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    As Takumi got his sky view of the landscape and the ones surrounding it, Shaoling was moving about below, still with no blade in her hand though that was about to change. She was now more than halfway up the mountain and still not winded. But the members of the Stealth Force who intended to stop her, had started gaining more weapons and more skill as she progressed upwards. 'At least they are retaining formation. It's one I taught them so... ironic but at least they still follow orders,' she thought to herself as one young man approached her with a tanto from one side while another tried to stab her through with a katana. Her body spun in a tight circle as she drew her blade to stop the katana while the tanto was captured within the sheathe of the wakizashi she'd just drawn. She'd then kick away the man who'd so recently lost his short blade before drawing it with one hand and throwing it into his shoulder. Once he was down the man before her was pushed against with all of her body weight, sending him off balance and tumbling forward so that she could trip him off the edge of the very narrow walkway. 'Still you all have a long way to go,' she thought and as such she'd continue after sheathing her blade.

    After she reached the halfway point, the elders of the clan gathered about the plateau in a circle. They were whispering among themselves and one person was obnoxious in his words. "I can't believe you all even entertain such a thing. There is nothing that girl can prove over Akito. Even if she makes it up here... we decided already that the spirit of the hornet can't be trusted for not choosing a male heir," he commented. The man had a long graying beard and spoke with a perpetual snarl. He was obviously balding but didn't seem to care, instead he sat there with smugness in his countenance knowing he would come out victorious in this moment.

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    'I wonder...' As he waited, Takumi's mind continued to wander. There were many things in his mind which sparked his curiosity, all surrounding the matter of his engagement to the Gremory heiress. 'I basically sullied a virgin princess. Whoever the king in this picture is, he might have some sort of problem with that. That'll be interesting to deal with... I wonder if I can.' In the midst of his mental tirade, he occasionally looked toward the ground to see if Shaoling had reached her destination yet. Each time he confirmed this to not be the case, he returned to his thoughts. 'Iia. I'll do it.'

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    The movements of Shaoling took her through the entirety of her own force of men. They were left trailing behind her down the mountain pass, in various states of injury and consciousness. That being said, she made it to the top and stood in the middle of the circle the blade in her hand held out before her and turned back into the hornet creature and she looked at the entire circle. "I'm here! Where's the heir, uncle?" she asked in a manner none to friendly, of the man with the graying hair who was still stroking his beard. From behind him came someone clad in a heavy set of armor. Each footstep taken dragged forward and the armor itself shined with untold magic. "Akito make short work of her. And when you take her down in the challenge kill her!" this was the old man's words, but as the old Kabuki style armor shifted a strange thing happened. It seemed to twitch just a bit, like it was given an order it didn't agree with. "As. You. Wish... Tou-sama." said this person in an overly masculine voice. It began to circle Shaoling hesitantly and Shaoling watched him following with her eyes narrow. "I am sorry Soifon. I don't want..." whatever this voice had to say was stopped by the words of the old man. "Silence! The time to talk has ended!" he seemed to be in a rush, but Shaoling had exactly the rest of the confirmation she needed. She looked up, hoping the Devil known as Yasukawa Takumi was actually ready to do as he promised.

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    Eventually, Shaoling reached the final destination of her journey up the mountain, only to be confronted by her uncle and the cousin who 'challenged' her right to clan head. The moment Shaoling looked up, Takumi saw her with an enhanced vision granted to him by a newfound ability of his Sacred Gear. The time had come. Without further ado, he ceased the flapping of his wings to descend with haste and land between the combatants, facing Shaoling's opponent. "Yo," he said to the armored one, as well as to the older male giving orders. "Devil. Interrupting. Fight me."

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    The descent of the Devil made the eyes of all in the circle widen. He was a creature the likes of which most had never laid their eyes on before. Shaoling was obviously less surprised by this, and the being in the armor showed a bit of hesitation. Like it couldn't act without something specific. It turned back to the old man as if questioning. "Tou-sama..." it murmured in that hyper masculine voice. "Nothing is sacred anymore. Something as lowly as a Devil would impede upon our rituals and you wonder why the sacred beast chose a woman. The end times are upon us!" the old man claimed seeming to drum up something closer to support. "Akito! Kill him first! Then that sow cousin of yours!" said the man who seemed to be content not to engage directly. "As. You. Wish." were the words spoken by Akito as this armored form aimed to rush the lad with the two different wings. No weapons were drawn but the fist which came forward seemed to fly at a speed higher than most eyes could follow and definitely more than could be expected of a normal human. "Sumimasen... I can't stop." the armored form mentioned, obviously in conflict about its actions but unable to do anything but comply with the wishes of the man in control of them.

    Meanwhile, Shaoling looked around this group of adults with abject disgust. "Are all of you really so stupid you can't see what is going on here? You can't tell he's controlling Akito and all of you? Has any of you ever seen Akito outside of that armor?" she asked this with finite passion in her heart. She'd given her everything for this clan only to be rewarded by deceit, lies and imperfection. And here in the face of all that, every elder seemed to be stuck on the words of her uncle the man who'd wanted to be in charge but was unqualified. How could they not see his slimy influence on their children, in their coffers and even engraved upon their souls? The questions she asked seemed to cause a few of these elders to think back over the last twenty years, and none of them could ever say they'd seen this child without the famed enchanted armor he wore.

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    At this point, Takumi only awaited the moment he would face off against this armored 'heir' he was to dethrone. An order allowed this to begin, giving the one known as Akito the goal of eliminating the Devil. 'It's not that I don't believe her, but...' he thought briefly, readying himself for an incoming assault. As Akito's fist approached him, Takumi began calling upon a power that required him reaching deeper than within himself. The mark on his neck throbbed as he summoned this power for the second time, this time consciously and without using it to tame Dragons specifically. Both of Takumi's hands moved in unison, one reaching out to catch Akito's fist and stop its assault, while the other reached toward the armored assailant's neck. He would aim to pull the fist and push on the throat simultaneously while rotating counterclockwise, aiming to slam Akito into the ground. However, at the very start of this movement, he intended to share a moment of visual contact with the eyes within the helmet, through eyes that were glowing a deeper crimson than their normal shade at the time. Such a thing happening would trigger the ability he sought, which was one of a forced and powerful carnal attraction to himself... assuming his target was of the opposite sex.

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    Whatever the case, it was obvious that at least the start of a fight was about to happen between Takumi and Akito. Akito would find that their fist would be stopped at the same time that Takumi's other hand would find itself around its armored throat. This would evolve into a throw which would have this armored form topping to the ground but that wasn't all. In fact, strangely enough during this set of movements, eye contact would be made with the body within this armor, and the power flowing from the glowing crimson eyes of this lad would strike the person within. "I..." Akito's voice was caught in its throat as a moment of clarity happened, the extreme level of attraction forced upon her was indeed accepted as her body hit the ground within her armor. She felt as if she belonged to the Devil before her. "I'm yours..."

    This was a strange thing to hear from that armored man's voice, but it would be the confirmation Takumi sought about the true gender of the person within the armor. This entire thing would be unheard by the crowd at large, but Shaoling heard it as well. She already knew the true identity of the person within the armor, she only had to wait for the moment of the reveal. "What are you doing, Akito!? I said kill him!" came the voice of this girl's father, which aimed to force her to act again, her hand twitched as if she wanted to stop the commands were contradictory to her own feelings at this point causing a hesitation the likes of which her father had never seen before. "Tou-sama..." the voice within the armor was being forced to acquiesce. "This Devil boy as bewitched our heir. What sort of ungodly things could he have planned? The outrage for one like Shaoling to accept such help, why aren't you all trying to kill her and get rid of this fiend as well!?" the old man asked. Of course, in so doing he hadn't moved an inch himself. And though the strengths of individuals were important they'd witnessed Shaoling fight her way up here, and none wanted to challenge her directly either. An en passe was reached in this way, and events would be allowed to unfold as they would.

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    A single statement spoken by the armored fighter was all Takumi needed to be absolutely certain. He'd specifically used his power as if targeting a woman, and a woman it was indeed. "You're right," he said while standing, sparing a lingering moment of physical contact with the armor Akito wore. His attention was brought to Akito's father when the older male began speaking of killing the clan's true heir. Since it didn't seem like Akito would be attacking him right away by the man's order, he took the time to speak. "You said sow earlier, didn't you? I haven't forgotten that," he said, as if to convey the distaste that had constantly been building within him for this man, heightened by what had only just been heard. As he stared, his gaze was no longer that of a seductive force, but instead of a blazing inferno that reached the very soul of those in its path. "Dress... Break." With this phrase, and a click of his fingers, Takumi triggered a magical seal placed on Akito's armor. The armor itself, and in fact anything she happened to be wearing, would rip itself to shreds the moment his fingers snapped, revealing the body within in such a way as to leave no questions as to its gender specifications.

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    Akito's hand kept twitching, it was like there was a contradiction in her form. Her mind said to follow her father's orders and attack, but her body said not to do any such thing, being physically smitten with Takumi. It seemed that Shaoling was indeed right around this being a young woman within the armor and soon the rest of this group would be privy to that. The mention of the word sow seemed to have set Takumi off a bit, much to the surprise of Shaoling herself, who'd apparently gotten used to such distasteful things. 'Why... bother?' she wondered what kind of man this Devil was that something like that would even register on his radar. "She is a sow, my elder brother's sow of a chi..." whatever this man was about to say was lost completely as a snap of Takumi's fingers led to the breaking of the armor around the person known was the heir Akito. When all those pieces of enchanted armor shattered, this person's naked form was revealed to all present as obviously female, with long dark hair and large violet eyes. "AHHH!~" this girl's voice even shifted immensely. Small breasts, perfect skin, and a round bottom, her eyes widened and a blush immediately over took her face as she aimed to sit up and cover herself. One arm wrapped around her chest while she tucked her legs into herself.

    Shaoling looked wide eyed and nodded. "See, she's a girl too. I was chosen, she wasn't, but that doesn't even matter. Uncle wanted all of your money, all of your backing, and all of your children to himself. Is this really the face of the man you want to lead you!?" she said pointing at the deranged old man who seemed like he'd try to talk his way out of it anyways. Even as the murmurs of the others began to get louder still. "What? She's a girl? Honestly I didn't know, my wife must have lied to me... yes that's it. I was led astray as well... I could still have a male heir anything is better than..." whatever this man was going to stay would not leave his mouth officially. Shaoling moved across the circle jumping behind him to kick him into the circle. His older body went tumbling in front stopping before the wakizashi. "Jinteki Shakusetsu..." the words themselves made the sword rise from before his eyes and transform around the girl's hand giving the middle finger of her right hand a singular long stinger which she held directly in front of this old man's face. "She wasn't just chosen by it, she can wield it properly... it's true form." said one person. "We were wrong to follow... our way is still obvious." said another. "This battle is void call it off!" finalized another voice. All of these things were exactly as she wanted. But her uncle looked up at the girl and frowned. "Akito! Kill her!" said the old man once more. This one went through loud and clear. And though she was naked, there was nothing Akito could do but try and follow the order. "As. You. Wish." she said those three words with tears in her eyes. Shaoling was her favorite cousin and she didn't want to harm her, but her body moved on its own as she aimed to close the distance between them, she spun around on a thick leg aiming to kick the smaller girl in the back of the head. In her father's mind it didn't matter what was seen here. If he managed to kill Shaoling before the end of this day, then he could continue the way he always had.

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    Yet again, Takumi heard something rather disgusting from this old man. He'd deal with that later, as now there was the matter of the man's obvious daughter being exposed to the masses as one not suited to be heir by what they had already agreed upon. If Takumi meant to address the elder after this, he was stopped by two facts. Firstly, the man's ranting was met by the physical response of Shaoling. Secondly, he gave another order to his mind-slave of a daughter, which still took effect despite her being without armor. 'It wasn't the armor?' he thought while taking action of his own. Deft movements led him to Shaoling's side in time to reach out and hold off the leg of Akito. In doing so, he also aimed to thrust his palm into the dark-haired girl's abdomen, placing another, stronger magic seal on her. If he managed this, he would use the time of her being launched away by his attack to snap his fingers again. All the while, a statement from years ago was repeated in his mind. 'Haunted houses are my specialty because I can dispel curses and magical influence.'

    "Dress Break, Astral," was spoken to utilize an enhanced version of the previous technique, which would shatter magical influences and the like to remove the mind-control plaguing Akito and cease her onslaught. In doing so, it would inadvertently swap the stress of manipulation with a pleasure equal in intensity to whatever strain was previously felt.

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