Name: Fennexis
Nicknames: Nexis
Age: ???
Gender: ???
Race: Kitsunetsuki | Reincarnated Devil
Affiliations: Roxanna Phenex

A pale skinned young woman who wears red and white robes of a priestess with a few minor alterations. Her collar is golden and clasped in the front her entire chest is only kept from exposure by a thin white shirt but she has no arguable beast size to speak of. Her outfit has chimes, luckly coins and magatama weaved in all of which she can enchant and use whenever she wishes.


Fennexis was a mage who specialized in communing with spirits. As such she is known to be a very open individual with a gentle smile upon her face always. Underneath that though she seems to be a bit darker, her lust for knowledge led to a merger with a fox spirit and beyond that point her ability to do things tends to be unhindered by anything remotely close to morality. Because of this she often doesn't interfere with her Mistress' work and usually has at least a helping hand in all of it though she doesn't enjoy it from the perspective of a sadist. Instead she is involved because it gives her an opportunity to learn more and she was originally simply contracted to Roxanna as her mage and became a member of her peerage in pursuit of her knowledge.

Ranking: Middle-Class Devil | Bishop

Powers & Abilities:

Demonic Power: Fennexis has enough demonic power to use all the standard magics of devils. Because she was also human before and a mage then she can also still use her human magic and those related to the fox spirit that merged with her including fire and youkai based spiritual abilities. Her Demonic power is further increased by the Bishop Trait of her piece, allowing her to use even more spells and magic than normal.

Mystical Fire: A fire based spell which allows the creation of circle of fire in the air beside Fennexis which becomes a circle of fire around her target. This fire goes on to burn them within the circle for several seconds so long as her concentration is unbroken.

Will-o-wisp: A light blue fire which she can use to apply burns to people that continue to burn even after they are put out. As a magic it is almost a curse which will cause the flesh in the applied area to burn constantly though once it reaches flesh it becomes a dense orange glow. The application of this magic is seen on Skoll.

Flight: Fennexis can use her devil wings to fly. She can also levitate using magical power.


Candle Stave: A fire staff which has atop it a demonically lit candle, it is used as a conduit for Fennexis' fire based magic. It also allows her a bit of prophetic ability as the light of it glows brighter or dimmer as she moves towards or away from her intended target, so long as she has that target in mind. As seen when she uses the Stave to track the missing Inuyasha to Kuoh Town.