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    Rating Game Field

    The Rating Game (レーティングゲーム Rētingu Gēmu) is a competition between two Devils with a peerage. The Rating Game shares many similarities with the board game Chess. The Game Field is where all Rating Game matches take place and is located inside a section of the Dimensional Gap, protected by a barrier. This field was created by Ajuka and the technicians who work under him. The field itself provides a simulation of any environment or scenery for a game to take place in.


    The game takes the form of a strategic battle between the King and his/her pieces. It is fought on a map of their choosing, and can be created to be a perfect replica of any location they desire. Only matured Devils are allowed to participate in official Rating Games. Aside from the normal rules, there are two more special rules for the Rating Game, the first being the Dice Figure Game and the second being the Scramble Flag Game.

    Dice Figure Game

    A variant of the Rating Game with different mechanics. Instead of long, full-team battle, it will be a blitz (short battle) with limited members. Both Kings will roll a six-sided dice (one each) and the number added up from both Kings will determine the value of Pieces (servants) to be sent. However Kings are not forced to completely use all the points (with the total value of eight, Kings can send two Knights and have two left over), which will be wasted and not added to next roll. Servants that consumed two or more Pieces of its kind will have the added-up value of the Piece (a servant that has consumed two Pawn Pieces will have the value of two, or a servant that have consumed two Knight Pieces will have the value of six). The value of each pieces are as follows:

    • King = ranges from 1 to 12 Pawns depending on the estimated value given by the judging committee (based on the strength of the King themselves, value of their servants and comparison with the opponents).
      Queen = 9 Pawns
      Rook = 5 Pawns
      Knight = 3 Pawns
      Bishop = 3 Pawns
      Pawn = 1 Pawn (Base value)

    Scramble Flag Game

    A variant of the normal Rating Game where the goal of the game is to collect flags that are scattered around the battlefield. Unlike the rules in the normal Rating Game or Dice Figure Game where victory is achieved by defeating the "King", the Scramble Flag Game's victory is determined by the number of flags that are collected during the game.

    Object Break Game

    Another variant of the normal Rating Game where the goal is to break the 'objects' (Shape of a woman with Fallen Angel & Devil wings) scattered around the battlefield. There are a total of thirteen 'objects' and the first team to break seven of these 'objects' within the twelve hour time limit wins the match and just like in the normal Rating Game, victory can also be achieved by defeating the opposing team's "King". The field the players are transported to has the layout of a chess board and the areas are designated A1, C2, B4 etc. The 'Objects' scattered around can either be stationary or can be moved around by the players. They are either left in their original state, are placed in less noticeable places or are hidden in obscure places. When an 'object' is destroyed, the area it was located in is no longer allowed to be entered by the teams "Kings", narrowing down the areas the teams can move in. If both teams have destroyed equally the number of 'objects' when the time limit exceeds, then the match is a draw.
    • Imprisonment: Tactics that can only be used if the object is movable. A team directs the enemy's "King" to the corner of the field, and contains objects transported by destroying them in the three surrounding areas. In order for the King to escape, special movement means such as casting with a "Rook" etc. must be used.

    Lightning Fast Game

    A short variant of the standard Rating Game. In the rules of the Rating Game, it is the rules utilising the shortest time limit and narrowest playing field. In simpler terms, it is a quick match (a blitz). Within the one hour time limit, whoever defeats their opponent's "King" wins. In the case that neither players can defeat the enemy king, a winning team is decided by the number of points calculated by the number of pieces each side has claimed from the other.

    Board Collapse

    A variant of the normal Rating Game. Both ends of the venue will collapse at the same time, where only the center will remain at the end. The narrowing of the field makes it so that places to hide and escape decrease and by the end, battle will be unavoidable. Confined spaces make it easier for there to be friendly fire, or being hit by a stray attack so setting up an advantage while the field is still wide will be a key point.

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    On the day of the Rating Game between Roxanna Phenex and Eira Gremory, both sides would be showing up to the Game Field. This space was one which several dozen sets of stands and had on either end a place for both Peerages to gather. In the center at the top a viewer box and within said view box was a woman. She looked relatively you with three shades of hair, two different forms of pink one magenta, one light and blonde streaks at the rear. This woman appeared to be dressed in a long dress which was green at the bottom and white at the top. It opened over ample bosom and was accented by strange black bands which appeared at various intervals on her person. She had startling green eyes and wore a smirk of knowing. She looked out at this crowd and found it strangely massive for an amateur match-up, but Roxanna Phenex hadn't shown up for a Rating Game in quite a while and the people were curious. And Eira Gremory was an aloof person who should be worth seeing so this wasn't very surprising. "Ladies and Gentleman! I'm your host, Marceline Cimerius~ What an exciting match up we have today. The Amateur Bracket shows us two fairly popular individuals going head to head. Roxanna Phenex and Eira Gremory? What challenges will the Rating Game present? My co-host for the evening should be able to cover that one... Satan Beelzebub!" this particular announcer seemed to be just as excited as the fans who cheered along. Some of them wondering why Satan Beelzebub would be spectating and commentating on a match so far down on the totem pole. Even so, there was a ton of excitement built up in this moment and it seemed to be spreading just a bit.

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    Indeed, the other officiator of the Rating Game was the Satan Beelzebub, Szavelneas. He sat beside the woman with multi-colored hair with a grin upon his face that could be considered lecherous depending on one's outlook. Alas, his reason for being here for this Rating Game was the same reason he jumped at the last opportunity between Eira's incomplete peerage and that of her brother the Crimson Satan: science. During Marceline's announcement, Szavelneas sat and chuckled to himself at the thought of many, many possibilities. This was going to be entertaining, but even more enlightening. "Today's match will be one for the ages. At long last, we see the return to the stage by Roxanna Phenex and her members, and we also get to see the first official match of Eira Gremory and her group. For those who weren't able to witness the incredible scrimmage match between Eira and our Crimson Satan Lucifer, subscribe to DeviTube Red to see the full game. For today though... we have a special game of Board Collapse! This is a new and exciting type of Rating Game created by the up-and-comer Nymphia Belial! Our contestants will have to deal with the field itself fighting against them on both ends, crumbling from the outside in to force them into closer quarters as the game goes on. Depending on the stage, there may also be... other obstacles as well. If you would be so kind as to unveil the stage," he concluded, directing his final clause to Marceline herself.

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    Marceline saw the look upon Satan Beelzebub's face, and though the two weren't directly connected, she knew enough about him to know that the look was something she was glad was no longer directed at her. The words spoken by this man about Eira Gremory and her Peerage made Marceline a bit curious she had her phone up on the table and logged into DeviTube Red so she could watch the match she'd missed, and become more informed about one of the participants sides. Moreover a completely new kind of match would be seen this day, invented by Nymphia Belial who was a direct descendent of the Satan beside her. All of this news was quite a lot to take in, but she still needed to do her part. "Here we have it, the Game Field designed for this first instance of the Board Collapse!" said Marceline.

    This field was a mysterious purple with a large moon in the middle of it shining over the entirety of the battlefield. The ground was far below any starting place so far in fact it wouldn't be safe to travel down to it as it was covered in a deeply misty miasma which would paralyze those who fell into it. Beyond all that, the main feature of this field were giant mushrooms. Various sizes shapes and different embodiment which could be seen across this field. Some were large enough to be considered fields themselves and some where small. And when they disappeared or were damaged they would release spores with various effects. In the middle one large mushroom larger than the others remained. This would be shown to the crowds as well as each of the Kings and their Peerages while they waited in their particular rooms. "This completely new game type is one which will require thoughtful use of strategy on the parts of the Kings and their pieces. The players will be transported to the field in three minutes the kings and their Peerages should come up with their strategies now!~ Good Luck to you all! Everyone else, wait for the exciting start... while I watch the highlights from the previous scrimmage, on DeviTube Red!~"

    Meanwhile, on Eira's side she sat in a straight backed throne, which wasn't her usual one, but wasn't bad. "Nym got herself an official new game, huh? That's great for her, her special games are always fun to play..." she said having been used as a bit of an experiment for a couple of Nym's question and answer sessions which led to these sorts of developments. The female members of Eira's Peerage all had varying degrees of happiness or excitement on their faces as the planning periods of their Peerages began. "That's gonna be a bit dangerous... This game field is more hazardous than they possibly can be, especially knowing Nym. You'll have to fight as if you don't wish to break the ground around you. Disturbing the mushroom caps or falling off into the miasma are likely both dangerous. Of course, you could use that to your own advantage a bit depending on what it will end up doing..." she mused thoughtfully. "Besides that, if the board is collapsing from the outside in, then the easiest strategy would be to try and trap everyone at the back end of their field and get them disqualified. And the one who holds the midfield gets the largest advantage. So the simplest way to ensure victory would be to claim the middle, but it obviously can't or won't be that easy..." she aloud as she began to formulate a strategy and very easily analyzed the potential pitfalls. Her eyes glowed with crimson light and the smile on her face was something close to villainous but that wasn't it really. Eira was beyond excited about something like this, because it favored no one innately. It was all strategy.

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    The type of Rating Game these two peerages were soon to have leaned quite heavily on strategy. To Izuna of Eira's peerage however, there was something else to be taken from this battlefield. Following Eira's assessment, he made his own assertion from beside her. "I don't think they've got a lot of strengths over any of us. We could probably blitz them before the stage shrinks and take out at least half," he said, doing his best to keep his own distaste for some members of Roxanna's peerage from clouding his judgement. Hiroki stepped up after hearing this, and surprisingly, he wasn't too bothered by the idea. "I... actually don't dislike that. I could easily heal anyone who manages to take damage early on if we did that sort of thing," the blonde added. Sairevil was the final male to speak on this topic, and he didn't seem to care one way or the other. "Whatever we do, we'll win! I'm gonna retire more people than anybody else!"

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    "Blitz huh?" Eira said, considering seriously the suggestion. It was true that given Roxanna's own personality they weren't likely to encounter anyone who could in a straight forward way overpower any singular member of Eira's own Peerage. Strangely for Eira herself, she heard the agreement of Hiroki who agreed to heal up anyone who managed to get hurt in the quicker part of the battle. "Kawaii!~ Hi-ro-ki!~ I didn't expect you to agree with something like that..." Eira said aloud. She chuckled as Revil mentioned that he planned to take out more singular targets than any other individual. She supposed he should be trying to win as much as possible at anything. And she trusted him to make reasonable decisions in battle at least. Maiko looked up while pulling those red gloves onto her hands. "Hell yeah! Sounds like we get to blitz!~" she said slamming her now gloved fists together. Eira had that slightly sinister smirk spread across her face once more. "Hai hai... a straight blitz is a disaster. It wins physically, and outright demoralizes," Eira said firmly, strangely using the word disaster to apply to what the other team would feel it as. "I do have one thing to ask of you though Miyuki..." she said to the purple eyed girl who managed to look a bit stunned. "Hai, Eira-nee!" the girl said willing to take any order. There was one thing which Eira considered happening which Miyuki would be perfect for, so she leaned in to give the girl a special whispered order.

    On the other side of the battlefield though, there was a different kind of discussion happening. One in which orders were begin given and no opinions being taken. Such was about normal for their group of people. "Ugh, new game huh... still though it would be pretty easy to cut them off at the pass... Nexis... when we go out make a flame wheel around their side of the field. We can keep them locked in that way, and likely have a few of them fall off before they try to take us. And we straight up outnumber them already so... it should be really easy to take them out. Two to one if you have to." she said giving this order to everyone else. "They'll be fish in a barrel and I'll take the middle. That way, any stragglers have to get past me," she said calmly. She thought herself the strongest regardless of the status of her other members. "Inuyasha, Helga that Knight of hers will probably take both of you. Stark and Lily, one of her bishops doesn't even fight, but I am not sure about the little girl, but she should be easy enough to take out regardless." she said to all of them. "Pawns out front taking all comers, until its clear which other pieces are which. Once it is, find your match and take them out." This was the overall strategy of Roxanna Phenex and would be the last thing announced before both groups were alerted to the timing of their planning period. "Alright fans. Teleportation in 10 seconds. Everyone at the ready!~" this was the announcement of Marceline as she watched with wide eyes.

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