Name: Helga
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Reincarnated Devil | Hell Hound (Former)
Affiliations: Roxanna Phenex

A tall and slender young woman with a small bust, she is generally seen wearing her long black hair in a set of pig tails. She wears generally a pair of short shorts, with a metal belt and thigh high socks with boots that have steel toes. To complete her look she also wears a long thin jacket which is open in the front with buckles and belts on either side of it. Around her neck she wears a high scarf with a small girly bow upon it. The most notable feature of her person is an eye patch which she wears which covers her missing left eye. The eye itself is in Roxanna's possession, being preserved in a jar in case she ever feels like giving it back. Instead of dog ears she has a set of curved horns atop her head, giving her a unique look in comparison to Roxanna's other 'pups'.


Helga is a calm collected person who seems to not have any fear or normal pain responses. She is loyal to her master, because she feels it is her duty to be, even though she doesn't necessarily agree with Roxanna's tactics. She encourages the others including Inuyasha who was her partner until he went missing ten months ago. Her eye was removed as punishment for losing him, but she doesn't bear him a grudge because of this, instead she simply stares impassively at Roxanna who often threatens to take her other eye because of it. She refuses to participate in the torture of any of her comrades, despite having the most useful skill for doing so, and as such she is usually punished along with the masses for whatever 'crimes' they commit.

Ranking: Middle-Class Devil | Reincarnated Devil | Knight

Powers & Abilities:

Demonic Power: Helga can perform all the standard feats that devils can including use of magic. She does this from time to time, creating a magical fire whip to use in place of her weapon if it happens to be broken or damaged. Otherwise she doesn't tend to favor magic much at all.

Hellfire Whip Generation: Helga has the ability to create a binding whip or chain made of hell fire as a hell hound. Using this she can bind opponents or damage them at her own discretion burning them with the power straight from the circles of hell.

Master Whip User: Helga is masterful with the use of a whip as a weapon in short to mid-range combat. It is said that her strikes are both powerful and accurate to the point of being able to put out the flame at the top of a candle or break a candle in half from a distance at her leisure. She is able to precisely change the direction of her whip in battle and use it to harm only those she wishes.

Enhanced Speed: The Knight trait of her piece allows her to be exceedingly speedy both in and out of combat. The movements of her arms and legs and even her whole body are augmented by this, allowing her faster reaction times and quick movements to adjust the trajectory of her whip.

Enhanced Senses: As a hell hound Helga possesses an innate sense of coming danger. In addition to general enhanced senses of sight, smell, taste and sound. She knows when individuals are too dangerous and can sense it in their energy, she is made nervous by truly powerful opponents that she can sense.