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    Well, Yugi managed to win a gamble this day. He hadn't been sure that little maneuver was going to work out with him being the one to do it, but the reaction said it was all worthwhile. How satisfying. Moreover, Yugi was not at all displeased with what he received physically from that little act of licking. It was something of an appetizer, as far as he was concerned. Better yet was the fact that his entrée was on its way immediately after. He took a step back while Kimiko's undergarments slid down her thighs. That time was used for him to fully step out of his boxers, lowering himself toward the floor.

    The young male was almost ravenous by expression alone. Kimiko wouldn't be given much of a chance to have at her own meal. Sadly, he was going to be starting before her. The moment she was in range of his face, Yugi was grabbing her hips with his arms wrapped around her thighs. He pressed his face into her crotch without waiting even a single second. It almost seemed as if he intended to make-out with her folds, and indeed, that was the action he committed to. His lips were pressing against hers, spreading them, taking the inner layer between, and so on. All the while, his tongue was making the occasional trip along the crevice's interior, stopping and retreating each time it reached the bulb at the end of its path.

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    The pair of them were on the same page and moving towards a similar goal. Both were now without pants or undergarments. It only took a few seconds for them to change positions and though it was initially Kimiko's intention to slowly lower herself onto the lad's face, but he pulled her in by the hips and immediately began working towards his supposed goal. She'd seen the look on his face, he seemed way too pleased by this idea. Moreover there was something empowering about the idea that he wanted her so badly that he wouldn't wait for her to give it to him.

    "Oooh~" immediately after she was close enough there was a face pressed into her crotch. From this angle she knew he was way closer than he had been before. She felt every movement of his face, from the lips which spread her folds to the tongue traversing her slit from the bottom to the top flickering about her pearl. There was a gentle shift of her hips. She couldn't help it. She'd be a bit slower getting down to business and it was no one's fault but Yugi's. "Aaah~ Are you trying to distract me..." she asked. Hoping for a moment of reprieve. She needed to take him into her mouth and after stretching out her own body, she was only able to slide her tongue across his tip, and she wanted something much greater than that.

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    It hadn't been Yugi's intention to distract the girl at all, though it didn't sound like such a bad idea once she mentioned it. He quickly came to realize that his abrupt actions could function as a distraction. Even though doing so would have an impact on his own physical pleasure, the idea of her being too satisfied to function properly was infinitely appealing. So, Yugi wouldn't be answering her question at all. He was going to work toward distracting her now. It only helped that she struggled to reach his groin from this angle; he wasn't going to be letting her hips move away from his face at all, so she would have to find another way.

    Of course, there was no response of note coming from Yugi. He wouldn't waste his time talking when he could utilize that time diving deeper into Kimiko's loins. Whatever she needed was no longer a matter of importance. He needed to taste, to consume even. He seemed to be quite literally drinking from her undercarriage at this point, lapping her juices as if he were a desert camel taking its first drink of water in days. How would she fare in the end? Time would tell, but Yugi was mindful to pay more and more attention to that ball of nerves between her lips over time.

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    It hadn't been Yugi's intentions to distract the girl, but he was doing a pretty good job of it. In fact, after it was mentioned it seemed he was going for exactly that. She hadn't meant to give him ideas but she was definitely enjoying it. "Hmpfh..." she moaned lightly. She was shifting her hips trying to get away from him a bit, but he was holding on to her hips. Why was that so enticing? She didn't know but it was. Still if she left him alone too long he might get the wrong idea. She was at a huge disadvantage here, his manhood was just out of reach and his mouth was making her crazy. She could feel gentle pulses in her nether as well as the slightest extra moisture leaking out. She was experiencing quite the conundrum. "It's not fair..." she moaned. What would she do to right this?

    Well, she was kind of small she allowed her weight to shift backwards and reached for his manhood instead. She'd gently lick along it while stroking since she couldn't get her mouth fully around him yet. No, she'd tease him with the idea of it, and maybe get him to shift his own hips a bit. If she managed it would eventually work out for the best. Right at the moment she could be content as she was pushed closer and closer to the edge.

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    The difference in height between them was playing in Yugi's favor. Claims of unfairness were made, and Yugi found it good. He was the one taking a loss here. On the other hand, he was also the victor. The more he could stop Kimiko from progressing her servicing, the better he was doing... even if it costed him a marvelous sensation or twelve. His lips disappeared between her folds as he did far more than taste her sex. Lick after lick, a suckle here and there, and even a few intermittent nibbles graced her loins by his grand design. He could even feel those gentle pulses, which only egged him on more.

    Kimiko had a mighty habit of going above and beyond. Her inability to fully reach his groin with her mouth resulted in a more innovative approach using her hand and tongue. It was a tease indeed, and far too pleasant to resist... though he would continue to try. Try as he might, it was very difficult to resist the natural urge his hips had to thrust. There was an occasional lunge, only slightly, but just enough to ruin his plan for an instant each time it occurred. Maybe it was a better idea to try pulling Kimiko to the end of her rope a bit quicker, if he wanted to make any headway in this strange victory he'd chosen to chase.

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    The difference in height between them returned to haunt Kimiko. That being said, she couldn't call the results of this disadvantage a negative. No, right at the moment, she was experiencing some great form of pleasure. Even while trying to be fair, she was finding herself falling into moments of pleasure. Every time she licked or stroked his manhood, she was give a reason to pause. Hot breaths and gentle moans would fall from her mouth on his length. Why was he doing this, in a way which denied him so much? She didn't know, but he was practically devouring her core. Every movement of his lips, every suckle and nibble only took her further towards the end she was rather obviously moving towards. "Um... Yugi, if you... do it like that I'll..." she couldn't really help herself.

    She had a climax incoming. There was nothing she could to but strive towards that peak and give into the medley of sensations. Still, she wasn't the type to completely abandon what she was doing either. Though his phallus was graced by tongue and hot breath periodically, she was eventually able to close her lips around the entire tip, if only because of the intermittent movements of Yugi's hips. Every time it happened she would close her lips and lash her tongue fully around the tip. She found that this oral pleasing was something she enjoyed, even as her own body hit its stride. "Ahhh!~" she moaned around his manhood after hitting the most brilliant of flourishes while she aimed to swallow him down. The boy below her would be given more of those fluids he was draining from her person and Kimiko's hips would wiggle more as she aimed to stretch her body further down his and properly attend to him a bit more, while leaving her position essentially intact.

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    Judging by Kimiko's most recent incomplete clause, Yugi could surmise two things. Firstly, he was soon to be met by an orgasm. Secondly, he was still succeeding when it came to halting her regular functions with his mouth. These two things were the best things he could possibly anticipate. What more reason did he need to keep up the pace? There was a prize in sight for him to strive for, and he would have it by going straight through that wrapper of glistening pink flesh. Lo, the price itself was primarily a better sheen. Good. Yugi couldn't call himself satisfied until he was in danger of drowning beneath Kimiko's crotch; this was just a solid start along the path.

    Suddenly, there was a moan around his tip, during one moment that saw Kimiko managing to reach it properly. An intake of air was Yugi's response, resulting in a series of slurping noises coming from beneath the lass. He was unabashedly drinking her juices at this point, and there was no stopping him. Most likely, he was going to be swimming soon, given the current rate of things. He knew how to swim, luckily, and was very willing to go for one. As such, he pressed his face even further into Kimiko's undercarriage, not bothering to hold his breath or any nonsense like that. No, he was even breathing deeply while burying his face. Even the position of his hips managed to switch, shifting upwards just the slightest bit. Kimiko would perhaps have easier access after all... at least slightly.

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    What was Yugi getting out of their current positioning? Kimiko couldn't be sure, if anything she was almost certain he liked what he was doing. How could it be anything but that, given how actively he was pursuing what was found between her legs. Those movements of his tongue and mouth never seemed to cease. He wasn't holding anything back from his exploration of her person. And as such, even after reaching a finish her loins were still tingling an dripping.

    Ah, but she was being rewarded. Her moan around the tip of his manhood would get her another couple of inches into her mouth making it easier for her to properly aim to satisfy him as well. Good. She didn't like the idea of leaving him out at all, and she would be sure to pay him back for the actions he was taking, surprisingly in her favor. If Yugi intended to drown beneath her loins, he was doing a good job of making that happen. The gentle shifting her hips would continue as he buried his face in her folds. She'd moan her content around the tip of his manhood as he explored her depths with his mouth and her own tongue would be working circles around that captured shaft with her own saliva leaking down and around it to cause more and more wetness to be added to their encounter. There was something enticing about him slurping away the way he was, moreover, she was having a similar issue with his manhood when it reached into her mouth. She'd greedily take every inch with applied suction to push them both towards their own ends. That being said, she already knew she'd likely have at least one over on him given his own work.

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    Mobile hips were a welcome attempt, albeit not something Yugi would allow. His grip firmed at every attempt the girl made to move her hips, no matter the reason. She was going to be completely pinned to his face, and he wasn't taking any shit about it. She could try all she liked to move, though. Yugi's answer initially was to wrap his entire left arm around her lower back as if to embrace the lass, while his right hand joined his face beneath her.

    He couldn't well just stick his nose inside, could he? No, that would be some sort of ridiculous, even though that was quite close to being a natural occurrence all this time. Instead, a hand that glided along her posterior was brought in from above, lending two fingers for the sake of insertion. He didn't expect one hand to be enough forever, so he wasn't going to expect just his mouth to do as he wanted either. Much more was something Yugi demanded of himself, regardless of what Kimiko claimed she desired. Actually, she hadn't really made any specific claims─ he was just going to do everything that came to mind anyway. Yugi was also forced to wonder why he bothered holding his groin away from the lass; access to only a couple of inches was doing wonders already. This position was somehow incredible. He could feel her saliva cascading down his shaft while small amounts of it were being sucked back upwards into her mouth. Soon enough, he imagined that feeling would intensify... so of course, he allowed the additional rise of his hips to grant a bit more access to his tool.

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    The wiggling of Kimiko's hips was held at bay. Yugi himself did the most to keep her hips stilled, even wrapping an arm around her as he worked seemed to be in his plans. Why was he doing this to her? Never would Kimiko argue the goodness of this situation, it was far too good for her. But she would instead, lightly moan and whine as her body was given some pretty intense treatment. What changed in his methods? Well, the addition of fingers to her undercarriage in addition to his tongue and face. She gulped swallowing with his tool in her mouth and a gentle moan escaping her. Actually, it was much worse than that, as her mouth fell open and a soft hot panting breath spread across the tip of him. She couldn't help it, she was more than a bit distracted having lost her grip for just a moment. "Yes Daddy!~" chimed that sentence with supreme happiness. How could she do anything other than enjoy, "Keep going, I like it. I'll cum like this~" she managed as her hips settled in and her body arched in response to that spreading tingle brought on by a combination of sensations.

    One would never be left to wonder if Kimiko was enjoying herself. She'd let Yugi know at all times what she liked and enjoyed him doing to her. She'd taken this position with the intention of being in control and she would take it one step at a time. That open mouth of hers, would fall back upon his manhood, the shifting of his hips granting her more access than before, he'd find himself nudging the back of her mouth as the heated air from her nose floated down his shaft. What was more she was lapping and sucking at his manhood with little garbled slurping noises as well. She was fully enjoying this particular position, as he own head managed to move up and down finding the rhythm she liked. Though she was unable to take him to the back of her throat without a little more give, she could suck up and down the length of him that was offered with pressure and the movements of her tongue to offer him pleasure equivalent to her own. Held at the brink of pleasure, trying to please and be pleased simultaneously. It was a proper challenge to try to give release while being offered so many. And this was exactly the sort of thing that made Kimiko enjoy it so much.

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