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Thread: Destiny Islands

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    Destiny Islands

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    A portal opened upon the Destiny Islands, giving way to a male figure clad in a black coat that obscured everything about his identity. He stepped forth and witnessed immediately the setting sun. A school was behind him, and all around were houses and the like strewn along a path toward the end of this large island. Below the falling sun, he could see a glimpse of another, smaller island covered in trees. "Hmm. I don't know if it's a good thing that a sunset is the first thing I'm seeing in a place that's supposed to alter my destiny. Whatever. I can probably fix anything bad that happens in my future, unless I explode or something."

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    The portal which opened up also had another within. A young girl with raven hair separated into large pig tails also stepped out. She was attired in green tribal-like clothing, boots and small assortments of armor pieces. There were lots of wild feathers on her clothing, as well as purple lines of makeup around her body. Whatever the case she stepped out and the portal closed behind her. Upon hearing the words of her companion she sucked her teeth once more shaking her head from left to right. "There's nothing bad about a sunset. It just means moon rise is coming. Different light same day~" the girl mused. Her logic about life and perspective seemed to dictate that nothing could be bad, it was simply a matter of finding the good in it. "This place is pretty nice though~" she chimed stretching her arms above her head before taking a stance with her left hand upon her hip. "Think that volcano is active?" she asked sniffing the air and turning her head to look at the mountainous thing behind them.

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    "Can you be sure about that?" the male asked of his companion. "Sunset means darkness. Darkness means a danger to the world. Even though Darkness isn't evil by its nature alone, the things that come from it have instincts that create problems for everyone," he explained while stepping forward. He turned around, setting his gaze on the volcano at the island's center. The idea of it being active created a vision of an interesting contrast in which the light faded on one side, and a different light spawned from the other. Alas, it didn't seem this volcano would be producing anything naturally. "It doesn't seem active, but I don't think it matters much. If you want it to be active, I could try throwing a Mega Flare at it. I doubt any of that fruit is on this island anyway."

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    "Can anyone be sure about anything?" the girl responded to the question she'd been asked. The pair of them were having an oddly philosophical conversation for a couple of teens looking for destiny-altering fruit. Still as the boy went on to explain himself and the coming dangers of the darkness, she realized that he was oddly skeptical about darkness as a part of nature. He seemed to find it problematic regardless of the more neutral nature it maintained because of the instincts which went along with what backed it. "Sure, sunset brings darkness, but it also gives the opportunity for light to show brighter by contrast. The instincts of the creatures of darkness aside, even a little speck of light is enough to hold them at bay..." the girl thought absently as she took a step or two forward. It seemed that there was a way to possibly make the volcano active, and he didn't think the fruit he was looking for could be found on this island anyways. A grin crossed Kairos' face as it became obvious what he was suggesting. Though she was herself quite fond of the idea of everything burning in a bright light, even she wouldn't sacrifice an entire island in blinding light just to have her strange desire sated a bit. "Ano, that's a bit extreme, yeah? Gonna have to take a pass... I'm a certifiable pyromaniac and even I know we shouldn't just cause a volcano eruption. Moderation~ That Mega Flare spell is pretty cool though... I gotta come up with something like that of my own. Lots of fire... you're the magical Master... so you should give me a few pointers~" she chimed as she looked around. She also didn't see any obvious place to find fruit trees or anything of the sort. Even so, she also had no idea where to go. "So, where do we look for a life-changing fruit, if not here?"

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    "Yes... Some things," was all Luxu had to say about this apparent certainty. As they both moved forward ever so slightly, Kairos suggested that the smallest sample of Light was enough to hold off the Darkness. Luxu had seen far too much already, and knew otherwise. "The world was born in darkness. From that darkness came light, which became hearts. Now, darkness grows again to consume everything." As he spoke, Luxu materialized the Keyblade he was given by his master, which bore her very eye at its tip. By his will, numerous portals of Darkness opened around the island, each one taller than any building in the area. What came from these giant portals was an army of massive, muscular, humanoid creature with skin black as night. Their appearances were identical to one another, featuring short legs with upward-curled feet, long and stocky arms, tiny twisted wings, and heads covered in twisted black tentacles. As well, they all possessed large heart-shaped holes in their abdominal regions. There were so many of these giants present, their shadows created a false night on the island.

    With this done, Luxu reached up with his left hand to pull his hood away. He was then able to view Kairos directly with those amber eyes of his. "You're passing on the fireworks, so how about we swap that out for a show of the real danger in this world. I've seen your Unions and their members fighting against the Darkness... but I've also seen the bigger picture. Your master and the other Foretellers... Do you think they're prepared, and can prepare the rest of you, for this?"

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    Master Luxu went on to claim that there were some things which were certain, at least to him. Kairos couldn't help but smirk at this, because she could believe in certain things but that was usually in reference to certain people. "That makes it sound cyclical," she mentioned only to watch as something strange happened. Luxu materialized his Keyblade and called forth numerous portals. And from these portals came a mass of darkness, Kairos had never witnessed before, her eyes widened at the sight of giant-armed darkness with heart-shaped holes in their chests. They had tiny wings and short legs and were terribly muscular and thus intimidating. Kairos took in the proportions of these beings, and a giggle escaped her, initially but she quieted it, by the time that Luxu removed his hood to look directly at her. "Kuku... Ahem. Sorry, those arms are ridiculous though," she managed with joy still present in her eyes. Soon though she turned her attention back, she wondered if the other Masters would be able to combat something like these creatures. "I mean, I don't know most of the other Masters. Right now all I have to go on are you... and Invi," she said looking up at this darkness and feeling something strangely akin to a thump in her chest. Her eyes came back to Master Luxu and her brows drew together in light confusion as she took in his visage and once again struggled with why his face seemed so familiar to her, and yet so strange. "I think, given the type of people you guys have shown yourselves to be, you'll do your best to make sure everyone is ready... To us normal uninformed people, shit like what I fought in the Cave of Wonders might be a bit too crazy," she mentioned knowing that something like these would test her skills just as much."But we will do what we always do, and try to overcome the challenge in front of us. And if nothing else, even a dozen weak people together could probably handle like one. And sometimes... that's enough." she offered honestly. By her own assessment something like this would be quite dangerous even to her. But she didn't plan to rest on her abilities and even if she had to branch into things considered less than normal, she'd do it to save herself and those closest to her.

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    The first reaction Kairos had to the swarm of Darkness was an interesting one. Above all else, she chose to jovially address the warped physique of these creatures. More to the point though, her only points of reference were Invi and Luxu himself as far as masters were concerned, and she allegedly believed such masters could indeed prepare for enemies such as these. "You think so? I don't think Invi could have defeated Kurt Zisa. Actually, I saw him fail once in that same cave. I'd also only give Kurt Zisa a three out of five, if I were to compare it to others I've seen." Luxu looked up as the Darkness spread around these creatures, encompassing the ground across this entire world by pouring their essence in all directions. It seemed the world itself would be consumed rather soon, but what's more, Shadow spawns of varying types began emerging from the Darkness along the ground. Inhabitants of this world were in grave danger, as was their home. In fact, the same could potentially be said of the two Keyblade wielders visiting the Destiny Islands. "You're right, though. Even the smallest amount of Light can overcome Darkness... if it can become bright enough. Keep in mind though, the opposite can also be true. So... are you going to take these guys out, or not? You said you wanted some pointers, right?"

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    According to Master Luxu, after the apparent hilarity of the darkness before them had been addressed by Kairos, there was something else of equal import. He was in the know that one such as Master Invi would have fallen to a beast such as the one Kairos had managed to defeat alone in the Cave of Wonders. She inferred this based solely on the conversation they were currently having as the name Kurt Zisa was one unknown to her until this moment. "Ah, well... that's disappointing isn't it? I mean, Invi basically said the same thing the other day but... still. You're crushing my optimism. I'm goal-oriented. If he doesn't stand properly above, then this is going to get really boring for me..." she mused still seemingly enamored. "And that's a shame if you are only calling it a three out of five, that was a pretty rough fight, ya' know?" she said aloud. But the growing mass of darkness would seem to be one which needed to be taken care of in one way or another. "But even if he couldn't you could, and who knows what other sort of overlooked talent lay hidden among the others, like me. And you've got a better handle on the general powers of your would be apprentices and your peers," she said the last word as if stretching it, like she almost didn't want to use the word but she could at least believe a bit in the ones she didn't know.

    Regardless there was a more immediate problem in the form of the darkness spreading themselves and their essence about in a manner which would likely be considered dangerous, even to Kairos at this point. The words spoken by Master Luxu seemed to be ones of goading asking if she intended to do something about the impending threat. "Hm, I thought I was done with work for the day, but an encore never hurt anyone~" she mused as she summoned within her hand that thorny looking keyblade with is black color and that still thumping cardinal heart in its teeth. "I know, I know... we got this," she mused aloud but not to the boy with her, but instead speaking directly to the weapon. Whatever Kairos intended the first of her actions would be to cast a quick succession of spells as she dove into battle without a second thought. "Zero Graviga! Magnega! Firaga!" this trio of spells aimed lock in dozens of smaller pieces of darkness around her, first launching them into the air in a bout of weightlessness, before pulling them into each other and physically damaging them in the process and lastly she aimed to set this mass of darkness ablaze with darkness enhanced flames. Whatever the outcome of this, her body was still in motion as her body flipped up the extended harm of one of these giant pieces of darkness as she intended to attack its face directly with her Keyblade. Upon the first strike those dark colored runes would aim to spread down the body of this particular heartless maiming it in such a way as to keep it from moving or utilizing its magical abilities.

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    "Don't get me wrong. I'm sure your master could have defeated something like Kurt Zisa, but... he didn't. There were a lot of variables, and they didn't work in his favor after fending off the other Heartless. Invi never excelled with strength or Magic power, so Kurt Zisa left him with no way to actually deal much damage. As for my ability to do something... well... I have an edge the other masters don't have. We both do," he concluded, glancing toward Kairos once more as he produced his final clause. "Only a few of us are unfocused enough to handle something like this though. Are you?"

    Luxu awaited the answer of Kairos, and soon, he got it when she called upon her Keyblade. He hadn't seen the likes of this weapon since he gave her the first Keychain she wielded, so seeing it here was something interesting indeed. Her approach began with a trio of spells cast, the first two of which lifted and pulled the lesser Heartless nearby into her physical assault. The last of her combination aimed to set ablaze the pool of Darkness itself while Kairos moved onto the head of one giant enemy. The rune seal of her Keyblade began spreading down its head and part of its torso while Luxu looked on with a raised brow. "Darkside aren't weak. You'll have to hit it a lot more than that to stop it, but then what will you do about the other forty-nine?" he asked rhetorically, simultaneously offering the precise number of 'Darksides' brought to this area. Some Darksides were already making use of their massive arms to punch at Kairos at varying intervals and angles, while some others were beginning to manifest spheres of dark energy which shook the island with their collective power. "Your limit isn't going to be enough. So, what sort of spells are you capable of?"

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