Name: Cereza
Nicknames: Reza
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Reincarnated Devil | Cerberus Pup (formerly)
Affiliations: Roxanna Phenex

Cereza is a tall woman, with a pair of dog ears on the top of her head, red eyes, and extremely long, red hair tied in ponytails. She wears skimpy clothing such as a red and brown bra, red and brown underwear, red and brown leggings stretching all the way down and covering her feet as well, and orange cloth that hangs behind her. She's almost always seen with her two small sentient puppet dogs on each hand. It is creepily noted by some, that Cereza bears some strange resemblance to Eira Gremory.


Cereza is exceedingly nonchalant and uncaring about most things. She only really tends to be motivated by food or drinks and is considered a companion animal by Roxanna. She is well-behaved and sits somewhere on the cusp between sadist and masochist. As such she takes a lot of abuse from Roxanna but will lash out against the woman if she goes too far. Because of the type of person she is, it isn't always obvious what Cereza's sexuality actually is, nor what sort of relationship she actually maintains to Roxanna. In a pinch, Cereza is considered the most dependable of Roxanna's pups.

Ranking: Middle-Class Devil | Rook

Powers & Abilities:

Demonic Power: Cereza has a commendable amount of demonic power. Most notably she isn't seen using it for much except the enhance her punches with the flames she can manipulate.

Flame Paw: She is able to use fire magic to some extent to launch a magic flaming paw at others. This is said to hit with the same consistency as her physical attacks only adding burning fire as an aftereffect.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Cereza is a master physical combatant able to dish out concise hits with both her fists and feet for maximum damage. She has an exceedingly flexible fightly style which seems to stem from her laid back attitude and allows her to react quickly to multiple opponents and even hit people before they are able to hit her while she is standing still.

Immense Strength: Beyond the offensive trait of her Rook Piece, Cereza is an incredibly strong young woman. She is able to knock the breath out of prepared fighters and send even the sturdiest of people flying back with the strength of her hits.

Immense Durability: Cereza is an extremely durable being. She is able to take a massive amount of damage, both magical and physical and keep attacking consistently. It is even said that a bit of pain will motivate her to hit harder and lash out quicker.