Name: Roxanna Phenex
Nicknames: Roxie
Age: ????
Gender: Female
Race: Pure-Blood Devil
Affiliations: 72 Pillars | Phenex Clan

A short young looking woman with blonde hair that hands down to her thighs and becomes ombre into a red which is closer to scarlet. Roxanna wears her hair in a singular ponytail worn over her left shoulder with a curt expression. Her body is that of a loli, and she always wears a lot of leather and a red hood in addition to always carrying phenex tears with her on her person in a decorative phial. She has violet eyes and a countenance that screams anger and sadism.


Roxanna is the current Heiress to the Phenex Clan. She is a known sadist and treats all of her Peerage as if they are animals and subhuman. Some of them are okay with this but the others are not at all. She is known to give out ridiculous punishments (like detaching limbs and attaching them back only after they've rotted considerably). Her cruelty is matched only by her love of Sirtreize Lucifer, which is unrequited and as such drives hrer to near insanity. She takes the anger created by her lack of love out on anyone who will stand for it. She is often known to refer to people like Eira in least polite of terms because she knows that Sirtreize is rather affectionate of his little sister. She also hates asking for help and doing so seems to cause her to burst into violence at various intervals. Beyond this she seems to love canines and her Peerage is a collection of various canine species. She's been trying and failing to get Izuna to come to her Peerage in a trade with Eira for centuries.

Ranking: High-Class Devil | Heiress

Powers & Abilities:

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Roxanna has all the common skills and powers of one. It shown Roxanna can teleportation herself to any location.

Immortality: As a member of the Phenex Clan, Roxanna shares her family's signature regeneration abilities, being able to regenerate lost limbs and recover from wounds instantaneously. However, her regeneration is entirely dependent on her level of Demonic energy. Being drenched in enhanced Holy Water, high amounts of damage can stop her regeneration altogether and she seemingly couldn't heal damage that was inflicted on her by Eira or Takumi in their exchange. Her regeneration is also the cause of her arrogance, thinking it makes her immortal.

Pyrokinesis: Coming from a family that represents the Phoenix, Roxanna is capable of using fire based attacks. Roxanna can also be create a defensive barrier made of fire.

Expert Hand to Hand Combat: It is mentioned that she trained Hand to Hand combat. Roxanna is able to hold her own against specialists and can also Combined with the Phoenix flames to further increase the power of her physical attacks.

Flight: Being a Devil, Roxanna can fly using her fiery wings.