd been speaking with her brother. "You say you don't need maintenance, but you were a completely different person last week. I looked into that person, decided to give you space, and you manage to look disappointed that I've done it," she said giving him her observations of the situations which had happened before now. "And I can't say one way or another what you've been through... but you feel like a person in constant conflict. You won't let me help you... but you don't want to leave me either. I don't want you to leave me, but I don't know if I can help you directly... even though it's my nature to do exactly that," she said this softly as if thinking over every word carefully. "It's confusing. I don't want you hurt, maimed, or broken by me or my actions... but I legitimately have no idea how to act around you," she spoke these words but knew there was more to it than that. "Tell me Takumi... if I am trying to be your friend right now, if I am trying to help you... what do I do? Because everything I've tried since making you seems to blow up in my face."

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