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Thread: Dwarf Woodlands

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    "You mean like the places he tries not to get sand in?" Yuri replied when Kairos joked about prodding the master Luxu's mind about matters not involving magic. If she was going to kid around about the situation, he'd certainly do the same. With that alone though, he was content to continue traveling the world until they reached whatever destination was upon them. It seemed they were en route to the mines mentioned by Kairos in her explanation, but they were fated to be interrupted by the arrival of Darkness beginning to take form. Yuri halted all movement, summoning his Keyblade while addressing the matter of Kairos' new fire-based Keychain and the fact that his cover story hadn't been the best. "You're the one who was talking about the sand before, so I went with what made sense. Besides, you could have made the whole thing easier by admitting that you were cheating on Master Invi with one of his peers!" he said as one final joke before the Heartless appeared properly around them. With his Keyblade raised, Yuri took the initiative in assaulting this group of Heartless. "Zero Gravira!" All around Yuri, excluding Kairos, from the effect, his spell removed the hold gravity held on all things physical. As such, the Heartless beginning to surround them would begin to float and effectively be rendered incapable of approaching them directly by any normal means.

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    "Oh sure, and the best food, and what kind of music he listens to when he falls asleep... totally all things I need to know~" the girl mused. Of course, she couldn't say she had much interest in things like that. She was more interested in why his face looked so familiar to her, how he came to appreciate the darkness and the kinds of things he thought about while he was busy watching the rest of the world. As the darkness took form around them, Yuri summoned his Keyblade, but not without giving one final jab to the girl about her 'cheating' on her Union Leader with the unaffiliated Master Luxu. A melodic giggle escaped the girl as she watched every piece of living darkness float up into the air around them unable to make their proper approach. "Magnera!" this would cause every single piece of darkness to float together above the point of Kairos' Keyblade. "FIRAGA!" this strangely wouldn't create the standard form of this spell but instead the darkness enhanced version, which would burn each and every individual into nothingness, this would allow the darkness to clear their path. "I am not cheating, by the way... I just don't want to play twenty-one questions with Master Invi. He's a bit suspicious of me to start with, well-meaning though, apparently. You should have heard him asking about that Keychain I am passing off as my Keyblade~" she explained, knowing she'd left the lad in an awkward situation.

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    "Yeah, all that good stuff!" Yuri agreed, even knowing there was a certain lack of seriousness in everything spoken by Kairos. The Heartless he'd sent into the air were brought toward Kairos by her own magnetic spell's use, and while Yuri was wondering how they were to be dealt with, she exemplified her control over Darkness by infusing an otherwise normal fire spell with it. Yuri looked at the blackened flames and thought this to be an application of Darkness he hadn't even considered until this moment. Other wielders of the Keyblade considered Darkness to be something awful, even if for reasons which differed from person to person. Yuri himself harbored Darkness within him and knew it, but he couldn't have brought himself to even attempt such a thing as what he'd seen here for fear of becoming like the creatures they defeated in their endeavors. He really never understood how one such as Kairos could embrace Darkness and have no obvious negative consequences. In spite of the thoughts he had regarding these developments, Yuri could only bring himself to speak regarding Kairos' relations with Invi. "Well... I guess he would have a lot more to be suspicious of if he saw anything else you did. Why wouldn't Master Luxu be just as bad though? I figured they were all the same; I can't see one of them helping you hide something dark from the others."

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    Kairos' good humor seemed to be working towards bringing Yuri back to himself. Her use of magic though was likely a bit strange, though she'd never properly hidden her use of Darkness from Yuri, she hadn't actually had a real conversation with him about it either. To be fair, he was one of now two people, who appreciated the look of her Keyblade, and as such she'd accepted that he likely had a bit of darkness in him as well. His use of it, showed in his spells too. When he commented though, it wasn't about this use of Darkness, it was simply his understanding of the Masters and his lack of comprehension as to why one of them would help her in such a way. "I'm not entirely sure why he chose to help me in particular. He said, that me falling to my darkness would be a waste..." she said about Master Luxu, which didn't sound that different from what people normally said about darkness. She knew this too, so she went on. "But they definitely aren't all the same. Apparently different things made them all Masters, but beyond all that Master Luxu, is using Darkness... more than I do even," she said a hint of excitement in her eyes. "He doesn't judge it, and it hasn't consumed him or extinguished his light," she said thinking about it more. The words he'd shared with her the previous day still made her heart thump, and at the point in her day, where she'd fully accepted the darkness and called upon it, she had a better understanding of it. "He said... if my heart has darkness, then its supposed to. He said..." she commented as her Keyblade disappeared from her hand again. "May your heart be your guiding key." Even saying that sentence again brought a strange warmth to her heart, made it thump within her chest and fill with that jolly, happiness she'd felt before. Her attitude about her own darkness had changed drastically when she paused to think that the way she was, wasn't necessarily wrong. And seeing a Master with darkness let her know her own abilities didn't need to be shunned, even if she was fine with hiding them from the masses. Walking a different path, didn't make her wrong... and one day, everyone else might see it.

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    "Of course he said that!" Yuri said without hesitation, not even waiting to hear further explanation about why Luxu had said such a thing to Kairos. "It would be a waste; you're probably one of the strongest people around besides the masters!" he continued. However, it then became apparent that Master Luxu was even more prone to utilizing Darkness than Kairos herself. Suddenly, the entire situation made a lot more sense, and this revelation made Yuri take pause right away. "What..." he said. The statement 'may your heart be your guiding key' was one Yuri himself heard from Invi on the previous day while recovering from what befell him in Agrabah, but it couldn't be taken in the same way as he would have when hearing it from someone who used Darkness freely. What's more, someone strong enough to be a master being willing and able to use Darkness... meant there was more to think about than Yuri could have otherwise imagined. "I... I don't know what to say about that. It just seems so different."

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    Yuri's snap reaction to what Master Luxu had to say previously about saving Kairos from herself was something which gave the raven-haired lass pause. She knew she was stronger than a lot of people, but she didn't think about herself as scaling properly towards the Masters. Yuri wasn't the first person to point this out of course, Master Invi had mentioned this the previous day as well, though for reasons Kairos herself considered a bit illegitimate. "Eh?! I don't know if I'd say all that... I'm pretty strong I think, but I don't know if I'd make that sort of leap. Still though, comments like that do wonders for a girl's self-esteem," she managed a joke, despite being a bit taken aback by the lad's compliment, but more was settling in. Her words about the Master known as Luxu apparently caught Yuri by surprise, his response had been similar to her own. She hadn't the slightest idea of how to feel about it at first, but when giving it consideration, she was quite pleased. "I can't pretend to really understand it myself, but... if we are supposed to follow our hearts. Then I don't think it is meant matter whether there is more light or more darkness... I think... it only matters what you do with it," she said with an affirmative nod. "Or at least, that is the conclusion I came to after thinking about it yesterday when I used the darkness to help get you back. Something I would have struggled with otherwise, and seeing you alright at the end of that... is way better for me, than all of those speeches about the dangers of darkness," she mentioned with her own happiness returning. She'd come to the conclusion that such a statement could only really be felt in one's heart if it came from someone with a shared experience. As such she was more than willing to be this person for Yuri, since someone else had been this for her. With that out of the way she began walking further and further towards a small clearing which led towards marshes with deep waters and large leaves stretched out over them. The leaves didn't look like they should be used, but appeared to be set up in a way which was similar to footfalls.

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    Onward they went while Kairos further explained her newfound philosophy on accepting one's inner Darkness. Yuri took this message to heart as best he could, though whether it was something to be retained by the lad or not was something only time would reveal. "Huh. Well... I guess you've got a point, at least... and I can't argue with something if a master says it's true," he muttered. If there was one truth in this world, it was that the Master of Masters' direct apprentices were leagues beyond what most holders of a Keyblade could dream of being. If there was one thing Yuri believed specifically though, it was that Kairos would not consciously lead him astray. He had much to consider as a result, but a distraction came in the form of marshes littered with strange, giant leaves creating something of a path across the waters. Yuri was a bit skeptical of these, but they were very much large enough that he believed they would support his weight. As such, he began walking across them without a care in the world. "You said Dwarf Woodlands. Were those guys we just fought supposed to be the Dwarfs or something?"

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    "You can argue, if you don't agree. And even if you do..." she said with unbridled cheer. "Consider it from all angles, and come to your own conclusions, just take a gentle nudge if it's presented to you..." Kairos said, which is how she considered the interference of someone like Luxu in her day to day activities over the past few days. As they moved into the marshes of this area the large leaves made Kairos smile. Whether or not she assumed these leaves to be capable of carrying her weight or not, she began flipping across them, to the point that she easily passed Yuri on a leaf while barely making contact with it with her left hand. "Um... I don't think so. I heard someone saying that some little people ran a mine here. I think the darkness here, simply tries to look like them..." she said with a chipper disposition, but as she landed on the last leaf the darkness congealed once more. This time at the base of a fallen tree which looked like it led deeper in. "Oh... seems like a pretty tight space~" she chimed as she looked in watching as red bulbuous noses and glowing yellow eyes formed in great amounts down this narrow corridor. All of them trying to force their way out but stumbling upon each other as they moved. On the far side of this log, where she couldn't see, cries of help could be heard. "HELP!" came these cries. Only to be overthrown by someone else. "I don't know what yer askin' for help fer. We're the only ones who live in these parts, gimme that pickaxe!"

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    Yuri had nothing more to say regarding his own conclusion to the Darkness topic. He was quite conscious of his own Darkness, yet also fearful of its potential influence over him. Even so, just the idea of others using Darkness for good was a new and refreshing idea for the lad. He mulled over this while being so casually passed by Kairos and her acrobatics, and paused in front of the tree which produced their forward path. He looked at this tree and others that had yet to fall, thinking this adventure could have gone a very different way. "Ugh! These trees have creepy faces on them. Why can't you ever pick the cotton candy path?" he asked. If Yuri had any intentions of going another route, a call for help from the dank depths of the path ahead demanded attention. "Let me guess... We're going down the creepy path to help the creepy voice fight off the creepy monsters? I should have stayed home," he said, moving on without even waiting for the response he knew was coming. His Keyblade was at the ready for whatever offense the Darkness decided to throw at him along his way, but he clearly didn't care much for this particular excursion already.

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    "You have a creepy face!" was Kairos' only reply to the lad, though indeed in jest it was about the kind of thing she would normally say. For a lad who never led or chose their adventures, he was always full of annoying things to say while they were in the thick of things. His complaint this time was that they had to follow the voices of some unknown and potentially help them out of trouble. "Well, yeah... that's kinda the whole point of coming here. Collect Lux, slay darkness, help a random creepy person, because they don't normally get the help when they need it most..." she mused about the situation. Of course, she felt this way solely because she was exactly the sort of person others would normally look over if she needed help fighting off the darkness. Still there was a joke to be made here, and she'd make it as she landed atop the fallen log her Keyblade summoned in a downward position at the opening. "Besides you came here to enjoy my sunny disposition and the ice cream~" Her words belayed mischievous intent as magic began to swirl at the tip of her Keyblade. Several of the small darkness broke free of the confines of the space, lunging towards Yuri with their large and long noses aiming to swipe at him and overwhelm him with numbers. "Gravira!" all of the surrounding darkness, those caught in Kairos immediate radius and even those approaching Yuri were soon caught in a bubble of crushing darkness flattening those closest upon impact, and harming those farther away, but not affecting Yuri at all. This created a bit of a gap in the log that Kairos could see through, and there she spotted at the other end two short people one in a red shirt with a surly disposition and swinging a pickax and one in a green shirt with small round glasses, both of these beings with surprisingly large noses.

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