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    "It doesn't have to be fair. It's true, so that makes it fine, right?" Yugi questioned. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing unfair about his claim. She'd put him in this situation many times, and a fun bit of revenge was nothing to shake a stick at, so to speak. Either way, Kimiko obviously didn't have any actual complaints to present. No, embarrassment could be considered the same as... overenjoyment. That seemed right. Yugi could carry on uninterrupted while knowing she was, in spite of her words, having an even better time than he expected she would.

    Kimiko had been granted some newfound freedom of movement, and what would she do with it? She moved, of course. His own efforts were met to some effect by hers, which could have become a very dangerous thing in little to no time at all. Less was required of him as far as effort was concerned, but this also resulted in a far stronger sensation than what Yugi would have given himself. Was this planned? It could have been, but he couldn't tell. All he knew was, he was starting to hope Kimiko climbed the proverbial latter a bit more quickly this time, lest he have to take pause preemptively. Maybe this newfound effort was not fully to blame. No, maybe part of it was what she had to say as response to him. "You make it sound like you're going to actually stick with that. I'm prone to boners in public, y'know? That's pretty dangerous~" he stated. Yugi could only imagine the most awkward scenarios, like dining out or something of the sort when being addressed like that. Strangely, though... it wasn't a thought that registered negatively in his head, despite any dangers it possessed.

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    "I mean... yeah. But I still had to mention it," Kimiko said even as she was given a new sort of treatment. She enjoyed talking to this lad, in addition to all the other things she seemed to like. She enjoyed teasing him, and she liked the looks on his face while he was thinking... she thought him doing similar things to her to be nothing but an equivalent exchange. And she was enjoying herself immensely so none of her complaints were at all negative. No, instead they could be taken as playful and delightfully engaging. Beyond that, she was also finding it easier to move and such easier to move towards that next peak she'd been denied.

    What was more, his response to her most recent admission seemed to be one which caused her a great deal of satisfaction. That same cheeky smirk crossed her face even in the throes of a passionate moment like this one. He was prone to erections in public, she was well aware of this fact. She'd also been more than candid about not minding a certain level of public deviance. Perhaps, he'd eventually understand what all that meant... or maybe she'd just show him and see how he reacted. What he couldn't know just yet was how much Kimiko enjoyed making jokes of such things, sure she wouldn't leave him hanging if he actually produced such a reaction, but she'd still find the flustering around it to be something worth looking into. "Yes, I really might. Dangers aside, I like calling you Daddy..." she managed oh, that tightening of her nether was something she should pay more attention to. Her next flourish was something which built up rather quickly after being denied before... she was still under obligation to tell him it was coming wasn't she? Would he grant her release this time? Or would he hold off on her again? She was curious, and excited... Well, it would soon enough be time to find out. She moaned more as her hips chased a bit more of that sensation. "I...ah... am pretty close again," she mentioned as she licked her bottom lip as she approached that great abyss at rapid speed. If he didn't stop her, she would definitely find her end this time. "You'll let me cum this time, right Daddy?"

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    "I guess. I've got no complaints about anything you decide to say," Yugi admitted. Essentially, so long as the girl was saying something, he was content. It just so happened to be the case that her something of choice was, more often than not, the cause of his arousal and/or flustered state. What she would produce next, was always something he was wondering... and excited to see for himself.

    Yugi enjoyed the way Kimiko was addressing him more than he could have thought before having it occur. According to Kimiko herself, she enjoyed it from the other end as well. Dangers aside, she said. Ah... Yugi was given every reason to believe he'd have to be on the lookout somewhere in the future, as one like Kimiko would likely be prone to calling him 'daddy' just to see his reaction out in the open. Why was that an exciting idea to the lad? Whatever the reason, it was something worth keeping in mind. "Well if you like it, I'm not gonna stop you," Yugi announced. Speaking of matters to look forward to, Kimiko's end encroached upon her once more. Would he let it happen? She asked, and an answer was required as such. Alas, this wasn't actually some torture method or legitimate punishment of any sort. In truth, Yugi knew repeatedly backtracking from the very edge of pleasure was an incredible way to achieve release like no other. If he rejected the next one, it would be just another layer of power added to the final moment when it came. Just as well, Yugi was still... fishing, so to speak. "In your dreams," he laughed, limiting his movements after a few thrusts moments later. "I said I was going to figure out what happens after you've suffered too much. We're a long way from too much, I think."

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    Yugi claimed to have no complaints about anything she decided to say... and Kimiko was left to wonder how far that extended. She was not the type to withhold anything from herself or others she was connected to, except in the case of providing them comfort. For Yugi she was willing to make various exceptions, but if he would truly accept the amount of random and crazy the girl could be.... well, that would be something all together new and worth more to the lass than his weight in gold. "That's a lot," the lass mentioned finding it strange that he was so very alright with everything she said. Perhaps she would eventually regret pushing out this much of herself at once. But given she was being held away from the climax she was searching for, she likely wouldn't have enough clarity to feel it for a while.

    Kimiko could accept that she wouldn't be stopped from saying whatever she liked. Judging by Yugi's tone he appreciated her current choice in name for him, and there was something about that which she found innately comforting. Maybe she could look forward to more general acceptance in the future? Well, regardless, what she couldn't look forward to in her immediate future was the release her body had been seeking since she entered this room. According to Yugi only in her dreams would her next release be allowed so soon. "Come on~" she moaned with the slightest hint of frustration. Even as she would have continued moving, Yugi's own shifting came to just enough of a halt to stop her progress towards her flourish. He was surprisingly good at this, and that was both enticing and vaguely frustrating. "Such a sadist... Daddy~" she mentioned as she shifted her hips a bit more. Her nether clutched at his manhood trying to force that which he kept denying her, though admittedly at a much slower pace than the extra friction would have allowed.

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    "I told you before; I'm kind of a lot," said Yugi, who never really stopped explaining that he may have been a bit too much. It always felt like that; the biggest question he had was whether the thing he had in mind could be a rational suggestion, or the exact opposite. He continued to be surprised by the answer, but it was always incredibly satisfying. Yugi could only hope to return such satisfaction in a physical sense, ideally by managing to hinder Kimiko's ability to achieve climax for some time yet. Perhaps that feeling of release would become equivalent when the time came.

    Another success, seemingly. Yugi's halt resulted in the second evasive flourish of the day─ as well as the third, if his own was to be considered. Kimiko never stopped moving, though. Maybe that should be considered a problem, or maybe it was fine regardless. No. No, that couldn't be allowed for too long. He'd already decided to embody the sadist role, right? Right! As such, his arms hooked around Kimiko's back to lift her into an upright position, effectively pinning her against his own torso. He didn't hesitate before assaulting her mouth with his own. In doing so, he also maintained the firmest of grips on her buttocks to keep stability, though his hips had not yet begun to move again. "Yet you like it, obviously."

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    Yugi stated the fact that he was kind of a lot. Kimiko couldn't help but smile at that information. She'd shared a similar sentiment about herself, as such she had no problem with the fact that he was a lot, she was simply making an observation. "Yes, you said that, I don't mind that at all... I'm a lot too~" she mentioned. Perhaps one day it would be obvious that she meant this in an extreme sort of way. But for right now, she was willing to show him one random action at a time. Moreover, Kimiko was kept at least once more from reaching the end she sought, this was fine... she enjoyed meeting this aspect of him. What was more he went on to wrest her into a more upright position, holding on to her bottom and causing a halt to the movements she'd continued while also attacking her mouth again.

    This time she couldn't resist, she kissed him back fiercely while enjoying the tight grip on her bottom. Even so, when he pulled away, he wasn't wrong at all she did like it, his part of him. "Of course I like it, Daddy~" she moaned for him suddenly gently frustrated by her lack of movement. Was this him taking over again? Was he deciding to keep her from the release she wanted and she was starting to desire more than she had before. Oh, how long could she be denied before it became a matter of frustration for her? Well, she supposed they'd be finding out soon enough. "Please start moving though, Daddy~" she practically begged, though she didn't hate this at all. Of course, it was a bit strange she didn't figure she'd so easily fall into this sort of thing, but she couldn't do anything other than enjoy and play the role she was presented.

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    "You're right," he agreed. She was a lot as well, and he considered that in quite a few different ways. As a matter of fact, his grip on her posterior was enhanced for a moment as the statement was offered. He'd come to realize just recently that Kimiko had a lot more going beneath that miniskirt than he previously thought. "Seriously, how are you hiding all this? Feels like I'd get lost from behind~" he said, taking a moment to ensure they could both retain stability. He wasn't fully confident in his physical ability when lifting her like this, but it seemed to be fine on his muscles. Maybe there was another strange rollover from the other world. If so, he was thankful for it.

    Ah, progress. Kimiko's speech was evolving at every turn, and had now become something akin to pleading. That was one step in the desired direction, bringing a satisfied grin to Yugi's face once more. "Right. I guess the point is to eventually make some real progress, huh?" As his words likely implied, Yugi was keen to acquiesce by moving. He hadn't the slightest clue what he was doing still, but it seemed to work out alright. Even now, he was at least managing to thrust with what classified as legitimate pacing. Danger was quickly realized yet again by the lad, but luck had been with him so far. Half of his progress halting for Kimiko had served him just as well by staving off early ejaculation. . .

    Just outside, on the street, a phone was ringing in the vehicle of one Satoru Gojo, much to the young detective's chagrin. He'd been sitting around for quite some time now, only to answer a call from his superior demanding any information related to Ashikaga Kimiko's 'suspicious' behavior. With a sigh, his first words were ones of relevance without much extra fluff. "Sir, this is pointless. Two teenagers went into a box. They were obviously happy to see each other, so I would say─" An interruption. Of course; that bastard on the other end of the line was never trying to hear a sensible explanation when he was set in his way. "Yes. Of course. Yes, I'll run the check. Very well."

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    She was right? Of course... Kimiko rarely was wrong. In the case of them both being a lot, she supposed in her own case that could be taken a variety of ways as well. Yugi took advantage of such a line of thought to comment on the size of her rear and wondering about how she managed to hide such a thing. In truth, Ashikaga Kimiko was well aware of her level of attractiveness, she didn't go out of her way to hide anything, but she also didn't show off either. "Obviously, magic... " she said in the manner of her usual sarcasm. In truth she just had a really good tailor who accommodated her general specifications when it came to her school uniform. No need to do too much to attract the attention of people she already didn't like. "I'm sure you wouldn't get lost, Daddy. I'm interested in trying it out~" she mused of the potential of a new position. All the while, she was having a pretty good time. She didn't seem at all worried with her current positioning either. She figured if Yugi tired of holding her up, he'd put her down. Until then though she was more then content to enjoy the moment.

    And what a moment it would be. With Yugi starting up a new with only a satisfied grin and a few words to share before hand. Yes, progress was the name of the game, but even so... she couldn't help but feel awed by this particular look. She liked the smile on his face, if she could always be the one to put it there, she would be satisfied with her life. She leaned into his neck kissing the side of it to speak to him as her next flourish began building again. "Oh, that's fine. I like progress, but I like this too~" she mentioned. Though she'd begged him to continue, she wasn't at all opposed to their current level of intimacy. She drew her tongue up the side of his neck and laid a number of kisses and soft nibbles around it. All the while holding on to the build up of another flourish. Maybe, she should just let it happen? Ah, but where was the fun in that? Why shouldn't she wait and see what the lad before her had in store for her pleasure. Some moments later just like this, her mouth's work on his neck would be halted by a moan as the tightening of her nether started anew. "Daddy are you gonna let me cum this time? I'm almost there..." she moaned into him, ready to feel the sweet release a flourish would offer her.

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    Kimiko was sure he wouldn't get lost, but Yugi was sure... he disagreed. Even if he didn't get lost in the literal sense, it was undoubtedly going to happen metaphorically. With Kimiko expressing an interest in the idea, though, there was no longer any avoiding the situation; it would happen in due time. Well... Yugi had lived long enough wrongly believing he understood how the world worked. Having his entire reality torn asunder and rearranged wouldn't be so bothersome after already experiencing such a thing once. "I guess we'll see, won't we?"

    Onward they went, until the next leg was reached. Kimiko had been spending time assaulting his neck, doing her level best to bringing about the lad's demise, whether intentional or otherwise. Perseverance saw him through to the end, and just barely. By the time Kimiko announced her encroaching orgasm once more, Yugi was wondering if this was finally the moment he'd be cut short. Salvation! "In your dreams," he said through a snarky grin, bringing his movements within her to a halt once more. He was nearly panting, and mere seconds from ejaculation this time. This practice would likely do wonders for both of them in the end. What now, though? He had to make use of the time, lest the lass catch on to his methods. Well, there was always one thing to do, and that was change things up a bit. As such, he'd do that. The passage of time would see one rejection after another, until Yugi was satisfied by Kimiko herself nullifying the 'contract' they had. How much time passed? Yugi gave up on the idea of counting, but eventually, he would be standing over Kimiko, whom he'd placed atop the couch in position to be on all fours. Yes, his mind was already lost. The poor lad couldn't keep his eyes on the surprising state of her backside, even as he gradually slid his way home within her nether once more. Ah... that was a memory. In actuality, he'd been in this position for some time now, thrusting away while the first moments replayed in his head again and again.

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    Another denial and a shift in position. Kimiko should have been more pouty about this entire situation. The lad himself had to be tired of holding out too right? Right? Surely, such a thing as the constant starting and stopping should be driving him crazy as well... At least, that was Kimiko's hope. But as time when on, and her positions were shifted over and over again, never once was she allowed the sweetness of release. It was becoming most oppressive in the best possible way. No one ever told her no. Denial wasn't a thing she knew, nor was such a lack of control. Her body was hot and her mind nearly blank, that nagging almost itching sensation of denied climax had built to its own form of peak. As Yugi slid home in her nether from her rear a gentle exhale ensued. They'd done this before, and she'd liked it. Her hips flexed backwards into his the arch in her back becoming more inclined as she enticed him to reach the furthest depths within her person. What was more, her own movements against him were practically demanding by this point. He wouldn't deny her again. Or rather it was best to say... he couldn't. She was done, she wouldn't allow herself to be strung along on this plane of constant burning sensation just on the outer edge of ecstasy no she would take it. Demand it be supplied to her... they had an agreement after all. As he thrusted away, she would announce her coming climax, with no options for retreat. She wanted this. She needed this. "Daddy, please don't stop! I wanna cum, I need to cum. WE need to cum. Stop holding out on us..." Oh... right... she was done. Demands were made, her how hips were flexing against his. She didn't intend to be denied this time. Nor did she intend to have him deny himself either. "Cum with me Daddy~" Her words were a demand, an invitation, a lot of things she couldn't yet explain. They were partners, she wished to experience all things she enjoyed with him... this was to be some epic form of release.

    She knew this. Even in all the time she'd spent alone bringing herself to a slow and interrupted pleasure, she'd never felt that building sensation quite like she had at this present level of denial. Her whole body was tightening around him as her hips move and all parts of her had come together harmoniously to demand release. Her own body was demanding it from him as well... she was quite certain such a thing was a bit too much, but she'd still enjoy it. She hadn't the presence of mind to think about it, but she hoped her surveillance was just visual. She'd feel a bit bad for the person watching her if he had to sit through such a thing. Poor lad. She'd give him a nice signing bonus, yeah that seemed fair.

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