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    Apparently, Kairos thought the thanks she gave Luxu were worthwhile simply because his efforts helped her in some way. He supposed he could agree with this, though part of him didn't enjoy being thanked so easily by one he was considering abandoning for their own well-being. It seemed Kairos also understood the bother of being alone without choice. She did, however, seem optimistic in her offer to keep him company until he located his apprentice. Sadly, Luxu was unsure if he would even have an apprentice until after most people he knew were no more. "That's probably not a good idea for you. If you become a part of too many events, things might not end well for you," he warned. As he did though, the portal Kairos opened to Daybreak Town closed. Kairos claimed he was stuck with her for now, and immediately initiated a bit of small-talk. Luxu sighed again. If anything, this girl was persistent about something... whatever that something happened to be at any given time. "I've had a lot of time to spend here. I haven't been doing any rewinding, but I did have a bit of extra time before you two showed up... since I had to join the two of you to come here in the first place. I don't know if this is my type of world, if I'm being honest. The trees are nice though, and I suppose that girl with the animals was alright. Weird choice of conversation topic, by the way."

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    "Yeah, yeah, if it ends badly just give me something. I'll get over it instantly~" Kairos said jokingly though given her nature she was quite easily pleased by gifts, something which had been true about her for her entire life. She didn't think too much about the immediate consequences of her actions. Whether he chose to abandon his friendship with her or not long term also didn't matter. She was a person of a single moment, and because of this, she was fine with just being there for him for the time being. As they moved on to a more tangible conversation, it seemed that Luxu had only been able to come here because Kairos and Yuri had done it first. He had an opinion about the world, enjoyed the creepy trees but wasn't fond of the place overall. He also met a girl he thought was alright during his time here. "Ah, a girl with animals now we're getting somewhere," Kairos said seemingly enthused. She didn't actually care very much but there were lots of things to talk about. "I didn't expect a normal type of person to appear in this place..." she mused. "And this topic of conversation was the first one that popped into my head. Well, since we already talked about food and the music question is bit invasive..." she said only to realize it was likely weird without the context of the earlier conversation she'd had with Yuri. "Scratch that, uh... my conversation topics are weird, but... we gotta start somewhere," she said with a curt nod only to think about something said earlier and not understand it. "Wait, why did you have to come here with us?" she asked confused, she figured everyone could travel as they pleased, given what she'd been told when she was given her Chirithy.

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    "I... don't think it would be that kind of bad ending that you could get over. I just get the feeling you'd be better off nowhere near me," Luxu explained while crossing his arms and tilting his head. He really wasn't sure about his desire to take on Kairos as his apprentice, and from something he heard between her and the boy named Yuri earlier this day, it seemed she wasn't too bothered about the idea in the first place. He never heard everything they said to one another, so many pieces of information were missing. This included the context behind whatever 'music question' Kairos may have had. "Yeah, there's someone... sort of normal that I've seen here so far. Also, music question? Anyway... I had to come here with you two because I don't have my own method of traveling to these worlds. No book, no Chirithy. Just me. I hitched a ride with you two, then rewound time while leaving myself here."

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    Kairos heard out what the lad had to say about his apparent involvement with her. She found it strange that he was under the impression that her being around him would be the sort of dangerous for her that she likely wouldn't be able to recover from. He went on to say that he thought she was better off without him given this might be the case. She sucked in air through her teeth and clicked her tongue, whatever he thought might happen to her, she didn't really care about. "Uh-huh. If you spend all your time thinking about what might happen, you'll never really get to see what will happen..." she said shaking her head firmly. She had a rather simplistic view of life and the things in it, and it was obvious by their current situation that she didn't have any particular plan or outcome in mind when she was doing things. "Besides, better or worse are all about perspective... and that shit is crazy~" she chimed, her own life as an acrobat and circus performer let her know that the world looked different from all sorts of angles. And what might seem good to some might not be, and what might be bad, could be good, depending on where one happened to be standing. As she pondered her own philosophies, Luxu went on to explain what his day had consisted of before this particular moment and questioned the bit she'd said about music. This let Kairos know the man wasn't privy or following for the whole of her day. "Ah, I made a joke earlier about picking your brain for information... as a random thing I joked I should ask what sort of music you listen to when falling asleep," she explained seemingly without shame though knowing it was a lot less funny without the extra banter. About the rest she seemed to give a bit of a nod as she had a general understanding. "So, you don't get a union, you aren't supposed to go places by yourself and you don't get to know whatever is in those freaky books..." she said thinking about it for quite some time. "Hm... got nothing, so we should do something fun instead..." she said coming to this conclusion with a quick nod. "I only came here to dodge potential work from Master Invi anyways... So..." she paused, opening her hand and summoning her Keyblade which she twisted around in her hand numerous times simply spinning it as if she had no idea what she was doing with it. "Do we think really hard about something new. Or do we try to go somewhere we've been before?" she asked giving Luxu the choice of their next destination. She couldn't comment on whatever was going on with the Masters but she did know that being bored to death wasn't good for anyone. And if she could offer herself as a vehicle for a little adventure, she'd do so for someone she considered her friend.

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    Kairos had an interesting outlook to hear when considering potential events. Briefly, Luxu considered that she may have been better-suited to this time manipulation business than he was. "That's a good outlook to have. I don't have much of a choice but to think about what might happen, though, as I have no way of knowing which future is best for my role," he said, knowing his ability to blur the lines of time itself were pivotal in fulfilling what the Master of Masters needed of him. Either way though, he was faced with the clarification of what music question Kairos had for him, and despite it clearly having a joking tone, he replied nonetheless. "Isn't it obvious? I listen to Soft Rock," he stated. With that, he observed the summoning of a Keyblade by the girl in his company. She'd once again offered up her free time despite his warnings. Sighing yet again, he uncrossed his arms and stared at her Keyblade. "You really meant I was stuck with you, huh? I can't be sure where we've gone already since I may not have done it yet, but why does something new have to require hard thinking? We're also going with the assumption that I don't have something else to be doing right now."

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    It seemed like Kairos' words were taken at face value, at the very least the young man with her knew what she was getting at, though he apparently still had some misgivings. His words didn't make him sound like the person she'd met in the days prior to this one, a bit of a smirk came to Kairos' face as she managed to look confused. "Eh?! I don't know about these roles or anything but... if the Master of Masters gave you a job like that, she probably trusts your judgement. You can probably just go with that and do what you think is right... and lighten up a bit~" she said holding her fingers together in front of her only a tiny bit apart to mark the amount of mood alteration she thought the lad needed. As they moved along in the conversation it became obvious that Luxu was shifting into a bit of a joker as well, as he went on to answer the question presented by Kairos' earlier joke. She seemed to take on a bit of an inquisitive air after this giving a gentle nod as if she was learning something amazing. "Hm, Soft Rock, huh? That makes a bit of sense. I might have to check and see what that is like. Might spawn some crazy dreams though," she mused happily. As she continued to converse with this particular companion her Keyblade spinning around in her hand, she found his understanding of the situation she'd captured him in to be funny. An amused giggle would escape the lass, "Yep, definitely meant it. And it requires hard thinking because..." she paused giving that point thought. "Actually, I have no idea about that, but it made sense when I said it..." she mentioned with that characteristic grin on her face. As for the thought of him being relatively busy and having something else to do, she laughed outright. "Hahaha~ Right. Even if you had something else to do... you control time right? So, if you really need to do something else you still can..." she decided thinking about the situation logically. "After we have ourselves a little fun!~" she stated that spinning Keyblade coming to a stop in her hand she pointed it to a space at Luxu's left and prepared to open a portal. Kairos was a little pushy, but she figured if the lad actually didn't want to go along, he had more than a few ways to get out of it.

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    "Everyone has a role. They just... might not know it yet," Luxu explained. He wasn't sure if everyone had been given the full details of their tasks by their master, but he knew that if they hadn't already, they would soon. "I'm sure she does trust my judgement. I'm using my judgement now by telling you this, and you're suggesting that I do otherwise. This is where paradoxes come in, y'know?" he continued, even going so far as to wag a finger in the girl's direction as he spoke. Kairos couldn't seem to actually make sense of this hard thinking she'd referenced moments ago, but claimed it made sense to her initially. She moved on from this rather quickly to address his time-traveling capabilities and the fact that he theoretically had time to do everything he needed to do. "And now you're even suggesting that I abuse time travel. You know every slight alteration to time could fracture time itself, right?" he asked in what seemed to be a serious manner. Immediately afterwards though, he laughed. As measured as every alteration he made to the timeline was, one such as Kairos would appear content to let destiny run its course as if these alterations were meant to be in place. Perhaps they were. The Master of Masters would likely think so after all, considering she'd written books detailing events Luxu had yet to witness. Surely these were the truths of the universe different from the many aborted timelines he'd been capable of seeing and altering thus far. This train of thought led Luxu to a single decision, which produced a statement to follow his chuckle. "Destiny Islands," he said. "There's a place by that name that is said to have a fruit... and that fruit is said to influence destiny itself."

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    According to Luxu everyone had a role, even if they didn't know what it was yet. Kairos also knew this to be true, given the initial description she'd received of her duties within her Union. Even so, the boy with her began to wag a finger at her while explaining time paradoxes and apparently how her giving him advice was altering his judgement in some way. "Yeah, but I mean, obviously your judgement can be clouded by unnecessary stuff, like uh... thinking too much. What if your overthinking, is the thing that creates the paradox... 'cause you're so worried about your influence on everything?" Kairos countered with an equally haughty attitude her hands planted firmly on her hips. He also explained that she was suggesting he abuse his powers and alter time and he even seemed serious. Her eyes widened at this but then he immediately began laughing beneath his cloak. "I mean, abuse or use, bend or break... these are all matters of perspective," she added with a laugh of her own. "Besides, laughing means I win!~" she said, as the lad went into thought about whatever he was thinking about and soon he came to a decision. According to his own words there was a place called Destiny Islands with a fruit that could alter destiny. "Okay, Destiny Island for some kinda freaky life-altering fruit. I'm on it!~" she said pointing her Keyblade once more so that she could open the portal, this would be marked briefly by the appearance of a small cat-like creature which helped steer the path in the right direction, before it dispersed in a puff of smoke. "And it's open. After you, Master Luxu!~" the girl chimed content to follow him after to their new destination.

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    "Overthinking... is what causes time paradoxes? That might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," he stated as if there was some level of confusion within him. Moving on from the matter of paradoxes, Kairos addressed the minor discrepancies between things such as bending and breaking, and using and abusing. Luxu had a slight issue with this, but he stepped toward the portal she opened nonetheless. "I don't know how closely related those things are, but... I think I'm done questioning things at this point," he said as he stepped into the portal, disappearing through it to the world called Destiny Islands.

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