Keyblade Magic

Keyblades are natural conduits for casting magic. This is not to say, however, that magic cannot be performed by a Keyblade Wielder when they are unable to summon their weapon. Some Keyblades have the innate ability to enhance specific kinds of magic, and many also augment the user's magical abilities on a more general level. Keyblades can also augment the holder with other powers and abilities that they would not normally be able to use.

Fire : Utilizes the element of fire, and allows the user to inflict burning damage upon the enemies. The specific execution of this varies by power from low grade non-lethal damage all the way up to incineration of everything within a massive area, dependent upon the skill of the user.
Fire: Launches a small ball of fire
Fira: Launches a penetrating ball of fire
Firaga: Launches a large homing ball of fire
Firaza: Launches a massive, explosive blast of fire

Water : Utilizes the element of water and allows the user to inflict conclusive and drowning style damage to the enemies. It can be used as a low level barrier around an opponent to keep them from moving, in concussive blasts which knock back and stagger or slow the enemy.

Ice : Utilizes the element of ice to shoot projectile type magics at opponents causing concussive and freezing damage as well as slowing enemy movements even to the point of freezing them in place. Blizzard can be used against many types of opponents with varying levels of effectiveness depended upon the skill of the user and the strength of the enemy.
Blizzard: Launches a ball of ice that chills enemies
Blizzara: Launches a ball of ice that disperses into a small snowstorm
Blizzaga: Launches a large ball of ice that freezes enemies on contact
Blizzagun: Summons a snowstorm at a target location to chill, freeze, and cause concussive damage

Thunder : Allows the user to create bolts of lightning element energy that rain down upon large groups of enemies even at its lowest possible usage. This causes varying degrees of damage and covers even larger areas depending upon the skill of the users.
Thunder: Fires a straight line of lightning from the caster
Thundara: Summons a strong bolt of lightning to strike a target from above
Thundaga: Powerful bolts of lightning from above strikes enemies around the caster
Thundaza: Summons a storm of twofold lightning bolts from above to simultaneously strike down numerous targets in a wide area around the caster

Wind : Allows the use of the power of the wind which gives to the creation of wind based attacks. This includes the creation of tornados which can be used both offensively and defensively. The spread of this is dependent upon the skill of the user.
Aero: Shoots an air projectile with homing capabilities
Aerora: Shoots a zig-zagging air blast that launches targets into the air
Aeroga: Creates a whirlwind around the user that sucks in nearby enemies and damages them
Aeroza: Creates a massive whirlwind at a target location to toss enemies around and damage them with chunks of debris

Cure : The power of healing, manifested by any with the skill to use it. The strength of this ability is dependent upon the skill of the user. Starting with the ability to close superficial wounds and heal minor things going all the way to the ability to heal yourself or others back from a near death state. At higher levels of skill this can even be used on multiple targets.
Cure: Closes all surface wounds
Cura: Closes all wounds and restores a small amount of stamina
Curaga: Heals all inflicted damage and gives a second wind
Curaza: Completely restores the body from even a near-death state

Stop : A type of magic which can be used to temporarily freeze a target in time. This use of time, is said to be straining to the individual but has a range of a few seconds to some unknown length as it gets stronger.
Stop: Manipulates time to bring a target to a complete halt for up to 4 seconds
Stopra: Manipulates time to bring a target to a complete halt for up to 6 seconds
Stopga: Manipulates time to bring surrounding enemies' movement to a complete halt for up to 10 seconds
Stopza: Halts time completely for targeted individuals across a wide area around the user for as long as the user can maintain the spell

Gravity : Gravity uses the power of the stars to inflict crushing damage to whatever is caught within their event horizon. This will cause damage to the target physically and stun them for a few moments leaving them open to further attacks as their body tries to restore itself to normal. The degree of crushing potential, as well as the length of time one is crushed is increased by gaining power and mastery of this spell.
Gravity: Weighs down a target to slow or hinder their movement
Gravira: Weighs down a target location enough to stop enemies from moving
Graviga: Weighs down a target location enough to bring enemies to the ground and crush weaker ones
Graviza: Crushes enemies all around the user with a massive amount of weight

Zero Gravity : A spell type which causes the affected individuals to float in the air, confusing them and causing them to lose small amounts of health while they struggle to right themselves. It also drags said targets towards the user of the spell, allowing them to recieve even greater damage. Of course, the area of effect of this spell, as well as its potential pull towards the user are increased by mastery of the spell and the skill of the user.
Zero Gravity:
Zero Gravira:
Zero Graviga:
Zero Graviza:

Magnet : A type of magic which creates a vortex of magnetic force which pulls enemies into it. The strength of this ability as well as its draw power is increased with the skill of the user and can cause enemies to damge themselves and each other trying to escape it.
Magnet: Pulls small enemies toward the user
Magnera: Pulls small and large enemies toward the user
Magnega: Pulls any enemies toward a target field location while inflicting concussive damage
Magneza: Creates a point of attraction to rapidly pull in enemies from far away into a single, small space

Reflect : A type of magic which is used to create barriers, which are potentially capable of defending from both magical and physical attacks. It can be created around a target of the casters choosing including themselves. The strength and durability of the barriers cast by this form is spell is dependent upon the skill of its user.