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    Mid-morning on a certain day, in a dreary grey skied city, a single video was being posted to a very popular Youtube channel. Such a video contained the active dressing of a young woman with brown skin and startling purple eyes. Her hair long and purple to match seemed to be quite shiny and the background of the imagine was lit by the gently rising morning sun, barely peeking over the horizon. Here and now, she'd speak looking directly into a camera set up just above her own body giving a full view of herself. "Ello, Bunnies~ I hope you're all up bright and early this mornin'~ I have a mystery giveaway..." she mused to the camera offering them a smile. "But... it's a secret~" she whispered playfully. "Of course, as you can see. I have an update to the little black dress, that video will go up later this week. And I'll be wearing this look to a very special event," she said, as she worked all that long hair, minus her bangs and forward pieces in to a smooth ponytail at the top of her head. That black pinstriped dress she wore bunched ever so gently at the front. She was a pretty normal girl by her own approximation, she simply knew how to dress herself and what she looked good in."This is a preview for the high ponytail look, list of my favorite products in the description. Call this video a sneak peek, then?" she said a few choice items were hidden behind her. "The first 10 bunnies to figure out what all I am going to be doing this week, will win the limited edition Blue Lotus Bunny Ears!~" she announced. "You simply have to tag me on Twitter, @BlueLotus, and mention my activity... I'll get the details and mail you the ears if you guess correctly." This was a short video but it'd been composed to give away what her surprise was going to be. A yellow ribbon, a hand bag, a lace pair of booties on her feet. But in the background, a signed copy of an Aeons manga as well as a few small figurines but the models were blank. Oh this was a good one. Just a small hint. The cover on the book wasn't even visible. But... it was just enough that a few people might be able to figure it out. A nice bit of publicity and a bit of a present for those of her followers who kept up with her on multiple platforms, she figured it'd be a good present for them. "Anyways, I'm now running a bit late, I wouldn't want to keep all you bunnies waiting, so...." a gentle wave and the flick of the bunny ear atop her head would signal her outro.

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    Soon enough, that video was uploaded. Only moments later, the Youtube channel of "Blue Lotus" as she was called, appeared on another screen... and on many others which received a livestream in the following seconds. First, the number "1" was shown, before the video capture was scrolled up to show the lass' recording. When the playback started, thousands of screens would be granted a split view of Blue Lotus' video, and the livestream's host: a certain social media star with the handle "God-King" and a massive enough following to stream at random without waiting for viewers. Said viewers would bear witness to a brown-skinned male with mid-length, dripping brown hair that his hand ran through as he addressed his following. "First~♥" was his introduction, strangely enough. He seemed excited, beaming brightly as eyes akin to the sun stared into the camera. "Morning, you lot! Guess what? I know what she's doing this week~"

    For whatever reason, this male was reacting to the young woman's video. He gazed upon it with utmost adoration and excitement, like some childish fan sitting down for their favorite cartoon on Saturday morning. Hell, if he had a bowl of cereal, he could sit next to such a child as their tall twin. "Look at that. Look at that!" he chanted while observing the woman's ensemble, sparing a glance at the number of views her video was now receiving. "Want those ears, don't ya'? I'd love a pair, but... that'd be a bit of a cheat, wouldn't it? Tell ya' what? She's going to con! Better yet, we're on the same panel!" Ah, the reason behind his wet hair was indeed that he'd recently hopped out of the shower. Still drenched, he wouldn't dare miss a notification to his phone from this particular Youtube channel─ rather, the only one he enabled notifications for. "Go on, then! Run on over, show some love to our favorite gal, and tell her I sent you if you make it into the lucky ten!" With that said, the man sighed, seeming legitimately disappointed for just a moment. "Damn shame though, innit? Wouldn't be fair of me to win as an insider, so what I really need is for at least one of you guys to win in my place, yeah? And, if you can make it to London this week, why not stop by the panel to get them signed, and I'll slide over a lovely little loyalist bonus to top it all off!"

    He was on the move the entire time this stream took place. A bit of shifting here, a bypass of a doorframe there, and he was outside in the open. It seemed this man was en route from a very different location at the moment, but it seemed... he was already in London during the stream. "Con's today, if I didn't mention. I'm on my way through Old Street to get there now, so I guess I'll hang with you lot, my fam, before it all gets started. Keep me company so I don't get too nervous to work alongside the queen herself, yeah? Oh! And click the link to my charity! We're still trying to meet goal for the improvement of orphanages; the attachments on that website should show you what's already been done in Leeds. It's good work we're doing here guys, let's keep it up!"

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    While traveling, the girl who was known on social media as 'Blue Lotus' received a notification for her YouTube Channel. A certain other well known individual had just commented on her video, claiming to have been first! She looked over her screen in her chauffeured vehicle, and wondered why someone who was going to be at the same place as her would even bother. "God-King? He's on the panel. Is this publicity? I feel like I see that name a lot..." she mused. It would be now that she spent time looking at her analytics. She clicked that name and searched through her platform. The numbers attached to that name were indeed astounding. 'Blimey, this one's madferit...' she thought. This lad had a 100 percent watch rate. He'd seen her every video, he'd commented on every one. He was likely her most active viewer. And he was on her panel? She was almost willing to brush this whole thing aside, but it really didn't seem right that he wouldn't get himself a pair of the limited edition ears because he couldn't participate when he was obviously an active viewer. 'It'd only be right, for what is apparently by biggest fan...' Texted her publicist and a couple of other people. She was already being messaged about the live stream, though she hadn't tuned it, she was being advised to say hello at least since she was given a shoutout and all. So, yes, publicity. Within a few moments the first 10 slots had been filled. So a quickie update on Twitter would suffice, she was in a car after all.

    At the same time, one of the viewers of the God-King's stream had indeed checked out his charity cause. And he'd find, soon enough a large donation would be crossing his screen. Actually, large wasn't the right word... A 1 Billion Yen donation to that Charity dropped. It was attached to a certain user handle written not in English but translated to MisakiNeesan.

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    Step after step, the English male progressed through the city of London on his way to the aforementioned convention. He was an absolute ball of nerves, but also of excitement. His most regular viewers could tell this with great ease, if only because of his reactions to... well, life itself at the time. "Oh yeah! I should show off the fit of the day, shouldn't I? Sorry folks; woke up a bit thick today," he explained to his audience. Without further ado, he moved his cellphone's camera away from his face. In doing so, he showcased a navy-colored, floral print shirt with gold and silver graphics, tucked into a pair of black dress pants and gold knob-toe shoes. Upon recovering the position of his camera, he received a notification of his own, directly to the stream. "Ayy, that's the ticket mates! We got a─"

    His pause was immediate, and filled with more shock than he'd known in... ages. "MisakiNeesan," he repeated with an oddly accurate Japanese accent after reading the translated name. "... has donated... a billion yen? How much is a billion yen?" he wondered before checking his chat, which would soon provide the answer. Upon receiving it, well, his eyes widened further yet. "Bloody hell, over six million pounds? Really?! You're either filthy rich, or some sort of nutter! Either way, I don't think I've got enough gratitude in me to show, sOoOoOo~... lads?" he offered, allowing a simple chance for the members of his chat to assault MisakiNeesan with messages, emotes, and other such praises for their contribution. He'd even have their username highlighted in the livestream as top donator, which he didn't imagine would be changing any time in the next several decades. "MisakiNeesan, are you from Japan, or just a weeblet? No offense; it's hard to tell nowadays, innit? If you're local, here's hoping I can see you at con!" he added, a two-fingered salute and a wink being offered to the camera as he did so.

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    Ah yes, the watchers of God-King's live stream were soon given a look at the man's outfit. Any who saw how he chose to dress himself, might wonder why he was so infatuated with the Fashionista known as Blue Lotus, but his followers already knew he was just smitten. Actually, that was becoming more obvious by the second given that he'd forgotten to show off his outfit until this moment. He was like a kid on the first day of school. It was an adorable thing to behold from at least one viewers perspective. Ah, but that wasn't really the point, MisakiNeesan had been noticed, her donation pinned her at the top of the donators and beyond that, it seemed she received a shoutout. 'I am Japanese, but you're one to talk about weeblets. Your Japanese pronunciation is perfect.' A reply from a young woman on the other side of the world in a text box that was now highlighted because she was a donor. 'I also don't really need the gratitude or anything.' she was shy about accepting praise for things, but that was just who she was. 'I enjoy your content and the way you do business. I am also fond of kids so the charity speaks to me, that's all.' Yes, quick replies as the man approached his meeting of choice. 'Unfortunately, I can't currently take a break for a trip to London, I'm studying for exams. I'm rooting for you though, God-KingXBlue Lotus~' And that would be all from that one. And no, in the moment, she didn't realize how very typically Japanese she would sound by claiming studying for exams was the reason for her lack of travel, even so it was very true. She'd go back to silence and watching his stream with amusement in crimson colored eyes. She hadn't been dishonest at all, she really enjoyed this man's character. Besides that, he was obsessed with Blue Lotus, and acted as if he was her number one fan, she wished him great happiness and luck in his endeavors.

    At the same time, Blue Lotus had an update go out on Twitter. The first of which listed 10 names for her winners of her mystery giveaway. The second though had an @God-King. Since you were a great sport about it. I got you sorted too. It's only right since you shout me out and comment on all my videos. See you soon~. The tag was attached to a picture of her in the car holding a pair of the Limited Edition Blue Lotus Ears. Of course these were her own extra pair, but according to her publicist it would go over well, and she'd be sent a new set as well. In the picture she'd thrown up the peace sign as well, adding to its overall cuteness. Today was going to be an interesting day for everyone involved. She'd eventually find herself at the convention venue having already had her things checked into a nearby hotel. She'd be sitting around this place for a couple of days, even so, she planned to enjoy her time here.

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    Ah, he was receiving a few messages in return, beginning a bit of a dialogue with this MisakiNeesan follower. She was Japanese, yes, but furthermore pointed out his own status as a 'weeblet' by virtue of his pronunciation. "Haha! Could I ever be anything else? I'm on my way to an anime convention, and I'm a character! I'm also planning another trip to Japan in a few months. I'll keep you lot posted, so look me up when I make it over!" he proclaimed. This person didn't need any of the gratitude, but he didn't care; he wasn't going to see that sort of donation without answering it properly. If he ever met the owner of this account, he'd be sure to put meeting them at the top of his to-do list. Alas, that meeting would not be happening any time soon due to MisakiNeesan's... exams. Ah, he remembered those days. "Yikes! Well, chin up! Ace those exams; you've got the greatest rooting for you. Give a cheer, chat!"

    The final note from MisakiNeesan had been one regarding his adoration of Blue Lotus. How interesting─ the two were rooting for one another in a way. Moving on, there was another notification to excite the man this day. Specifically, the notification bar of his phone registered a tag by one... @BlueLotus. His brow rose, and his eyes widened. What could this be? He'd never been acknowledged directly by Blue Lotus, and this particular tag came with an attached image and... a message implying he would also be receiving the merchandise she offered in her giveaway. "Jesus Christ, that's..." He wasn't sure what to say, nor what to say it about. The image? Flawless as usual. The offer? Incredible. The fact that he'd been spoken to by Blue Lotus? An absolute dream. Oh, and of course there was the little 'see you soon' she added, which was a very appealing little flirt in his imaginary version of the world; that one obviously wouldn't be addressed. Well, all things considered, there was only one way for him to take all of it, wasn't there? "Oh, brilliant! Absolutely fan-tastic! Today's my lucky day lads, so let's get this thing moving properly!" He offered these final words to his fans as he, too, approached the building in which he would finally meet the 'queen' he'd been raving about.

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    Ah, he was indeed a character. The man known as God-King online, had caught the eye of the Aeons, a favored set of writers/mangaka that MisakiNeesan enjoyed. And they in turn had immortalized this man as a certain Nidaime Kazekage... it was very interesting. She supposed knowing this that she could understand a bit better why his Japanese pronunciations were so good and understand him being a weeblet. Look him up? Hm, she'd consider it. She was a follower of his, she'd have no problem tracking him down for a meet and greet, if he ever made it to this area. She wouldn't mind involving herself in his type of business either... she'd add it to her calendar. But for now, they were rooting for each other, and that was kind of sweet. She could consider herself allied with him in this way and she really was rooting for his potential relationship with Blue Lotus. If he got that girl, he was winning one for all the shut-ins with over-the-top convictions everywhere. If he managed this, even she'd have hope of eventually finding someone who'd put up with her.

    Before the panel, this purple haired lass, found herself researching the lad known as God-King. She knew him to be a topic of interest for the Aeons, actually his face already belonged inside of one of their universes. He was apparently a game streamer, philanthropist, and an Instagram Model? Oh... that needed looking into, she'd have a glance at his Twitter a bit later. She began very easily scanning through all of his information. What all would she find when looking up this man? Well right just now her eyes were traveling over his Instagram and his pictures, well...

    She scrolled through image after image of a brown skinned man with golden eyes shirtless, hair wet, smoldering eyes staring at the camera. Was this really the guy?! Did gamer guys come this attractive? That was a myth right, like finding a unicorn... a guy who devoted his time to playing video games wasn't allowed to be this attractive. He had to have some kind of problem. Strangely, after staring at all of his pictures she only became more curious. 'Blimey, guys this good looking don't actually exist. I mean... there has to be something wrong with him right?' she questioned herself as she started to get nervous about meeting him. He was really good looking, way too good looking to be into her. Surely this whole interaction was just a publicity stunt, except, he'd been watching all of her videos long before now. She knew that from the analytics. Perhaps right before their panel wasn't the time to start looking into such an individual?

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    At long last, it was time to approach the panel. God-King, as he was known online, stood just outside as an absolute ball of nerves. Was the young woman he'd be hosting this panel with already inside? That'd be wonderful... and terrible. With a temporary farewell to the viewers of his stream, he pocketed his cellphone and paced outside the door of this recreational center. Their panel was going to be a pretty big deal for the duration of the convention, but it wasn't as if they'd be seated far from each other. Breath! How was his breath?! A few huffs into his palm proceeded several sniffs to check. 'Damnit! I need a pocket bottle of mouthwash or something; I can't get by around her with just a wash and a toothbrush,' he thought. Interestingly enough, his breath was quite minty; he just didn't believe it was good enough. Ah, to be smitten and blind to one's own appeal. All those people thirsting over him online, paying endless compliments and the like─ it was as if he'd never heard a word of it. Their opinions didn't matter here anyway, as there was but a single favor he sought to gain.

    "Right. Time to make mum proud, or... whatever. Geronimo," he said after several minutes of deliberation, and far too much pacing. A deep inhale, a slow exhale, and he was pushing open those doors. He'd bypass quite a few others setting up their booths for the convention, as well as a few early birds getting a look at things before events began. Only one area would strike his interest. As much as he'd have loved to enjoy the convention for what it was worth, the only location he had eyes for was a large booth with faux sand and limestone structures, where he expected to encounter the only woman worth meeting at a veritable nerd haven, or... anywhere, really─

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    This whole situation was spiraling out of control. In the time before the panel was seated and before even the set up was properly finished everywhere, Blue Lotus had immersed herself into the online persona of God-King. She'd looked through his Instagram, his Twitter, even his Facebook. She'd turned into an internet stalker in a matter of minutes. She'd opened a wormhole into his life and beyond that a different kind of hole in her own mind. Surely this man wasn't actually exclusively interested in her. His liked posts on Twitter were hers, fashion-related, video game-related or archaeology? He had interests and hobbies but he wasn't just liking random girls' posts. Even though most were practically and impractically throwing themselves at him all throughout his comments on his pictures. 'Wait. Calm down... he's probably a stalker... you could be aiming to keep a bit of distance clear head and all of that...' she tried to talk herself down, but while looking at his more recent uploaded images she couldn't help but let her mind wander. 'Still, if he's sound... he's absolutely gorgeous. Too gorgeous actually...' Oh to not understand one's appeal wasn't limited to one gender. Maybe they'd understand all of this soon enough.

    She incidentally found her way to the panel room and saw the set up at the table. How very cute. It was like a snapshot of that world that the Aeons offered her a spot in. She wondered if this was normal. Did girls really entertain the idea of dating someone who might be stalking them, just because they were attractive? Did the Aeons set this up thinking of including her character with his? Was it a chemistry test? Or did he really just fancy her for reasons she didn't understand? Actually, with the lack of commenting on other women, she might have assumed him to be homosexual if she didn't know about his views to her channels. A quick inspection of her other social media and he noted his name popped up a few times in other places as well. When seen, she was leaning against the table in her little black dress and a pair of 6 inch red bottom stiletto heels. Her phone was pushed up near her face and those purple eyes of hers reflected the soft light. She seemed to be in deep thought. In fact she was almost in her own little world, mostly her deep dive into the man known as God-King, which she definitely wouldn't have been doing if she'd known they were occupying the same place.

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