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    "Oh? Well maybe it's too late, and now I'll just give up forever on doing it! After all, it was obviously all an incredibly clever ploy to get into your pants!" Yugi announced in a truly comical mockery of a huff. Even if Kimiko didn't intend to accept anything from him, he wouldn't be stopped from offering whatever he thought suitable. He was a bit doting at times, despite the biting tones and all the hullabaloo on the outside.

    Regardless of all that, his gifts were to be accepted, according to Kimiko herself. As for why, it was allegedly due to the way he presented the existing ones. He didn't think there was much to it, but if it worked, it worked. "I don't get that problem. I'm not much of a gift-getter or anything, but I figure one should mean something, and not just be some trinket. Besides, it's not like I could give you anything that you couldn't pick up with your equivalent of pocket change in either world. Gotta improvise sometimes," he rambled. Having his offerings appreciated was about all he could ask for, and that would only have been achievable if he put forth some actual effort in acquiring them. Speaking of effort...

    He had to think once more. What sort of meaning was there behind the girl's words? Well, it could have easily been banter, but was that really her? Did she mean any implications, or was he jumping the gun with his own perversions, only for her to follow suit while knowing what his assumptions were? Did any of those details make even a single difference? No. The important thing here, was what Kimiko intended to do with the information only she had. Just as important though, was Yugi's opinion on the matter, and he would be giving it. "Surprises are fun sometimes. You've already got some planned, obviously, so what's one more? Though... is it really a surprise if I'm expecting it, or is just the timing a surprise? You might have to work extra~"

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    That mocking tone of Yugi's wasn't missed by Kimiko. That might work on other people, but she knew the truth of him already. "Oh really? This from the same guy who spent months avoiding as much physical contact with me as possible and avoided my pants like the plague? All while entering into a fair partnership with me? Fat chance," she said. There was no amount of elaborate ploy which would have made it possible for this lad to have been doing anything other than avoiding her for a huge amount of time. No, he had no negative intentions for her, she definitely would have seen through such a thing given all the time they'd spent together. Besides all of that, he was absolutely kind, much like herself, a bit scary on the outside, but pretty reasonably soft in the right circumstances.

    It seemed that he didn't quite understand the sort of problem that Kimiko had, she supposed her position made that sort of problem a bit unique. "I suppose it is a strange problem to have. When I give gifts, I try to be thoughtful, make it something the person I am giving to would enjoy... though it's pretty rare as a thing for me to do. Effort is what makes things count for me, both for what I give and what I accept. So improvising is all good for me~" she explained of herself in certain situations. Her gift to him in Atlantis was the sort of thing she did for other people. She could easily buy things, and if she thought the item was something someone wanted and couldn't get for themselves, she'd get it for them. But for the most part, she enjoyed the idea of experiences she didn't want to get people things that wouldn't leave a lasting impression. She also didn't like receiving those sorts of things, which was a problem she had in general.

    As an aside of all that, she got to watch as Yugi obviously thought over her words. What a novel experience this was... He was so obviously unsure of what to make of her words, she found herself staring into his visage as he worked it out. It was a great thing, there was so much depth to his face when he was thinking. She was excited to find out about that it translated to this world as well. She could watch him forever and be satisfied by the experience. There was so much light in her eyes in the moment as she enjoyed his current visage. "Well, one would think knowing a surprise was coming would mean I have to put in more effort. I'd kind of welcome that to be honest... but then there are more questions, right?" she asked that same teasing tone in her voice. "Which kind of surprise is coming first? What lengths will I go through to enact the surprise? When will I spring them on you? What will your reaction be? Will I trickle them in over time... Oh, the possibilities are endless, I'm sure you realized that already~" she stated.

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    "Oi! I wasn't exactly avoiding physical contact or anything. I was just uh... y'know... doing stuff. Yeah, doing stuff." The poor lad couldn't even produce a proper lie, even in jest. There were many things he could have said, but nothing that would have properly shifted the topic from this unwarranted callout. No matter. At this point, it was all nothing but needless banter anyway, so it didn't matter if he set himself up for failure here and there.

    All this talk of gift-giving was causing Yugi to have an idea or two, interestingly enough. Most of his thoughts were none too savory, but that was alright, wasn't it? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, but perhaps his greatest idea was nothing material at all. Ah, but wasn't that the best sort in this situation? He'd give it more thought, maybe consider a few extra clauses to throw in, and present it at a later date. "Thoughtful is always the right way. Actually, I think I might have something in mind now... though it might be more for me than anything, I'm debating being a little greedy myself. I'll sleep on it later~"

    The star Yugi had been holding onto for quite some time now vanished as the conversation continued, returning to the depths of Kimiko's vault. In the meantime, she spoke of the caveats surrounding the new arrangement they were coming to. There were indeed many possibilities, many variables even, to the ordeal. Yugi hadn't a single problem with any of them. "That's all subjective. What my reaction will be isn't something that makes a difference to me, so that has nothing to do with my level of anticipation. As for everything else, it's all just a matter of time, so it's not too big a variable either. I know things are coming, I have a general idea what they might be, and... you know, other stuff I can say to subliminally convince you to go completely overboard with degeneracy at your earliest convenience~"

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    Yugi claimed he hadn't been avoiding contact with her at all, that he'd simply been doing 'stuff'. Stuff. What a perfectly vague absolute lie that was coming from him in a moment like this. It'd been clear as day to her, that Yugi had been avoiding her. She'd even begun to question herself regarding him, maybe they really were just friends, maybe he was into dudes... maybe she wasn't actually his type?! All those things had filtered through her head at some point during her adventures, but when it'd come down to the moment of truth, it was always pretty obvious they were both into each other, at least a little. "Stuff, huh? Like jumping away every three seconds that a point of physical contact lasted~" she teased. "I should get to know what all stuff entails, I'm your partner after all, I should definitely get to know when 'stuff' relates to me directly~" she mused seeming to find some new kind of enjoyment in this current line of teasing.

    Whatever the case, as they discussed manner and methods of gift-giving, Yugi seemed to be upon a new idea. He stated something about the nature of his own greed and said he'd sleep on whatever idea of whatever gift he had in mind for Kimiko. The girl's eyes lit up. "I accept!~" she said firmly. "And I'm looking forward to it... " she mentioned seemingly giddy. Now she was all excited. What could he have been thinking of? What did he think counted as being greedy? Would it be fun? She had many of her own questions building up in an instant and all of them were written all over her face.

    What was more than even that, was his apparent take on all the variables involved in their new arrangement. Kimiko cut her eyes at the lad when hearing those words specifically. Even claiming to be trying to edge her to levels considered 'completely overboard' when it came to degeneracy. She couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh, but why would you encourage me to go overboard. You have no idea what I'd consider that to be...." she said with a happy smile on her face. "You might be nudging yourself into a situation you might not like~" she mentioned, while tapping his chin. That item he'd held onto disappeared after a few moments and she knew it'd been returned to her treasury innately. Something like that was strange to realize but not necessarily bad. She wondered what other kinds of things she'd eventually find there. There were plenty of things that were covered by her own ideas of degeneracy and quite a few of them were location based. Was Yugi really ready to be dragged along on the kind of advetures that Kimiko had in mind? Well she'd find out eventually.

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    Yes, he may have been shirking away from the closeness for nearly half a year. No, he didn't intend to divulge the truth of it all. Yugi himself wouldn't have even been in such a situation, but the Avatar Kou was more like... all of his initial thoughts and reprehensions come to light, without any of the follow-up clauses. One could even say Kou was his softer side in general, but that wasn't a problem here. Here, he was unfiltered. Here, he didn't care as much if Kimiko had reason to offer second thoughts to their difference in standing. That wasn't fully true, but he at least had the sense to think beyond the nay-saying of his own midn. "Stuff is just... stuff, you know? Man biz! Yeah! By code, I can't tell you about the man biz unless you've got a dick!" he announced, seeming jokingly victorious.

    His potential gift was accepted without so much as a moment of thought. Now that was greed. "Eh? EH!?" he uttered in shock. "You don't even know what I'm thinking of! It's definitely the most unsultry shit I've ever even thought of, and you accepted it already!" His outrage was... somewhat legitimate as he stared, wide-eyed, at the girl laid across his lap. As much as she claimed the things he did were 'too much', she certainly had a habit of doing the same in different ways─

    Moving on, Kimiko decided to question why he'd want her going overboard. One day, each of them would understand the true limits, or mostly lack thereof, of the other. Today was not that day. "Why wouldn't I want to do that?" Yugi questioned. He knew where his own lines in the imaginary sand were, but despite how forthright Kimiko was with her own claims, he could never be 100% certain where her lines were drawn. As such, he felt it necessary to push a few buttons here and there. "I told you already, as long as it's not literal shit, I'm pretty sure I'm fine with it. Oh! Wait! None of that weird diaper shit either," he said firmly, just realizing another line that probably didn't need actual drawing. Still, it was worth a mention for casual discussion at least.

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    Man biz, he claimed. This was the nature of the thing he didn't wish to speak of. Even in this form of teasing, there was a certain amount of amusement present in the face of Kimiko. He'd made the claim that without a certain male appendage he'd not divulge his secrets. He'd forgotten already hadn't he, a look of smugness came over the lass' face as she seemed to be examining her nails for imperfection. "If that's all, you're going to have to tell me you know?" she asked of him with her eyes narrowing at their corners. "After all, you've already told me that if you have it, it's mine. That includes this~" she said with a casual stroke of that finger across his manhood so casually still on display. "Actually you quite literally give this to me, so you really can't say I don't have one... now can you?" she asked most teasingly. Never would she forget anything she'd been given, yes even in moments of joking conversation she wouldn't let something like this go. It simply wasn't in her nature.

    According to him beyond this point. The thing he was thinking of giving her was the most unsultry thing he could think of. Given his already established hard lines, it hardly seemed like something she would turn down regardless of what he claimed it was. "Oh? Well, I'll get both a new thing and something you apparently think is unsultry sounds like fun to me~" she claimed, with an amount of certainty that most would find startling but she hadn't lied at all. Kimiko was strangely open with her own deviance in this case, there was very little he could claim to offer her that she wouldn't take.

    Kimiko looked up at the lad with something akin to excitement in her own visage. Why wouldn't he want her going overboard he asked? With their shared tastes pretty obvious it should be more than clear to him why he wouldn't want that. But perhaps she was simply thinking too much about the softened version of him she'd come to know. He did seem to like her more demanding nature and all that came with it. Perhaps he'd be decently amused if she were to take a bit of control of his life for him. Oh, no poop, still on the list. No diapers either, the laugh that escaped her came from a great place within her belly. "Oi oi, I'm not into that either. I actually count all of that in the same no shit category. Infantilizing people is weird, no two ways around it. I draw that line at bratty behavior..." she said which should have been obvious by her previous moments. Still there was her actual ideas to be addressed. Perhaps she could approach it a bit more broadly to avoid sounding like a crazy person. "Hm, a lot of reasons. You seem to understand my nature, but do you understand what it means for someone like me to truly monopolize you?" she asked of him in rhetoric, there was a devious smile appearing on her face. Oh, she could drag him to school and have a lot of fun. In corners, on the rooftop, in the library, hell in the gym equipment room, all kinds of cozy places lightly monitored for them to have impromptu sexual encounters.

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    Oh. Right, she was definitely going to turn his words around on him; he should have expected that much. The attitude she carried when doing so, however, was a special kind of appealing. From the nonchalant body language, all the way to that little flick of his manhood, was downright entrancing to the lad. "I. Well, that's..." he stammered. "That's just not fair. I call hax on conditional clause! That's not even the same. You're a girl, so you don't even get the absolute fury and hatred that us guys treat our own junk with!" he proclaimed with a strange amount of honesty. Still, there was the slightest addition of a red hue just below his eyes. . .

    How ridiculous. Yugi could have been thinking of anything, bar a few specific things that would receive a hell no from even him. How then, could she openly accept without prior knowledge? "That's kinda ridiculous, isn't it? I could have been thinking of sodomy and chains and whips and stuff," he explained. That wasn't at all where his mind had been going, but he had to point out how extreme Kimiko's instant reaction was.

    Just as extreme, was Yugi's aversion to the things he'd listed. Kimiko shared said aversions, which was always a plus, but she also shared a preference for bratty behavior... on the other side of the equation. As for what it meant for her to truly monopolize something, namely him in this case, there was a very simple answer as to whether he knew or not. "Not a damn clue! And honestly, that's what makes me really excited. It's pretty rare for me to not solve a puzzle, even when the puzzle is a person. Never managed to figure you out, though. I like that, and all the complications that come with failing to know what's going on in your head."

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    Stammering. That was about what she expected as she looked up into this lad's face. She still managed to look unbothered by the whole of what she'd so recently said and done. Turning things around, playing the line of words and understanding. This was all a part of business and something she was rather good at. Besides all of that, man business was still business she could play a part in that too, as far as she was concerned. Ah, but his rebuttal came with a strange admission and a tint to the area right under his eyes. Awww! He was actually a bit abashed right at the moment. That was adorable, she'd never really get tired of such a reaction as the one she was so recently given. "Ara ara, how am I really supposed to resist teasing you when you make faces like that, Yugi!?~" she asked with innocent light in those eyes of hers. Still she reached up to gently hold the side of his face. "Still, that isn't really much of an out, though, I'll accept the conditional clause, because I can't really know that. It's pretty fair as a girl I have an entirely different perspective~" she said. Having elicited a new sight from him, she could stop teasing him right at the moment, but how long that would last was sort of up in the air, considering her own personality.

    What was more, Yugi claimed that Kimiko's acceptance of a thing without knowing what it was, implied some level of ridiculousness. A chuckle escaped the lass as he claimed a couple of things which could have crossed his mind which were apparently on that less than sultry list. Still, even their mention did nothing to change the look on her face. Eventually, they'd figure out that both of their limits were aligned in some way, perhaps she'd do her fair share and keep explaining what her lack of limits actually meant. "Hm, sodomy isn't exactly off the table considering our shared interests. And whips and chains usually come with aftercare and some pretty clear communication, before... during and after. It isn't exactly like I have any current objections to any of that. I'd try it a couple of times to figure out if I like it or not at the very least," she explained of herself. "So, accepting it even without knowing isn't really a big deal now is it? There would be an experience I'd get to share with you, I can't turn that down at all~" she mused. Yes, that was about as clear as she could be on the situation. She truly would accept most things from him, aside from their hard shared noes.

    Moving on from those points, according to the man himself, Yugi had no idea what sort of deal he was signing himself up for by being monopolized by one like Ashikaga Kimiko. But when he spoke about the situation he didn't seem at all displeased by it as an idea. No, he claimed a level of excitement by not being able to figure it out exactly. According to the lad nothing usually presented that much of a challenge to him, when he considered it a puzzle, so not being able to figure her out was some kind of epic adventure for him, even when not knowing presented him complications. "Oh?" she said averting her eyes for the first time. She really couldn't do anything but take his excitement as a compliment at this point. "I'm flattered by that... I don't think anyone else likes not knowing what I am thinking. I'm pretty sure it stresses most people out to not clearly understand my intentions," she said though she was never truly unclear. Still him being excited about the whole thing gave her warm tingles, and only further cemented the idea that she wanted to spend more time with him not less. "You should come to school." She said in that same tone that implied it wasn't truly optional. Monopolizing him was something she intended, doing without him because she had other obligations wouldn't make her happy long term. So, getting him into the same places she was already going was about what she needed.

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    Again with the teasing. Yugi wasn't opposed to it at all; it was actually interesting to see the look on Kimiko's face while she experienced any sort of victory. Besides, it was all a bit of innocent fun on both sides. "You could know that," he said, skipping ever so casually over the mention of his own expression. That wasn't something he had words for. "All you have to do is grow a dick; you'll eventually be able to go all mechanical with it and do some furious jerking. Actually, I can probably trust you to use mine and learn the ways of the manpeople. Your hand's kinda small and dainty, so you definitely couldn't do any damage or anything... I think. Either way, ara ara me one more time and I'm liable to let you do anything you want─"

    Sodomy was on the table. Whips were on the table. Chains were on the table. Why did Yugi still not understand that nearly everything was on the table? He could hear it time and time again, but hearing still didn't equate to believing. It was so ridiculously unreasonable, how could anyone just outright believe it? Maybe he was a hypocrite. Maybe Kimiko was just crazy. Maybe both of these things were true, or maybe it didn't matter either way. The one truth of the situation was that both of them were in for a very interesting future. "Alright. I'll get used to all that eventually. For whenever that happens, my safe word is Wombo Combo," he joked. If nothing else, he would always be ready and willing to throw random humor into the mix.

    Of all the things Kimiko could get from his admittance, what she chose to latch onto was... flattery. He'd just admitted something strange, that he was attracted to her perplexing nature that put off so many. Well, that was probably the reason it was flattering, wasn't it? "Everybody else is dumb. I like when stuff makes me think, and that's something you do most of the time. My mind's still blown from back in Dwargon," he claimed. In the midst of their discussion, Kimiko had something else to say. 'You should come to school,' she uttered more randomly than any other statement thus far. Where the hell did that come from? If Yugi had anything in mind to do immediately, he gave up on it. "See, that's what I was talking about. We're having a conversation about jerkoffs, butt stuff and your RBF, and suddenly I should be going to school. Like... what? Did I do a dumb? The hell would I want to go to school for?"

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    Oh, she could know the information she claimed she didn't have. And how would she learn it? Well it appeared according to Yugi, all Kimiko had to do was grow herself a phallus and have a bit of fun with it. That was a hilarious bit of misdirection. The laugh that escaped her came from a good place. "Oh? Is that all I have to do? Well, I can't say I wouldn't do exactly that under the circumstances... I would at least be curious..." she said of the possibility of random manly anatomy. "But, I'd only bother growing one under the condition that you become a girl. I won't even demand you go through the crazy part of figuring out if you will get to have boobs or not~" she mused. Not even bothering to point out the craziness of growing a penis or anything. "So, I'll definitely use yours at my leisure and leave you to determine things like level of ferocity. And I ara when the mood strikes, it's nice to know the outcome of something as simple as an utterance though~" she teased. Oh, they were in for something rather interesting, either in the near or far future. What a strange set of individuals they were to have such random conversations without real prompting. It was one of Kimiko's greatest joys.

    Among the other things that caused her joy was their ability to randomly converse and joke with each other, even in the midst of something serious or sexual. Not many understood the humor that Kimiko presented, as such she had a lot of fun while chatting with Yugi about any random thing. His safe word of choice for the future was one such moment which elicited an almost reflexive response. "That ain't Falco." and just like that she giggled again. Yes, they were still naked. Just two teens relaxing and naked and joking in a box chatting about any random thing that crossed their minds.

    According to him, other people were dumb. He claimed to like thinking and she made him think. A small smile crossed her face in the moment, she took that piece of information as a victory for herself. She was doing something for him, that others didn't do in the same way. And apparently he was still thinking about something from an early point in their adventures together. "What did I do something weird in Dwargon? I can't think of anything..." she said remembering the whole of Dwargon as a standard adventure and not being able to pick out any particular thing that should have stood out about it. Apparently her most recent statement was one such strange and crazy interesting thing as well. He didn't get how she'd gotten to that point. Did he do something stupid? No. "Oh? That seemed random huh? I do a lot of thinking about things and skip right to the end for the out loud part... though since you aren't bothered by it, I didn't explain that before," the lass admitted. "You didn't do a dumb thing or anything like that. I want to monopolize you and spend all the time I can with you. I went to school as I am obligated to, but it's really boring. You'd make it less so. Besides, think of all the cool places we could make out and have sex in at school... it'd be worth it just for the extra thrill. And I'll have you to keep me company during the part of my day that wouldn't be nearly as tolerable without you. So, you should come to school." Finished as if it was completely logical. And yes, she did throw sex at school on the table to further sweeten the deal and no she saw no problem with it, because she honestly meant it.

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