Name: Marceline Cimerius
Nicknames: Celine
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Pure-Blood Devil
Affiliations: 72 Pillars | Underworld

Marceline is an average woman with long pink hair, two blond braids and sky blue eyes tinged with emerald green. She wears a plain white and aqua colored collar dress with a small black cape, and a long thin black cloth wrapped around the majority of her body. Her look is complete with oversized handcuffs and pink slippers. While at work, her hair is tied up in a large bun.


Marceline became a celebrity participating in Rating Games after the advent of Evil Pieces. She placed in the top 20 before retiring herself and most of her pieces. She participated in battle, but seems more than content to help newer people develop and watch. As such she seems to have taken a bit of a liking to Satan Beelzebub and often proctors his Rating Games. She seems really interested in the developments of the newest Peerages and seems to be really in the know as far as the gossip about new participants is concerned.

Ranking: King (Formerly) | Announcer | Celebrity | High-Class Devil

Powers & Abilities: ???

Equipment: ???