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    Yugi was left wondering how much longer he could hold out. What was the count again? Maybe he should have kept that in mind after all; it was becoming ridiculous. Little did he know, things were going to take yet another unexpected turn in the very near future. Kimiko's movements were as demanding as her words and actions normally were, but... her words were a bit mixed. There was a request that didn't seem much like a request at all. Was it one? Well, the second half certainly wasn't, and the way she spoke and moved did nothing but make demands of his loins anyway. Resistance was futile all along, sadly, so... "Fine, fine! Hope you don't mind though; I'm taking something for me~" he announced. He'd proceed to continue thrusting, even picking up the pace until Kimiko reached the destination she sought for so long now. In doing so however, he planned on holding out for himself just a bit longer. Why? It was his plan to extricate himself afterwards, and immediately toss that useless condom aside. Yugi thought to stoke himself to completion from there, assuming Kimiko recalled his intentions before this all started. . .

    In the meantime, Gojo Satoru was in for a very bad time, by the look of things. His superior managed to rope him into this, and now, he had little choice other than to leave his vehicle and approach the box these teens were in. He lingered around outside, all to find a spot worth listening in from. Soon, he'd find a suitable location. Soon, he'd hopefully avoid traumatization. Soon, he'd... get his phone to stop vibrating because of that annoying boss of his! "Kuso. I really hate having to do this."

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    Ah, there was no stopping this time. No halt came to the feeling building within Kimiko's loins. Each and every stroke was met by a backward movement of her hips and sent a tingle all the way up her spine. Words came from Yugi, he said fine? Her requests... or rather demands would be met, finally? The only stipulation placed upon it being him taking something for himself. What would that be? Oh right, they'd started this day with him thinking about doing something specific... such a thought had slipped her mind among the dozens of denied flourishes of the afternoon so far. Ah, but he'd been a grand sport all along, how could she do anything other than acquiesce to such a request? "Take what you like Daddy..." she said softly, as a certain push forward finally caused that tingle in her loins to overwhelm her. "I'm cumming!~" she finally managed, as her body tightened around him and nearly pulsed with an ever constant vibration. Not one to forget that new description, she turned afterwards taking a seat before his unwrapped manhood with her mouth and eyes open and staring up at him. "Cum for me, Daddy~" she mentioned as her tongue flickered out over the tip of him as he worked to stroke himself towards his ultimate completion. Those eyes of hers would remain open and staring up at him as well, she wondered if she would like this face of his as well, and had no desire to look away at all. Beyond that she was more than satisfied, she was pretty sure her legs were all but gone, regardless they'd see through this first experience as they both wished, such was the nature of their partnership.

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    Yugi was long gone. He should have been spent ages ago, but the constant stopping saved him time and time again. Another helpful thing was the occasional repositioning, but that was all over now. All it took was one announcement from Kimiko, and all of his ability to resist was no more. He jerked away as soon as he was able to, stripping that rubber tube away from his groin and replacing it with his hand's grip. Brief was the thought that he simply let loose on the girl's backside, or perhaps somewhere else. No, she remembered and truly accepted his earlier desire here and now. She seated herself, she stared him directly in the face, and she even... asked for it? What the hell was he supposed to do with that? His manhood knew the answer, and it was to waste no further time. The tingle he'd been holding on to for a very long time already, was no longer a tingle. This was now a swelling sensation, followed immediately by one of pressure relief. Yugi's gaze was just as unwavering at the time. He gasped and moaned, either from shock at the situation, or the feeling itself─ or even a bit of both. Suddenly, there it was; the white fluid of life spewed from his member onto Kimiko's tongue and face, missing her right eye by a mix of happenstance and lowered aim. "Fu... fu─" he panted while watching his own seed be splattered across the lass' face.

    At long last, Gojo discovered an ideal place to listen from. He was out of the general population's eyesight, and he could hear just a bit of noise coming from inside. With that being the case, he could officially bug the wall and hear whatever was going on inside. Maybe he could hear something worth ending this whole case, and go on to do something constructive with his career. That wasn't likely at all, but it was at least a possibility. Now then, what would he be hearing? Hopefully nothing too... scarring

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    Ah, and there it was, as she asked for his most release, she was rewarded with it. A splattering of warm fluids peppered her face below her eyes and landed in a decent portion in her mouth. Much to her earlier assumptions and general logic, she didn't at all hate this. In fact, combined with the upward visual and the look on the lad's face she could be considered absolutely smitten with it. Especially when one added the idea that he was looking down into her face the entire time. None could have denied that she was the cause of such a situation when she had his prolonged eye contact to confirm it for her. She also was given what had to be an unreasonable amount of control. Did words like this actually just work? In hentai it always seemed rather odd that words and praises brought about instantaneous results, but maybe those artists knew something the common folk didn't? Whatever the case, she gave him a few seconds to appreciate the view, included a pointed moving of her tongue with his sticky fluids decorating it before she closed her mouth and swallowed what was left there. She'd give the lad an appropriate wink and sit back while considering her current situation.

    "You look so pleased, I really don't hate it either. Paint my face as you like, Daddy. Just don't forget to give me a taste now and then?" she questioned in a manner most flirtatious. "Was that too much?" she questioned herself a bit, wondering if that was too direct of a thing to admit to liking? Oh well, it was already said... it was out there in the open for Yugi alone to take as he wished. Too bad they were now being properly bugged and she had no way of knowing what all of that last admission had been heard. No matter... she was having a good time nonetheless. And she felt no shame about her actions at all... aside from wondering if she was a bit too much for the lad she was with. She licked her lips and wondered over her own seriousness while pondering the look on Yugi's face waiting for a reaction.

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    Oh, she'd get a reaction alright. Painted on Yugi's own face at the time was the most dumbfounded expression he'd ever worn. What the hell did he just hear? She liked that!? After seeing her face splattered with his own reproductive fluids, Yugi suffered an existential crisis for several moments, wondering if his actions were demeaning and a cause for judgement by the lass. No. What he'd done was allegedly more than acceptable behavior, and he was free to do it as he pleased? What sort of afterlife had he fallen into!? Whatever happened, he didn't want to go back from this. "I. You. I." He tried for sentences, but only managed singular words coming out in stammers. After a few moments, and a bout of falling onto his ass beside the girl, Yugi wound up laughing. Was it too much, she asked. . .

    "You're such a fucking degenerate!" he exclaimed, struggling to overcome the laughter of it all. "I love it. And here I was wondering if I'd done too much. You keep surprising me; I'm gonna have a heart attack before I'm 18!" Yugi offered these words, but there was no additional person to hear them by then. Gojo managed to hear the words of Kimiko, and decided that was more than enough for his ears. The young detective was now leaned against the outside wall, sighing and speaking with his superior. He was questioned for information, but he didn't have anything that would satisfy. What would he say instead? "Yes, of course I have something. Well, it seems they've taken up an afternoon of painting. Yes, painting!" he announced in a mockingly happy tone. "It also sounds like there is some taste-testing going on. Yes sir. Yes, I believe the girl's father brought something for her to eat. Hmm? Oh yes, it sounds like he's here; he must be the reason she showed up in the first place. Well, if I had to take a guess, I'd say her father was very happy she agreed to try whatever he made for her!"

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    Dumbfounded. That was about the only word, Kimiko could think of to describe the look on Yugi's face post their first session of coitus and her own words thereafter. Kimiko in the time of studying his face, took to her own more relaxed posture, sitting with her legs crossed at the knee and that ever so perfect posture, naked upon his couch with his fluids still smattering her face a bit. He seemed to be going through some heavy set of thoughts and they were all dancing across his face. He tried and stumbled through words, only managing to fall into place beside her relaxing and laughing. As for the answer to her question of was she too much. Apparently, she was a degenerate....

    Yes. She was aware of that fact. She'd been trying to explain that to him for quite some time, but apparently it took today for him to realize the actual depth of her degeneracy. Since he'd collapsed beside her, she realigned herself, angling her person to be stretched out over the couch and his lap with her head resting on one arm, her body situated itself between his legs and her own legs stretched towards the other end. This left her reclining and seeming pleased, and now she could finally speak on the matters they were discussing. "I had been saying that for a while, you know..." she explained of herself, managing to look slightly pouty. "But if you have no problem with it... I won't change," she said with a wistful smile appearing on her face. "And you didn't do too much either. I told you, I'd take everything from you..." she said staring at him. "So, if you have that heart attack it's fine. I'll just drag you out of death so we can keep going~" she mentioned. Surprisingly enough there was a lot of truth in her statement. She knew what death was like in the magical world and would indeed drag him out if he died without question. Too bad magic wasn't a thing as much here... she'd already gotten comfortable, she didn't want to move to be able to clean her face. Oh, but she didn't have to, she'd already tested her ability to use Snatch outside of the other world, and she still had it. She opened her hand and pulled a clean washcloth from Yugi's bathroom, which she knew the location of given her trip the previous day. She'd wipe off her face from her comfortable position in his lap and use the inverse side of it on his manhood as well, cleaning them both up without having to get up of her own accord. That was nice. "Oh, right. I meant to say... I can do that. I tested it earlier today..." she said in an offhanded manner. Something as strange as her magical abilities seemed to have slipped her mind post coitus until she had use of the skills.

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    True, Kimiko had been saying for ages now that she was quite the degenerate. It wasn't that Yugi didn't believe her, but... concepts and reality were so very different, the latter could never truly be expected to such an extent. The more he experienced for himself though, the more he realized how much better the reality of it all was. So long as she didn't needlessly censor herself for what may be assumed as his sake, he hadn't a single thing to complain about. "Good. Fuck filters," he commented. Apparently, his sudden deathly heart attack would only result in the lass dragging him out of whatever afterlife he went to. He strangely believed that. She, after all, had been the primary factor in his overcoming The Devouring in Atlantis, and she did have the ability to do such a thing in the other world. One could easily believe those abilities did, or could, transfer here with their other random traits. One such showcasing came soon in the form of Kimiko's Snatch skill, which she used to retrieve a cloth for all that ejaculate staining their flesh. She was Greed, as those weirdos from the other day would say─ of course that would be easily manifested by her. "I figured you did. I haven't tested my stuff as much as I should, but I can like... break or fix stuff, normally at a cost. Gotta find the caveats of that soon."

    Did Detective Gojo's boss believe any of the things he said? There seemed to be some skepticism coming from the other end of the line, likely due in part to Gojo's ridiculous tone at the time. Oh well; he shouldn't have been sent on a job like this in the first place. Luckily for Gojo, even the possibility of Ashikaga Tokiomi's involvement was enough to momentarily silence his superior. "Ho─ is that right? Are you sure, sir? I'd hate to back down now and avoid getting some crucial information for this important case you've sent me on. Hey, I'm just a rookie after all! I really want to impress whenever possible, so of course I'm willing to stick around here unless you're really sure I should get back to the car~"

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    Kimiko had indeed been mentioning her level of degeneracy for quite a while. More than her disposition being shocking to the lad in some way though, his general acceptance of it was shocking to her. She'd always found in the past, that her personality was a bit too much for most people. She'd always been pretty worried that whenever she actually got around to liking a guy, that her sexual deviance would leave her and him properly incompatible. So, imagine her surprise, when Yugi claimed this was fine and that she didn't need filters. "Hai hai, for you... no filters~" she mentioned happily. There was something about her that would seem soft after a moment like that, still she couldn't really help it. All she really wanted was for the person she chose to accept her in ways she'd not found herself to be accepted before, in the ways she needed. Yugi was showing himself to be exactly that and so much more. What was more, there was a singular experience binding them to each other, and that was their time in the other world.

    Apparently, Yugi hadn't been testing his abilities very much, but he did have some understanding of how they worked. "Hm, that still seems pretty useful. If the other skills are the base, you can probably assume a good or bad outcome for something outside based on the type of thing you choose to do at the time," she said with a curt nod. "Oh, I'm also pretty sneaky. Well, I should say I rather easily snuck up behind someone earlier.... I was testing my rogue abilities," she mentioned going on to explain as she became even more relaxed in the moment. "Admittedly though, I am not sure if I was actually being sneaky or if the person I was sneaking up on, was a bit too engrossed in what they were doing... which was, casually browsing Tamao hentai on Rule34," she said with a chuckle. "I swear he looked like a doom flag had appeared right in front of him when he noticed me staring at his screen," she said, relaying a fun part of her day. "He also panicked and didn't hit home screen and instead I got to watch as his entire recent saved image windows closed themselves. So, I got to watch the inverse of his general search..." she summarized the ending. All of this situation was only made more funny by the fact that it was her Human Resources Administrator. She enjoyed having someone to talk to about the stuff she managed to get into while they were apart. There were very few opportunities for such things in her regular life, she felt right including Yugi in such moments now.

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    No filters would be used by Kimiko, so Yugi would make an effort to keep his own filters at bay as well. That last part would be quite difficult, but the effort would remain nonetheless. Moving on from such thoughts though, he worked on catching his breath while his arms rested atop Kimiko's legs, in place of his own lap due to her positioning. Relaxation came more easily than ever before; he could have even fallen asleep under normal circumstances. Mental capacity was in use as well, considering their talk of whatever special powers functioned in this world. "That seems pretty easy to do, yeah. That crazy girl had a problem with how her power works; everything she tried made the opposite thing happen. I don't like that, so I'm definitely not doing it. Hmm..." The young man paused to think over Kimiko's other mention. She had her stealth abilities as well, did she? Well, it was likely at least. "Maybe I don't need to think about the Wrath stuff so much, and should try something else for a bit."

    Kimiko had spent the earlier part of her day testing abilities, but more interesting was the situation surrounding said test. Rule 34 was a legendary website among degenerates far and wide. She'd used her rogue skills to sneak up on someone, presumably a worker of hers, and she'd caught him perusing that site? Once more, Yugi was rendered a laughing mess. "You're fucking serious? Well at least he had good taste in hentai. I've seen Tamao's pages, and well... people do a lot to her," he added.

    In the meantime, Gojo Satoru was encountering a streak of luck at last. He was essentially ordered to get off the property and avoid encountering Ashikaga Tokiomi at all costs, reduced to at least sitting in his car until Kimiko left this strange lad's home. He could settle for that, maybe even find some music to entertain himself with until those obviously horny teens decided to part ways for the night. Hopefully this wasn't going to be something that lasted until the next day. . .

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    Kimiko found herself in supreme comfort stretched out across Yugi's lap. At the same time, this comfort only reached higher levels as his arms came to rest across her legs. She found it amazing how far they'd come, from him freaking out about being in close proximity to her, to having sex and cuddling happily post coitus. If someone had told her this was legitimately possible six months ago, she likely would have laughed at them. Now though... she could do nothing but relax while starting up at his face from her current angle. He seemed to be working his way through is own thoughts, though there wasn't any tension in his body that she could feel. Instead he was thinking apparently about how his skills could be utilized. He had an example and didn't like the way it turned out. He decided he didn't want his own skills to be worked at such a level. Yugi seemed to think of trying out some other skills in the meantime and Kimiko could only agree with such a decision. "That's a pretty reasonable choice as well. I would find my utility skills a bit more useful than most others... I'm sure you have a few that you'd rather use even over Wrath. Like Instinct or any of your crafting skills depending on how they translate," she concluded based on her knowledge of him. She imagined he'd make better use of his crafting skills or even maybe Instinct or something similar if he had it. When she mentioned it, she found herself inconsciously toying with that gemstone around her neck. She'd not worn it before but felt strangely about not having it on her person. Now it was an object of comfort, one she hadn't even properly tried using for what it was for, she simply knew it was with her when she appeared back in this world.

    Ah, but as they moved on in conversation... it seemed that Yugi also found the situation of her employee funny. "Of course I'm serious. I also respect the choice. I've never gone looking for Tamao or anything, but from what I saw a lot of people enjoy the idea of topping a woman who would definitely castrate them..." she said giving a bit of thought. "Still, at least I don't have to worry about the tastes of my Human Resources Administrator. Even if I almost gave him a heart attack~" she mused. Kimiko was more than aware of her status as a frightening individual. Even so, she didn't have any negative thoughts about anyone she hired or recommended for her team personally.

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