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Thread: Gremory Enterprise Estate

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    Understanding that they would have to be departing soon, Takumi rose and gathered his bag of things for school. Shouki had nothing to bring along just yet, but the idea that he would have his own items soon was something to be excited about for the lad. "Hmm... Yeah, that should work. Nobody knows I don't have any siblings, and he looks like me anyway." This was something Shouki could agree to. If anything, he and his former other half were much like siblings anyway. He understood that he couldn't refer to his parents as what they were though, so in response to this notion by Eira, he nodded. "Hai. It'll be my first time being a first year student, and I'll try not calling you guys that in public. Let's go," he said, seemingly ready to depart at any given moment. Takumi slung his bag over his right shoulder, assuming Eira would be taking care of the clothing situation for the group before they left.

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    "Alright, I'll put in the paperwork myself when we get to school and it will be fine..." she said since all aspects of her plan had been accepted and corroborated. What was more Shouki even seemed excited about having his first go at being a first year student and beyond this agree to try not to call them mom and dad in front of people which was the most important part. With the minor details out of the way,Takumi went to gather his things, Eira gathered her own as well, though she did so magically so she wouldn't have to through any boxes. All of this happened in a few minutes and then she was left to change everyone's clothes. She changed both Takumi and Shouki into the boy's version of the school uniform, leaving Takumi's with a bit of a gruffer look and opened buttons while Shouki got the proper button up treatment. Eira changed into her own school uniform including a small mini-skirt, a white button up shirt and an overcoat with a little bow tie on underneath it. All of these layers seemed to do nothing but enhance her bust and though her skirt fit it seemed to ride up along her thighs making them look longer than they were. The only real change to Eira's appearance beyond that, was her hair coming down into it's smooth crimson look, and the elaborate engagement ring on her finger. "Oh and I almost forgot..." she said creating form her magic a backpack for Shouki which was the same color as the lad's eyes and which she packed with fresh supplies that she also hand on hand. "There you go, Shouki~" she said to him seemingly pleased, as they left. To be fair, she hadn't much thought about it, but she truly didn't expect Takumi to want to walk with her, given the sort of problems he had when he was seen with any young woman.

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    An eventful day had passed for the Red Dragon Emperor known more commonly as Yasukawa Takumi. Aside from the new, or rather renewed occurrences of the school day, he'd finally managed to have his first contract signed since becoming a Devil. The interesting note to be taken about this simple event was how befitting it was that his first contract was signed by someone so much like himself; he couldn't possibly go without noticing the symbolism. It even managed to be so close to home that Takumi could fly under starry skies for a very short amount of time before reaching the estate and passing the threshold into his new residence. "Tadaima!" he said whilst in the process of kicking off his shoes, announcing his return to the household maid and whatever others happened to have returned already, if anyone at all.

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    Takumi's first contract had apparently gone well, and by the time he returned to the household he now lived, and was kicking off his shoes, a white haired young woman had appeared before him in a bow to greet him. "Okaerinasai, Yasukawa-sama..." she greeted the lad with a bow as she did everyone else. Appropriately enough he wasn't alone in his return to the home, Eira Gremory had returned a short time before and could be found within a different area of the house entirely, mainly the over-sized bathroom. Aime looked up from her bow and checked her pocket watch going on to relay some information. "Eira-sama is in the bath... would you like to join her?" she asked this question somewhat passively but there was a devious light in her red eyes, as if she was up to something. Of course, this was likely simply due to the fact that she was always like this, but it didn't matter one way or another.

    Eira during the time of Takumi working on his contracts had done what she'd intended to at the school, which was mostly filling out paper work and meeting with a new teacher. Upon completing such a set of menial tasks she was content to leave that place behind and return to her home where she took to a bath to clear her head and think about the day she'd had and the last few. It'd been a roller coaster of emotions for her and she'd done so many new things. But all her head was full of, was the face of one Yasukawa Takumi, even as she sang songs and finished her shower, a bath full of hot water ran for her to submerge into waited for her to finish this activity.

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    As he could expect, Takumi was first greeted by the maid of the house, Aime. He stopped before her as she bowed, realizing how strangely he felt about being addressed in such a way by a pure-blooded Devil. However, he wouldn't stop her either. This was simply something he had to get used to if he was to pursue his goals. "Konbanwa, Lucifuge-san," he greeted her in return. It was then that he was given the news regarding Eira's presence in the house, specifically the bath. He could have taken a moment to note the intent showing in this woman's face as she asked if Takumi would like to join the redhead, but he was rather stuck on the first clause. If Eira was nearby, he did indeed wish to join her, whatever that meant in the moment. "Hai. Send me to her," he answered.

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    Aime was addressed about the way she expected from a reincarnated Devil who was trying to adjust. Even so, she didn't seem to mind this at all, and beyond that she felt that it was fine to allow him to keep this up. Her question of joining Eira had been answered the way she'd assumed it would be. She'd been connected psychically to this pair since they'd arrived in this space which was still technically speaking under her control. Given this information, she knew the pair wanted to be together as much as possible and longed for each other when they were apart. "Hai. Enjoy~" she commented before moving a hand within the watch which would teleport the lad straight into the bathroom, which Eira currently occupied.

    Eira's eyes were closed as she rinsed her hair. Soapy water ran down the fore and back of her naked body but her fore faced the door where Takumi would appear. 'I wonder... if you're doing well? I want...' she mused to herself as she spun around in the water to clean herself off completely. The water stopped running soon after and she squeezed extra moisture from her locks. ' see you, Takumi.' Her thought finished and she opened the shower door stepping out to gently open her eyes. Her lashes covered in tiny droplets of water, her vision was ever so slightly obscured.

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    Without any hesitation, Aime sent Takumi to the place he wished to be. Given where this was, he had already begun discarding his clothes, top first, upon being transported. He entered the bathroom and finished the job, having been placed conveniently in front of an active shower in which he saw the foggy view of his would-be Devil bride. 'There,' he thought in concurrence with the hastening of his heartbeat. Just then, the shower stopped and the door opened, allowing the crimson-haired woman to emerge. Takumi well and truly couldn't be having that. In the time it took Eira's eyes to open, while her vision worked toward clearing itself, Takumi lunged forward. It was his intention to charge and grab her by the midsection, forcing himself against her all the way to the wall within the shower. He would begin kissing her only once she was pressed against the wall, while simultaneously reaching out to start the shower again.

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    Eira's eyes had almost reached fully openness when she was overtaken by exactly the young man she'd been longing for. "Ta-ku-mi.." her voice registered this as being the lad she wanted even as she was pushed back into the shower she'd so recently exited. Her heartbeat sped up as she was pushed into this, back against the still damp shower wall, as the water started anew and as this happened... a meeting of lips. 'He's here!' she thought happily as she sank into his moment, her lips and heartbeat gaining intensity as she finally had within her grasp again the young man she wanted most. She didn't even get to greet him properly but perhaps, this greeting itself was proper to how they both felt in the moment. A clash of nude bodies and lips in the building steam of the shower.

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    When he finally had Eira against the shower wall, Takumi pressed his hands against the wall on either side of the woman while the steaming water battered against his flesh. He took several moments to continue kissing the Succubus before breaking away, only to reach for his soap and sponge with a grin on his face. "Konbanwa, Eir," he said as he began applying soap to his own body, intending to catch up to Eira's level of cleanliness in time to make the bath.

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    Takumi stood under the fall of steaming water as he continued to kiss Eira. His hands on either side of her pressed into the wall gave her a marvelous feeling of closeness which only added to the experience. The intensity of this moment was only broken after the lad was fully coated in water having successfully steamed up the shower again, at which point she opened her eyes to see his grin as he began the process of cleaning himself. Only when he'd started this did he greet her properly and though he'd said her name countless times over the past day somehow hearing it just now as a greeting made her heart thump harder. "Konbanwa, Takumi~" she managed with an equally large smile on her own face. She was surprised by this level of greeting, but that didn't make it bad, in fact she was content to remain within the walls of the shower while, Takumi himself caught up, be this by design or simply because she'd lost the feeling in her legs as the lad rushed her in such a way didn't really matter. "You're home pretty early. I'm happy to see you~" she mentioned content to enjoy this steam filled box and the lad's presence while he got clean for the bath.

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