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    The passage of time saw to it that Eira once again returned to the position of dominance. Despite the title he often fell to with or without his own desire, Takumi was rather pleased to be in this situation with Eira. Having so much of her body pressed against him as she worked toward their collective pleasure was exciting, and Takumi's heart beat as if it intended to begin doing so within Eira's chest. With his head leaned back against the attention paid to his neck and torso, he shifted his eyes toward Eira's face and listened intently to her every sound. Eventually, these sounds included words. "I'm glad," was the first response he had to offer, spoken while his hands fell upon Eira's back. "I also agree. Forever sounds great," he concluded. Interestingly enough, he meant this rather literally. Eira's order had been to continue until both were satisfied, and though Takumi seemed strangely more energetic and with more to offer each time he finished, he - instead of wondering why this was the case - was content to continue until they were both sated... which on his end, was the end of time.

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    Eira continued to move her body and took solace in the things Takumi said. She sighed against this lad's body as if the whole of her being was sated by the idea that he wanted her specifically like this forever. A grin crossed her face as she leaned up to kiss him the side of his face and then his lips once more all while her hips continued to shift. It'd been hours since they'd started this, and she'd completely lost track of it at this point, even so, she fully understood the ramifications of her actions and though she could have continued this forever, to keep him forever she'd willingly put off right now. She'd made this decision several times already but as she reached climax this time and her body called out to his, she modified her order just a bit. "Forever is a long time Ta-ku-mi..." she murmured against him, still she felt that she wouldn't ever mind this and the thought of forever with the boy beneath her gave her a deep sense of satisfaction. Still there was something else she wanted and as such an order would come from her mouth. "For now, for us... one more. As you like..." she moaned against him as her body cling to his, both internally and externally. This finish for her was unlike most others as the movements of her hips stopped and her body came to rest against his and she got the feeling of his heartbeat against her chest. Of course, her words were intended as an order so that they could stop and rest. She was satisfied by having him as much as she wanted whenever she wanted. She could overdose on him any time she liked, and given this she was more than content to stop after their next go.

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    The next order for Takumi came to him as he felt the pull of Eira's climax bringing about his own, which once again increased in both quantity and quality. In the midst of his breath escaping him, it registered, and yet... it didn't seem right. Takumi was easily stuck between this order, her previous order, and his own desire. The latter most clause leaned toward the former, resulting in a strange reaction to this newest order. In the end, his mind produced a way to answer each order while avoiding as many complications as possible. "... Suman. Forever's the only way. But, since it's an order... Hai," he said with glowing eyes full of conviction.

    What was Takumi's solution? There could only be one. Hours later, he would still be pushing toward a single flourish. Rather, he had been pushing against it since Eira's previous order. He wasn't even conscious of how much time had passed, but his decision held strong as he stroked Eira's interior in a very peculiar position. The odd thing about this position of choice was how normal it was, as he hovered over Eira while she lay on the bed, without even forcing any amount of contortion as he'd done in previous instances. For the longest time now, he'd been on the verge of the greatest explosion he could ever know. And yet, he couldn't quite reach it by virtue of his own desire to go on.

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    The increase in the quantity and quality of Takumi's finish was something which Eira felt deep within herself. Even as her body absorbed it consciously and she felt invigorated she felt like it was the rightest thing and also as if it made no sense. Even so, given her current position she couldn't exactly make an argument for pursuing the answer to the question lost in her consciousness. Beyond this the glowing eyes of Takumi in response to her most recent order gave her a bit of pause. The amount of conviction presently shown in his gaze in combination with his words led her to believe that there was something afoot she would likely be terrorized by. "Ano... that look is enticing," she murmured and she meant it. There was indeed something that stirred deep within her whenever she looked into his eyes and saw how much he meant something. That being said what was meant here was an unknown and when it was known it was likely going to be crazy.

    Conveniently or rather, inconveniently enough she was indeed terrorized by how Takumi chose to take her order. And some hours later it was Takumi plunging in and out of her nether holding both of them hostage from a flourish that was building. Though their position was quite normal with no contortion or strain, the lad's movements were exact and precise. They were stimulating but fell just shy of the pinnacle of feeling. It was like being gently nudged towards the edge of a cliff but being tied to the edge so you couldn't actually fall. By Eira's own standards this was near torture and in a way something way worse than anything she could have expected. Her breath caught, her face was hot, even her heart thumped continuously and had for quite a while, but here she stayed just on the cusp of something amazing. "Ah..." her voice fell out of her mouth as it had been. "Ta-ku-mi..." she said his name in this moment as she stared up at his face, she didn't imagine when she'd spoken before that she'd be the one feeling like she was about to die. "I can't keep holding out forever... but I feel like it's killing me," her body squirmed as she aimed to wrap herself around him. "I want you... always," she stated as her body tightened. "I need you. Now. Give me what I need, what I'll always want and need!" she demanded her finish and demanded his as well, it was more of an order than any she'd given so far, but she'd been driven to a strange place. She could have begged for this, but she wanted to be clear, Takumi was the one she wanted and would always want, and so was everything he had to offer including the sweetest release she'd ever known. She wanted this lad, more than anything else, him withholding himself even subconsciously wasn't at all what she desired. She leaned in to kiss him, needed him to understand it wasn't her intention to sell him short. She couldn't or rather wouldn't ever be satisfied with just one. She needed him and this always as much as she could have it, in any moment she could take it, and would do anything to keep him.

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    Takumi's unwavering movements were addressed eventually by Eira. When she did, she spoke of how she couldn't restrain herself against the form of attention he was paying. It hadn't been Takumi's intention to keep her at bay at all, but in keeping with the order, it was how he thought to move for himself. Even as she wrapped herself around him, his movements didn't cease. However, there was another order to come. 'Is that alright? It can't be over now,' he thought, struggling as if his mind was taken to an extent that this order was being fought against. 'No... it's fine, right? If I think about it that way... me not being satisfied with just this means...' Takumi's thoughts did not finish only within his mind. As his eyes glowed to register Eira's order, he took up a slower and more deliberate pace within her and lowered himself to kiss her lips gently. Only then did his previous thought reach completion, which it did in the form of spoken words as well. "Forever." This was all he had to say before his full attention returned to his movements. His thrusting went on at an even greater pace once again, this time fully as a conscious effort from Takumi. In a matter of moments, the feeling within his groin grew exponentially, leaving his body no choice but to expel his final flourish in an unquestionably superior form to earlier experiences of the day. "Hugh!" he uttered, feeling as if this was something he'd never experienced before. Such quantity was produced, in fact, that it threatened to spill from Eira's being just after being released from Takumi.

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    Eira found herself wrapped up in the moment as well, with her own pleasure being held at bay for so long there was hardly anything more satisfactory in the world than the change in pace presented by Takumi. He leaned in and kissed her and the last thing he mentioned was the single word 'Forever'. Whatever it was about this word, Eira's own eyes widened gently, that being said, she was never against this at all. His motions changed and aim to push her over the edge of that cliff she'd been dangling from for hours, and then it happened suddenly, not because of his motions, but because of his release. Takumi's own flourish filled Eira in such a way that it pushed her over the edge. "TAKUMI!~" she moaned his name and felt way too full for this moment. Even as her body aimed to claim this massive flourish it managed to spill from the confines of her nether. She'd never felt so properly full before and something about this sensation was more satisfying than any other that had come before it. Her face shifted even, gaining the greatest of tints as her eyes rolled up and her tongue hung out of her partially opened mouth. "Sugei!~" she chimed to herself as her body twitched uncontrollably around this lad and her arms clamped down around him, her legs locking her body in place on his. She couldn't let go of this flourish not yet, even as multiple twitches happened all across her body and all of her power seemed to radiate from her person. She'd remain this way for several moments with closed eyes before hers finally opened still glowing with way too much power, it was as if she'd overdosed in a way that power drunk didn't begin to cover. She didn't try to remove this lad from her person and instead just loosened her grip while aiming to pull him into herself, while her body buzzed with energy, she almost couldn't contain.

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    Takumi's mouth remained agape as he met his end. Eira achieved satisfaction as well, while encapsulating him with her limbs in a way that kept both of them in place. Takumi couldn't say he minded this at all. In fact, he was hardly capable of keeping himself from dropping all of his weight on the woman beneath him, but he seemed to do so if only for the sake of looking at her. The expression he saw in her face was one he'd seen once before, but this was overall a very different experience. Firstly, he was certainly not under the influence of any drug. Secondly, his release was one which gave him an unimaginable amount of satisfaction, and Eira's joining with it only furthered the experience. He even felt paralyzed briefly as he looked into her face, and the mark on his neck throbbed in a strangely synchronized fashion with his member. His left hand retained enough ability to move that he brought it to the side of Eira's face. "Eir... I... feel..." Whatever he meant to say, there would be no foreseeable end to his sentence. Takumi lost consciousness then and there, seeming to have actually slipped into a strange state between life and death while the mark on his neck pulsed with power.

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    Eira was still overdosing on power, and she felt ridiculously satisfied by their shared experience. Knowing they managed to achieve such a a level of happiness without interference gave her a deep form of satisfaction as well. Even so, what came next was rather unexpected. As she looked at his face, he reached to touch her, and he tried to speak he seemed to lose what he was saying. More over he lost consciousness much to Eira's surprise and general discontent. In fact, discontent wasn't a proper word for what she immediately felt. Even as her body pulsed with power and she knew she was still connected to this lad, Eira panicked about his reaction and loss of consciousness. "Ta...ku...mi," she murmured his name initially placing her hand against the side of his face. With no active response her eyes widened and she removed herself from his body examining him with wide eyes. 'Shit! What happened?' she questioned mentally. Her panic would only be slightly quelled by the fact that she was certain he was still alive, but while she knew that she seemed to be scared about what happened here. 'No. No. No. I can't... lose you now...' she thought as she checked again to know he was breathing. Still there was nothing she could do until he woke up. "Don't leave me now..." she mumbled with a heartbeat too fast for the moment as she wrapped herself around him gently. "Takumi, let me know you're alright... I can't..."

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    Several moments passed with no movement from the lad. Unresponsive as he was, Takumi's body was not quite inactive. The color of his hair eventually began to fade from the roots outward, becoming something entirely colorless and almost ethereal along with the rest of his body. He went from someone between life and death to something between reality and nonexistence. After a few moments, he even began slightly hovering face-up, with his mouth still agape and unconscious eyes beginning to open. At that time, only his irises had any sort of solid color, taking a glowing cardinal hue as opposed to their usual crimson. His pupils were different as well. Within those glowing irises were a pair of black slits. Something else on him gained color shortly after this change occurred, and that thing was the mark on his neck. Gone was the black tattoo; it now bore the color cardinal as well.

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    Though the heiress was normally calm, her state of panic wouldn't see an immediate end with any haste. No, instead she was left to watch as the lad she was with seemed to lose all color from his form. 'Takumi... what... is this?' Eira mentally questioned but in all honesty she couldn't take her eyes off his form. She had to note details and know what was happening, even in her panic. She couldn't let anything happen to him in this moment without being able to figure out how to save him if she needed to. She'd never felt more helpless than she did in this particular moment. His eyes opened showing a color she'd never known him to possess. 'Ano... what is that?' another question with no obvious answer. As she continued to watch him her own eyes still glowing with power she noted the other major change to his person. The dragon mark she'd placed on him glowed now the same strange shade of red as his irises. Like it was actively doing something to him, even now. 'Did I... do this?' she questioned herself in this moment unable to come to a conclusion about this. She needed answers but she couldn't even begin trying to get them until she was sure of Takumi's status.

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