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    Though she'd tried to follow through on the order, Akito's kick was stopped again by this Devil she didn't know. There were tears in her eyes, but a look of appreciation on her face, even as his palm slammed into her abdomen. As she went flying backwards, she was put under another spell, but this one, was entirely different. As the girl went flying away her entire body felt numb and rush with heat, it was as if all the strain of fighting against her previous orders was translated into pure pleasure. "Uuuuuuuuaaaah~" left her open mouth as her body pulsed with relief and strangely freedom from her father's mind control.

    Meanwhile the man referred to by Shaoling as 'uncle' was still pressed against the ground completely shocked by this happening. "Akito, get back up here and fight!" he yelled trying to order her, only to find that when she sat up, covering herself again, she didn't have to move by his order. "I'm free... Soifon, you actually found someone to free me?" she said looking to her cousin as she held a very poisonous stinger at her father's throat. "Hai, sorry it took so long, Aki..." she said, apparently what Shaoling had sold her soul for, was the freedom of her favorite cousin. All the while the rest of the elders seemed to be stirring even as this old man kept trying and yelling obscenities. "I can't believe you! All of you! I have done nothing but the best for you! So what if I wanted things! They were mine!" his greed an overwhelming cry for all of those who'd been afraid to see exactly the sort of cowardly beast he was. Shaoling for all of her part in this looked down at the man a sadistic grin coming to her face. "Nigeki..." she said as she pulled her hand back aiming to stab it first into this man's chest causing a large butterfly shaped crest to appear marking him in magic and causing him to scream out. "You can't let her kill me, you sow! You can't!" he tried. He looked to his daughter once more and pleaded "Akito, you can't let her kill me, I'm still..." Akito then said the first real thing she'd had on her mind since becoming a slave more than a decade ago. "You are dead to me! You always have been..." and these words were all Shaoling needed to hear. "Kessatsu." the secondary stab would inject within this man a magical poison which in combination with the first set seemed to begin dissolving him where he was. Shaoling stood after this and all remaining elders bowed to her, even in the fact of the screams of the dying man below her.

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    With Akito both exposed and freed of her mental binding, Takumi's job here was basically done. The general population of the clan around them seemed to be finally favoring Shaoling as their true heir, as they should've done in the beginning by virtue of their own traditions. As Takumi watched Shaoling interacting with her uncle, he knew what would come the moment Akito spoke to the man. Takumi himself would have nothing to do with giving the man what he deserved, but that was fine. Shaoling herself deserved this moment, and he wouldn't dare take it from her if she sought to have it. The use of her weapon was something he found strange. As the older man faded away, Takumi was brought back to the teachings of Youmu regarding Sacred Gears and the like. 'Something that chooses its wielder. Independent Avatar?' he wondered. Strange though this situation might have been if he were correct, he believed he was still on the right track. 'Is that what she meant? It has a will of its own, and it decided to stay with this clan?'

    Wrapping up the matter of being lost in his own thoughts, Takumi let his eyes wander between those involved. Shaoling seemed to have no problem wiping out the real problem in the situation, and the other clansmen didn't seem to have any more issues. Akito, however... "Oi," Takumi said as he pulled off his own jacket and held it out to the lass.

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    Having properly dispatched her uncle, the stinger at the tip of Shaoling's finger disappeared, turning into the small sprite-like creature it was before it flew off to amuse itself in whatever way it chose. Shaoling watched this and exhaled a sigh of relief having had this ordeal finish out in the least violent way possible and everything well taken care of. Akito on the other hand was soon enough offered a jacket by Takumi and the girl looked up at him confused but accepted it gently covering her still exposed nudity. With a word of thanks uttered. "Arigatou gozaimasu..." she said avoiding eye contact and skittering off to her cousin. Shaoling watched the whole of this confused by the Devil boy's nature. She turned to him confused by what he'd shown her of himself. "So, you're a Devil... with a japanese name, a strong sense of honor, weird unmatched wings, and the ability to break people's clothing and mind control. It has to be one hell of a story about how that happened..." she said finding this combination of things to be a bit ridiculous. "Whatever the case, thanks... for helping me free my cousin. I need to sign a contract for you... right?" she asked knowing that with his end of the bargain completed she needed to fulfill her own end. Still she snapped her fingers together and several men in black showed up. "Oi. Escort Aki back to my place and get her some real clothes..." she commanded. "Hai!" and with that the other girl got an escort with just another nod in Takumi's direction to thank him for his kindness.

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    "Iia," he replied to the nude girl. Takumi was then assaulted by the confusion of Shaoling, regarding basically everything he'd revealed about himself to her thus far. Upon hearing these concerns, he supposed they made a lot of sense. For whatever it may have been worth, he explained a bit of the situation then and there. "I am Japanese. I grew up just on the other side of this mountain. I live right over there," he said, gesturing toward the incredibly tall building in view with an entire homestead atop it. He then continued with his explanation. "The wings are because I'm half Dragon, and that power... I got them from the Devil who reincarnated me into a Devil." A spare moment was taken for Takumi to return Akito's nod, before he returned his attention to Shaoling for the purpose of answering her final question. "If you think this is worth signing the contract for, then sign it. Whether you do or don't, I'll be on call if you need me for something else."

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    It appeared that Shaoling would have a few of her curiosities addressed. Apparently this boy had grown up just on the other side of the mountain and currently lived in the rather extravagant building she could see even from here. Her eyes widened at this news, but beyond this he went on to explain that he was half-dragon and that the powers he possessed at least in part came from the one who created him as a Devil. All of this was interesting news to her, but she lived in such a closed off little space, it wasn't really surprising to her that she didn't know very much about how such things worked. "Hm, that's kind of a lot, to be honest. But I guess the world is as big as the window you see it through..." she said, even so this lad had kept up his end of the bargain and as such she'd sign the contract, even though he'd given her an out. "Iie, I'll definitely sign it. You kept up your end of the deal, and I definitely couldn't have freed Aki without your help..." she said the contract she took out and signed magically, doing so made the paper disappear from her hands. Perhaps one day she'd get to know what adventure was like, and she'd leave these hills and see something besides the same old faces, but for now, there was something more important to her than her own desires. "I have everything I need now. But... if I change my mind... I'll let you know," this young woman said as she turned on her heels and sprinted down the hill to join her cousin. Strange as she was, she had to admit that the Devil known as Yasukawa Takumi had the makings of a man worth following.

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    "You're right," Takumi said in regards to Shaoling's 'window' reference. He could very much agree with this notion, considering what he'd been through. "I was made to realize the same thing very recently. I wouldn't normally say this, but you should get out more. Your uncle wasn't the only bad seed, though... but the type of person you are might mean that'll help you really solidify your resolve." With that said, Takumi observed the signing of the contract. He could even feel it occurring within himself, as if some other-worldly bond had been created between Shaoling and himself. Shaoling went on to state that there was nothing else she needed at the time, but now that they were contracted, it didn't quite matter if she needed anything right this moment or not. "Do let me know. For someone like you... my contract will always be open. Ja ne," he said, taking that time to spread his wings and fly into the distance.

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