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    "Huh? Are you dumb or something? Obviously he's somewhere not fighting," Starrk replied to his companion. While doing so, he watched his target be engulfed in his shot, though the girl emerged nearly unscathed soon afterwards. He sighed at this sight. "Yare yare. I hate fighting Bishops," he said while setting his gaze upon the water puddle under the contact point of his blast. "Well I hate fighting with a Bishop! Make a stronger shot next time!" Lilynette added, much to her partner's annoyance. As the glowing white circles formed beneath this pair, they were both alerted to something being formed against them. Though they couldn't tell what member of Eira's peerage had created such a thing, Lilynette managed to use her small figure to her advantage and hop out of the ring before it triggered its freezing effect. Starrk however, had been bothered enough by Lilynette's ramblings to be a bit slower on the uptake.

    Two pillars of ice rose, and both Starrk and Lilynette seemed to be out of harm's way beside the ice, looking toward Miyuki while pinning her as the culprit. "Mendokuse. This one fights at range too. This is gonna be annoying." Starrk raised his gun and set Miyuki in his sights again when she landed. He and Lilynette were free of the ice, and now knew what to look out for. However... "Damnit Starrk! Pay attention!" the girl yelled, drawing his attention away from his would-be second shot. In avoiding Miyuki's attempt to freeze him, he had jumped back by leading with his upper body. His left leg was firmly atop the mushroom cap beneath him, but it seemed his right leg had been trapped within the ice pillar from foot to mid-shin. "Eh?" he muttered. Right away, Starrk began banging his gun against the ice, while Lilynette grew more visibly annoyed by the second. "Damn Bishops and their tricky magic..."

    Meanwhile, Izuna set his gaze upon Fennexis. True enough, she made no further moves quite yet. Izuna was content to await such a thing, but he felt something was more and more strange about this battle as a whole without having a clue what it could have been. Either way, his attention remained on the Bishop he intended to take down. "Hmm. Well, if she tries to fix her own screw-ups... I'll be waiting. Know anything else about these guys being worth any salt? You've probably seen a lot more of their games than I have, since... you know... I haven't watched any of them."

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    Miyuki knew she hadn't properly captured both of her intended targets. There were no faces in the ice and no telling sign of their disappearance. Her ice armor had fully reformed so she was safe to continue her assault still holding on to her Yuki-onna form as a trump card in case things got a bit too hairy. In the meantime, now that she was on the ground and she saw at least no more shots coming her way, and the banging of the males gun against the ice that was the pillar which hadn't shattered she got an idea. "Juhaku." The spell she'd used to disrupt the flames earlier spread out from the tip of her blade touching the pillar of ice and aiming to spread the binding further up his leg, aiming to freeze gun arm and torso to the pillar she'd created already. By her approximation his ability to shoot from a distance was a real problem they should be trying to get rid of as quickly as possible. Strangely ice would continue crawling toward Lilynette as well aiming to entrap her from the bottom and grow ice spikes beneath her as well.

    Meanwhile, Eira and Izuna continued a battlefield planning conversation, as the blitz continued before them. She thought about the games of Roxanna's she's watched on DeviTube and she'd come to a few conclusions about the lass and her Peerage before the onset of this battle. "As far as I can tell, Roxanna is probably the strongest person on her Peerage, given who and what she is and how hard it is to get around her actual ability. The guy that Miyuki is fighting is a bit more likely to be a problem if he actually decides to do something, his aim is impeccable. Sköll your new friend from yesterday is incredibly strong and in the matches I saw, she usually doesn't lose a one-on-one. I don't know what kind of pup she is, but... whether she's just always being underestimated or not... she's definitely worth way more than Roxanna gives her credit for," Eira said of this group at large, putting her analytical skills to the test. There was however one more person, she'd seen do something only once. "She has a white haired girl as well... I only saw her active in one match, and she only faced one person... but that person almost died. She doesn't seem to act unless she's given orders, so I can't really say how much of a problem she's going to be. But I went pretty far back in Roxanna's matches to see her, she's been on the Peerage the entire time, and we've never met her," Eira said calmly. "Inuyasha is your friend from before, he seems to be a bit problematic, but Youmu enjoys things like that. Given the enchantment on that necklace of his, he's probably also a one of the strongest on that Peerage. Everyone else seems to be normal, but I noticed in all of her other matches they don't move until ordered to, they lack fast pacing and the ability to make their own decisions, but they follow orders to the letter," Eira concluded. This was about all the battle information that she could give, soon after this another ring of fire came to engulf this particular duo as Fennexis aimed to trap King and Queen of Eira's Peerage atop a single mushroom as the one behind them and the ones at the farthest right disappeared.

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    "Baka!" Lilynette yelled to her partner. "Just shoot it off!" During this time, just as Starrk was given the realization that his battering tactic was getting him nowhere with this ice, his gun struck it again. The ice began crawling up his leg, and his gun stuck to it and began taking this spread at the final impact. Lilynette, too, was captured by ice from beneath her while she yelled at Starrk. For whatever reason, Starrk seemed far, far more distraught by the idea of his partner being consumed than he was about his own potential freezing. "Lilynette!" he called out, reaching for her with his right hand instead of making an effort to stop the ice nearing the end of his limbs. Lilynette reached out as well, bringing their hands together as a result. She had but one thing to say. "Baka! Get off your lazy ass!"

    Something strange occurred during this meeting of hands. The ice around Lilynette shattered as she disappeared, seeming to convert herself into the form of a second gun which matched Starrk's original copy. Starrk's expression became something a bit more focused as he aimed the barrel of this gun toward the ice pillar in front of him and blasted it away, leaving him free aside from the ice encasing his left arm and leg, as well as the gun held in the former. "Mendokuse. Oi, ice girl. Stop being so damn annoying," he said as his gaze set upon Miyuki again.

    Izuna listened to Eira's assessment of Roxanna's peerage and their abilities, and he wasn't at all impressed. There were a few things here and there, such as his knowledge of Inuyasha's natural capabilities before acquiring whichever weapon he knew the lad was likely to have. There was also the matter of Sköll, whom he knew a bit more about by virtue of his own understanding as a canine who lived in this world for so long. Sköll in particular was one he took issue with in this group, and his explanation of this would soon come. "I don't have all the specifics, but that Sköll is one of the strongest Pawns I've ever seen. She's Norse, no doubt... and she's got the smell of something that's probably stronger than me on her."

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    Miyuki found herself still trying to capture this duo of people, and her efforts seemed to be getting somewhere. Though Miyuki was friendly in general she'd gone without speaking for the duration of this, mostly because her mind was too busy thinking of ways to properly abuse the magic she was thinking of using. Strangely, when Starrk took hold of Lilynette's hand the latter turned into another gun to also be wielded by the former. Miyuki's eyes widened at this sight and she spoke her first word as she shot away her ice and she discontinued her efforts to conserve a bit more energy. "S-su-sugoi!" she said with wide eyes. She'd never seen anything like what had just happened before and wondered why this sort of thing had happened. Of course, by the time the man finished freeing himself and stood up he was looking at her, and apparently had some less than friendly words for the lass. "Ryuume Miyuki desu..." she said giving her name to avoid being called 'Ice Girl' for the duration of this fight as such terms were associated with bad times in her mind. "Su-su-mimasen... I don't mean to be annoying," she said seeming to be truly apologetic. Even so she had a job to do, and as always, for Eira she'd do her absolute best. As such she made several slashes casting off ice based crescents at this man in rapid succession three in total aiming to further add to the ice and maim him while seeing exactly what this new form of his was capable of.

    Meanwhile, Eira heard out what Izuna had to say and watched as flames surrounded them and Fennexis came into view just over the edge of this current mushroom. She didn't say anything immediately but the circle of fire created around this duo began to close in a bit, still Eira seemed less than perturbed by this, enough that she continued her conversation with Izuna as if it was wasn't happening. "Norse huh? That energy is pretty different from any I've felt before..." Eira thought aloud, having a strange idea about snagging a small taste of it just to see what it was like, which was strange considering how little she generally used abilities like that. She bashed herself in her own mind. 'I gotta stop thinking like that... people aren't snacks,' she reaffirmed her own thoughts on the subject before going back to the topic at hand. "If she was fighting of her own accord she'd be a lot more dangerous. Regardless her place here bothers me as well, but... it looks like our chat is over for now... care to show off a bit. I have a resting temperature I like to maintain unless I am taking a bath," mentioned Eira about the encroaching flames. She chose specifically not to do anything about because she knew that Izuna had marked this one as one of his targets. "Feel free to continue talking... I would rather wait a bit longer and make you both fall, I have no desire to fight two people at once..." Fennexis said calmly that serene smile on her face becoming even more annoying to Eira than it had been the first time she'd seen it.

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    Starrk referring to Eira's Bishop as 'ice girl' seemed to be taken with a dash of salt, given her expression and tone when offering her proper name. Starrk, though not exactly concerned by his own appearance, responded in kind. "Ryuume. Sou ka. Starrk," he replied. Following this, Starrk's ears were assaulted by the stammering of his opponent. For one who produced ice as her presumable primary offense, he wondered why she would have such a tick, and for what reason. However, it was neither his place nor concern to ask. "Mendokuse." He stared down this girl, observing with light curiosity as she raised her weapon of ice, and raising his free gun in the face of it. His eyes grew wider as he watched the waves of ice emerge from Miyuki's blade. He had time to react to this, but not time enough to avoid pulling something he considered a bit of a trump card. So, he lowered his gun while firing another beam that unleashed itself without hesitation... from his chin. The blast was long-lasting enough that he was able to cleave through the trio of slashes by turning his head slightly. He seemed to hate having to do this when he did, but he couldn't risk having the ice take more of him before he recovered. Now that he had what he believed to be a good example of his enemy's ability to fight at range, he decided to form an offense, thinking she had to at least be kept on edge to avoid having her pull any more tricks. His right gun rose again, and it seemed to fire one incredibly massive and continuous blast compared to what he made previously. In actuality though, this was the rate of fire Starrk boasted. He had released so many consecutive normal blasts so quickly that their density and grouping appeared to make them one.

    Eira and Izuna continued discussing Sköll and her position on Roxanna's peerage versus the power she likely wielded. During Eira's speech, an interruption brought itself to them. If nothing else... it was a very welcome interruption for Izuna, as it was just the person he wanted to eliminate more than anyone else. "Don't like it too hot unless it's water, huh?" he asked rhetorically of Eira. With that, his attention turned to Fennexis. At this point, Izuna also had no concern for the ring of fire surrounding Eira and himself, though he did have some amount of care to offer to Fennexis' opening statement. "You're some special kind of stupid, aren't you? Everybody on this field right now knows... you only get to fight me today," he said as his left hand rose enough to sweep horizontally and clear the ring of flames from around them. "Eh? This isn't even Fox Fire. That's pretty boring, ya'know?"

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    "Starrk-san?" the girl sounded a bit confused about it, her brows furrowing as she was trying to decide if this man was way older than she thought he was and deserving of more respect, or younger and tired and thus would be offended. Regardless her ice launched crescents soon met their end in a very unorthodox way. Her eyes widened in this moment because she hadn't expected a blast from anything but the guns in his hands. "S-su-sugoi!" the girl said as her attack all but disappeared and she was soon left to deal with an offense which she had some inkling was coming given the direction of the one of the guns he wielded. Already having the time she held her sword in front of her, using it to cast several barriers in front of her all with ice woven between them. The shots that came through the first few would be slowed enough for the girl to move out of the way of the coming blasts but she was by no means a fast moving individual and found herself snagged at least a bit by this constant barrage which felt like several things all at once. The ice shell around her body cracked but didn't break completely and she found herself blue in the face exhaling ice to fix it. "Haahh... " she breathed out while dragging her sword behind her. In a moment a single thread of ice spread from where she was as if going towards him, aiming to take up place beneath him and grow into spikes, to try and keep him from shooting too much at her. "That, was a bunch of little shots right? Sugoi! They go so fast, I've never done anything like that..." she said seemingly amazed by this man's use of magic. She was of course, quite the magic nerd and it seemed to shine in moments like this, even allowing her to lose the stutter she had due to the nervousness of the moment.

    "Yeah, well I don't like it thrown at me or anything, but a nice hot bath, or a hot spring... I can get into those," Eira mentioned haphazardly knowing that this was exactly the fight that Izuna was looking for, and watching as the flames around them disappeared almost instantly. Such a thing made Fennexis' eyes widen slightly she hadn't expected such a thing and had truly been content to let these two fall where they were. "You are quite rude... I really have no idea what Roxanna would have wanted with someone like you..." she said in response to Izuna's opening statement. The rest though required something a bit different. "Oh? Fox Fire huh? One has to wonder if you're trying to goad me into something..." Fennexis said seemingly amused though her next move made her step forward again, her hair bristling with power as it seemed to take on the shape of fox ears and and she gained a bit of a fox aspect to her person. 'Hmm, that's a bit too underwhelming to be cute,' Eira thought as a general assessment. Regardless Fennexis had something else to show, with this aspect of a kitsune surrounding her, she used a spell. "Mystical Fire!" it created from itself a collection of five large flames at her side and made them appear around Izuna and Eira yet again, this time turning them into a swirling raging tornado of flames of a higher strength than those used previously which would continue to burn as long as Fennexis willed them to. She full expected such a thing to cause the pair of individuals to be burned up enough to trigger the Rating Game to retire at least the Queen of Eira's Peerage. This action caused some unexpected commentary from Marceline as she watched from the stands. "Hoh? Seems like someone from Roxanna Phenex's Peerage has Eira Gremory and her Queen on the defensive? What will come of this moment... I guess we'll have to wait and see!~" the crowds attention was already switching to this and it seemed for this moment, Izuna would get his shine time.

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    "I could set everything on fire and make you think it's a hot spring, if that works for you," Izuna said to Eira with a light chuckle, though his expression toward Fennexis was an aggressive one. His apparent 'rudeness' seemed to be some sort of issue for her. Interestingly enough, Izuna's issue with Fennexis was something he considered far beyond rude treatment. "I don't know what she expected from me either. I'm too much for her." In response to his commentary about Fennexis' flames, the Bishop took a new form, if it could be called that. She did indeed have the likeness of a fox, albeit only in spirit. Her mentality was a far cry from what the Kitsune he knew would deem acceptable, and the likes of something Izuna despised to his very core. He could not show kindness to such a thing. Izuna stared her down even as she used this form to produce a flame tornado around Eira and himself. His visage disappeared within this swirling fire, but his voice emerged when he heard the assertion of Marceline in the announcer's booth. "Defensive? Don't make me laugh!"

    Suddenly, blue flames began swirling along with the fire produced by Fennexis, forming its own spiral within the existing tornado. This flame continued to grow until it consumed Fennexis' flame and spread out, freeing both Eira and Izuna - the latter of whom now sported an old traditional brown kimono with a red haori, fox ears and a single tail, as well as a small ponytail from a slight growth to his hair. Wisps of blue Fox Fire formed around him one after another, each one producing a powerful surge of Youki from their manifestation alone before immediately flying off toward Fennexis, boasting heat which rivaled the flames used by Dragons, and an even greater amount of force produced by virtue of being Izuna's energy. At the same time, a number of these flames appeared around Eira as if they were forming a setup akin to proper will-o-wisps to keep foreign energies at bay. "Oi, oi! You're some kind of freaky scholar with no morals, right? You wouldn't have a problem being cremated, would you!?"

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    Izuna's offer to set everything on fire and make Eira believe it was a hot spring made the heiress laugh just a little. "Ufufufufu~" she chuckled, though she had no interest in that sort of thing, she still realized why Izuna would have said something like that. "Iie, I'll just go to a hot spring myself. Or dream about one, if I ever manage to get to sleep..." she said happily. Still Fennexis said that she didn't know what Roxanna expected from him and he claimed he was too much for her. She managed to look at him strangely. "You might be strong and willful but I wouldn't go that far, everything has a breaking point," she said having in her own mind a good general assessment of this lad and not figuring him for much but a kitsune. Izuna even went on to challenge what the announcer said which made Eira's eyes widen just a little. "Yare yare, don't antagonize the announcers... they are just doing their jobs," she chided not at all meaning it. Marceline managed to looked shocked by the assertion but still watched in awe at the changed clothing and attitude of the Queen of Eira's Peerage. "Oh my... it seems like something strange is happening here. A change in attire, and form... and a more accurate control of fire, blue fire to be exact!!~" it seemed Marceline was interested in the development. Eira watched the entire thing with wide eyes and looked on at Izuna in his fox form with childlike glee. "Kawaii!~ I-zu-na!~" she chimed though she realized the amount of murderous intent the lad possessed.

    Fennexis on the other hand was being introduced to something very different. The blue flames which dissipated her tornado did so without her intending it to happen. The power of the flames burst against her concentration almost concussively making her appear stunned for a moment. "Nani? What kind of fire is that?" she asked as if confused by its existence. She produced a wall of flames before her, using her current spiritual form to try and wall off from these fire balls flying towards her which were small and so would by her own approximation be swallowed up by a larger flame. She was wrong. Several of these balls flew straight through surprising the lass and burning her torso extensively and knocking her back with their power. The little mage stumbled and tried to intensify the heat of her own flames as she made several cursed balls of flames and launched them towards both Izuna and Eira. Again, Eira didn't seem to be bothered by anything happening around her, and instead found herself a bit mesmerized by the blue flames around her. "Sugoi!~ I haven't seen these in ages..." she murmured appreciatively. Fennexis had something else to say entirely particularly to the murderous comment aimed her way. "Iie, you are strong, I'll admit that... but cremation isn't something I'd be okay with. I really don't understand your issue with me... morals hold back proper development, you can't learn if rules stop you from delving properly into topics." she said, which made Eira roll her eyes. She knew plenty of mages who managed to learn and better themselves without sacrificing the health and safety of those around them, she had a few such beings on her peerage and in her family.

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    "Heh!" was Izuna's only reaction to Fennexis' claim that everyone had a breaking point. She couldn't possibly know that he hadn't lied at all when saying he was too much for one such as Roxanna to handle. Even if he'd made it to her peerage, she had no way of controlling him the way she did her other servants. Alas, perhaps some enlightenment would come before Fennexis was retired. When Fennexis showed her confusion as to the type of fire Izuna had thrown at her, he scoffed. "It's Fox Fire. You know... from a real fox," he stated. Following Fennexis' attempt to defend against his fire, she retaliated with her own. Izuna weaved through the barrage of fireballs while floating ever closer to his enemy. In doing so, he left Eira behind, knowing the flames he formed around her were in place to form a barrier between and around themselves to shield the heiress from projectiles. "Oi. Don't talk to me about rules. All I do is break rules over, and over, and over again... but..." The expression in the Youkai's face became angrier by the moment. He'd had more than enough of this Bishop, and it showed here and now. As he made his approach, an even more powerful blue flame appeared at the tip of his tail, which began rotating like a rudder to move the flame around until he closed in on Fennexis. "Having morals is something completely different! If you're going to hurt the people around you instead of help them, who are you developing for!? You're nothing but trash who doesn't deserve power!"

    As Izuna spoke, he reached a space in the air in front of Fennexis. Eyes with a mysterious glow were set on her, and the flame at his backside reached a speed which momentarily made it seem as if there were nine of them hovering around him at the rear. At the same time, one might mistakenly see something like a shadow around the Queen - one which appeared to have nine tails attached to it and leading out to each flare. This was brief however, as the flame eventually swirled itself into the form of a cyclone which radiated Izuna's Youki across the battlefield. "Hi no Uzu!" The single moving flame suddenly erupted into a horizontal cyclone of blue fire, encircling Izuna's body and traveling forward to place Fennexis within its eye as well. In moving forward however, it also filled itself in, threatening to engulf her in an inferno of immense burning power and explosive force capable of reducing nearly anything caught within it into smoldering ashes scattered along the wind.

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    Eira continued to stand still and watch the ongoing battle, even as flaming little balls of cursed magic were sent her way. She made no move to defend herself and Fennexis might have thought something good would come from at least a couple of them colliding with the heiress. Soon though it became apparent that the blue flaming balls surrounding Eira were also a barrier of sorts, with energy connecting between them leaving the crimson haired young woman completely at ease while Izuna moved forward after replying to a couple of Fennexis' commentaries in a very snarky way. "Sugoi!~ I always did enjoy these~" Eira said aloud. But soon something even more incredible would happen.

    "Iie, morals are rules... and power dictates what rules you have to follow," this was a very common philosophy shared by those without morals who thought to abuse their positions to get their way. And beyond her general distaste for Roxanna, Eira really didn't like Fennexis' commentary either, but with it already being taken care of, she was content with watching, a smile on her face and her hands resting on her hips. 'Hm, I hope they are properly calibrated for this level of power... Izuna's mad again, and this one just keeps making it worse,' she thought absently, knowing that the loss of a piece like Fennexis would be a bit hit to the ego of one like Roxanna. The movements of Izuna were seen by Fennexis, and his words about fox fire were all but lost. She used the fire of the fox spirit within her body and it still wasn't comparable. Still she watched as his next attack was launched and tried to prepare her defense, but really there wasn't much to be done. 'Ichi, ni...' she started counting but her eyes widened as she could have sworn this lad had nine tails if only for a moment. The form of fox that his power gave off was also something utterly astounding. "BAKANA! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" she shouted as the barriers created by her fire were put in place before her only for her to see the swirling vortex coming in the form of heavy blue flames. There was nothing she could do, no where she could go, she was stunned, surely this boy couldn't be a Kyuubi. A male Kyuubi simply wasn't possible, was it? The flames of her barriers were shattered upon impact as her body spiraled out of sight, the only thing to be heard a piercing scream. Instead of the visuals of ashes blowing away on the wind... all that was left was an eerie green light which signaled the lasses' retirement. Marceline looked on at this in awe, she was sure she'd seen it too, the form of this lad for only a moment. "Alright folks I am not sure what that was, but I am pretty sure, Eira's Queen fully earned the nickname Priest of Fire. Roxanna Phenex is down a bishop, and things still look like they are just getting started. He never even broke a sweat... pretty amazing right?" she asked in a leading way for the Satan at her side, knowing this kind of power output was just up his alley.

    Roxanna for her part in this, watched as Eira's Queen did away with one of her more favored Peerage Members. Her eyes widened and the sound of her screams was something which seemed to hit home for the lass. She became furious, wondering what other kind of power was hidden on this Peerage of Eira's that they could take out one of her good people. "Oi! I said find your matches when they were obvious... how long are you gonna space out like that, Shira. Go kick that Queen's ass... I'm tired of looking at her be so fucking calm out here!" Roxanna demanded, seeming to have a deep seated hatred of the kind of calm Eira maintained in this situation of pressure. Inside she faltered just a little. 'Why can't I have him? I want him! Why is it always someone like her!?' this innate malice was directed at Eira as the lass looked towards her but didn't move from where she'd posted herself in the middle of the game field. All the while, another tier of the field fell forcing these groups into ever closer quarters with one another. Hopping quietly forward was a young woman with pure white hair and a bland expression. She looked up at Roxanna with something close to distaste in her eyes as she considered what she'd been told. A small smile came to her face as she managed a reply, knowing that she couldn't be forced to do anything at all. Her white robes made her look a bit like a priestess and her presence was frighteningly powerful but pleasant as she moved. "Oh? A new day dawns when one such as Roxanna Phenex chooses to try and force my actions personally. Kitsune-dono will greet me when he is ready... I needn't rush in senselessly," she said these words calmly but the way her eyes cut to Roxanna made it obvious that she had absolutely no intention of doing as she was told in any manner so direct. But she also knew it was possible to satisfy both her own needs in this moment and her master, and did so simply by sending a pulse of her own energy across the battlefield towards Izuna as if it was an invitation. Eira would speak to Izuna in this moment with mild shock in her form. "Hoh? I wonder what that could be?" she phrased this as a question but knew Izuna would catch her meaning.

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