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    "I'm sure you would be. It goes both ways, after all. Every guy knows exactly what he'd do the moment he randomly turned into a girl. We gotta know!" Yugi announced, knowing self-exploration would be higher on the list than anything else could ever be. What did things feel like on the other side? That had to be the eighth wonder of degeneracy. Moving on though, there was a curious mention of Kimiko going through the aforementioned magical transformation only if he went through it as well. That was... fair, but strange. "Pretty sure pegging is on that 'no' list too, actually. Though I guess..." The lad paused, taking several moments to give some consideration. "Yeah, I guess if I were a girl, you'd probably be a guy I went for. This is the sort of thing guys talk about, like... 'would you let your guy friends get a piece if you turned into a girl' and shit. Weird having it in this direction─"

    Random references to memes and other such things were aplenty with these two. One could be slipped into conversation by one and picked up on by the other with nary a missed beat, and things could progress smoothly thereafter with a laugh and continuation of the ongoing topic. Now was such a time, as Yugi chuckled all the way through to his next rebuttal. "It's not that you did anything weird in Dwargon. It's just..." He paused once more. Thinking back, the initial strangeness regarding Ashikaga Kimiko had been a matter of his own generalization. The girl remained an oddity among her social group, even without giving consideration to her position, but Yugi wasn't normally one to judge without reason to do so. Upon having the late realization of who the one called Miki really was, he'd let himself jump to conclusions for a bit. Luckily, that all passed. "It's nothing. I'm glad we met," was all he said in the end.

    He hadn't done anything dumb. That was good, as he was occasionally prone to dumb impulsions. Kimiko wished to have him attend school simply so they could remain in each other's company. Of course, this also included all the debauchery two perverts like them would get up to, and Kimiko didn't refrain from bringing that up at all. Yugi nearly moved past that mention, only to be silenced by his own thoughts before speaking about something else. "Wait... did you really just try to bait me into school with sex? How's that fair?"

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    A commonality between men and women... or maybe it was just one shared between two degenerate individuals? Regardless it seemed that both of them agree that at least a round or thirty of self-exploration would come directly as a result of having their gender randomly swapped. "Nice to know I'm not alone in those thoughts. I suppose I should have expected that in some way~" she mused seeming to find interesting how her thoughts aligned. Ah, but moving on from that point, they discussed this magical action of gender swapping and according to Yugi, he added pegging to his list of hard noes. "Hm, noted. Not that I had that in my thought pattern to start with, but its always nice to know where the lines are," she said. Admittedly, Kimiko never considered pegging, but it wasn't as if she'd miss it as an idea or anything. Though according to him, if he became a girl and she became a guy, he'd likely choose her again regardless. This was nice information to have, though admittedly this was a strange conversation. "Ah, is that the way dude conversations about that sort of thing go, I wonder what that means for that large group of dudes who play chick characters getting ported to the other world..." she said having a moment of extreme curiosity. She figured there were likely some very promiscuous women who didn't start their lives with girl values based on this conversation.

    Speaking of getting ported, according to Yugi, she did nothing particularly strange in Dwargon. He spent a moment or two in thought but settled his statements upon deciding that he was simply happy they'd met. That seemed like a great deal of thought to come to such a brief conclusion, but still, somehow it gave Kimiko a great deal of comfort. After all, she was a blaringly large existence for other people, it was probably frightening for regular people to even give her a chance, the fact that he was happy they'd met was comforting. "That was a lot of thought for that..." she said with a small smirk coming to her face. "Though, I'm glad we met too..." she mused. "If I am being honest, I had several frightening thoughts upon seeing you the first time and I almost gave up on that quest," she admitted. The part of her that was still gun shy after her more recent gaming experiences almost didn't wish to be near any strange man for very long.

    Kimiko's train of thought was acknowledged finally as she clarified the sort of thing she sought from the lad. It didn't seem he had any problems with her proposed ideas at all. Only several moments after the fact he tried to claim that she'd been trying to bait him into going to school with sex and asked how it was fair. A laugh escaped the black haired lass as she looked at him with certainty in her eyes. "Of course it's fair. It isn't like the sex is just for you... and knowing the best points and tactics for negotiation is part of a getting a deal that works out in your favor," she said as if this was the only logical way to think about it. "Technically speaking there are no negatives to be taken from such a request and it comes with a bonus of sex and companionship. It is the strongest stance to negotiate from..." she said giving a curt nod. "Should I take that to mean that the bait didn't work... or did you only just realize that this is what I was intending?"

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    "Of course you're not alone. If I woke up as a girl, my room would be flooded by 7. No question about it," he stated. As for those lines in the sand, he did have a bit more to add. He wasn't into the idea of something entering his backside as a man, but if he were something else, it wasn't exactly an idea he shunned completely. "I should say, if the whole magic thing happened, that thing probably isn't on the list. Weird to talk about, but... I mean, we did spend the last half a year in a magical world with slimes and goblins and shit. Gender-swapping is probably a thing somewhere, and it's definitely the case with Avatars. Oh, and yeah─ there are definitely at least a few thousand guys in woman bodies taking every dick in a ten kilometer radius over there."

    Yugi hadn't put a lot of thought into that singular sentence at all. Actually, it wasn't even part of his thought train, but he didn't care to divulge the whole of it. Everything boiled down to the same anyway; there was no point in blabbering on about the nonsense he once gave too much consideration to. Life changed, ways changed, and he intended to take the raven-haired girl's hand and sprint through the gates of fluctuation. "We agree then. Good," he chimed in. Kimiko admitted to a very rational series of thoughts in the earliest moments of their meeting. Yes, he recalled that day as well. "You could have never mentioned that, and I wouldn't have known. I just figured you were going the traditional Rogue route, and nudging me to run Tank. Not that I mind that anyway; it was pretty fun riding a pig my first day in a magical world~" he admitted.

    Fair. What an interesting choice of words, and an equally interesting way of considering the exchange Kimiko offered. He supposed it could be considered fair from a business perspective, but they did view some things differently. There was a gleam in Yugi's eye as he processed her proposal. It wasn't that the bait didn't work; he'd go for that in a heartbeat after what he'd so recently experienced. However... "It's neither. One point each for the sex. One point each for companionship. Minus one point from my side for having to go to school, and plus one on yours for having something extra in your day." Toward the end of his speech, Yugi held a hand in front of the girl's face, forefinger alone extended. "Even if that last one doesn't count, you're still at a one point advantage. I'm not exactly one to speak business, but... unfair; reneg!"

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    A chuckle escaped Kimiko, as Yugi had some pointed words to share about his apparent waking as a girl. What was more, a bit more clarification was offered to the lass. Apparently pegging was out, but not necessarily all aspects of butt stuff. "Good to know..." she said filing that little tidbit away along with the rest of the things she learned this day. Oh, and according to Yugi there were a thousand guys who ended up as women and were likely engaging in promiscuous behaviors because of it. "Hm, I suppose that is likely... though if they were raised that has to be weird. Girl puberty and friend groups are tough to manage..." Kimiko gave this a bit of consideration and made a few mental decisions surrounding the idea. She'd probably eventually get to speak with someone who made this transition, it would be worth a solid amount of interrogation to find out if they'd gone through both sets of puberty.

    Beyond this point, they both agreed that they were happy to have met each other. That much was probably obvious even without it being said, but it was at least nice to share such sentiments. Ah, but what came next was the response to her admission about their earliest meeting. According to the lad, he wouldn't have known if she hadn't divulged it as he would have assumed a gamer related tactic. "Hm, it wasn't really like that at all. Though I'm glad you had fun riding that pig, that was pretty unexpected..." she said thinking back on that day herself with a small smile on her face. "Truthfully, when I stopped freaking out about the whole thing, and having the normal girl thoughts of running into a potentially toxic gamer... I decided that I would just kill the pigs and move on. And I figured if we were both there it would be easier. The Rogue way is how I would have taken it if I was alone with a weapon more suited to my playstyle. I gambled that if it was noted I was putting forth my own effort then I couldn't be mistaken for someone just being exploitative. And I was willing to give up the reward for the potential safety or picking up what I initially thought was an NPC helper since I didn't have a mount or anything I would have preferred having right at the start," she explained of her own tactics. Though that information was likely strange, she was pretty fresh off a set of bad experiences so she was being cautious. "Still it was pretty good, meeting someone else who could pick up on an easy tactic and run with it... people don't normally listen to me in such situations, so I wasn't used to the idea that someone might be able to keep up with that line of thought," she concluded. that had been a nice experience for her after all.

    And her thoughts about that past experience were leading to another interesting present experience. It seemed that their current level of negotiation was now underway but Yugi had a certain gleam in his eye. She knew they saw the world differently so she waited for his explanation and the terms he came with were sound enough for her to give them consideration. He at the end of his statement claimed that they should renegotiate because of his current standing of being one down in the count for the 'fairness' of her offered deal. A wide grin spread across the lass' face as she continued to longue across his lap. "Hoh? I didn't expect that... how interesting. Well, I did promise only fair deals, and though you were attending school at least a bit anyways, I suppose I can see the argument of an unfair leaning..." she said. One finger was now tapping the side of her face. "If you've had the time to think that offer unbalanced, I assume there is some term you'd find that would bring it into the alignment you seek. State it."

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    Yugi dreaded to think of the sheer quantity of men and boys whoring themselves out in the other world as female Avatars. Now that they were having a conversation about it, he realized the chance of things going very badly, had he not met Kimiko early with their relationship developing as it did. What would life have been like if he'd gone for the typical nerd dream experience, and wound up balls-deep in some random dude? He shuddered at the thought. "Let's... drop that part, yeah? I shouldn't think too much about how many girls calling me 'hero' or whatever are probably guys who want me in their weird pants," he said.

    Kimiko's first approach in the other world had been a mixture of two things, it seemed. She was taking the Rogue approach, but it was also due to her apprehensive nature regarding toxic gamers and the like. These things together formed something very understandable, and he could throw no blame because of it. Alas, it was concerning that she mentioned never being listened to when providing tactical advice to teammates in games. "Dumb," he said initially. "Even bad advice is worth listening to, even if it's just to figure out where someone's coming from. Just listening could even end in a person who has a better idea, tweaking their idea. It happens. People who don't go at least that far, are the same people who become tyrants if they ever get any actual power," the lad concluded. Interestingly enough, what Yugi said most recently came from personal experience. It wasn't worth discussing, but the thought was always something worth bringing up.

    There were some gears turning regarding his counter, but in the end, Kimiko seemed to be agreeable. Relaxing further into the couch, he kept a non-aggressive sideways glance trained on Kimiko's face, wondering what she would produce as a result of his earlier words. She was right; he did have a mind to consider a balancing aspect to this arrangement. Yugi wasn't into the business mumbo jumbo, but he was into agreements between parties. Maybe that line was thinner than he cared to admit, but that didn't matter now. Now, he wore a snarky, nigh-fanged grin. "Skip school," he said firmly. "I'll go to school if you'll be there. But, instead of going every day... we skip together. And don't worry; I'm sure you've probably got some mandate for attendance, whether it's official or self-imposed. I won't go dragging you away from school as often as I like to skip myself, but I kinda want to see what you're like when you're getting the full degen experience~"

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    Apparently, Yugi thought a bit too deeply in the moment. He would soon voice this as a statement about not really desiring to know the number of women who had been 'male' in this world, desiring him. "Hm, I get your point. It's probably extra scary for you too... since even normal dudes think Kou is pretty~" she said in the lightest of teasing tones. "Worry not, I will protect your virtues, especially from those with weird pants~" she said with a magnanimous hand roll. And with that said she was more than willing to drop the point. Though admittedly as a girl surfing the internet she'd become pretty good at identifying other girls who were hiding in plain sight on the internet. They had shared habits, guys who played female Avatars had some pretty solid tells and she would likely be able to identify one if she came across them. Actually, at least one person hit her radar like that all ready... not that it mattered in the moment.

    Speaking of experiences with the internet, it seemed that Yugi understood without any extra prodding what her online experiences were like. He claimed it was dumb, and it truly was, "Yeah, those kinds of situations always wind up bad for those who don't listen, even outside of simple things like games. But I don't think people who end up in those situations ever consider the repercussions until they happen. So, telling them more than once is kind of exhausting..." she said of her own experiences. Technically speaking these things were true in both games and business. And Kimiko seemed to take a very specific stance in both cases. She'd watch people crumble to their own hubris, or if the win was necessary carry it through only to give up on the group as a whole. Obviously those who couldn't take the advice of those who were consulting with them, didn't deserve to keep having it.

    Oh but even more than those who didn't listen in the world, there was a conversation of fairness taking place between this pair. She wished him to attend school so that they could spend more time together, but this offer was weighed in her own favor. Accordingly a counter was being waited upon, and since he became more relaxed she took it to mean there was nothing amiss between them. She didn't expect they would do anything other than have such conversations to come to such conclusions. They'd worked together, lead a team together, and fixed whole countries together for six months, a simple agreement between the two of them was pretty easy. So what was his counter offer? That grin was so very interesting... she kind of like that. Was that weird? Whatever the case, his clause was put forth and she couldn't deny the fairness of it. "Skip school... done." she said without giving it a reasonable amount of thought. The lad's words were true. And as far as she could tell, if she was content to drag him towards her more straight-laced way of life, then he should be allowed to be free to drag her a bit into his more degenerate one. After all, their discussion on the Grand Cypher did indeed include the idea that she didn't know enough about how to take a day off. That agreement probably seemed unreasonable so she'd clarify a bit. "You don't have to worry too much about that, my contractual obligations to attend school are basically just part of my agreement to try and have a normal high school experience. Included in that is a Rebellion Clause meant to cover any and all deviance from the rules. So, I wouldn't be breaking anything to take some extra days, crash a car or anything like that..." she concluded. It seemed their deal had reached a fair point for both of them, with one simple addition.

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    True enough, Yugi did recall one specific situation in which an obviously straight male was in outrage over his Avatar's attractiveness. Maybe it was time to spruce Kou up a bit to avoid any... problematic encounters. No, it probably wasn't worth it. Even if he really wanted to, there was no undoing the passive appeal of the type of Celestial he chose for that Avatar. "I should focus on finishing that mask. I had a whole plan for using it, and it's pretty important for my endgame build."

    Telling the non-listeners this from that was never a worthwhile endeavor; Yugi could agree to that. He'd long since given up on wasting his time on such things, taking to letting them follow their own moronic ideals. It was always easier to approach things his own way, abandoning the others if necessary. That all changed about six months ago out of necessity, and only changed further from there. To think, he'd even recruited a random bard to be the second member of his knight party─ possibly the strangest decision he'd ever made. Such a thing would never have happened if he didn't meet Kimiko that first day in another reality. All things considered, he didn't have a single regret.

    Easily accepted was the term of Kimiko skipping school. That was... strange. Apparently though, she didn't have any actual mandate on school attendance. Well, that wasn't quite true. There was one, in a way, but there was also a clause for... teen rebellion? What sort of thing was that supposed to be? Yugi stared at the lass. After several moments of hesitation, he began blinking intermittently. "Rebellion... clause," he repeated. "So you have a whole thing where you're allowed to go against the whole deal? What is even the point of having the rules, if there's a clause that says you're allowed to go against the rules and just blame being a teenager?"

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    A gentle nod came from Kimiko, as Yugi explained what he should be doing as part of his other world experience. The mask he only had a couple of pieces of was apparently important to the overall aspect of his build. "Well, if it's important to the endgame portion of the build it does need picking up. I still haven't figured out where my hourglass disappeared to, and the Bones of Rathma are kind of important as well," she said thinking about her own build a bit. Unlike Yugi her own items were needed to help her maintain her human visage for her end game build. "Oh, and the pieces of the Lich King's Crown I don't currently have. One of them should be on Karna, who annoyed me into the passing thought that I could kill him again in PvP to get it. And the other... should be at the Great Tomb of Nazarick, if that last tip I got was any good," she mentioned of her own adventuring needs, only to add a bit more, showcasing a considerably strange method of her own thinking. "I thought of inviting everyone else along because of its complexity. It's rumored to have more connections to the Dragons as well, so I figured you might want in on it given your search for the Dragon Emperor's Mask fragments," she mentioned of particular game play. That tomb was going to be the place her build rounded off at eventually, and most of the people on their ship could have fun and benefit from things found within the tomb. Kimiko herself needed very few specific pieces that could be found there and didn't mind sharing any extra loot.

    How strange. Kimiko normally undertook so many things on her own, that she never really thought about the necessity of others to the overall success of her plans. That being said, that day she'd decided to try and branch out in the otherworld, she'd grown into nothing but an exceedingly considerate individual. She used all of her normal stealth and rogue related methods to plan and ensure certain outcomes for everyone, not just herself. And she found the experience all the more enriching because of it. She definitely wouldn't have done such a thing without Yugi, and she'd taken quite a bit to begin showing her own acumen in such situations given how much people tended to ignore her warnings on things. They'd both changed each others perception quite a bit, and Kimiko couldn't be mad at her more diverse world view.

    Moving on from that, Yugi seemed to be mulling over the Rebellion Clause of Kimiko's contract. The lass couldn't even begin to properly explain it, it hadn't been a thing she'd wanted in the first place. "To be honest I don't really get it either. That wasn't a clause I desired, it was one of Papa's counter terms," she said managing to look a bit thoughtful. "But when I asked about it, I was told that normal teenagers should be a bit more flexible with their line of thinking. And that I might one day want to make a decision that was outside of my normal behavior patterns and I should because I am young and can experiment with things..." she said giving it a casual shrug. "Still, I have no problem holding myself to any standard I set and expect no more or less from anyone else. I left it because it could only be beneficial to me, I didn't see it as the sort of thing that could be used against me among any of the other clauses."

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    "It is, and it does. There should be three more pieces for me to grab them, but it's a randomized list of places connected to Dragons. I went up the Goblin chain until I finally triggered a descendant of an old Dragon slayer; that one's checked off. The other one was in that Rift by Atlantis, probably left in there by a Leviathan or an ancient Sea Dragon. It kinda bums me out that I couldn't have three by now, but I didn't see any signs of a piece in the Marshlands. I just hope I don't have to go dealing with desert Wyrms or anything─" Ah, what an ominous thing Yugi was saying now. He couldn't possibly know that yes, one of the things he needed was undoubtedly kept by Wyrms in the vast desert. He'd find out eventually, but for now, he could remain blissfully ignorant. He could also take solace in the idea of following Kimiko to some place called Nazarick. What a familiar name... and by the description of it, it would be a place of interest for him as well. "Nazarick, huh? I might need to go somewhere like that for my own reasons. There's something in a place like that connected to another domain I want to enter."

    Neither of these two truly understood the purpose of a 'rebellion clause' in Kimiko's agreement, but she seemed to take it in stride. Her father had to be a very strange person to come up with something like that; Yugi was left questioning his motives for several moments. In doing so, the lad shifted himself quite a bit. The couch they were on had rather large cushions, so he lowered and slid himself into the space between Kimiko and the couch's back. As one arm slung over the lass' midsection, he sighed. "I really don't see the point. Like, what if you specifically decided not to roll with it? Is there a 'rebellion against the rebellion clause' sub-clause? That sort of thing also makes me wonder if it's why you could mention school sex like it's a completely normal thing to do. I mean, I would do it, but me getting caught and kicked out of school wouldn't really affect my life or lack of image at all."

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    According to Yugi, there were three more pieces to his item of choice. He'd gone about, taking a very specific line of thought, to track them down. He'd done Goblin Quests to eventually get to his first piece, and there was the piece they'd found near the Dragon Lagoon Beach which had to have been left by an ancient sea Dragon or a Leviathan. All good ways to think about things. "Hm, I'd need you to get another one to prove it. But it seems like yours are pieces are being traced to things with Human/Dragon interactions. A dragon slayer near goblin lines. Atlantis practically worships Sea Dragons and had several variants of them appearing in their history. At the very least it would make sense of why you didn't find one in the Marshlands, they seem like their human historical interactions are probably low, regardless of their dragon heritage," Kimiko mentioned. She was practically shuffling through information in her head. "Actually, there are a lot of tips about Dragons in general throughout the world, I had a lot of them but I already knew what I was looking for so I'd crossed them off as dead ends, but it could be that they were only dead ends in relation to what I was looking for, they could still be active for you..." she mentioned. Beyond all of that there was the matter of Nazarick which he agreed he might be interested in helping he conquer, if only to help him reach some other plane. "Hm, which domain are you trying to enter... there might be a more effective entrance than the Unconquerable Dungeon," she said with a cheeky smirk. That whole place was just the kind of challenge she would have enjoyed taking on for herself. She'd built her entire character around the idea of taking it, since it appealed directly to her own interest in the occult.

    Whatever the case, as she continued to think about the other world they'd come from and her own contracts, Yugi seemed to gain more comfort, she found the lad, lying on the couch with her, his arm strung over her stomach as she laid comfortably. It seemed the other lad also didn't get it, perhaps there was some generational gap in understanding this clause. "Hm, it doesn't have a sub clause, it very specifically just covers acts of rebellion. I guess it's more like insurance in that case. Covers any just in case I freak out moments, which given what I was like at the start of puberty, is fair enough..." she said offering a shrug, she didn't much see the point in it, but teen girls were prone to fits of temper. "Also, I freely offered such a thing simply because I would do it. The experience would make it worthwhile for me. Besides, in my own experience... the more confident you are about something you do, the less an adult would actually be willing to question you about it. I'd probably get told not to do it again and that'd be the end of it," the girl said. In her own situation, she figured more people would be unwilling to try and tell either of her parents what she was up to, and would thus be more likely to overlook something she did. There was always the idea that one could try and blackmail her, but she had negative shame so that wouldn't work either.

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