Name: Sköll
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Fenrir/Half-Human | Reincarnated Devil
Affiliations: Roxanna Phenex

Sköll is a small young woman appearing to be in human years about 11 or 12. She has dark hair and dark fur and large amber colored eyes. She is half-Fenrir and as such has a half-dog like form which includes a large fully tail, dog ears and even furry paws which she uses to walk on. Even though she can stand at human heights she is often seen on all fours though her body doesn't seem to agree with it always. Her body is prepubescent and as such she doesn't ever wear much by way of clothing and most don't seem to mind this. Beyond that the most noticable thing about her is a large mark on the outside of her right leg which still seems angry and new.


Sköll is exceedingly timid and always has her front paws together even when she is standing. This is due in large part to an extended amount of time spent with specifically her front paws chained together. Because of her soft spoken nature is often wishes to please her Mistress going out of her way to be kind even when she is spoken against or punished physically or mentally for some action she's committed. She is seen by her peers at large as innocent and forgiving and though she is a very capable fighter, most times she'd prefer to play and make friends. She is known to have a great affection for Rades Phenex which her Mistress takes advantage of at every turn.

Ranking: Reincarnated Devil | Low-Class Devil | Pawn (2-Pieces)

Powers & Abilities:

Demonic Power: Sköll has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells. Through the use of Promotion, Ruruko can increase her demonic power.

Promotion: Being a Pawn, Sköll can use promotion to temporarily gain the traits of a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop.

Enhanced Senses: Sköll possesses very acute senses. She can sense the changes in mood and expression of her teammates and mistress with incredible accuracy. She is known to whine when she knows a particularly bad mood is going to come from Roxanna.

God-Killing Fangs: Sköll strongest attribute are her immensely powerful fangs that are said to be able to kill even the most powerful beings, including Gods.

Flight: Sköll can use her devil wings to fly and maneuver about in the air.