Name: Inuyasha
Nicknames: Mutt
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Reincarnated Devil | Hanyō (Formerly)
Inuyasha is of average height, standing at 175 cm, with a lean, wiry frame that belies his massive strength. He has a thick mane of waist-length silver white hair, golden eyes with slit like pupils, claws on each digit, and short fangs in his mouth. His ears are furry and pointed like those of a dog and feel like "five uncooked Chinese dumpling shells atop one another." His nose, despite appearing normal, is always damp unless he caught a cold, in which case it dries out. When he assumes human form, Inuyasha's demonic claws and fangs, as well as his dog ears, disappear. His silver hair also changes to black and his golden eye color changes to brown.

Ranking: Medium-Class Devil | Knight

Powers & Abilities:

Demonic Power: Inuyasha is a hanyō, born from a powerful Inu-Daiyōkai and a human mother. His father was a powerful and respected demon who governed the Western Country of Japan. Despite being a half-demon, his demonic power level is the same as a normal demon's with no auxiliary skill.

Enhanced Strength: Inuyasha's yōkai blood gave him intensified physical strength exceeding that of even the strongest human. In life, he was able to uproot trees, lift boulders, break through walls and fortress gates, and was even able to punch through solid steel. In fact, the powerful demon blood inherited from his father gave him greater strength than most low-tier demons. Only powerful daiyōkai were ever able to overpower Inuyasha in terms of raw physical strength before he became a Devil.

Accelerated Healing: Inuyasha is capable of rapid recovery from even the most grievous of injuries (i.e. impalement) and can do so without any visible scarring. When one of Inuyasha's fangs was yanked out to repair the Tessaiga, it was mentioned that Inuyasha would grow a replacement canine in just one day. Regardless, the extent of his healing abilities are not unconditional and it has been implied he could not regenerate lost limbs.

Enhanced Senses: While not quite as sensitive as those of true Inu Daiyōkai, Inuyasha's senses of smell and hearing are nonetheless remarkably acute. He is able to hear what people were whispering from great distances away. Likewise, his sense of smell is extremely keen; he could smell hints of blood from kilometers away and could detect the presence of people by smell long before they could be seen.

Transformation: Due to his half-demon heritage, Inuyasha transforms against his will when certain conditions are met. Thus this attribute can fluctuate between a strength and a weakness making it an unreliable ability. Most notably during the night of the new moon he is temporarily rendered human for the duration of the event. In another case, Inuyasha transforms into a full-fledged demon when his life is in mortal danger.

New Moon: All half-demons, like Inuyasha, lose their demonic power for a period of time; in his case, he loses his demonic powers and form during the night of the new moon. On the night of the new moon his hair turns black, his eyes turn brown, he loses his yōkai abilities and attributes (i.e. his fangs, dog ears, and claws), and can only use Tessaiga in its katana form. During the night of the new moon before the sun sets, Inuyasha suffers from pre-transformation symptoms, such as losing his acute sense of smell, before eventually turning into a human.
Demonic Blood: When not in possession of Tessaiga with its sealing power and when his life is in danger, Inuyasha can unwillingly change into a full-fledged demon. While undoubtedly more powerful in this form, his demon blood overwhelms him into a whirlwind of rage whose sole purpose is destruction. In this form, Inuyasha's physical strength is more than doubled. His regeneration is also bolstered, allowing him to immediately recover from life-threatening injuries and poisons received prior to transforming. His yōki is also powerful enough to erode powerful spells that would otherwise incapacitate him. However, because yōki is toxic to humans, Inuyasha's half-human body and mind can't handle the power he inherited from his father. As a yōkai, Inuyasha is incapable of feeling pain, fear, compassion, or mercy; he only feels rage and hedonistic bloodlust, which, coupled with his newfound predatory instinct, lack of intelligence, and inability to discriminate between friend and foe, drives him to attack and kill anyone in his vicinity. With every subsequent overload, this form's intelligence diminishes, and it becomes easier to trigger and harder for him to recover from. If left unchecked, Inuyasha would continue to fight and kill until his body either gave out or was killed by an opponent.


Robe of the Fire-Rat: The robe Inuyasha normally wears is woven from the hair of the Fire-Rat. It serves as a fireproof armor and can has the ability to regenerate itself. The robe is stronger than any human-made armor, allowing it to shatter un-empowered human weapons, deflect lesser yōkai swords, and absorb concussive pressure from high-powered explosives. However, as they are derived from a demon, the robe's powers can be nullified by purification barriers. It becomes normal cloth and loses its defensive qualities when in such situations.

Tessaiga: Inuyasha wields Tessaiga (鉄砕牙; Japanese for "Steel-Cleaving Fang"), a powerful yōkai sword forged from one of his father's fangs by the bladesmith Tōtōsai. The sword can absorb demonic powers and energy, and is useful in preventing Inuyasha from falling victim to his demonic nature, which turns him into a berserker. In its sealed state, Tessaiga resembles a rusty katana with a nicked and dented blade and torn hilt-wrap. When wielded by a user with demon blood, the blade transforms into a five-foot-long fang capable of immense damage.

Katana Form

Anti-Yōkai Barrier: Tōga placed a barrier within the Tessaiga that would burn pure yōkai that attempt to touch it. After Tōga death, Tōtōsai (being the sword's creator) is the only living yōkai that could both hold and activate the Tessaiga without harm. Oddly enough, the Kitsune Shippō, who is also a pure yōkai could hold it without harm, so it may be possible that the barrier does not affect any yōkai that shows kindness for humans or that comes with little to no malicious intent. Although its katana form isn't very useful for attacks, it does have very strong durability.

Tessaiga's Scabbard: Being composed of the wood of Bokusenō, the Tessaiga's scabbard could deflect or resist yōki-based attacks; however, if that force was used continuously the scabbard would crack and its barrier would fail. It could also summon the Tessaiga, as seen when Inuyasha was trapped inside the flask of a sage. If the scabbard was broken, it could be repaired by leaving it beside a hive of yōkai bees, who would use their beeswax to repair it.

True Form

Kenatsu (剣圧, "Sword Pressure"): Like many yōkai swords, Tessaiga could cut opponents without touching them by firing small concentrated bursts of yōki.

Wind Scar (風の傷, かぜのきず, Kaze no Kizu, "Scar of the Wind"): The Tessaiga's full-powered kenatsu and signature attack that could, according to legend, slay one hundred yōkai in a single strike. It was activated by sensing the fissure (or "scar") between the clashing yōki of the Tessaiga's wielder and his opponent's energy and swinging the sword into the fissure. Inuyasha took some time to master this technique, and didn't even know of its strength at first. However, he eventually learned to put his own power into the attack so the scar appeared around Tessaiga's blade and could be triggered instantaneously.

Backlash Wave (爆流破, ばくりゅうは, Bakuryūha, "Explosive-Style Destruction"): The Tessaiga's ultimate technique. It uses the opponent's energy and unleashed the Kaze no Kizu at the right point. The opponent's energy would be reflected back with the added power of the Kaze no Kizu.