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Thread: Gremory Enterprise Estate

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    "The best option!?" Takumi had no idea what this woman thought she was even getting at. Why did it matter to her what he wanted? He had long since pledged his servitude to her, and that was something which applied to both versions of the lad whether one wanted it or not. He did want orders from her, but this was a subconscious matter for Takumi. He knew she had the power to order him in a way he could not resist. As such, even the voices in his head could be silenced... especially one voice in particular. However, Eira claimed what she wanted was for him to be her friend. Easily this could have been demanded of him; he could feel that much. And yet, she spoke of him being a totally different person, and that her reactions were based on who he'd been before. All of this together only became more confusing. What did she want? More importantly, what was the purpose to her every action and follow-up? In the end, this discussion became a matter of Eira asking Takumi what she should do if she was trying to be his friend.

    'Just... let me know what you are,' he thought. This was what he would say... or rather, what he expected to say. The words which came from his mouth however, emerged as his eyes became orange once more. They were once again the words of the one who'd been Takumi prior to his use of Juggernaut Drive. This one was in some sort of tear-filled outrage. He'd had quite enough of this roller coaster between himself, Eira, and his other self. "Stay the hell away from me! It's all your fault, you know!?" he screamed as energy flowed out from his being. This was not the energy of Takumi as a devil, but rather that of the dragon within. "I know what you did! I've always known, and I'm the one who sees it clearly now! You destroyed everything!" he continued. As he spoke and his rage grew stronger, so did the energy being emitted from him. The Boosted Gear's green jewel glowed brightly, and his eyes did the same. There was only one way this one understood now to save himself, and his other self, from this devil.

    "I, who shall awaken..."

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    Outrage, yet again, but it seemed for a short time, after her explanation that Eira might have gotten through to the lad. He seemed to be thinking about this entire situation rationally, it seemed that he was well on his way to asking the sort of question which could have set them straight. She could see it in his eyes, on the tip of his tongue even as he opened his mouth to speak, but just like that something else changed. "Nani?!" Eira came face to face with the orange eyes of the previous Takumi the softer form of him. And he was spewing hate-filled rage at her. His words, even alluded to the fact that he knew who she was properly and he'd just not been saying anything. "Taku-mi..." she said his name as if confused but the amount of energy coming off his person was exactly the sort of thing she had to avoid.

    "TAKUMI! STOP! DON'T FINISH THOSE WORDS!" it was an order full of power meant to stop him from speaking the words that would trigger his Juggarnaut Drive. Eira thought well of her abilities, but she had no desire to go toe to toe with the Welsh Dragon at his full might. 'I don't really know if it will work, but, his words imply the other one doesn't remember. I wonder if I can order him to...' she thought, but she didn't have much time to speculate on it, she gave the second order which would correspond to the glowing mark on the lad's left hand. "TAKUMI REMEMBER ME!" it was an order of the strangest kind, and she didn't know if it would actually stick, regardless, she couldn't let him rampage all on his own. This Takumi wanted her to stay away from him, but she couldn't do that when he was on the verge of rampage. She approached him eventually opening her arms to slip them around him, her full intention to take this extra energy off him just in case a further struggle would be necessary. She didn't know what to do in the case, but she was very certain that this wasn't the intention when they'd made her come here. "If you remember that, then why don't you remember the rest... I came back for you and you didn't need me anymore. I went back to change your mind, and I was told you died, I mourned you... the biggest mistake I ever made was leaving you behind," she said these words and didn't even know if they could be heard.

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    An order was granted for Takumi to cease the incantation he started. Sadly, it would have no effect. Takumi's willpower was great enough to overcome an order through this mark if he truly did not want to go through with it, and this one most certainly did not want to stop. "... Am the Heavenly Dragon who has stolen the principles of domination from God. I laugh at the 'infinite', and a grieve at the 'dream'. I shall become the Red Dragon of Domination..."

    Another order came. This one targeted the other persona within Takumi. At this point, the speaking ceased, and the young male stood with wide eyes aimed at Eira. The dragon energy hadn't gone anywhere, but it hadn't continued growing either. During this silence, Eira encroached upon him and took him into another embrace which aimed to drain this excess energy. Such a moment left Takumi with only one thing to say, which he spoke after a smile appeared on his face. "... And I shall sink you to the depths of the crimson purgatory. Juggernaut Drive." These final words heralded the production of his full armor suit, which immediately began growing and morphing into the same dragon-like form it had the night he felled the fallen angel Sachiel.

    While this all happened outside of his subconscious, the red-eyed persona of Takumi stood within his mind on a platform of sorts. Around him was a circle of chairs in multiple layers, forming a sort of auditorium. Many bodies were positioned in these seats, each cloaked and hooded to obscure their bodies and faces. 'Why... am I back here?'

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    'Damn why is that one the willful one... well I guess they both would be, or else I wouldn't like them,' she thought as the chant continued. But for a moment there appeared to be reprieve. It seemed that there was at least a pause when the second order was issued and that could potentially make it okay. Eira took the secondary risk to approach and attempted to drain the energy off this lad, but it seemed this wasn't going to work this time either. The boy smiled eyes wide and finished the chant. "Why?" she asked aloud to the universe at large as the boy's body began to transform. She didn't have much choice but to try and move away from this lad's body, her own wings sprouting as she aimed to put a great deal of distance between her and this dragon. 'Okay, locked into this spot with a rampaging dragon as one lonely little devil. I need to restrain him and stop him... how... how... how...' she thought. Given she was now running for her life, there wasn't much time for her to start singing unless he stopped moving.

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    Within himself, Takumi looked around in the hopes of finding one of these strange figures surrounding him in a state of responsiveness. This accomplished nothing, but one other figure joined him in the center of the room. He stood literally before himself, staring into eyes that were simultaneously his and another's. 'Everything's going to be fine. I'm doing what you wanted... and fixing our problems,' the other Takumi said. The red-eyed one was taken aback by this. Only now did he realize what had been happening to him for so long, in so many situations. Extra voices in his head had been nothing new to him in recent times, but this one in particular didn't show up in combat-related scenarios; he only appeared when Takumi questioned the potential outcomes of certain situations. 'What problems? I'm awake again. Isn't your job done?' he asked of his 'false' self. 'No. But... it will be. We'll be free of our fears soon.'

    'Wait. You can't mean...'

    In the outside world, the Juggernaut Drive reached the same semi-complete state it had been in before. Eira created distance between them, but she was the primary focal point of the Dragon's wrath. He flew toward her, drawing back his left arm to then thrust forward with a clawed strike at the woman. Interestingly enough, Eira herself would not be needing to defend against this. A magic circle of Dragon origin appeared between Eira and Takumi, and from it came a Dragon's wing made in an ethereal-looking form from energy. This wing managed to reroute Takumi's attack, allowing the white-haired woman at the center of the circle to speak with the Devil heiress. "Pardon my intrusion, Gremory-dono. This is my master in the Red One's form, is it not?"

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    Whatever was going on within Takumi wasn't something Eira herself could help him deal with. She supposed overall, there could be many worse places for him to be having this moment of discontent. Still in her own eyes she saw herself as being a constant source of this lad's disposition. Her own selfishness wouldn't allow her to get rid of him for his own good and he claimed he didn't want to go, even so, right now she was beginning to wonder if he'd be able to overcome whatever issue he had with her, aside from the ones he apparently didn't even know about yet. While she thought mostly about how to contain the potential damages the dragon form of Takumi lunged at Eira, as she moved away from him. She turned back to defend herself only to find strangely another individual entirely between them. 'Why are you....' she started to question this, but there was too much relief in her person for her to properly care why this one had appeared so long as she didn't intend to add to the woman's already full plate. "It's no intrusion. Actually, I'm really happy to see you. Thank you," Eira said as she came to a halt mid-air. The question of this white dragon was one which Eira could respond to only one way. "Yes, that is Takumi... you wouldn't happen to know if it's possible to force him back to normal, would you?" she asked of the dragon as she stayed at the ready to erect a defense to use against this lad's current assault.

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    'The time has come. You have assumed the mantle of Red Dragon Emperor,' said the voice of one figure in the subspace Takumi found himself in. If this was supposed to be something of importance, it was precisely not that for him now. All that mattered was the implications made by his copy. He lunged forward, taking the other version of himself by the collar with his left hand, which became clad in Boosted Gear. 'Stop it! Your job is done; go to sleep!' he demanded as the Boosted Gear increased his power both inside and outside this plane. The orange-eyed Takumi reached up for the arm which held him, using his right hand instead. 'No, it's not. It can never be done! I'm not going away!'

    At the second Takumi's outcry, the dragon form outside took its powered-up state to the air and circled both Eira and its other new target. In conjunction with its inner struggle, it made use of another ability while the females readied themselves. "Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide! Divide!" the body itself called out in the voice of Albion, turning the green gems in its wings to blue ones. Its mouth opened then, unleashing a beam the likes of Takumi's Dragon Shot. The Dragon who sided with Eira for the moment took it upon herself to take the frontal defense, beginning to form a large pair of energy wings as shields to guard her current charge. "There may be-" she tried to say, but the blast hit her barriers before they were even complete and shattered them instantly. Somehow, it seemed almost as if the barriers themselves were nothing more than a fraction of what they could have been. The beam was still dispersed as a result, but the pure concussive force of it launched the white-haired woman back toward Eira. "Ah! Sumimasen! He's in Outrage. If he taps into too much of Ddraig's power like this... well, you know the legends. Has he done this before?"

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    Eira was soon stunned mostly because she saw now the true use of what Takumi had taken from Cassiel this day. Calls of Divide came one after another weakening her in a way she could feel. Even the other dragon with her tried to defend her only to have the barriers she'd created be shattered though with the pair of them no worse for wear. Still, with this female dragon defending her, Eira could do nothing but open her arms and catch this woman as they both flew backwards from the power of the concussive force. This was too much, obviously to be dealt with in such a way, and even as Eira came to a stop the words from this Dragon were ones which made her sigh as she recalled a certain bit of information about dragons. "Outrage means they don't stop pursuing their targets, right? This is not at all ideal, considering it is me he is after," Eira mentioned. Still her body felt weak enough that she needed something more. "No need to apologize by the way, it's definitely my fault he's like this. He has done this before, he... used this form to kill a Fallen Angel about a week ago. I managed to sing him down after her death but... I also had the help of the Vanishing Dragon..." she said as she reached out with her power towards a specific mark, the one belonging to Izuna wherever he happened to be, would begin restoring the power Eira needed by taking it directly from him. Since she could also speak in his mind this would come with a message. 'Sumimasen, I need this so we don't die today...' she murmured to him, such was the extensive power of this particular mark. It would return Eira back towards what she had been at the risk of tiring Izuna a bit.

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    'What the hell do you mean you're not going away? Nobody's sending you anywhere, just stop messing with my head!' said Takumi. The other one wasn't having any of this nonsense. He very much knew better, and now he bore a Boosted Gear-style variant of Divine Dividing on his right hand to free himself from his other half's grasp. 'That's not how it works! My only purpose is to keep us from dealing with that ever again! If you take over completely again, I just disappear over time. I felt it starting the last time...'

    At this point, the two versions of the lad were facing one another again, one with a red-clad left arm, and the other with a white-clad right arm. The one wielding Divine Dividing's power seemed to have an upper hand as various chants of 'Boost' and 'Divide' were called out between them. The cause behind this advantage was another figure in the form of a male standing at that Takumi's rear with a hand on his right shoulder. 'I'm taking control again. I have Divine Dividing's support, and you have nothing. Just leave me be,' he pleaded. This clause of him having Divine dividing's support made the 'true' Takumi realize what sort of place he was in. This location was only seen within himself during Juggernaut Drive, after many other voices were heard within him. Boosted Gear was passed down through the ages, and those voices knew just a little too much to not be exactly what he thought: the previous wielders of his Sacred Gear. 'Sou ka. Only one then?'

    "Sou ka," the Dragon woman said as she released herself from Eira's hold with an appreciative nod. "Singing is calming for our kind. Ability to do that sort of thing while being the target, though..." Once again, she would have an incomplete sentence occur. This time, it was once again because of the Red Dragon Emperor who managed to reach her before a barrier was erected. Into the Dragon's hand she went, forcing her to take her own true form as a Dragon just to avoid being crushed. She flapped her wings, boasting a size greater than that of Takumi's Juggernaut Drive, though she still managed to be obviously overpowered the longer they pressed against one another. "I can't be as useful as the White One in distracting him. Do you have any other ideas?"

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    Eira had to agree, the reason she hadn't started singing in the first place is that it required a great deal of concentration, more so from her, since the sound of her voice was also imbued with the power of a siren. It wasn't at all a thing that she should be attempting to do while being the target of a dragon's rage. "Hai hai, there is a reason I hadn't done it yet. I want to have faith in him to pull himself together assuming that the one which is more stable is in there and alright, but... I can't be sure, given that I can't take the risk of letting my guard down," Eira said as she moved away from the coming dragon hand. It seemed for a moment the target of the attack had shifted to the white dragon herself. This was a bit of a boon as the dragon body could withstand more damage than Eira herself, still the heiress did feel a bit bad that the boy's familiar was being abused in such a way. As the pair of dragon's clashed Eira was left with a singular idea and she wasn't sure at all if it would work though it was one of the best uses of her powers she could come up with in a moment like this. "If I could get past the armor I could send a pulse of my own power into his body directly. Doing so would mostly likely nullify his output while fully stunning his physical form long enough for me to properly restrain him and start singing him down. It would probably also maim him internally but I can fix that myself later..." as far as Eira could tell if she couldn't reason with the lad or make him sit still to hear her voice with magic, she had no choice but to try a more physical approach. This use of her powers would likely be considered a strange one, but she had to try and stop Takumi without having to kill him or lose herself and potentially Izuna to this rampage.

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