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    "Uh-huh," he replied, seeming no less annoyed than he had before. At this point, he was actually content to hear whatever it was Eira happened to want him for and move on. Lo, the reason was given eventually. The mention of her question being 'weird' did not bother Sirtreize at all, but when it came around, it was nothing more than a matter regarding the powers of the clan they were born into. Sirtreize raised a brow. He couldn't imagine why Eira would be worried in this situation, considering the obvious benefits she'd listed in her explanation. Alas, he was asked a question, so he answered regardless. "No," he said before taking pause, thinking it best if he produced a bit more than that. "I don't know anything about whatever transformation you're talking about, but everything else sounds like the Mark of Mating. By design, we drain our targets to death, but even we have to reproduce somehow. If our feelings are strong enough, we're able to mark one target in a way that keeps them from being absorbed into our bodies with prolonged exposure to our abilities. Whatever else you're talking about is beyond me and anything I've ever heard of."

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    Eira's apology was met about the way she expected it to be. That being said, she couldn't really blame her brother for this sort of thing, her dealings with most people seemed to be about this level of confused because of how she behaved. Still, she waited after giving her explanation to her brother about the things she'd seen from Takumi this morning and apparently, he didn't know what she was talking about. Her eyes widened initially because if he didn't know something she was on her own and she didn't much like the idea of that when it came to Takumi mostly because she didn't want anything to happen to him. Strangely, the Crimson Satan went on to explain that though he knew nothing of Takumi's apparent transformation, he did at least know that it was possible if Eira felt strongly enough that the mark she'd placed on Takumi would protect him from being absorbed into her. The brightest smile Eira could experience crossed her face along with a feeling of relief. "So, he's fine, if he has this Mark of Mating. I don't have to worry about killing him or anything?" she asked just to make sure she understood. "Nii-sama... that's really great!~" she mused, having not been so excited about anything in quite a long time. "Arigatou gozaimasu~" she chimed content with this information. She knew her brother was likely annoyed by her and her antics by this point, and as such she was content not to hold him up. If he didn't know about the transformation then it was unrelated to her potential worries, and she wouldn't bother him about it. She probably should be worried about something that her brother didn't know about, but she was so relieved she could continue enjoying Takumi at their leisure she truly couldn't bring herself pry further.

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    Sirtreize's brow remained raised as Eira questioned the mark of which he spoke. She may have been questioning just for confirmation, but it didn't seem Sirtreize needed to give any, since she went about reacting as if she had it already. "Hmm..." was all he managed to mutter while Eira basked in her excitement in whatever way she desired. As far as he could tell, this was the only thing Eira needed of him, but now was Sirtreize's time to seek confirmation for something. "So you're participating in the Rating Game, and your little problem isn't actually a problem. Anything else while I'm here?"

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    The relief experienced by this crimson haired lass was deep seated within her. But she'd recently begun being a bit more thoughtful about the people outside of herself, and as such she realized that her brother made a concerted effort to be kind to her, even when she was outright mean to him. She'd shown him nothing but animosity for quite a while, and though she didn't necessarily always agree with him, she knew he didn't truly deserve to always be on the receiving end of her anger. She also knew by virtue of experiencing her previous memories again, when her expression of this behavior started. "Yes... I'll participate in the Rating Game. No... my little problem isn't a real one. And there is one thing..." she said thinking about how to express the thing she was thinking about. "You gave me someone that makes me really happy... I didn't realize it before," she said softly. "Arigatou, Treize-nii~" she mentioned indirectly knowing that she'd only turned up in Takumi's bedroom the first time because her brother had to have diverted the contract to her. Eira then stood and walked out of the door of this room truly happy. She of course, realized that Sirtreize was responsible for her meeting Takumi in the first place, and though she blamed him initially for their separation, she'd come to realize that it wasn't really his fault. Now, she occasionally snapped at him just because he bore her bad news so often. But he gave her the best thing in her life and as such she would actually make a marked effort to not direct her aggression towards him. That being said she also didn't know if he'd just accept an apology from her either, so she offered her thanks instead with the understanding of what he'd done, even if it hadn't been on purposed and moved along within her house.

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    There was one more thing of note, apparently. From this, Sirtreize expected another question or concern, but this was not the case. There was a simple matter of Eira wishing to thank Sirtreize for something she believed he'd done years ago. Sirtreize had indeed done this, but he had nothing at all to say in response to these thanks offered to him. His expression was as bland as it could possibly be as he took in these words, and since there was nothing else actually needed of him, he teleported away just then. He would go on to deliver the necessary information to the proctors of the coming Rating Game, and remain in the Underworld after doing so.

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