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    Late in the evening, a young woman looked around a high-tier game and manga shop in the streets of Shibuya, which was of course, her hometown. She had a bit of a high-class air about her, but she was still rather politely browsing the shelves. She was dressed currently in a short black skirt, and a white jacket complete with belts and clasps across her chest. Her hair was styled in pigtails complete with long flowing waves ending at her lower back. Her expression was rather sour, but this wasn't displeasure, it was simply how her face looked anytime she wasn't consciously smiling. She was looking for a new game to play on her VR system and her eyes had stopped on one top-selling title. "Age of Eternity... huh?" she said softly to herself. She then immediately pulled out her phone and began scanning online reviews for the game only to find... There were none.

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    That same evening, the game titled 'Age of Eternity' was being played by one of few people who didn't shy away from a certain stigma surrounding the title. Age of Eternity was a game which had become infamous since its release, as many of its players went missing after logging a certain number of hours into the game. Some brave souls who knew of this urban legend didn't care at all, and continued to play it. One such individual in Shibuya was a young man in his late teens. In contrast to the lass presently inspecting the game for potential purchase, he sported a very disheveled appearance, though it didn't much matter, considering he was in the comfort of his own home with nothing more than his games, anime, manga and figures to accompany him. "Agh! Fuckin' Goblins again!? Can I pick up a quest that isn't just killing midget rape-demons?"

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    This young woman stared at the blank review page and shrugged. It had everything that was necessary for her to enjoy it. 'It doesn't have any reviews but it's a best-seller. It's also compatible with my new face scan, VR, and the quick-key interface on my new system...' she thought to herself. This moment of deep thought came with what seemed to be a sour expression on the girl's face. And this didn't change as she picked up the game, nor did it by the time she reached the front-counter. "I'll take this," she said without really looking up for a few seconds. When she finally did, she'd find a nice older woman staring at her in apparent fear. "No. No... you must not buy this game. It's cursed! Cursed! CURSED!" there was some extreme distress from this older woman which caused the girl with the pig-tails to look up at her with wide eyes. "Huh? But it's just a game..." she mentioned.

    A young man came from the back. "Obaa-sama, please stop scaring the customers..." he said only to reach out for the game. "Age of Eternity, huh? It has become a bit of a Creepy-Pasta. It is said that people disappear when they play it too much. My Grandmother is here a lot and she's noticed people who bought that game stop coming by. She thinks it's cursed, but... I think she might have scared them off. I haven't heard anything bad about the game play. Admittedly, I haven't played it myself, I'm more of a shooter kind of a guy..." said the clerk, as he worked towards ringing the girl up. "Rewards card?" he asked and she produced one, along with removing a black credit card from her wallet to use as payment. "Oh... well, I can't find any reviews on it online either. But... I want a game I can dive into for a while. I have a three day weekend coming up..." she said. Having made a plan to dive into this game fully though it wasn't exactly the kind of game she normally played either. After this she turned the credit card swiper towards herself and paid for this product. "Arigatou gouzaimasu," the girl said as she walked off, with a bag in hand. "Come back and tell me about it sometime!~" this young man said as yet another person was claimed by the game known as Age of Eternity. If this girl thought anything of the warning she was given, it didn't show in her face as she headed home. If nothing else, there was a smile on her face.

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    "Oh, wow!" the male currently engrossed in playing this game said aloud. "A Goblin Lord, huh? That's something different. Pretty strong, too," he continued. His questing was proving successful despite what he considered to be a major setback in his day initially, as he'd grown tired of the quests he'd randomly come across in this game as of late. Finally though, he'd managed to stumble upon what the game referred to as a Pseudo-Legendary enemy spawn, not quite unique, but allegedly with worthwhile loot at the end of combat. "Let's go, bitch! Just another stepping stone to find out where that Dragon is, and something else to get me ready for it!" As he spoke to no one but the game itself, this young man clicked his computer mouse and various keys numerous times. The result was his face being lit by flashy animations numerous times as he happily dominated the Goblin Lord he'd located mid-quest.

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    The girl in question, made her way home. Upon entering she found a note located in the front hallway of a house considered to be rather massive. It was a simple message, scribbled in the handwriting of the girl's own mother and it simply read. "We headed out on a flight after coming home. Sorry we missed you... enjoy your long weekend relaxing post exams. XoXo Mom and Dad." This young woman looked at this, and strangely it didn't make her sad, a large grin spread across her face as she headed deeper in the house to prepare for a long gaming session. Some fifteen minutes later and she was within a her bedroom, sitting in the middle of a large four-post bed. She'd had a bath and dressed down, sitting in nothing but an exquisite set of lingerie. She was wearing, panties, a bra, and silk thigh-high stockings as she logged into her gaming system. Beside her bed a mini-fridge full of drinks and snacks the lights of the room set to dim as she slipped her fingers into a strange set of gloves which functioned as the mouse and connected directly to the keyboard of her computer. With the simple movements of her fingers, she was able to type as if she had a full keyboard in front of her. And the massive wall across from her bed, showed the high definition TV which was more than 70 inches and mounted to the wall. "Yosh!~ Game time!~" she chimed to herself as she signed in under her online ID and started up the game known as Age of Eternity. Beginning first with a scan of her face unobstructed to create her first character. After this was done, she spent a few extra minutes picking her set up before she would start her online experience properly.

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    Though it took minutes on end to slay the Goblin Lord, the young male at his computer completed the quest and retrieved his loot. In that very moment, he also achieved Avatar Level 50, at which point he was presented with a few surprises. "Osu! Max Level! And... what?" he wondered aloud as he viewed these additional achievements. "Omega-tier skill unlock... Dragon Emperor's Mask fragment... Minor Class unlock pending? Unlocked requirements for Special Class: Alter Ego? There are more than 50 levels in this now?" The lad's tangent went on for some time, but he decided in the end to save this additional Class choice for after he experienced everything else the game was presently throwing at him. At the very least, he knew he would be taking a shot at this 'Alter Ego' Minor Class he was being shown, as it seemed like something he wouldn't be able to unlock a second time if he skipped it once.

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    Soon the blonde version of this girl had been named and was walking through the introductory dungeon dressed in a plain red cloak with nothing but a naginata to fight with. "Ugh, it's a cave. Well, at least they got these cute crystals everywhere..." she mumbled. She began gathering things within this game. Only to be attacked by a small orange balloon like creature. She forced her avatar to jump back and swing the poled weapon down quickly. This would result in the balloon bursting and her gaining experience. "Huh... pretty simple combat, but at least this character is quick... Alright Miki... time to grind," she said speaking specifically to the character she was currently using. And as such she began her early world grind, within this closed off space.

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    Needless to say, the male playing this game had been immersed for days at minimum. Days later, he finally returned to the game with intentions of selecting his Minor Class. He'd finally discovered the mystery behind the Dragon Emperor's Mask fragment he collected, as well as the mysterious extra levels beyond 50. Now, he was ready to make a selection. In front of him on screen were all seven original selections he had when choosing his Major Class, as well as a few other special selections... including the very exclusive 'Alter Ego' Special Class which registered differently compared to all the others. This was his selection without a doubt, but the moment he confirmed his choice, his screen blanked out with a bright white light... and his consciousness did the same.

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    This girl found herself immersed, and days later she was approaching what she thought was max level as well. Within a deep dungeon she was looking for some rare loot. At her side, a Winged Dire Wolf as she stealthily approached a creature which looked unlike any other. A simple use of a skill allowed her to sneak up on this creature, which she immediately used to aim her naginata at its heart. She stabbed it through the back and it dealt critical damage, even before it had been properly identified. "Ugh, an Orc... Lord? Well, I guess if I am going to have to kill pig people, they might as well be high-class pig people. Must just be this region in the game," she mused to herself as she began to string together an series of attacks. The screen on her far wall, showed a great deal of colorful attacks as she stabbed each area of this creature several slashes took place. It would take her no less than ten minutes to kill this creature, but rare loot it would drop would be well worth it. Sometime over the last couple of days, she'd bought a complete guidebook to the game and knew this Orc Lord would drop some interesting loot for her Class and Type choices. And then it did, the loot drop at the end of this epic fight was one which she found to be relieving. "Woooah!~ Level 50!!~" she said only to see the messages about the increase in level as well as something about the creation of a sub-class of the ones she saw she saw one which had her attention. "Alter Ego... huh? I think I like the way that sounds. Miki is basically my alter-ego already. Plus, that isn't in the guidebook, it must be one of those intuitive things. It will help me get to the dragon!~" she chimed. She made this choice with no other research necessary. And then right after the selections had been made, her screen blinked white, and then her consciousness went blank as well.

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