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    Oh. Right. Now he remembered, if only because he wasn't given a choice otherwise. Back on the airship they planned on taking to the world above ground level, he'd referred to himself by some ridiculous title based only on the banter of that time. It had been such a spur of the moment thing, he hadn't retained it at all. "Well... yeah, there was that too. For what it's worth though, Angelsoft Wall Celestial Witcher Kou Guy Man Person is a hell of an attention grabber!" he insisted in jest, even going so far as to add a bit more to the title. With a raised forefinger, he also continued the other gag brought into question. "And as we all know, Leeroy is the ultimate name to have when charging headlong into battle!"

    It mattered not whether these things were memorable or not. Hell, Yugi didn't remember them himself, attributing to how little he cared beyond the simple gag. Impact during a single moment was all he cared about, and oh, what an impact those types of things could have. On the topic of impactful maneuvers, Kimiko's seating decision was definitely worthy of a raised brow or two. The space betwixt Yugi's legs was not at all safe from the girl's backside, as it was firmly planted against the cushioned seat. It seemed fate would see to it that something was almost permanently pressed against his groin, though... he supposed it was far from something worth complaining about. Like this, he could still see clearly over the lass' head. Beyond that, though, her head was just under his nostrils while he slouched the way he normally did. Following an inhale that was deeper than the norm, he relaxed further without so much as a word spoken. With that, the film previews would begin as the theater's other light sources faded to black.

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    Of course he was like this. Kimiko found herself laughing subtly at the joke being made by the young man she accompanied. It wasn't enough for him to simply admit he'd done this thing, he'd obviously forgotten about, no... he had to also add to the problematic nature of his previously spoken name choice. "Sure it is. Pretty attention grabbing. I'll definitely remember it forever. Especially when I am vetoing some random name choice in the future," Kimiko said in the most matter of fact way. In the same moment the lad was making the claim that Leeroy was a great name for a battlecry and sadly on that point, Kimiko wouldn't or rather couldn't disagree. "I will... agree that Leeroy, as a battle cry and name choice is alright. But that's it..." she said holding firm to her belief.

    Speaking of firmness, there was a certain thing she'd so recently done which didn't elicit a specific verbal reaction from the lad. Taking up the space between his legs, hadn't prompted Yugi into speech. Instead the lad seemed to be very interested in gaining a newfound amount of relaxation himself. She felt the deeper inhale than normal through her back, but nothing else came of it, even as the lights went down and the credits for the movie they were here to watch finally started. There was a certain amount of excitement in the lass, and beyond that point the movie itself would run approximately three hours, before it let out for what was essentially an hour long intermission. Part Two was set to play an hour later, but Kimiko in her infinite wisdom had acquired tickets for the duration of the whole movie not just part one. By the time the lights would be back up, bright sparkles would be in her eyes, as people would begin filing out of the theater.

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    "I fucking. Knew it."

    These words were spoken by Yugi as the screen ahead faded, and fixed lights returned to the theater. To call Transylvania the most anticipated movie of the year, wouldn't be doing it much justice now... and it was only half over, covering a little less than half of the novel's content. Of course, the break in this film occurred right before the protagonists' wedding, which many considered to be the climactic moment of the first act. As others left the theater, Yugi was heaving an exasperated sigh. Nothing could excuse this─ especially after the film put extra time into filling missing spaces leading to that glorious moment. Ah, but there were so many other things to digest, to enjoy, to ramble about.

    "Fuck! I hate being kept waiting for even five minutes for something like this, even when I know it's coming!" he raved, putting forth no effort to move himself or Kimiko from the seat they both occupied still. "There are so many more things they might do as well. What about the time spent right before the wedding? Do we get to see what Kasmina did on the way? What about Sorin? Or, or we could see bitch ass Dacian making the decision to stay away from the wedding, just to have another reason to hate his ugly guts!" Actually, now that he was talking about the one called Dacian, Yugi had much more to say regarding the character. He'd seen said character illustrated in the book, and across numerous fanarts and... strange doujin. Even so, the modified appearance left him far more uncomfortable than he would have been normally. The distaste was stronger than ever. "Speaking of Dacian, am I the only one thinking the thing?"

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    "Ah, why right there!?" Kimiko questioned aloud as this section of the movie came to an end. Of course, she expected fully there to be a cutoff somewhere in the middle, but with all the added content and extra modified appearances she was hardly able to keep track of the timing of things. Glorious. This movie was indeed already worth all the hype and it was only halfway over. Since, Yugi initially made no moves to have her move, she didn't aim to do so either. She was fine with avoiding any crowd for a moment or two so she could have the conversation surrounding all the things they'd just witnessed. She rested herself against the lad and squirmed just a little exhaling a deep breath while trying to gather all of her thoughts, but she was far too excited to keep it all in.

    "I really can't wait either. The intermission is a fucking hour! What are we supposed to do with that kind of time?!" she asked rhetorically. She was also raving about the movie and had nothing but good things to say about the major changes to the plot and the action leading up to the protagonists wedding which was a prime showing of the ultimate love that had developed in a far less abrupt way. "We could see it all you know? It's an animation, scene switching is awesome and seeing it from all the perspectives might make the story go smoother than even we could have imagined. Just adding in the pre-wedding week did so much for Kasmina and Sorin's relationship... they're such a cute couple!~" Kimiko squealed. She thought entire story to be one of the best the Aeons had ever come up with, it definitely had great vibes for the main characters. The supporting cast was varied and interesting, even Dacian was memorable even if it was just for being so obviously dislikable.

    Ah but there was talk of Dacian directly. And the thing as Yugi was choosing to call it. Kimiko had also taken note of his upgrade in appearance? No, that wasn't the right word, his variation in appearance which made him seem way worse than the original sketches and drawings within the novelization. "Iie, you aren't alone in it. To be honest, the first images in the books and the way I imagined him in my head, he seemed a bit more redeemable initially. You know more like an overprotective helicopter parent with an obvious favorite? Now he's just a fat ugly bastard trying to combine three cursed tags!" Kimiko said. "He really didn't seem quite so obviously gross in the books... ugh no denying him a slot as an antagonist right at the moment either..." the lass said, her excitement being mixed with some obvious disgust about the father of the female protagonist. "Ugh, still with him looking so obviously gross, I wonder what Sorin saw in her head... I hope they cover that. Though knowing them we won't see whatever that is until like three books from now!" Kimiko exclaimed with an exasperated sigh.

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    Kimiko just as easily decided to avoid moving, which for Yugi's situation, was undoubtedly for the best. If he were being frank about it, part of his desire to remain seated was the fact that he'd been pitching the occasional tent for all three hours of the movie thus far. He'd been fine for the most part, but the occasional shift on either end was enough to get a rise out of him for quite some time. Even so, focus on the film was easily maintained. "I think normal people use that sort of time to make bathroom trips and... I dunno, deal with important phone calls or some shit. Not everyone can be an illustrious degenerate who starves, holds in their piss, and ignores the whole wide world for an entire anime season," Yugi stated with all the smugness of a veteran binge-watcher.

    This movie would be discussed for ages to come, and according to the preview reel from about three hours ago, the second act would be released as a book in due time. Now that was a book to look forward to. Alas, Yugi wasn't looking forward to the development of Costel Dacian in this movie. Where they stopped, happened to be the beginning of that particular character's downward spiral, which seemed primed to be more in-depth for the movie's portrayal. "Those two are great, but I've got a few ideas about Dacian that are uh... none too pleasant? Yeah, that's it!" Having the idea of the character Sorin's look into his would-be spouse's mind, Yugi thought the worst of Dacian. Of course, there was only one true way to express this. "Fuck Dacian," was all he said. A sigh followed, as Yugi pressed a forefinger to his temple. He really didn't like the implications being given by the movie, which only furthered beliefs he already harbored based on the book. "I don't even know how to feel watching this thing. Good? Bad? I think everything between, and some other random shit. Either way, I'm hype. What do we do with an entire hour, though?"

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    Yugi had been suffering the occasional hardening of his manhood throughout the duration of this movie, and Kimiko due to her own proximity was more than casually aware of that particular situation. Even so, she could only stop herself from squirming so much, still, she found nothing but comfort from being where she was and causing such a reaction in the lad. Beyond those points, she was fine with not moving immediately, so they could gush about this particular piece of cinematic mastery. Still a chuckle escaped the lass as she shifted to the side just a bit to look at the man before her, as he claimed a certain amount of smugness over the fact that he was degenerate enough to not do normal things during intermissions. "Ah, well I like a good binge watch as much as the next person. Still, you look so smug about it..." she said having a look at the lad's face for a moment or two while poking his chin with her index finger.

    This movie was an epic and beyond that the descent of Costel Dacian seemed to be a much bigger part of the overall story than it was initially painted to be. This was fair of course, the Aeons loved to make broad strokes in their stories and then go back and fill in character growth and depth in flashbacks and memoirs. It made each story that much more interesting. Side characters were never truly side, and only looked soft in comparison to whomever the protagonists were. Of course, in the case of Costel Dacian it would seem he was developing in a more sinister way. "Dacian is definitely seeming like more and more of a creeper, and less like a dad. Like he'd be unsafe to be around..." she said in total agreement. "Fuck Dacian." she echoed that response. "I feel a bit crazy, but I think that's good. It has been hyped up for me since the books release. So... I guess all those mixed up feelings are pretty normal..." she mused. As for what they should do during this time. Kimiko gave it a bit of thought. They were still out on a date, they could squeeze in more date stuff, as well as a bathroom trip, making the next bit as comfortable as possible. She pulled out her phone and checked the time while scanning her hot bar to make sure no one needed anything of her. "Eh, we could actually go for that bathroom break, a snack and keep chatting it up until the next bit. I always feel like I have so much to say after watching a movie and it's not even over yet!~" she chimed in with her suggestion of that hour they could spend doing somewhat normal date things. Besides... if she was being honest she'd seen a place that smelled really nice when they entered and she wondered if Yugi had a known opinion on it.

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    "Of course I'm smug about it! It's my crowning achievement, y'know?" he said, continuing that train of smugness without fail. Though he didn't truly take it as a point of pride, he was going to act as such for the sake of his own amusement. After all, there was hardly a point to conversation without a solid joke here and there. That was simply the way of these two by now, wasn't it? Gags would appear in the middle of ordinary conversation, and they'd be exploited until the hilarity reached a natural end. Until that moment came, he wouldn't stop for anything.

    With another mutual acceptance of the notion 'fuck Dacian,' the two were willing to settle on matters related to the movie. Another half would be upon them in an hour, and within three hours of that, they would find themselves in the midst of a very in-depth conversation. First though, there was an hour to get through. What would they do? Yes, bathroom and snacks─ the most reasonable plan. Of course, there was the much more important matter of Costel Dacian and the additional plot points revolving around him in this movie. "He's pretty rape-y, yeah. I'm getting major Berserk vibes from watching him during this, and that's not good for any redemption he could have gotten. At the rate it's going now, I feel like he's going to get a bigger punishment than any of the Convocation... for whatever they end up doing as well. I doubt they'll even use him as cattle, considering─" he said, scoffing at the idea of Dacian's future as he spoke. "Like seriously, I wouldn't feel comfortable around that fucking guy! I'm surprised half the theater didn't walk out when the Hunter showed up!"

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    Ah, the jokes. This was of course, one of the crowning points of their relationship. They had full comfort around each other and were able to make joking statements even in perfectly normal conversation. Kimiko could figure out his fake smug from real arrogance at a glance and thus could have fun at Yugi's expense without issue. "Smug about laziness... are you sure you aren't Sloth?" the lass asked in her generally sarcastic manner. "I'm pretty sure only Sloth would consider that a crowning achievement~" she teased though admittedly it was as always in good fun.

    And beyond those points of teasing there was the supposed developments of Costel Dacian. Beyond that his demeanor and how it came out in the moments in the movie that weren't expressed in the previous works that featured him. "Definitely that... I haven't gotten around to Berserk yet, but I did add it to my list..." she said of the other titular work which apparently featured some pretty interesting themes given their conversation presently. Yugi figured the father of the blushing bride would end up with a worse punishment than the Convocation of Vampires and Kimiko could only agree. "Hai, he's definitely going to get one of those super punishments. Far far away from Kasmina. I mean, the Convocation are vampires, proper ones, so any evil they do can technically be excused by their nature, and none of them seemed as outright evil as Dacian does currently..." she said of the vampires. "Of course, they might be sketchier now... but Dacian is seeming like he'd be some kind of terror to everyone if he was a vampire... probably worse than Dracula!" she said firmly. Kimiko was pretty sure about the nature of characters. Even Yugi agreed to feeling unsafe around him. "Hm, as for the general public on the Hunter's intro scene. I am pretty sure they are thinking it is just a historical context thing. I mean, a father basically selling off a daughter in that time period couldn't have been considered uncommon. Though he was being admittedly creepy about it. Ugh, the way he refers to Kasmina as his rubs me super wrong when he looks like a hentai FUB," she finally commented. Oh the nuances of this series could be talked about for days, but there was also the plan of getting snacks and a quick bathroom break. Given this, she slid forward and stood. She'd take the time to stretch and lean against the unoccupied chair in front of her. Backwards so she could finally face Yugi.

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    Sloth. Would being smug about aspects of laziness qualify him as such a thing? Well, perhaps it could... but that would be boring. No, he had to go above and beyond all sense of reason, to create the impossible scenario and transcend the law of reality itself! "Foolish fool! My pomposity knows no bounds. Even my arrogance regarding laziness is so unimaginably powerful, it thwarts the haughtiness of even Pride! My power is so great, you cannot even perceive my existence! You are free to kneel before me, if you have the ability~"

    If they weren't in the middle of a cinema, mostly empty or otherwise, Yugi would have taken matters a few steps farther. Yes, that whole speech could have done well with some loud, obnoxious laugh. Moving on from that though, there was another mention of Berserk and how Kimiko had it on her watchlist for the future. Yugi, strangely, would recommend watching/reading that series... though he would also recommend staying far away from it. "Binge it when it's not on hiatus. Good luck finding a time for that to apply," he stated. What would the topic be then? Costel Dacian, something worse than even the fabled Dracula? It was an interesting and agreeable notion, though Yugi had a particular reason for thinking so. "I doubt Dracula is even going to be a typical 'bad' guy. From the looks of things, my vote says anti-villain. One we should watch out for, is Elizabeth Bathory. Her name and story being used in this otherwise imaginary world, makes her potentially a way bigger threat than old Vlad. History and habit both say so, anyway. Speaking of history, that's not the issue I take with Dacian during that scene. That look on Dacian's face looked a little too... familiar. If Mina came home drugged, she'd be weird pregnant the next morning."

    Already, it was about time to rise and take care of intermission-related matters. Yugi was in no rush─ especially after the lass stood and leaned against the chair in front of them. All he could think upon seeing such a thing, was how much of a shame it was. Sure, they were facing each other, but there was still something he remembered from the time they left his house. "You're doing everything possible to avoid revealing that underpants thing, aren't you?" he questioned, continuing to think of how much better the girl's rise could have been, had she continued facing forward.

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    Ah, Kimiko was indeed correct. It was the truth that being slothful should qualify him to be attached to that particular sin, but... Yugi was full of a rather funny outburst which she would take in stride snickering to herself as he went on about how much better his sloth was than the sloth of others. "I am so obviously unworthy. I would hope for graceful forgiveness~" she chimed along finding the whole situation rather funny. Of course, this was simply the way in the end, there was no other thing to do but have fun while they played about their speech in such a way.

    Moving on from such matters, there was the commentary about binging a certain specific series. There was the claim that it should be done when said series was not on hiatus but also mentioned that being a time which was impossible to find. A scoff came to Kimiko when she heard this, what did he take her for. "Iie, I'll binge it like I do everything else, and then spend all of my spare time stalking to find out when the next installment is coming. It is the only way... as an Aeons fan I am already used to constant hiatus. No need for me to take a break on driving myself into crazed hysteria now," the girl mentioned looking rather triumphantly down upon the lad's face now that she was standing before him. What else was she to do, while she gathered feeling back to her legs and they continued their rather casual discussion. A plea was made for anti-villain Dracula and Kimiko could see that as well, "Hai, I could see that too... he is really seeming like he only seems bad from the outside perspective. Elizabeth is... a frightening existence. Knowing how she was historically I wouldn't be surprised if she went a very different way, or if she was meant to directly foil the 'negative' aspects of Dracula. Hm, though admittedly that would make her most threatening to our heroes long term," she said with her own take on the same problem. "Ah, but if we were talking about the world... I'd say the Lady McDermott is more problematic to the regular folk and would thus be the one to deal with first and foremost... no one ever properly plays up how crazy it is to be able to harm people in dreams that is urban legend horror movie levels of problem, though they seem to be mostly immune," she said of the woman known as the Dreamwalker. If not for her disposition that person would likely be pegged by her as the absolute scariest of the Convocation. Ah, but there was still the matter of the Dacian scene which Kimiko also agreed with. She was now thinking with a hand tucked under her chin. "Hai, that's about right. More people should be upset by that, but people are pretty desensitized now... but that face definitely says a lot of that..." she said knowing that it probably would have been more frightening if the people in the story were physical.

    Ah, but now they were talking about her. Was she doing everything possible not to reveal her underwear situation? Well, not really, in truth the whole of it had slipped her mind a bit and she wasn't simply standing the way she was just to tease him, it'd only worked out that way incidentally. "Hoh? You're giving me a lot of credit there, Yugi~" she mentioned with a devious smile on her face. "I, really wasn't doing that on purpose... I could always just show you... if you wanted to see~" she mentioned with a devious smirk on her face. Along with this the fingers of her unoccupied left hand slipped down the line of her skirt and began inching it upwards just a bit revealing more and more the skin of her thighs. Well, she was a bit of a tease, so her doing such a thing wasn't at all outside of her line of thought.

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