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    "That is exactly why this one should work out. I have to think that it's not just me being involved, and some bases are covered by other parties by default. It should be an easy clap, I think," Yugi asserted. There were many variables to be taken into account, but most of them now had counters in place to remove any need to worry. This was good, assuming a certain detective followed through.

    What of Gojo Satoru, though? He did seem interested in participating at the very least. All he needed, in fact, was to have something worth telling his boss for the sake of clearing the air. Ah, Kimiko was a step ahead. Whilst he carried on with his own thought process, the girl threw herself in as an ideal scapegoat of sorts. Yes, yes; that could work marvelously! Most importantly, members of his unit had seen his dealings with Ashikaga Kimiko directly, and had every reason to believe he wouldn't be getting any valuable information out of her without first proving himself trustworthy. This double-agent business was something he could get into, at least for such a purpose as this. "I should be worried that you're so quick and confident when it comes to using yourself as an out for such a big situation. Must be nice to have virtual immortality. Anyway, yeah, that sounds like something my boss would buy. As far as he'd know, I've neither finished nor failed the job he gave me," Satoru said. Yugi chimed in immediately afterwards, adding a clause of his own. "That's the ticket. You can't be taken off the case if there's still reason to believe you can clear the job. As long as you don't give him reason to doubt your ability to do these... very illegal things, everything should work out fine. I think that should be all, yeah?"

    Upon asking this question, Yugi looked to both Kimiko and Satoru. The latter was the first to speak in response, adding something Yugi could very much agree with. "Sounds good to me. So, why don't we get to this movie if there's nothing else?"

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    Yugi made another claim, that since it wasn't just himself doing something, he could rely upon others to do their fair share of the work. Of course, for Kimiko this was a rather comforting sentence. The raven haired lass enjoyed the idea that she could be entrusted to do her fair share and more over, loved the idea that that such trust was simply implicit between them at this point. "Yeah, it checks out as a rather simple overall problem to deal with... with all the necessary information in place," she said agreeing with the sentiment. Of course, this was more of a life and death situation for her, which should have been scarier to her than it was. But after rapey loan shark banker... she wasn't exactly afraid of what was likely a perfectly normal human threat. And to be honest, she hadn't really been afraid of that man either, mostly she was just disgusted and enraged by all the people sitting idly by while such atrocities took place around them, especially the ones against the children. Though admittedly she was a child by her favored Avatar's standard, so perhaps it was possible she simply felt a bit more unhinged by the relative lack of age difference between herself and those wronged and empathized a bit too greatly? Whatever the case it was time to move on from that...

    Moreover it seemed that Gojou Satoru was agreeable to the point of using Kimiko as the attitude based scapegoat she'd been making herself out to be. He claimed that it must be nice to have virtual immortality but that wasn't why she was offering herself up in this case. "Iie, it's simply the easiest path to the desired end. I am already the target, letting myself take a bit of blame here and there won't be a negative for me. Besides, I always advocate telling the truth, even when it is unbelievable. That way no one can claim they were uninformed when consequences present themselves," she mentioned with a small smirk. After all was said and done Yugi and Satoru were both ready to go see a movie and to be perfectly honest Kimiko was ready as well.

    "No, I think that covers all manner of current loose ends. Now then Transylvania~" she said more than ready to exit the vehicle and get on to seeing this supposedly six hour movie. "Whoops, unrelated thing..." said Kimiko, as she shot a quick text message towards her IT person. Going to see a really long movie. Will let you know when it's over and where I need you to meet me. The message concluded only to get back an immediate: Aye Boss XD. Kimiko's IT person was quite strange. Kimiko was only used to seeing such things in games. Perhaps she'd interrupted one of her ill-fated gacha sessions? Regardless, the movie was now a go. "Alright now that's everything~" and she was fully ready to go.

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    Stranger and stranger still was the behavior of these teens. One went about espionage and shady business within the police force as if it were a casual, themed board game. The other, in the same sitting, willingly left herself in the position of a target for the sake of a better possible end. To their credit, Satoru couldn't find any actual fault in any of their intentions. To think he was supposed to be the prodigy; people were taking note of the wrong individuals. "Hai hai. Who am I to argue?" he asked in rhetoric, hands thrown overhead as if he'd given up on the idea of adding anything more. "I've got a good idea where to go from here. When the time comes, I'll be in touch~" he said at last. With that, Satoru exited the vehicle. The alibi was in place, so there was no concern regarding being seen with these two. Of course, he'd have to find a seat to himself once they entered the theater, lest he get an earful of something he wasn't interested in hearing at some point─

    Yugi, meanwhile, was considering things a bit farther in the future. The possible outcomes to this plan, and the possible roots to be found, were thought of multiple times over. Which would it be, he wondered. Oh well. He'd know for sure soon enough, but... ah, the others were done chatting about the current plan. Alert at last, Yugi nodded and slid his way out of Satoru's SUV. "Yosh! I've been wanting to take my brain to Romania for a year!" he said in spite of the fact that it had only been six months since the first mention of Transylvania the Movie: Part I. A year was certainly accurate, given the amount of time he spent in another word. Indeed, it was a bit of a miscalculation on his part to give that time, but luckily, Satoru paid no mind to it. Maybe the lad had been observing leaked information online that Satoru himself wasn't privy to. Either way, onward to the theater they went. . .

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    The behavior of these two teens would likely seem odd to outside sources, but both of them were sort of used to the types of things they were doing. What was more, aside from his rhetorical commentary, it didn't seem that Gojou had anything negative to say about their plan. Of course, they'd already established their given alibi it no longer mattered if they were seen together in any place. What was more he claimed he had a good idea of where to start. Of course, only time would tell if he actually had the necessary mindset to get the right information for Yugi and Kimiko, but a bit of faith had been earned by virtue of the quick turnaround on his 'job'. Whatever the case, Kimiko would begin slipping out of the vehicle. "Hai hai, make sure you do~" she chimed.

    Oh, this was great. Something extra to keep her interested, as well as the movie of the year. Sure, it'd only been six months this sides time since the announcement of this movie, but at the very least the novel Translyvania: Part 1 had existed for quite a while. "Same! I've been dying. My imagination is good, but there was so much stuff going on I can't wait to witness it first hand~" Kimiko mentioned. She'd walk up to the ticket booth which she could get her preordered ticket from and scan the QR Code she'd received for her online purchase. After which, three tickets would be printed all without the girl having to talk to anyone in particular. "Theater 8... here you guys go~" she said handing off the tickets to their respective extra owners while taking, Yugi's hand now that she no longer needed her phone. She was content as could be, and ready for this particular movie.

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    "Yes ma'am," Satoru said in an almost sarcastic manner after Kimiko's additional words. No more would be said while excitement for the movie was reaching its peak. Now was Kimiko's time to shine by producing a trio of tickets for the lot of them, and that was exactly what she did upon them reaching the theater. The most anticipated movie of the year, this was. It was actually a stroke of good fortune that they were late to it; tickets were being sold left and right during the first couple of days. Even before the midnight release of this film, all seats in the theater were filled quickly enough that additional cinemas had to preview the movie as well.

    The eighth screen would be the one they all viewed from. Yugi claimed his ticket while Kimiko was busy claiming his hand with her own. Surprising as this was, he did nothing to oppose at all. Ah, and then there was Gojo Satoru, who had a ticket for the very same showing the teens were going to. That was potentially annoying, but surely he could find another place to sitthat wouldn't cramp anyone's style. With that in mind, he took his ticket and walked out ahead. One wave was offered to the others over his shoulder. "Hai hai, thanks for the ticket, Ashikaga-chan! If I don't happen see you both in a few hours, I'll see you whenever. Enjoy!~" the older male said. Yugi quirked a brow, finding it interesting that this was a moment of farewell. "Huh. That's a pretty Chad thing to do, really. I'm sort of impressed."

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    The affirmative that came from Gojou in the moment after Kimiko's words made the lass look towards the older man with narrowed eyes for just the briefest of moments. But just as soon as the look had crossed her face it was gone. Whatever the case, Kimiko had claimed the hand which was rightfully hers, with no arguments to hear of from Yugi. And beyond that point, Gojou after claiming his ticket seemed apt to abandon the two teens until further notice. Actually, that was pretty reasonable of him, and another positive check mark on his overall interview. He claimed thanks for his entry into the movie and walked on out ahead. "I really don't need to be thanked at all..." Kimiko mentioned seeming to find herself a bit sheepish. According to Yugi his actions were good enough to be marked as 'Chad'. A chuckle escaped Kimiko as she gave it a bit of thought, "Yeah, he's been nothing but impressive since I met him. I was certain of his usefulness before... now I feel like he's a proper necessity for my team," Kimiko said of the man. Just a moment longer and she'd begin walking towards the same screen pulling Yugi along with a happy little smile on her face.

    "Admittedly though, I'll deal with that later. We're going to see this movie!~ It's really great considering..." the lass mentioned. She remembered that originally they thought that they may not ever get to see the whole of this movie. Ah, but it was right here now, all that was left was to pick their seats and get settled in for the show of a lifetime. this particular showing was pretty empty because it was a weeknight. They'd be able to sit where they wanted to for the most part, so she'd like Yugi decide where. "Hm, you can pick the seats..." she mentioned. Given her screen set up it was obvious she didn't really have a set preference for any particular direction. What was more she only really had one plan and that was to occupy the space between Yugi's legs once he chose his seat, given the way he liked to sit she knew she could fit there without obstructing his view at all.

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    Satoru didn't stick around long enough to offer Kimiko anything resembling a retort, but he did hear her rejection of any thanks. He didn't care. Thanks were given, as they would be again if he felt the need to do so. No matter the case, his seat would be found with haste─ nestled between some mouth-breathing fatso and a snotty child dragged along with its family. Of course this would be his luck; he hardly expected any better. Interestingly enough though, Satoru only hoped the others managed to find a better spot before the show started.

    "Well, that's cool and all. I'd give him a job just for knowing when to fuck off, but I guess he's been doing that the whole time, huh?" Yugi spoke, moving on without issue from there. Into the theater they went. Given the hype surrounding this film, he was surprised to see several empty seats, weeknight or otherwise. Silence had not yet fallen, and the lights were not yet dimmed to nonexistence. Yugi's eyes traveled to a more common area for him, which happened to be in the theater's backmost corner. So many people wanted to sit front and center, or center in general, it was often a neglected area until theaters were almost filled to the brim. Now, the seats were not so filled as to have people occupying his favorite place against the wall. "How's there?" he asked, pointing out the empty corner. "I call it... the shut-in public theater haven. Still workshopping the name; I think I'm getting somewhere with it."

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    Gojou was at the very least a very interesting man. As far as Kimiko could tell he was a bit enigmatic though not as much as one like Yugi was. Whatever the case, he had no retorts to offer and disappeared to find his seat. In the meantime, Yugi commented that he would have hired someone like Gojou simply for knowing when to leave his employers alone. "Hai! He's very good at that... poor guy I did still give him a bit of a hard time initially. I'm surprised he's been so agreeable knowing that..." she mused. She always found it interesting what people chose to do when dealing with her. In the case of this white haired detective she was almost certain he had every reason not to deal with her at all. Given this, his niceness to her in any situation was almost beyond comprehension. What was more, he was also apparently just attentive enough to do things like go the extra mile and get apple pie, while being just unobtrusive enough to leave the teens to their own devices. He likely would have ended up the best body guard option for someone like Kimiko if such a position wasn't already filled one by someone else. At this point the man was legendary and one day.... he'd be repaid for his kindness. Today wasn't that day though...

    As an aside, Kimiko watched as Yugi chose the seat of his choice. He made a joke about it being a public shut-in haven and seeing the placement she could only agree. "Hm, name definitely needs workshopping. You are well on your way to not being able to name anything important, sir~" she said with a hint of snark in her tone. Of course, that wasn't to say she didn't enjoy the idea of sitting in exactly that place. "But there is great~" she said just the same. Moving along she'd follow along to that specific spot. She had no problem sitting anywhere within his company. Besides the back corner of the theater was about the right spot to avoid any unnecessary looks or noise to distract them from the title at hand. Kimiko even knew she'd be able to relax comfortably as she wished.

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    Despite a bit of snark about the name he gave his spot of choice, Kimiko accepted the placement. It seemed Yugi was missing some vital information at present, such as... well, the memory of his own naming pattern over the past six months or so. "Eh?! All I did was name a cat-dragon thing Leeroy; it's not like a few more memes would implode the world or anything!" he said in an excited, yet hushed tone to avoid being overheard by other movie-goers. Apparently, it slipped his mind that he'd done more than just try to name every pet they had 'Leeroy Jenkins'. Little did he recall, things were much worse than that.

    With both parties in agreement, Yugi led the way to the aforementioned corner. He seated himself only one chair away from the wall itself. He wasn't aware of the seating arrangement Kimiko had in mind, but it didn't make much of a difference to him. Well, that wasn't entirely true. Upon discovering the truth, he wouldn't be so unconcerned at all, in fact. "Besides, shut-in public theater haven is basically the perfect name! It fits its purpose, perfectly describes what the thing is, and it's just the right side of way too long for anybody to steal it! That's basically free copyrighting, y'know?"

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    Yugi had indeed forgotten how crazy his naming pattern was in this world or the other. Luckily enough, Kimiko would always remember such things, if only because she always found them amusing. Yugi would never know how easily Kimiko found it to commit his random atrocious crazy speech to memory, but he'd be finding out almost immediately. She shared his happy whispers to avoid the unnecessary gazes of any known or unknown movie goers. "Angelsoft Wall Celestial Witcher Kou..." she gave pause for dramatic effect. "Guy," she said flippantly. "It's hardly a thing one can forget, so aside from trying to name every pet Leeroy, you also name things like that... my naming choices look tame by comparison~" she snickered finding the whole thing hilarious.

    Little did Yugi realize there was something else she'd also find hilarious in just a moment. Their seating arrangement was soon to be completed by the raven haired lass, and he choice would likely shock him a bit. Too bad for him, she was a bit of a troll and watching him freak out a bit about things she found so very trivial was amusing in a way she couldn't even begin to explain. "The fact that the copyright would basically be free is exactly why no one would remember it. Granted it is comparatively one of the better names you've come up with~" the lass joked as she aimed to take her seat. Ah, but what seat would it be? Would she move past him to nestle herself into the wall seat? No... today wasn't that sort of day for the lass. She had a better seat in mind. And with that she took a seat directly within the space between the lad's legs. She'd easily find herself settling in resting her back against his chest and even with her perfect posture finding this arrangement to be utterly comfortable. She was instantly relaxing against him, unbothered by taking up such a space without so much as a second thought. Beyond that, a wickedly large grin spread across the lass' face, a certain triumph was reached by claiming such a seat, and no one else would know the joy of this, aside from herself.

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