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    True, she would not be allowed reprieve. The moment Kimiko threw her head back to moan, she sacrificed the chance of him stopping again. That alone was enough to rile him up any day of the week, regardless of how recently he'd experienced his own orgasm. The proof was not very far away from Kimiko's face when she lowered herself. That is, if there wasn't already enough proof in Yugi's actions. He continued every movement that brought her to peak previously, but since she'd already gone over the edge, he started anew with increased vigor. Making Kimiko 'crazy' as she claimed, would only be a plus. Mind-break was on his list, after all; managing one in reality would be a feat he considered impossible to achieve. Impossibility was not something that would stop him from trying, however.

    Ah, but if he ever had a chance at success, it was probably now. The lass was attempting to catch her breath, so he would attempt to make her fail miserably. A more aggressive approach was the key he chose. Would he unlock the proverbial door he reached for, though? He still doubted it was truly possible, but if he could get even an inkling of hope, then that sign would carry him into the future with fresh ideas and goals.

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    Relaxation wasn't coming nor was reprieve. Yugi during her most recent climax had managed to find himself stiff once again. Any time he was like this, Kimiko was apt to take the blame for it, in fact she was almost certain that something about that climax had set him off. So she was near enough to now stiff pipe, it'd be wrong to leave him to all the work as it stood, but before she could get herself together enough to enact her plan she was being rather recklessly stimulated. Increased vigor was being applied to all the lad's actions and the breaths she'd been trying to calm became pants that would grace his phallus at her current positioning. "What are you doing to me!?~" the girl moaned her question. He was going to be the cause of a great many things in this girl. The increased vigor had her moaning already but there was a certain thing that was happening.

    With each peak she reached Kimiko was moving away from the idea of stopping. In fact, her eyes were almost starred as she considered the greater feeling she would manage if she had him inside one of her holes instead. That seemed like a mad thing to demand but she was well on her way to doing so. In fact, as good as she was already feeling, another flourish would be upon her, bringing with it more fluid and more tension as she clawed the floor intending to get away. "Daddy, I can't keep doing this... I won't make it, it's too good. I don't want you to stop~" she might as well share her experience right. Strangely she realized this would likely have the exact opposite effect of getting him to stop, but that little shake of her hips above his face was definitely a hint that she was seeking more. Still she managed to get herself together just enough to give a gentle flicker of her tongue up the length his manhood though she couldn't get a proper hold of it in the moment.

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    Ah, encouragement─ even twice in a certain way. What he was doing to her, was seemingly exactly what he wanted. With no rest, he could feel Kimiko's labored breaths through her bosom as she rested on his torso. This was perfection. Yugi's assault on her nether could still be played off as an effort to clean her up, it appeared. Every effort was only creating more moisture down there. It would be rude to not keep trying to dry her off, right? Right! So, he'd continue uninterrupted... apart from one thing.

    She said she didn't want him to stop, yet she was clawing at the floor and pulling away. No. Yugi's arms were still in place to pull her right back where she belonged. As long as she was still dripping, he would continue licking. The honesty of Kimiko's loins and mouth were the only things he would listen to this night. And lo, she apparently didn't care to properly escape him anyway. In the midst of his efforts, a lone tongue traversed the length of his shaft. It was interesting to feel that sort of thing without hands involved; he didn't dislike it at all. Naturally, Yugi wouldn't say that─ he was too busy to do so with anything other than the naturally-occurring throb of his girth. Ah, and he had to react to Kimiko lashing out at his groin like that. Did she think this was a fair exchange? It wasn't going to be. With his tongue still moving, Yugi robbed a manga of its technique once more. His lips closed around her nub, he inhaled around it, and the tip of his tongue spun in circles. That sucking was done quite loosely, as to also take in that sweet nectar being expelled while adding a bit of personal flavor to the technique. It was probably a bit of a messy decision as well; the amount of slurping was making it rather hard to hear the girl's voice... as if her backside wasn't enough of a sound baffle already─

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    Yes, encouragement. Probably the last thing she should be offering when her body and mind were in such a messy state. Still, she was enjoying the attentions being provided to her, so she'd share that joy with the lad giving it, even if it meant she was in for more torture. Whatever the case, she still wasn't allowed to shift out of this man's clutches. He was continuing to lick away the fluids which dripped from her loins as if it was the best activity he'd ever undertaken. Was it weird that she found that to be arousing? Probably. Was she upset about it? No. Kimiko couldn't help but enjoy herself in such a moment and she'd do it no more than when she allowed her own tongue to begin work again.

    She'd been speaking a bit the whole time, even so, the pair of flickers of her tongue elicited a physical response from Yugi. That throbbing of his manhood. Even as her own orgasm built moment by moment, she was very easily able to distract herself by doing this, until there was a shift in Yugi's actions. Slurping and swirling right on the apex of her womanhood. That sensation alone reminded her of her first love, setting three on her showerhead. The girl was blindsided, her thighs clamped together around the lad's head as she hit the most intense orgasm of this session. Her whole body went numb as her body flooded itself with a massive amount of liquid. It was like an entire switch flicked in her head... that feeling and that kind of orgasm always left her wanting more. It always left her insides feeling empty in a way that fingers couldn't fill. Her own never did the trick after such a release, and she'd not gotten to the point of trying thicker toys, but now she didn't have to. The moan and gentle shifting of her hips came to a halt. "Daddy, you can't keep teasing me like this... it's too much. I want this inside me now!" That brat behavior came back with a vengence but when she'd used the word this, she'd flicked his manhood with her tongue. She was having a tough time, but she needed more than this simple thing could keep offering her. It wasn't that she didn't like it, it was that after reaching this height of arousal she wanted more, to be stirred deeper with more force.

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    Endless was Yugi's job if he didn't change intentions at some point. However, he didn't plan on changing a single thing. He could have kept at it until he fell asleep, and he wouldn't be upset at all. Kimiko's thoughts on the matter weren't of major importance, provided there was any naysaying. Another crest for the books. They were beginning to roll out with great consistency, and with greater potency as well. Yugi could tell the situation was only getting... wetter. Maybe he'd drown at some point; he'd probably like it. Alas, it seemed Kimiko had a different plan for the future. Lavishing strokes of her tongue below his waistline were joined by a very commanding sentence. She wanted him inside her again; she wasn't splitting hairs about it either.

    What would Yugi have to say about that? The idea of reinserting himself was exciting. He could slip out while leaving her in the current position, grab that final condom (hopefully), and dive in right away. It would be the easiest thing in the world to do, yet he did no such thing. No, the lad pulled his finger from her rear and delivered a firm slap to her backside before that finger was jammed in again. That order of hers was cute, but it wasn't enough. He could push for a bit more. He could keep his tongue moving, keep his mouth inhaling, keep his fingers thrusting, and most importantly... he could keep her wanting more.

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    Kimiko had made a demand and it strangely wasn't immediately followed. She might have felt annoyed about that, but that finger in her rear was removed before her cheeks were given a firm slap. Ah, that really did feel nice. If she had more time to think about it, she might have wondered what it was about being slapped on the rear she liked so much. Not only that but he also reinserted that finger in a rather aggressive manner. Actually, her womanhood shivered as those sensations played out in a single moment of pleasure she couldn't have explained if she tried. Still, she couldn't believe she was being denied, what reason did he have not to give her what she wanted?

    Well, at the very least that tongue of his was still moving and she couldn't stop her hips from wiggling atop his face to meet the pleasant sensations she was already being given. "Ooh~ Come can't keep doing this to mee~" she whined. Never in her life had she expected to almost be to the point of begging for anything. But she was dangerously close to slipping into that very behavior to be properly filled and stirred up by the lad. Instead the lapping at her loins, the suckling of her pearl and folds, combined with the ever present thrusting of his fingers in both holes was pretty reasonable. She was inching toward, another climax and would find it again in time washing Yugi for the fourth or fifth time? It didn't matter her body would shift as she cried out another time. "I'm cumming!~" Still the teasing of his groin wouldn't stop either, why was he like this? She wondered as her tongue flickered over the tip of him repeatedly.

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    The reason Yugi had for denying her was simple. He had a thirst not intrinsically linked to the one quenched by her loins. There was a need to draw out another side of that rich girl currently bound to his face, and that need would be met by any means necessary. What a shame; he couldn't let himself break long enough to talk. There were a few quips floating around his head about how she wouldn't be allowed away from him. Hell, he had a few related to how he imagined she would be in a few minutes.

    Already, there was another peak reached. Much to Yugi's satisfaction, Kimiko thought this one was worth announcing. Oh, what a sweet sound it was; undoubtedly the best he ever heard in this box he called home. He had a wonderful idea as a result, even! If he could record her while she made that announcement, he could use it as her ringtone! Damn─ if only he'd thought of that a few moments earlier. He'd have to catch the next one. For now though, there was yet another round of fluids to let slip down his throat. This wasn't a task that could ever be completed; he knew that. Oh well. Facts never stopped the Geno Killer before, so they wouldn't stop Aiba Yugi now. There was a mission at hand. Just as before, in the wake of his 'victim' climaxing, Yugi stepped his efforts up another notch. It was a simple ordeal─ just an increase in pace and force that he thought would eventually drive her over the edge of either passion... or sanity.

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    Whatever Yugi's angle was, he was going to end up with a very interesting version of Kimiko to deal with. There were many layers to the lass, this was something acknowledged by everyone, but he was busy tearing down any semblance of balance or restraint she had left. Every movement of his fingers and tongue brought her closer to some strange version of herself that she didn't recognize just yet. She'd already had a taste of him, in every conventional way imaginable. She knew that she liked the sensation of reaching climax with her slot filled and vibrating around something hard and warm. How many more of these small ones could she take before she exploded?

    Well, not very many was the real answer. The increased speed after her current flourish had her pausing the motions of her tongue on his phallus. She wasn't even allowed to properly end one orgasm before another was soon knocking at her door. Was it just the increased speed and desire fueling this or was something else to blame? It didn't much matter, all she knew, was once again her hips were shifting to meet the eternal trifecta of sensations being given to her, and she was moaning almost without control... "Come on Daddy you can't keep doing this to me~" she moaned. As the motions built up another peak was upon her, and the fluids of her nether would be crashing down upon him again with another announcement. "Ah~ I'M CUMMING♥!~" the girl said again, though this time she didn't really stop talking. As her breathing continued to be ragged and danced across the lad's torso and manhood. She made a plea which was very unlike her in any of their previous moments. "Please Daddy. I can't take anymore like this... I need to cum with your dick in me!~" That was probably a hentai sentence. Still the truth though, and it definitely encompassed how she currently felt. That last empty crest had been all she could take, she needed more now and it was Yugi's responsibility to provide it to her.

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    Once more, Yugi brought about a halt in Kimiko's efforts. It may have just been a pause, but there was a sweet sensation of victory in the moment. Hips were beginning to shift toward the attention of his tongue and hands instead of shifting away. She claimed again that he couldn't keep doing this. What did she think she was going to accomplish saying that twice in a row? Obviously, he could do this for a very long time. Another repeated statement would be made just after. Of course, this one was what he wanted to hear─ and even better than before. There was more to be added to this orgasm and announcement. Kimiko made an earnest request, explaining that she 'needed' him inside her for this. It was only right that Yugi listen.

    Yes, acquiescing was the only proper thing to do. He should be thrusting into her by whatever means, effectively granting them both immeasurable satisfaction. After all, his earlier idea had an extra layer of appeal to it. He'd taken her from behind before, but penetration itself had been via an alternative method. Most worthwhile would be diving into the veritable sea welling up in the girl's loins. So then, why was he instead forcing his fingers deeper into her holes, and pressing his tongue more firmly while it moved? Not enough. Never enough. It was not yet time to move on; he could milk this just a bit longer.

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    Yugi was content to take more, and though she hadn't tried to escape this time, all of these flourishes back to back were having an effect on her. Her legs had small quivers in them, the arch in her spine had become quite elongated and strictly speaking cat like. She kept saying she didn't want to be like this, but she'd all but fallen into it completely. Still she had that aching desire deep within her loins to be filled more solidly. Strange though it was, that tongue of hers has gotten wetter the strokes more sloppy even when they were interrupted she was still acting of her own accord. Right just now, she was reaching the end of her rope.

    In the depths of her body she felt yet another great release coming. And Yugi hadn't bothered to stop even with her most recent proclamation. She was becoming tired of taking no for an answer. She didn't mind being told no, handing over control of herself to another or anything of the sort, but each movement of tongue, fingers and lips in her nether gave her a sensation of promise they couldn't quite deliver on. And yet here it was, another more massive wave her for to ride on his face flooding her loins and her senses. Her back arched up and her head flew backwards. In the moment she didn't announce the flourish that had just happened but instead found herself relaying one of those commands where she quite obviously wasn't going to take no for an answer. "Aaaah~ Bend me over and ram your dick in me now!" That was also a hentai sentence. Of a very different type. She couldn't take another one, she needed exactly what she'd just asked for or rather demanded. But in her own mind, any harshness was necessary as the man tonguing down her core was obviously content to tease her to death.

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