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    "I mean, it's not like I don't want to use Wrath at all; it actually seems like it can be pretty useful," Yugi explained. There was another reason the idea of using that power annoyed him, though it was only a theory. In his experience however, his theories were rarely wrong, if ever. "I just get the feeling that weird chick is gonna end up linked to me in a more hardcore way if I start using it. What if I slap my alarm clock in the morning and she just pops up in my bed at random?" Though Yugi's train of thought came from a rational place, it did go rather irrational in the end. Still, he wouldn't discredit the possibility. He could go about using his crafting abilities if possible, giving more consideration to all likelihoods related to his Wrath abilities later. First though, his hand reached out to tap the gem worn on Kimiko's neck. "Oh, and this thing... I think it might be something serious here. Did I ever get around to explaining the pocket dimension part?"

    The moment Kimiko mentioned the strangeness of a preference for Tamao, Yugi quirked a brow. Yes, it did seem people had a thing for doing that. How interesting it was though, that she'd be the one to make a proclamation like that. "Well, yeah. I guess it's like a win on two fronts, huh?" he asked. One had to wonder if Kimiko knew the slight hypocrisy behind her own statement. She was exactly the type capable of castrating someone, even if in a more metaphorical sense than a physical one. She could do such a thing to any man at any time, and yet she played the role of a submissive so well. Perhaps he wouldn't directly bring up that clause. . .

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    It seemed that Yugi had a like for his Wrath based abilities, but he was at least a little off-put by the idea of it summoning the crazed lass who was connected to his power directly to him. The example he chose to use to frame his worry was about the potential of it summoning her when he angrily lashed out at his alarm clock. This potentially perverse situation was one which initially made Kimiko laugh. If only because she found it funny that it was the first place his mind went as a negative to power use. "Hahahaha~ Of course that's where your mind went," she mentioned. Though she was inclined to agree with his hypothesis, especially considering what she'd been told by Regulus. "I can't say it's a wrong thought though, given what that creep in the police station said, I'm pretty sure those two would basically be like NPC pets to us. Summoned by use of power, though I didn't manage to summon him while doing it before... it likely takes a bit more intent than a single use sort of thing~" she mentioned trying to apply normal logic to the magical powers they had based on a video game they both played enough to get sucked into another world. "If you're that worried about it though, I could always wake you up instead. I'm sure you couldn't possibly lash out at me~" she said giving him a playful wink. Of course, she was less prone to waking up on her own than most, but since she had a schedule to keep she could actually manage such a thing if he wanted a gentler wake up than his alarm clock. At the same time as their conversation progressed, Yugi reached out to tap the jewel she was still playing with around her neck. According to him it could be something serious and then he asked if he'd explained something about it. Her brows rose and she immediately looked a bit confused and awed for the same reason. "You made it do something with a pocket dimension... what the hell did you give me?!" she asked, her tone surprised, but instead of outrage or fear her eyes seemed instead to fascinated with potentials. She so rarely accepted gifts that every time she heard about a different aspect of this one, she was nothing shy of surprised and intrigued.

    On the other side of the conversation, did Kimiko notice the hypocrisy of her own words. No. No, she didn't. In fact, she didn't see herself as being anything other than a type of lesser known normal. She was in fact, exactly the type to castrate a man with her words, she'd done so earlier without trying to, not that it'd been acknowledged as hurt feelings by her or the man whose pride she'd wounded. "I mean I guess... some people are the confront your fears types. I can't really fault it as logic. Though Tamao is definitely a frightening existence, I suppose there are a few crazy enough to take a shot," she said seeming to dismiss it. She was indeed exactly similar to Tamao in this situation, not that she'd ever really considered that fact.

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    Yugi shrugged upon having his mindset's direction pointed out. Of course it was a little perverse, but that was simply the way he'd always been. It could actually be linked to the way he saw his ideal future at one point, which involved leaving high school and having a cushy, relaxing job filled with accidental sexual scenarios. Even now, Yugi was fond of that idea... though not at all with that crazy little woman involved at all. Yes, repurposing his vision would do better than scrapping it entirely. Maybe he could find some way to consensually curse Kimiko and put her in the situations he imagined? That would be fun. "And if you wanted to do something like that, I wouldn't even complain. Well... I'd probably complain about my security system, but I guess I could blame rogue hax─" he interjected before his thoughts returned to the same sequence. Ah, what if they were coworkers in that cushy job as well? No, that could never really happen, given her position in society. Oh well; it was nice to dream anyway.

    Speaking of dreaming, he'd done a lot of that while conscious and working on that damn puzzle sphere. Perhaps as a result, he was imagining some of its features? There were certainly some he achieved unintentionally, but left in place after refining regardless. Among those features was something... very much not done on purpose. Kimiko asked, so she would be told. "So you know how there's like... a room inside that sphere, that's sort of interdimensional? It's... not really a room. There's a whole world in there; I just used the edit function to build a room inside it. I wasn't even trying to make an infinite space or anything; it just kind of happened─" he clarified. "Anyway, since it's a dimension of its own, I don't think it really cares about world boundaries or whatever. You could probably..."

    With a pause, Yugi tapped the ruby hanging from the girl's neck. A small flash of light grew into a beam, and in his hand thereafter was something strange indeed. He held an object not yet acquired by Kimiko, from unknown lands. It seemed to be some sort of eight-pointed star made of Magic Silver, featuring some sort of pale emerald at its center and various places throughout curved points. This was obviously not something belonging to this world, but also nothing native to any of the places they'd been in the other world. "... pull something from either world, into either world, because the space is connected to neither world. The hell is this thing?" the lad thought to question, while also deciding to slip in a mention of Kimiko's... interesting hypocrisy. "I feel like I should take offense for being called crazy. Have you met you?"

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    According to Yugi, he'd have no complaints if she wanted to come wake him up in the mornings, except for the apparent failings of his security system. Hm, that was interesting information. Should she take that as affirmative consent to her waking him in whatever way she chose? "Hoh? I could take that as consent you know... to wake you however I like~" she teased while flicking those crimson eyes of hers up towards his face. She was exactly the sort of person who would, take advantage of such a situation. Perhaps she'd use his response to gauge his reaction to such a thing.

    Moving right along, apparently he had an explanation for her, and the explanation was something she couldn't believe. Oh, just a nice interdimensional world within that puzzle sphere he'd given her, on white day, while passing out. So the depth of his gift had been, an interdimensional pocket for all of her stuff. One that ignored the boundaries of the world and space and TIME! How would they be finding this out, he tapped the jewel around her neck and out popped some strange item. It looked to be made of Magic Silver, but she'd never seen it before this moment. "I don't know what the hell that is! You should ask yourself, Mr. Put-an-entire-interdimensional-world in a girl's pocket! I didn't expect this, I was just worried you weren't into me. This is so much!" she said she was almost amazed and outraged and really touched actually. Thinking about all the ways she felt, she could have collapsed in on herself. "Is it weird that I like that though? I mean, I'm not really prone to accepting gifts from people... but you made it for me and it was a puzzle. And you seem so excited while doing them I felt like I wanted to have in on the fun since you made it for me. So I did it, and then it was always more amazing as I went on... I was really happy you did something for me. But it's no wonder you slept for a week after that... you didn't really have to go so far, ya' know." She mentioned. She knew she was a bit outlandish sometimes, but she didn't mean to be so crazy all the time. Whatever the case, Yugi went on to take a more obvious jab at her hypocrisy which made the lass pout like a child. "You take offense?! This is the second time today I am hearing that apparently. It's all, 'You walk around with dragon fangs in a teen superstar's mouth.' and 'Ouch. There goes all that alleged ego.' Meanwhile, I know me... I don't think I'm that bad..." she said crossing her arms over her chest, playfully cross.

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    "Hmm." Yugi appeared to be giving some consideration to the idea of being woken. To do so, she'd first have to break into his abode. Why did he like that thought? He supposed it would always be reasonable to have an additional key made for the box he lived in, but even before reaching that particular idea, there was some excitement within him. "If that's what you want, go for it. I don't know why you'd bother coming all the way here for that, but I don't mind at all," he claimed. The more he thought about it, the better that was as an idea. Ah, what if such a thing went back to the other world with them, whenever they managed to return? Could he expect a different version of the lass each time? A random fantasy to have was the idea of there being multiple all at once, but... that wasn't primary brain thinking.

    As for the strange star Yugi now held, it seemed Kimiko didn't have a clue what it was either. Did she really grab things so haphazardly that she didn't recognize something she'd taken? That didn't seem right. She was far too attached to her own acquisition of things to avoid having some level of mental record for everything in her collection─ at least enough to recognize something after seeing it. How strange... This wasn't something that had been in that realm prior to Yugi's creation of the vault itself. "Oi oi, it's not like I was trying to hand over a literal world or anything; that part just kind of happened. Besides, the puzzle part was sort of just a pet project. I didn't want to say before, but I remember thinking the progression of it was weird. Those paths on the sphere? They're sort of like access codes. I wanted to make a super crazy puzzle that, after being solved once, could be re-solved in a bunch of different ways. All those lines and buttons are tied to different functions, like a Pandora's Box type thing!" he explained, taking a moment thereafter to reconsider his earlier approach. "And I... probably should have mentioned that at the beginning, actually. Might have been useful, huh? Tell you what; I'll give you another spoiler now! You know how Rifts and stuff work in the lore of AoE?"

    Kimiko didn't think she was so bad as a social phenomenon. How? The description she gave from the mouth of another, clearly given by the man she made fear for his job and life, was disturbingly accurate... on a disturbing number of levels. Yugi couldn't discredit it at all; it just so happened to be the case that he rather fancied such a thing. "Dragon fangs does kinda sum you up. I mean... I like that shit, but... degen. You do have the look of someone ready to bite any random passerby's head off for walking too close."

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    Yugi took a moment to think about those teasing words she offered him, and Kimiko for her part in this situation seemed to be enamored watching him in the moment. He liked the idea didn't he? He was probably thinking some extra degenerate stuff too, like if they could do it in the other world, how often she'd wake him up with a different face... probably. Hm, thinking about it now, she only had a few Avatars, perhaps it'd be worth while to make a few others and test out the full range of his appreciation for her various potential forms. "I want a lot of things, Yugi. Breaking into and out of places is a personal talent I've had since I was a small child. So, it really isn't much of an issue. And I like it here, so I would come all the way here just to wake you up and spend more time with you~" she mused as if she'd been granted the greatest gift of all time. Oh, yes. She'd enjoy this consented to breaking and entering at some point in the future.

    Moving on from that there was the conversation to be had about her specific gift of a puzzle. The complexity of it, amazed her even at base, as he began to explain it a bit she only became more astounded. It'd made it like a Pandora's Box, of legend. Something which could contain everything in the world if it needed to, how very outlandish. "I thought it was changing a bit each time I opened it. But I have a pretty easy time of it now... I can do it with just telepathy and mana when I'm not in the mood to hang on to it..." she stated. As the exchange expanded she thought about rifts and 'stuff' in AoE. She was familiar with all of that, by virtue of being an avid player of that particular game. "Yes, I am familiar with the rifts, but what specifically. I mean I know I can see them on the big map... I had a look while I was in Atlantis literal months ago~" she said teasing in her tone. "But don't keep me waiting, explain, I wanna know!" she said seemingly excited about finding out what more her outrageous present did.

    It seemed that before that though, there was the matter of her present pouty mood and the words spoken to her by Romani. It seemed that Yugi agreed with them and fancied her being that way for his own benefit. Of course he would, he even admitted in the moment to it being a degenerate trait. "I wouldn't bite off a stranger's head for walking too close. Only for touching me without consent," she said making a mockery of the entire thing. "It doesn't really matter though, if you like the way I am... I see no reason to change..." she said cutting her eyes away a small blush appearing on her face. It was still very foreign to her, the idea of someone liking and not criticizing the way she was at base, as such Yugi claiming to like it, even for degenerate reasons caused a bit of softness in her.

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    Without so much as a word about it being spoken outside of Yugi's own head, Kimiko herself spoke of breaking in. His eyes widened just slightly, his gaze shifting from that held star to the girl's face. Why was that her first assumption? It wasn't really an issue, and there was justification for the thought within her clause, but... it was strange nonetheless. "You know... I could just have another key made. They're not that expensive or anything─" he said. Even so, there was a thrill to the idea of her actually breaking into his box for such a simple reason. Maybe that was another degenerate thing. . .

    Kimiko did realize some slight differences each time she solved the sphere. He expected no less of her, and her doing so meant more and more features were being unlocked over time. Having it attuned to his own energy, Yugi had a sense in the other world what features were open at any given time, though he wondered if Kimiko would find the ways to know them herself. Maybe that would become the case some time after the coming explanation. "Well, it's a tear in reality that either gets partially or fully sealed by the group who clears whatever bleeds through to the world, right? So your thing works kinda like that. The sphere is like a solid, moving door to another dimension, and that pendant is like some sort of magic-y key or whatever. The same way Rifts can be turned into Dungeons or Domains, you can sort of just... make them with that stuff, as part of the first unlock. It's not as simple as just linking a room inside to something outside; it can be creation on either end. Anyway... in single player mode, doing a Rift doesn't affect the passage of time in the overworld. I mentioned it being time-locked or something, right? That's not completely true. There isn't a time clause inside the thing, unless you decide to turn one on. This weird star thing... might be something you don't even pick up for another twenty years─"

    She wouldn't bite off someone's head for walking too close, but she would do so for unwarranted touching. What an interesting specification, albeit rational. Irrational as most humans were though, he imagined there would actually be a lot of head-biting in the daily life of Ashikaga Kimiko, if only she were to be out and about without the usual guard detail more often. Now then, what was Yugi to do with this solid information? He'd make light of it, of course! Kimiko's eyes averted, her face flushed, and then... Yugi's forefinger pressed itself against her cheek. Oh dear, it seemed he'd forgotten to ask before touching. "Hmph."

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    It seemed that Kimiko's words resonated with Yugi in a strange way. A chuckle escaped her as the lad mentioned that he could always have another key made for her that it wasn't expensive but that wasn't really the point. "Where's the fun in that? I mean... I wouldn't turn down a key or anything... but I could also just steal yours and have a copy made, don't take away my small victories. I really have to take all of them... where I can, when I can," she mentioned. As a person who was usually provided everything she did or didn't want, taking things for herself had become something of a necessary indulgence. She'd sneak out and play her arcade games, instead of asking to be taken. She walked here and searched out the Geno Killer on her own using his clues instead of making her tech person seek him out in a couple of minutes, etcetera. An aspect of her greed wasn't just getting things, it was getting them in her own terms, which was markedly difficult while being an heiress that everyone expected to just give whatever she wanted. It was terribly hard getting people to understand she'd rather work at things than have them forked over to her with minimal effort. How would she ever learn independence if she literally let everyone do everything for her all the time?

    Yugi went on to present a simple explanation of the inner and outer workings of Rifts and how it connected to the interdimensional planet that Kimiko had within her sphere. The sphere was like a door which ignored the laws of everything and the pendant around her neck currently was like a magic based key. She could make Dungeons and Domains and take control of them with the first unlocks of her sphere. Kimiko gave several blinks... did he have any idea how crazy that was? The end of his explanation was, that time didn't exist within the dimension itself, unless she wanted it to, so... the item he'd pulled out of it, she might not pick up for some years to come. "That's... so much. I can have stuff I don't have yet, just because I'll have a mind to pick it up at some point in the future. Do you have any idea how much stuff, I like having... just to have it? How a person like me plays a game and literally just fills inventory space because it's an option and I might... stress might want it later?!" she was in a huff again. But this time it was very different. "That's perfect... it's a perfect thing for me. You gave me something I didn't ask for and its absolutely perfect for me. What am I suppose to do with you?" she asked of the world at large. Well, if he was this good at figuring her out and appealing to her veiled motivations, he was obviously a dream existence for her. She'd already stated he was precious to her, now his degeneracy, acceptance and ability when it came to her, were all so outlandish that she absolutely knew she'd never be able to let him go. That she'd give him everything and never be unsatisfied by the situation.

    While she sat in her aghast, surprised and slightly abashed state, Yugi went on to poke her face with one of his fingers. Hadn't she just said she'd only bite the heads off of people for touching her without consent? Well, yes, but he was about to find out something very different. Kimiko didn't consider him one of the people who couldn't touch her. In fact, in his case it was just the opposite. She turned her head and gently flicked that finger with her tongue. "Careful, Yugi... you aren't a stranger. I won't just bite your head off unless you want me too~" she said offering him a flirty wink. Immediately after she'd close her teeth gently around his finger tip. Unfiltered Kimiko's brain was in 100 different places all the time, seventy-five percent of them, not safe for work.

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    Of course she would rather break in than be given a key. Why would anyone expect any different of the girl who chose to play as a Rogue Lancer, while obviously having a preference for Archer strategies? It was so clearly stemming from a desire to put forth effort, to have thievery as a possibility. Why would she take yet another gift, when she could acquire entry by her own means? "Yare yare. I'm never gonna be able to give you something again, am I?" he asked rhetorically. There was a difference of opinion between them, it seemed. While one wanted to earn their own, the other wanted to produce an offering. That may have been done already, but... that didn't matter in the mind of Yugi. Oh well; he'd figure something else out down the line.

    Most of the puzzle sphere's design, in fact, was just a bunch of nifty ideas Yugi had based on the desires of the common gamer. Kimiko claimed its functionality was perfect, but wasn't that just the sort of conjecture gamers always had when playing something? Everything could always be just a bit better. In this case, he found the ability to make it so. "Well it's not like it wasn't common sense, right? You're a collector, and one thing every collector wants in a game is more inventory space. I just figured it would be pretty cool to have an infinite inventory box locked behind a minigame, so... there you go─" the lad explained abashedly.

    Onto the sudden nonconsensual touch, Kimiko had a strange reaction to offer. His finger was grazed by her tongue, just prior to him catching sight of a wink that accompanied a... flirt? Did that count as a flirt? That was probably a flirt. Ah, she nipped at his finger as well─ definitely a flirt then. "I mean... yeah? I guess I should be asking what you mean by bite and head, if that's the case─"

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    Kimiko was a strange lass. Given everything most people would normally desire she took a great amount of satisfaction in acquiring things for herself. The quirk of her personality was that when she could get something for herself, she'd rather do it that way. The words that came from Yugi made her laugh a bit, she'd come to understand that he was the type of person who wished to make offerings of himself in various ways. As such, she wouldn't actually turn down anything he gave her, though she was the type to value different things from the standard. "Iie, you can still get me things if you like... I'll accept what you give me, because I understand already that you aren't just trying to sway or bribe me with said gifts. Breaking into your place is a personal goal of mine... but that is just for amusement and potentially pervy things that can happen because of it," she said with a curt nod, more unfiltered Kimiko thoughts. She likely would have left that last bit out normally to avoid being seen in a certain light.

    As if to further prove her point, he went on to explain that his design of her puzzle sphere had been a thing of common sense for him. He knew she liked collecting things, and drew from his own mind that collectors enjoyed inventory space. He included the puzzle aspect as a mini-game and a security measure and gave her something she could find useful, not just some random trinket she could have farmed for herself. Similarly enough, he'd also given her the regenerative earrings he'd made knowing that at the time her build lacked a bit of fortitude when it came to mana usage. These were things which were thoughtful and not just things done to elicit a particular response. These were things worth accepting. "That exact sort of explanation is why I accept things from you. Because, yes, it is pretty common to come to that sort of conclusion about what could be useful... but not many people take enough time to think about that sort of thing when giving to other people. I tend to place more value on things which are thought out, and that I can't get for myself... so something like the treasury, my earrings and your company and all the new and cool things you show me are worth a lot to me... I can and do appreciate them. I didn't get a chance to say that before..." she said seeming just as abashed. Miki was a person who would have gotten completely embarrassed and stammered over admitting such a thing, Kimiko herself was less soft and had no problem fully explaining why she liked what he did for her and why she found his company enjoyable.

    Well, there were other reasons she found his company enjoyable. One such thing was his present disposition after a pretty hardy flirt. He said yes, but mentioned he probably should be asking for clarification about what she meant by the meaning of her word choice. She couldn't help but laugh at the thought, "Hoh? Curious? I could mean a lot of things couldn't I? Hm, maybe I'll just let you hang in suspense over that~" she teased. "Or surprise you with it? Hm?" she asked of him still obviously finding the whole thing amusing. She currently had no intention of clarifying as she stared at his face and smiled almost innocently. Oh, but it wasn't very innocent. This was one of those practiced smiles, the kind that other people seemed to be incapable of seeing through, done on purpose to further tease the lad whose naked lap she still occupied.

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