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    Formchange is the newest expression of Drive Forms, after the latter was deemed unsafe for use by various types of people. Drive Forms were the ability to split one's own heart and recreate it to a specific aim, in the form of Valor (for physical attacks), Wisdom (for magical prowess), or Master (for general improvements). But this narrow interpretation of the way hearts work, could lead potentially to the heart remaining broken and as such the creation of Heartless Keyblade users known as 'Darklings'. To prevent this eventuality Formchange was created, which is conceptually a bit like Style Change but instead of it being influenced by magic or attack commands, it is influenced by the bond between a Keyblade user and their Keyblades. This allows for distinct changes in form of the Keyblade as a weapon and grants the user a new ability or ultimate attack which they can only access if they are in agreement with the nature of their Keyblade. In its simplest terms it can be thought of as the showing of a bond between a Keyblade and its Keyblade Wielder. This form of bond expression can change all aspects of the Keyblade, its form, the color of the user's clothing and even the shotlock or style changes used by the Keyblade Wielder. These kinds of transformations have been classified in seven varieties, which occur based on the kind of Keyblade one is currently using.

    Second Form
    A form accessable by those who use 'Physical Keyblades' these are Keyblades which have no elemental affinity and no obvious show of magic. They are considered by those who have them to be the outright expression of their physical selves. In these forms, the Keyblades themselves do not change, but the kinds of commands and attacks used by the Keyblade user, become the ulimate form of those they are capable of with their weapon. They also give the greatest potential finishers to their Keyblade Wielder. If the user has either a slight magical leaning or a speed leaning the given finisher applied to this moveset changes.

    Elemental Form
    A form accessible to Keyblades with ingrained magical abilities. Elemental Forms' Keyblades become weapon that focus on unleashing ranged or magical attacks. It gives the user a Dark Blue color pattern on their outfits complete with as star theme. It is considered the stronger alternative to 'Wisdom Form'.

    Guardian Form
    A form change accessible to those whose Keyblades are considered 'Defensive' in some way. They give their users a change in clothing which makes them yellow with diamond patterns, and have changes in weaponry and movesets whichincrease the defensive capabilities of their users. Guardian form can also be used potentially to break the defenses of others by use of large weapons like hammers.

    Strike Form
    A form change accessible by those whose Keyblades are deemed 'Offensive' in nature. This transformation gives the user a deep red clothing change with a camouflage-like pattern to it. It focuses on dealing damage both to individual targets and to large groups. This form is noted as changing the nature of the offensive magic (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Aero) spells cast by the users, making them all close-ranged radial bursts that damage surrounding enemies. It is considered the better alternative to 'Valor Form' as it doesn't require one to lose magical ability to gain offensive output.

    Blitz Form
    A form which changes the users clothes to green with indigo colored flame patterns. This form is granted by 'Speed' type Keyblades and grants their users forms which focus on speed both offensively and defensively. The forms of weapons this kind of Keyblade can offer vary greatly but always focus on the ability to do things with the utmost amount of speed possible.

    Rage Form
    A form triggerable by any Keyblade which doesn't change the form of the Keyblade itself. Instead it cloaks the user in darkness changing their eyes to yellow with a red glow and giving their clothing a grey and dark blue/black hue. In this form users attack in a more fast paced manner using their Keyblade and the slick shadowy movements to attack repeatedly. It is said to draw on the hearts true negative emotions and as such doesn't relinquish control of the Keyblade. This form comes with a special ability called Riskcharge.

    • Riskcharge: A special ability granted to all while using this form which allows you to sacrifice half of your remaining health to power your own abilities up further. It can be used up to three times and is noted as being used by a pink wisp following the user. This will eventually lead to a wild attack which creates multiple dark spheres around the user that burst and deal heavy damage to all surrounding enemies before causing the user to revert into their normal form.

    Ultimate Form

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    Other Forms

    In addition to Drive Forms, there are some other transformations and modes that can be obtained by Keyblade wielders and other Somebodies alike. These can be related to Drive Forms, but do not require access to them at all.

    Dark Mode A special form available to anyone whose heart has not been overtaken by darkness, but has darkness in it. In this Form, the user can utilize their darkness without the worry of being taken over by it. However, the user's Keyblade is replaced with a Soul Eater, as the Keyblade cannot deem them worthy while their heart is in such a vulnerable state. The more darkness-oriented the user, the more this form gives them a substantial advantage in battle, such as increased speed and feeding the Soul Eater's unique power-up ability with the power of Darkness. When one activates this form, a blue aura surrounds them, and they must verbally call out to the Darkness. A bright blue light shoots out of the chest, and in a flash of light, their clothes transform into a form-fitting suit that appears to be made of black muscle tissue. The black fades to red around the wrists and comes with purple gloves that are tucked under the suit. The suit has a purple-blue color on the chest and part of the torso with the Heartless emblem on the chest. It has purple feet and shins that fade into black legs. It has a dark purple belt and a cloth around the waist, opening in the front. The cloth is an off-white color that fades into dark purple and is ripped all around at the bottom.

    Command Deck

    Attack Commands
    1. Dark Break - It allows the user to leap into the air and attack enemies from above, often dealing dark damage.
    2. Dark Firaga - Launch a ball of dark fire that blinds some targets. It inflicts more damage to enemies that are already blind.
    3. Dark Aura - It typically allows the user to rush enemies repeatedly from all directions, finishing by plunging their weapon into the ground, releasing columns of energy radially. The attack often deals dark damage.
    4. Dark Impulse - Knock foes into the air before a hard slam down to the ground, damaging multiple enemies.
    5. Dark Maelstrom - Unleash a powerful spinning attack on the enemy. Damage is concentrated to one enemy.
    6. Dark Barrage - Throw multiple Soul Eaters wrapped in darkness towards the enemy. Damage is concentrated to one enemy.
    7. Helmet Breaker - Slam the Soul Eater into the ground, emitting a shockwave stretching ahead of yourself.

    Action Commands

    1. Dark Roll - It allows the user to dodge attacks by melting into the shadows.

    Support Abilities
    1. MP Rage - Restores Magical Power relative to the amount of damage taken.
    2. Drive Boost - It increases the power of the user's Drive Forms by focusing the power of the normal state when transforming.
    3. Auto Limit - It allows the user to activate Limit Breaks with zero charge time.
    4. Auto Healing - Automatically heal wounds at an accelerated pace. This happens at the cost of Magical Power without the user's consent.

    Soul Eater - The Soul Eater is a sword that grows more powerful when used with darkness, and is the developing form of the Way to the Dawn Keyblade. The Soul Eater is a falchion-esque sword, with a red, purple and blue blade shaped like a demonic wing. Its handle bears the Gazing Eye, and the handle itself consists of dark braids. It has a striking resemblance to Way to the Dawn, as well as Void Gear. The weapon can be summoned at will, appearing in the user's hand in an amorphous cloud of darkness.

    Corrupt Form A special form that can be considered an evolution of Dark Mode. It is unlocked when one who has accessed Dark Mode succumbs to strong, negative emotions. It grants an even more substantial increase to all abilities. Due to the focus of one's heart during this transformation, they become able to wield a Keyblade once more. The Corrupt Form suit is colored in various shades of blacks and reds rather than blacks and violets, a distorted version of the Unversed insignia appearing on the chest rather than the Heartless insignia-like emblem that appears on the user while in Dark Mode. This form locks the user into the Dark Cannon Shotlock and the Vanitas Command Style.

    Command Deck

    Attack Commands
    1. Shadow Dive - The user dives into the ground and homes in on the opponent. Once within range, the user reemerges as several fireballs rain down.
    2. Dark Splicer - It allows the user to stop an enemy in its tracks and teleport around them multiple times while slashing at them.
    3. Dark Spiral - The user dashes through the air at high speeds while wrapped in dark energy.
    4. Dark Fang - The user wraps the battlefield in darkness, dashes quickly, and places a row of dark crystals on either side of the opponent. These crystals rush at the opponent and inflict Blind on contact.
    5. Clone Burst - The user encases himself in a sphere of impenetrable, dark energy and launches several dark clones at the opponent before rushing forward with an attack of his/her own that inflicts Blind if it makes contact.
    6. Dark Firaga - Launch a ball of dark fire that blinds some targets. It inflicts more damage to enemies that are already blind.
    7. Dark Blizzaga - A special attack that targets a single enemy. Launch a chunk of black ice that blinds some targets. It inflicts more damage of the target is stunned or paralyzed.
    8. Dark Thundaga - A special attack that targets all enemies with dark lightning. It blinds some foes and inflicts more damage the more Lux the user has on hand.

    Action Commands

    1. Afterimage - It allows the user to quickly teleport away leaving behind a lasting afterimage.
    2. Dark Roll - It allows the user to dodge attacks by melting into the shadows.
    3. Dark Barrier - It allows the user to block attacks from any direction and blind enemies when hit.

    Support Abilities
    1. Dark Charge - It makes it so any time the user is hit, they automatically release a pulse of dark energy to repel attackers and/or whatever remains of a ranged attack on them.
    2. Drive Boost - It increases the power of the user's Drive Forms by focusing the power of the normal state when transforming.
    3. Form Boost - It gives the user immense stamina during Drive Forms to make them less tiring and able to be maintained indefinitely.
    4. Summon Boost - It increases the number of summons that can be called upon by one.
    5. Summon Boost - It increases the number of summons that can be called upon by one.

    Dark Cannon: The attack consists of the user firing a continuous laser of darkness to mow through targets.

    Vanitas: The Vanitas Command Style enables fast, strong attacks using darkness. It involves teleporting through shadows, and spinning the Keyblade when attacking. It also makes great use of the Dark Cannon Shotlock, and is able to trigger it at a moment's notice to eliminate foes.

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