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    Of course, the girl didn't have a clue what 'baggie rights' were. Yugi should have considered as much, but he was too caught up in the moment to think about it. A forefinger was raised to accentuate his point during explanation. "When your order is bagged, some fries always fall into the bottom of the bag. Usually, the first one to finish eating their fries gets the privilege of snagging those extras, which are called baggies. That is, unless somebody calls baggie rights early... or unless someone has a valid reason to overthrow the call─" he said, just slightly disappointed over losing his rights. Maybe he could sue someone? Whatever the case, he agreed to the rules of junk foods being strange... though they were also usually made up on the spot, like the play of children. Yugi shrugged, having no proper explanation to give. "It is what it is."

    Satoru scoffed. There was no way he was giving up baggie rights while being the driver, and the holder of the bag itself! "Extra?! I'm driving, and I paid. Consider yourselves lucky I even let you eat in my car," he said, letting his tongue jut forth over his shoulder before eyeing the road once more. There would be none of the sass this day; he was having those terrible, cold fries at the bottom of the bag, and he was going to be satisfied with it after being the last to finish his own box. He couldn't eat his burger while driving anyway─ he may as well have at some extra fries.

    Upon the opening of Kimiko's sandwich box, her lack of experience reared its head once more. What was all this talk about... toothpicks? There was nothing holding a real burger together, bar the hands of its consumer. "If there's a toothpick in there, somebody should be fired for trying to stab someone in the mouth. You hold it together with your hands while you eat it. Y'know, like it's a food or something~" he joked.

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    Oh, so there were rules of this kind of thing. Yugi gave an in-depth and pointed explanation concerning baggies, eating first rules and calling upon these things if you wished to. Apparently, the final etiquette of this 'baggies' was that if the driver called upon them, it was something to be allowed regardless of all other previous claims. "Sou ka," she murmured having another fry in the interim. "Noted," she'd accept these rules with no further prompting necessary, and then Gojou spoke. Apparently, they should be glad that he was allowing them to eat in his car, and he claimed his calling of these rights was only natural. He had driven, he had paid, and that was enough to give him extra claims here. "Eh? People stop people from eating in their cars? Weird," she mentioend, the idea of being kept from doing any random thing, outside of her mother and actual laws was something rather foreign.

    Moving right along, apparently there was nothing holding this burger together. In fact, Yugi claimed someone would have been fired for doing so. What kind of place was this that a sandwich wasn't being held together for consumption. She was supposed to do it, by holding it with her hands like food or something. A scoffed escaped the girl at this moment because snarky commentary was incoming without a second thought. "Yeah, easy for you to say, I'm supposed to eat a sandwich with three layers of bread, multiple patties and loose toppings being held together by nothing but hands and hope?! Yeah, makes sense," she snipped. Regardless of her joking nature she was about to be on her greatest undertaking. She was a grownup for the most part. She could figure out how to eat a sandwich.

    A slight shift occurred and Kimiko was now sitting side ways back against the door. She pulled this box into her lap choosing to hold it there and pick up this sandwich, which she smashed down gently to get both her hands around it. Greedy by nature, she didn't want anything escaping her in the least, so the little box would work as a catch tray while she tried to hold the back of this burger together with her pinkies. Both hands, a pretty decent grip. She could definitely do this and then... a single bite was taken. What had she expected exactly? She wasn't sure. There was a lot of bread, some pickle some sort of weird sauce and cheese. Oh and the meat, which was neither ice cold nor piping hot. Instead it was some mediocre temperature that she wasn't sure how to address. But at the very least she could chew and swallow without injury. Ah, it was already starting, those sparkles in her eyes returned. Was this good? She wasn't sure, it definitely wasn't bad. Oh... and she'd been right to go about this in the way she did. Little bits of lettuce and sauce were falling into this little box. "I don't know why this is good. It's mostly, like bread, and its not even hot, meat's overcooked. But..." she paused taking another bite. "I really like it... I feel like that's weird." she mentioned between bites. Oh a sip of cola as well, her mouth was kind of full. Maybe at at some point she'd figure out how to hold this thing to make that happen.

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    Had Kimiko been allowed to eat in a car before this moment? Such a thought was strange to Satoru, who couldn't imagine this girl, given her present state, eating anything that didn't require a full dinner table. "Most people don't have people on payroll just to clean their car after someone gets pieces of food all over the place. They have to deal with that problem themselves," Satoru said, with Yugi nodding his agreement to the clause. Both males in this vehicle had gone through periods of being disallowed food on their way home, all because parents didn't want to do any extra cleaning. Trying times, they were.

    Confusion was painted on the girl's face. How would she approach the Big Mac? It was without a doubt one of the messiest, most unnecessary things he'd ever had the pleasure of eating. Never had he seen a person manage one without sauce and lettuce falling all over the place, and it seemed he would not see that fate avoided today either. The technique she opted for was interestingly accurate to how most would confront burgers of a taller variety, though that was precisely the reason her box would soon be filled with condiments. "There y'go. Hands and hope, pretty much the only way to eat fast food." Such a statement being made by Yugi reminded Satoru of something. As his hand ruffled its way to the bottom of the bag for fries, he spoke up. "Oh, speaking of... I took the liberty of adding a few apple pies." Yugi's eyes were alight upon hearing these words. Whatever the detective's intentions were, he was undoubtedly among the best of men this world had to offer! "Sick, dude. It's gonna be tough not passing out in the theater, but that's a genius idea!"

    Finally, the time had come for true understanding. When next Kimiko's mouth opened, the words which escaped told the tale of fast food in its purest form. It was cooked badly most times, a ridiculous amount of bread especially in the case of Big Macs, and the burgers were never hot. Well... bar one restaurant Yugi knew of. Still, it was ridiculously enjoyable, and Kimiko acknowledged that fact. "Can't even explain why you like it, can you? Told ya'. That's fast food in a nutshell."

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    Yes, Kimiko had always been allowed to eat in a car. Of course, there were two reasons for this, one of those was the one mentioned by the lads in the car. True enough, her family had a garage manned by a staff to have each vehicle cleaned and maintainenced after each use. So, there was no fear of mess being allowed to fester. Acknowledging that was one thing but there was one other thing. "Sou ka, but nothing I ate was ever really messy either. Not many messes to be made with fruit slices or onigiri," she said. She could imagine a parent drawing a line when buying foods like the ones they were eating now and feeding them to kids. The handprints alone made that feasible even if she always had someone around to clean up after her. Not that she was an exceedingly messy child to start with... as long as no one questioned her dressing habits.

    Still she started on her burger and it seemed that her method was the one most expected. Hands and hope are the ways of fast food, according to Yugi. "Hai hai..." she said managing to take a sip of cola. Ah, maybe that is what this was, it was a full on grouping of things which made this experience worthwhile wasn't it? Yugi, Gojou, new food and some light but entertaining conversation. The food itself wasn't super stellar but the atmosphere of it, made her feel the one way she wasn't used to feeling... included. Ah, and Gojou was making himself known again, apparently having ordered apple pies to go with their meals. More and more he was sounding exactly like the sort of person she wanted. He made his own decisions, went out of his way, he was already noted as kind and conscientious nothing more was needed, aside from finding out whatever bit of conversation the man wished to share with her. Besides that Yugi seemed to appreciate this man's fortitude in choosing a thing, which meant Kimiko herself could trust his opinions about food at the very least. "Are? This place sells apple pie?" there was much confusion in Kimiko right at the moment. Beyond that point it was about time Kimiko tried to explain why she liked this food and she came to one conclusion while pausing her consumption. "Hm, I am pretty sure its sauce. What is the sauce? It's not like ketchup or mustard but it's like really good. The individual pieces aren't good on their own, but the combination is great. It's like each individual piece is like terrible but together they are wonderful!"

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    "Eh? EH?!" Yugi was aghast. Jokes aside, Kimiko's past was actually starting to sound abusive from his perspective. Fruit slices and onigiri? Onigiri was fine, of course, but hearing that fruit slices were the other option... even the onigiri were probably some plain, healthy, tasteless bundles of rice. "Fucking SUE! Ew!" he barked. In only moments, he was rubbing his face, trying to unfurrow his own brow. Seventeen years of conscious eating had to be undone to get this girl on track, and it had to be done with gusto! Ah, but she probably had some fear of weight gain. Beyond being a girl, she was rich and a public figure. This was going to be an ordeal, and then some. . .

    Damned be all that nonsense! He started strong with pizza, he continued with fries, burgers and cola, and thanks to Gojo Satoru, he'd continue further with fast food apple pie! It could be done gloriously! "Hell yeah there's apple pie! No forks, no bullshit!" Of course, Yugi still had to consume his own burger. He hadn't even opened the box yet, so he decided to do so while speaking. One massive bite later, he nearly spewed food from his mouth while continuing the conversation. Kimiko wanted to know what sort of sauce was on a Big Mac. Ah, that was one of the greatest mysteries, wasn't it? He didn't have the slightest idea! "It's Mac Sauce," he mumbled between chews, taking another bite immediately afterwards. "No clue what's in it. Just Mac Sauce."

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    Aghast. Yugi was obviously aghast. Kimiko knew the lad had several strong opinions, but none were stronger than those he seemed to have about food in this case. He was still claiming she should sue, there was some intense brow furrowing going on as well. "These are some very strong opinions about food," Kimiko mentioned. "You'll get wrinkles with all that brow furrowing!~" the lass teased. She'd liked her food choices as a child. Well fruit was fine at least, but Onigiri that was tasty, her dad even gave it to her with sweet bean jelly! Or salted salmon or... well a bunch of things the girl liked. All purpose happy snack of her childhood in car rides with her father were pleasant as memories for Kimiko. Ah, but now there were now even more fun things, like pizza, burgers fries and apple pies? That didn't need forks even?!

    "Eh? How is that even possible? Doesn't make sense... there is some weird obsession with hand foods I don't get," she said. Of course, she'd say it like that. Hand foods were strictly prohibited in her diet. Even those fruit slices were eaten with chopsticks. Yeah, she'd keep that bit to herself, the boy before her might have an aneurism if she uttered such a thing. Still, it was at least interesting to see him so worked up. Kimiko was all but done with the burger and figuring out how to take her last few bites, as it was claimed that he didn't know what was in Mac Sauce as it was apparently named. "Mac Sauce? Random unknown sauce? This place has its own sauce, for a burger that's also named after it?! The marketing on that is terrible, who made that decision?" she questioned from a point of pure curiosity. By logic of naming of things, everything in the store would have to be called Mc 'Whatever' or the branding would suffer. But they'd just called the pies apple pies, not 'McPies'. The lack of consistency would make her eye twitch.

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    "It's not about the food. It's about the neglect," he said firmly. It had to be criminal, raising a child without fast food or any equivalent. No burgers that weren't upscale, no real pizza, no fries that weren't some gourmet garbage... nothing. He couldn't have lived like that; he'd have thrown himself off a bridge. To call it a strong opinion about food, was not something Yugi could agree with at all.

    From one understanding, Kimiko went to a lack of understanding regarding something different. She couldn't be judged on this basis; those apple pies didn't make any sense, honestly. Still, Yugi hardly had the space in his mouth to respond immediately. He mumbled something incoherent, holding up a finger before... taking another bite. Over half of his burger was gone in no time at all. Eventually, he had enough air in his mouth to speak again. "Itsh jusht a pie~" he muttered prior to washing down meat, bread and condiments with cola. "Don't think about it too much. You'll see," was the conclusion. Another bite, then another. While he was finishing the main segment of his meal, Kimiko was ranting about brand naming and the like, specifically regarding Big Macs and Mac Sauce. Why did she bother? Terrible marketing strategy or not, it was something that obviously worked for them. One couldn't truly question something functional. "Mac Sauce, yeah─ the signature sauce of the Big Mac. As for who made the decision... I dunno, some guy with a thing for creepy ass clowns? What's the big deal?"

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    Neglect. "That was a strong word choice," she said giving it a bit of extra thought. Well, considering he'd told her to sue her parents she wasn't really surprised, still Kimiko didn't necessarily feel like she was neglected. Not on all fronts, she got along well enough with her father, and he made her happy moments happier. Maybe just the food painted a strange picture, maybe he felt like she was being denied something. But if she didn't know it existed was it denial? If she didn't know what it was to miss it... was she missing out? These questions were more complicated than the moment called for her to explore.

    What else was there, her lack of understanding about this apple pie. Yugi tried to explain but his mouth was too full initially. His try and mostly failure at speech in the moment, made Kimiko giggle. She'd never seen someone in such a rush to get words out before. Well, aside from herself... even so, it was rather cute to see him in such a light. "Hehehe~ Hai hai..." she managed having now finished up her own burger she ate the rest of the fries while sipping on her cola. She needed to wash all of this down. Her apparent outrage at the marketing and naming of this sauce was not understood at all by Yugi. That was fine she didn't really expect anyone to get it. "It's a huge deal... where is the consistency? Naming patterns establish branding... picking something good and sticking with it are priorities. Everything mentioned so far seems to lack naming consistency. It bugs me..." she ended finally. It could be said that a lack of consistency seen in one place, usually meant a lack of consistency in other places. She often found that if marketing was off, other things were off. Because if what you were willing to show the public wasn't well put together what was behind the scenes was generally worse. Yugi's next statement confirmed this at least a little, and brought another strange reaction for the girl. "Also we are negging for the idea of any body being obsessed with clowns. Hard no to clowns."

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    "Accurate word choice." Plain and simple, there was no better way to put it in Yugi's mind. Yes, it was neglect that she was left in the dark about the finest simplicities in ordinary life. Though his words were all in jest, part of Yugi believed this fully. How was anyone who held a position so high meant to truly flourish without properly understanding what one would consider 'beneath' them? He couldn't have possibly explained his actual perspective in the moment, but there was an issue in high society that he was always surprised managed to avoid Kimiko throughout life.

    Ah, but there was something Kimiko couldn't let go of. She had some blaring issue with the inconsistency of branding in a simple chain restaurant like McDonald's. Why she was so hung up on the 'Mac' part of certain things, he didn't know. "It's fast food. The food isn't even consistent; you think the names will be?" he questioned rhetorically. As for the actual issue here, he couldn't possibly view it the same. Patrons of these restaurants had a general understanding of the ordering process, and as far as he was concerned, it wasn't worth questioning to such extremes. "It's a bigger system than just McDonald's. Whatever place you go, you should be able to order the staples. Cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers and all that are everywhere you go; they're all basic. Only McDonald's has the Big Mac, only Burger King has the Whopper, yadda yadda yadda~" he explained, for whatever that was worth. Moving onto the matter of clowns, though... yes. There was no arguing the fact that a clown was the dumbest, most inappropriate choice for a mascot. "100% agreed. Worse yet is back when they also had a hamburger thief and a big, Barney-looking blob fucker for whatever reason─"

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    Yugi claimed his words were accurate. Well, he probably thought they were. Kimiko noticed a long while ago he held a certain amount of distain for high society. She couldn't really blame him for that either, from her general interactions with most people on that end... they were by far the worst that humanity had to offer in most cases. That being said, she also knew some points of interest in high society. She was always pretty confused about Yugi as well, it was obvious his aversion the wealthy types, the fact that he managed to actually like her was strange whenever she managed to think about it. Not because she thought less of herself, but because she wondered how he came to terms with it himself. Maybe sometime later, she'd ask him about it.

    Moving on for now though, she was indeed hung-up on the matter of naming patterns and branding. There was the assertion that fast food products weren't consistent and thus expecting consistency in naming was outlandish. "Well, roulette on food is understandable at least. That is going through multiple different layers, different groups, different shifts, different stock... all kinds of things can change the outcome of a single moment of food. But names are thought up in board rooms, which means someone had all available information and complete control, and still decided to be inconsistent." Kimiko had a few hard and fast opinions but this one was probably a bit strange. But as a young business tycoon noticing this sort of thing was well within her purview. Whatever the case there was the statement about standards of any fast food place with examples to quell her mind. "Sou ka, so an industry standard is what made such a thing. That isn't good...aside from quality such standards do a great disservice to individuality, and give me an eye twitch," she said though these specialty items had even stranger names apparently. "Whatever a Whopper is sounds like something that should kill people. The name alone inspires fear..." she claimed. Oh this situation got worse for old McDonald's apparently mascots were notoriously bad in this brand, from clowns, to hamburger thieves and purple blobs. "I am..." she had no words. "I'm done. Nothing makes sense any more. This world isn't for me..." she came to this poetic conclusion.

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