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    Apparently, Kimiko had reason to be wary of those who took extreme values from dining experiences. While Yugi was apt enough as a cook, he didn't much care for any extremes on that side of things. Still, it was strange to hear her say such words out of essentially nowhere. "Huh. Well, I like cooking and shit, but I don't know what you mean about weird natures. As long as it's fit to go in my face, I don't really care," the lad said. "Michelin chefs would disagree," Satoru chimed in, not even meaning to do so initially. Oh well; these things slipped out of his mouth instead of staying in his brain sometimes. "Whoops! Ignore me~" he said afterwards.

    The time had come for Kimiko to have the first of multiple McDonald's-related experiences this day. Even if she'd experienced cola before, there was a massive difference between any taken from a can or bottle, and that of the fountain found in fast food restaurants. Yugi held his straw between his lips and teeth, sipping casually while Kimiko tried her beverage as well. Much to his expectation, she was quite taken aback. Why did bubbles burn, she asked. Ah... so she was the type limited to ciders and other such things. Yugi snorted, laughing through his nose just briefly. "Fountain drink. McDonald's probably has the strongest ones on the market," he said, bringing about another sudden interjection from Satoru. "Stay away from the Sprite, if that's got some kick to you," the man commented, interestingly enough while drinking the aforementioned beverage from his own cup.

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    Kimiko did indeed have reason to be wary. The idea of another crazed individual in the kitchen wasn't something she was mentally prepared to deal with. She'd avoid that room like a plague and wouldn't even bother keeping someone company in the kitchen if they went that crazy again. Still if the lad claimed he wouldn't be crazed, even in the kitchen she'd take him at his word, though she'd offer him a bit of a warning. Before that though, there was a follow up by Gojou which made the lass cut her eyes in his direction. He immediately said he could be ignored but she was already looking his way. "I mean you aren't wrong... those people are not okay," she said with a nod. Back to Yugi. "Anyways, I'll trust you not to go too crazy, but one bit of psycho, and no more. I mean it too. One comment of tasting boiled water for seasoning, you're on your own. I am not going back..." she said, seeming to see some flashback of a traumatizing nature. That was an oddly specific reference, but it didn't much matter. Obviously, Kimiko wasn't completely opposed to kitchens or anything she kept Tsukiko company while that lass was cooking in Atlantis.

    Oh and there was the cola. Apparently watching her undertake this new thing was something Yugi was content to do. He commented only that it was a fountain drink and that McDonald's had the strongest of these for whatever reason. "Hm..." she was taking another sip. What she wouldn't do was voice her current confusion. Fountain Drink was a strange set of words to her. Everything she drank normally came individually packaged and the immediate words in her mind that connected fountain to drink were far too humorous to be the truth of the device. She should remember to look that up later, no need to further embarrass herself this day. 'I have to watch more slice of life anime. I feel dumb right now...' she thought to herself. Moving right along, she was advised against drinking some version of this fountain drink which had more kick to it by Gojou. Kimiko's eyes widened slightly. "Nani?! Stronger than this? It has to taste like tv static!" she said seemingly outraged by the thought. At the very least, this drink was growing on her.

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    One thing for Yugi to note, was how intense Kimiko was regarding kitchen etiquette. He didn't really understand what made it such a big deal, but the look on her face and tone of her voice said it very much was. Quite taken aback as he was, Yugi blinked away his confusion and chuckled once more. "Alright, so... tasting boiling water sounds dumb. I hardly even drink water; I'm not tasting hot saltwater when it's time to cook. Leave that shit to those guys," he said, referencing the Michelin chefs Satoru referenced previously. Ah, the food was being brought to the car at last! Excitement appeared on Yugi's face, not for the food itself, but for the experience Kimiko would soon have. What would the next incredible reaction be? He had some ideas, but she did like to surprise with things she said in the aftermath of a moment.

    Sprite and TV static were synonymous, weren't they? Yugi let a proper laugh escape him when Kimiko made the comparison, and Satoru did the same after claiming their order and raising his window to a close. Each person knew why the other was laughing, but for Kimiko's understanding, it was Satoru who made a decision. Over his shoulder was his own drink cup, held out for Kimiko's acceptance if she desired such. "We die as we live around these parts," he joked. Yugi fully agreed; it was another experience worth seeing her reaction to. "Yeah, there you go! Have a taste of static to really get your guts rolling before that Big Mac hits you!"

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    Kimiko showed an extreme of her personality in this moment, but it was a trauma response. She couldn't be blamed for something like that, right? Regardless according to Yugi, he wasn't the type. Tasting salted water sounded dumb... good. It did to her as well, but still in that person's presence she'd done it. She couldn't argue that the dish had turned out well at the end, but did one really need to be that anal about everything? "Hai hai..." she said in response to leaving that sort of thing to those kinds of people. Besides, their food was here!!

    There was nothing but excitement in Kimiko by this moment. She was going to get to try something new. But beyond that, both of the men in this car were laughing at her reference. After Gojou rolled up his window, he said a few passing words offering her his cup. Did he have this mysterious Sprite they'd just been talking about? Kimiko took the cup peeking into its top and seeing nothing but clear liquid. "Wait, does it actually taste like tv static? I was mostly just being flippant, you know?" she said. Ah, but there was just confirmation. Yugi thought she should try it. Hm, new experiences were always worth taking when they presented themselves. "Hm, here goes nothing..." she murmured as she popped the top up, taking a sip from the side of the cup her eyes widening. Her throat burned. Like actually burned. And what was this across her tongue? Lemon and lime? well faintly. How could something that looked like water taste so... "Why is it so fucking powerful? It looks like water... that's so misleading... I've drank alcohol less aggressive. It's too strong!" she exclaimed. Her face had been a whirlwind of emotions. She couldn't have pinpointed a single thing on her own that would have made that alright. She placed the lid back and passed Gojou back his drink. "You're some kind of sorcerer I know it. Drinking cursed Sprite," she scoffed sitting back. She was almost certain that Sprite would kill her in large doses. She had no data on it, but it felt right.

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    Yugi rested his head atop one hand, while his other held his cup in place. Every few seconds, he took another sip from the straw still held in his mouth. Interest was apparent as Kimiko accepted Satoru's cup, choosing to taste a beverage Yugi thought would be lifechanging. At the very least, it was extravagant as a thing to behold. Powerful. Misleading, and... aggressive? More laughter resonated throughout the car, from both Yugi and Satoru again. "Aggressive, really?! I've never heard of Sprite being called aggressive before, but you're not wrong!" Yugi stated. Meanwhile, Satoru was reclaiming his cup to have a sip as well. It was no different than he remembered, so indeed, it was just that new to the girl.

    Ah, the cursed, overpowering, murderous Sprite. Yugi avoided it like the plague from time to time. Cola was the way to go, as far as he was concerned... at least from this place. Ah, and there was something he needed to specify. "It's not always so strong. It is from here, but only from here. Fountain drinks are always powerful. McDonald's Sprite is like a god among kings, as far as strength is concerned." Yugi spoke while keeping a straw between his teeth, almost chewing on the thing. With Kimiko reacting to two drink options the way she did, he wondered how extreme her reaction to a fresh order of fries would be. Maybe it was worthwhile to... "Already onto the next thing! Fry me up, dude!" he said to Satoru, who proceeded to pass an order of fries over the front seat. Yugi took the box of fries and placed it next to Kimiko, only to reach in and try one for himself first. It was only worthwhile to ensure how salted they were, and indeed... he was left rubbing his fingers to clear them of salt after biting the fry. One chew, two chews, and then the lad was left exhaling heat through his mouth. "Haa~ haa~ fresh! Salty goodness confirmed! Go on, try it!"

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    Yugi was resting his head against his hand and attacking his straw as he watched Kimiko taste this secondary drink. Whatever was going on, watching Kimiko's reactions to food and other such things was probably at least amusing. Such was confirmed by the way he chose to address the adjectives she used to describe Sprite. "Yes really. Aggressive. Like it didn't swing on me, but it definitely shoulder checked me... I stumbled a little," she said of Sprite as if it was an actual person trying to get her attention in a manner not conducive to her own happiness. According to Yugi she wasn't wrong about it being aggressive. Such a statement came with more information. Apparently the fountain at McDonald's was legendary, and the Sprite was the show stealer. "I mean, that's cool. Sounds like sorcery to me though..." she said lightly alluding to the fact that she had no idea what a drink fountain was or how this level of toxic bubbles was achieved. No matter, she didn't have to know how this was possible, she simply had to be ready for the next time such aggressive bubbles tried to assault her.

    Speaking of assault, Kimiko's nose was being assaulted. There was something rather strange taking place in this vehicle. With the bags inside and closed up the entirety of the car suddenly smelled really great. So much so, by the time this order of fries was presented, Kimiko's mouth was watering just a little. Yugi had a first taste to confirm the freshness of the fries, and soon after Kimiko would be claiming her first fry. It was kind of limp.... that was unusual. "Eh? I thought these only came in thick..." she said thinking of the only way she had fries which was steak style on the side of a steak. Hm, still this was something to be undertaken. She took a bite. It was salty, she chewed once and took another bite. This was delicious. It was hot though, her mouth opened a little bit. "Haa... it's on fire, but I don't care... I can't stop eating these. They might be my favorite thing..." she was already reaching for more. In fact, it would become rather obvious how much she liked them by the fact that her hand was soon enough never unoccupied by a fry even as she was consuming one actively. Never had she felt so inclined to stuff her face. If she was properly self conscious, she probably wouldn't have been eating like this in front of two people. But whatever, she was here to enjoy this food and this was the height of luxury. There were happy sparkles in her eyes, and if one listened hard enough, they'd catch a happy little hum. She was far too pleased.

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    Finally! The moment was upon them─ the moment in which Kimiko truly delved into the bottomless pit of junk foods with the greatest staple of all! Whatever fries she was talking about had no place here; those could never be counted as the fries he enjoyed! "I think those are called... potatoes," Yugi snipped. Damned be the thoughts of overly thick fries in his bag. Kimiko was fated to understand in a matter of moments, when she developed a sparkling gaze and a lack of concern for the flaming-hot potato being repeatedly shoved into her face.

    Yugi reached out to claim the second box being passed back, freeing Satoru to pick his own from the bag until burgers were requested behind him. The young male Yugi was stuffing two, three, even four into his mouth at a time. There was no need of ketchup this time around; it was the perfect situation thus far! "Lucky~" he commented through a mouthful of spud. "I thought they were gonna suck this time. Sometimes they're cold leftovers, sometimes there's no salt... bleh! These? These are prime time rush hour fries right here!" Somehow, Yugi managed to find his own satisfaction beyond experiencing this divine moment. They played food roulette, and they won. Just as well, that gentle humming did not fail to reach his ear. Yugi paused his own chewing to listen more intently, a snicker escaping him as he registered it for what it was. "Oi oi, you haven't had the Big Mac yet! Don't go announcing favorites already; your list will go on forever. And don't forget, I'm still holding back on Cup Ramen."

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    Heavenly divine fries. She knew Yugi was taking in the sights and reactions involved with her delving into junk food for the first time. Even so, she was having a great time of it, besides all of that, the food itself was delicious. And cooling rather quickly. The comfort of her eating would have her approaching the half-way point of her box of fries far faster than anyone would have expected. Well, she hadn't really eaten much today, surely it was fine for her to stuff her face a bit. She took in the words Yugi spoke as he began to eat and nodded her head. Between bites like a lady she managed confirmation of his clauses. "Hai hai, hot, salted good. Everything else varying levels of not good. I understand..." she murmured. Her little humming tune had stopped but what didn't stop was Yugi's tirade, apparently she wasn't allowed to pick favorites because, she hadn't even gotten to the Big Mac and there was still the matter of Cup Ramen that the lad had mentioned in one of their earlier meetings.

    "I see that as an absolute win. Everything can be my favorite and then I'll always like what I am eating. It could be anything... or rather everything~" Oh, that was greedy. There wasn't a single sentence more inherently greedy in the girl's body by this point. In further proving of this greed she reached over to acquire a fry from his box with a quick nod. "You took one out of my box, I have to take it back~" she mused aiming to take that one and put in her mouth immediately after. How pleased and very playful. This pair of teens was at home in each others company and Gojou didn't seem to be the type to properly interrupt their good time. This was only furthering his potential future uses. She hadn't forgotten her mindset even as the sparkles in her eyes continued as she worked her way through fries. "Still don't understand Cup Ramen... but if you like it... I'll give it a tentative pass until it pops up on the list of things I get to try~"

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    "Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up. Meh, bad, terrible, and amazing; those are the levels!" Yugi proclaimed with certainty. The good was never just good, if only because there was the extra oomph added by it not being another bad experience. Ever the interesting thing was watching Kimiko consume junk food as if she'd been doing it her entire life, and as if she'd been starved half to death before this order was brought to them. She actually seemed as if she fit right into the culture of those who ate these things daily. He wondered if she knew. . .

    Only one member of this ride seemed to be eating at a reasonable pace: Gojo Satoru. One fry at a time, he reached into his box, repeating the process only after finishing each bite. Maybe he should look into being a babysitter? While he was eating so civilly, there was an act of vengeance occurring behind him over a single fry. "Oi! Unfair! If you're gonna do that, I get baggie rights!" Yugi announced. Before anything else was said, Satoru had something important to chime in with. "My car. I get baggie rights around here." Such a statement made Yugi scoff. How dare he call that rule in the heat of a moment he was otherwise absent from? Whatever. Reaching forward, Yugi tapped the driver's shoulder and extended his hand thereafter, requesting the first burger without words. One cardboard box was handed over, then another. Soon, there were two little boxes sitting in the middle of the SUV's backseat. "You wanna talk about everything, huh? I've got some everything for you. Take a bite of a Big Mac, your whole life'll do backflips."

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    Four tiers of this fast food experience. Apparently Kimiko had to look forward to various levels of this, but it didn't seem so bad. Of course, she was somewhat starved by now. Between now and waking she'd only had one meal, two cups of coffee and a bottle of water. It wasn't as if she consumed enough. She'd also worked, attended school and gone shopping before now, so starving was pretty apt as a descriptor. It wasn't as if she would have preferred to be eating during any of her activities today, but now that food was an option she'd eat. Did she know that she fit in with normal consumers of junk food, absolutely not, she was simply a shameless enjoyer of things she liked. Right now, that was junk food, earlier it'd been sex and before that it'd been scanning the stock market. Whatever she did, if she enjoyed it, she did so without shame that was all.

    Aside from that, Gojou seemed to fall into the category of babysitter rather easily. Including managing to cut some argument that was about to start between this pair short by making the claim that baggie rights were his, because it was his car. "Oi, I have no idea what baggie rights are, but don't go trying to get extra over me!" she said pouting like a dejected child. That being said, she was unable to keep that face with any seriousness because she was still really enjoying her food. "Eh, this whole junk food things has strange social rules associated with it... " she said. And just like that, she completely understood cultural immersion programs. They were so you could learn things like negotiating good stuffs and eating like locals. Beyond this, she was now being told that the Big Mac was next, and apparently apart of her everything.

    The little box in front of her in the back seat was soon opened by her. The raven haired lass tilted her head to the side a mix of emotions and outright confusion crossing over her face. She was once again confused. What was this? How was she supposed to eat it? "What kind of sandwich is this? It has so many layers... " she was inspecting it, what a strange thing this was. This was the Big Mac? "You keep handing me things I have no idea how to eat. Like is there a toothpick in here? How is it being held together?"

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