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    "Hmph! As if I would so easily forgive some measly peasant! Forgiveness is to be earned, knave! It will take eons of groveling before you succeed!" Once again, there was a delve into endless jokes, whether worthwhile or not. As far as Yugi was concerned, there were no negatives to be found─ and Kimiko seemed to be onboard as well.

    They differed in one respect, and it happened to be what one should do with the series called Berserk. In hindsight, Yugi regretted actively following that series for as long as he did, but there was no going back on that now. "Major Aeons works are at least thrilling the whole way through. Berserk likes to enter hiatus hell during its low points, and proceed to have the entire cast traveling on a boat for nine real years. If you're sure you'll be alright with that level of shit, then by all means... join the rest of us in hating everything~" he said, truly not minding if she wished to suffer with himself and other fans. Hell, they could spend many days complaining about how a new chapter was finally released after two years, only to avoid addressing matters of the previous chapter. "Oh, and McDermott is good to go, as far as I'm concerned. She's scary OP, but I think it's kinda cool in her case. People should definitely be afraid─ so should hunters. Of the group though, I think she's the most likely to be friends with the protags."

    Somehow, their conversation was once again fated to devolve... or evolve, depending on one's outlook. They were in the midst of discussing Costel Dacian and his disgusting mannerisms, essentially sharing how disturbed anyone including them should be if that person existed outside of fantasy. Alas, that conversation was destined for abandonment the moment Kimiko abandoned their shared seat and heard Yugi's follow-up clause to the action. He was giving her a lot of credit, was he? Nonsense; that was well within the realm of possibility with this one. More than likely, she just wasn't actively thinking of the situation surrounding her own skivvies... but now, she was right back to drawing attention directly to her skirt. Would that fail? Absolutely not. Yugi's gaze shamelessly fell, following just under the fingers which curled beneath the article. "Well..." he said, offering nothing more to the point thereafter. If she was going to do something like that, he definitely wouldn't be stopping her. In fact, Yugi's gaze averted only briefly to confirm precisely how alone they were in the theater by now. "People really seem to like leaving during an intermission, huh?"

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    Oh? One had to work at forgiveness?! More laughter escaped the young woman. She couldn't even get it together enough to finish the bit. This was going to be hard on her for all the right reasons. She never got to be this amused by being in someone's company. She didn't find most things funny and most people didn't get the sort of humor she normally dished out, Yugi was without question that person for her. "Hahahaha!~ I can't, stop... I can't even get the response out..." she managed through several held breaths. What was she going to do with this young man? Well, time would tell.

    Ah, now they were getting to the meat of the Berserk controversy. According to Yugi, there were long spans of time, spent in the worst parts of the plot progression, including a real life 9 year boat trip?! Absurd! That being said, she wasn't exactly turned off the series as a whole just because of that. If nothing else, such things always led to heavy discussion and theory crafting. "I can hate everything. Sounds like a good time, more unnecessary anxiety about a new series is just what I need~" she said somewhat flippantly. At the same time, she would likely actually be reading up on the series at least, and maybe supplementing with watching as well. And beyond that point in the conversation, there was the stamp of approval being given to Lady McDermott by Yugi who claimed she was OP and scary but would likely befriend the protagonists of the story in question. "Hai hai, I can agree to that. Still as far as things that go bump in the night she's pretty high on the scale, even for the Aeons," she said. At least one of those writers was in love with darkness, scary goth themes and horrific uses of mundane themes. Lady McDermott was a totem to such ideology. And that was at the very least entertaining.

    Speaking of entertainment, there was the sort which was currently being given by Yugi. They'd all but abandoned the less fruitful part of their conversation and where currently discussing something much more private. In particular the discussion was concerning Kimiko's privates and whether or not she was wearing undergarments. She was being entertained by the obvious workings of Yugi's mind. No matter what it was one of her favorite things, and she could catch his attention with little to no effort. Case in point, his eyes traveled immediately to where her hand had moved. He was obviously intently watching the movement of her skirt. And she was watching him, though her own eyes flicked casually around the emptying theater. "Well... I can't exactly leave you curious for too long~" the lass mused. Having confirmed that there was no chance of her actions being seen that skirt lifted in the front to reveal her underwear. Or rather the lack of them... presented for this lad's eyes was her uncovered undercarriage in mint condition as it had been for the duration of the afternoon. A wicked smirk crossed her face as she left it visible for his eyes for approximately 10 seconds shifting just a bit before her skirt dropped back into place. Strangely, though Kimiko was actually a tease, she wasn't the sort who didn't follow through, instead she was here to watch for reactions to see how much her outlandish behavior would grant her a reward. That was the type of satisfaction she sought.

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    Great success! To see Ashikaga Kimiko incapable of keeping up the banter due to the laughing fit she suffered, meant only that Yugi was managing to throw the right jokes out into the open. Good, good; social ineptitude did not cripple him this time. One of his other selves had been beyond worried about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, but he was essentially bowling strike after strike in his proper form.

    Strange were the workings of life. Step by step, this pair was always making moves leading closer to deviance. Once said deviance was reached, into the well they went. Then, each time, the journey would begin anew; they exited the well and effectively went looking for another. Into the well they went here and now, and with that descent came the rise of Kimiko's skirt. This had already been set in motion, but lo, that piece was lifted shamelessly with the notion that he couldn't be left curious for long. Well, curious was hardly the word in the beginning. He was quite sure there was nothing under there but skin, and this little ten second showing was nothing more than confirmation. Ah, but it was a bit more than that, wasn't it? Eyes were glued immediately, yet for far too little time. Yugi seemed to be observing in a most casual manner, though the moment Kimiko's skirt descended again, he scoffed. "Can't give a very long preview either, huh? That wasn't even a whole second!" he said flippantly. There was more, of course. Many conclusions could be reached based on Kimiko's lack of undergarments. Though it was something of a reach, there was one potential answer he desired as truth. "More importantly, you know there's only one reason people do that in every movie or show, like ever? What's a guy supposed to do with that? Alone in a half-lit theater, projection room's even empty for another fifty minutes or so, snack on the menu, but another being advertised in my face. Yare yare. I'm not old enough to be dealing with this sort of struggle, y'know?"

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    From full amusement to devious arousal, there was a bit of an easy fluctuation from point to point between Yugi and Kimiko. Right at the moment, she got to watch for ten seconds as the lad's eyes remained glued on her nether shamelessly watching what was presented to him in a fashion that Kimiko couldn't say she didn't enjoy. At the end of that countdown the man had a scoff to go along with some commentary about the length of his preview, still Kimiko could do nothing but giggle at him. "Hehe~ Well, it isn't like previews are supposed to be full shows, right? And it was ten seconds, I was counting~" she said with a knowing smile. "Just a peek~" she added with a playful wink. Of course, her very obvious flirty mood would likely not go unnoticed. It was quite good to walk down this deviant path without too much provocation. She'd already mentioned in one of her forms enjoying the idea of such things, an experience like this wasn't at all beyond the sort of thing she'd do just because it was possible.

    Oh, but apparently there were more important things, like the supposed reasoning behind people doing things like going to movies without undergarments. "Hoh? People do that for reasons... I had no idea~" Wait there it was. That sarcastic attitude of hers presented with a smile which to most people bordered upon predatory. That smile would remain for a while thereafter. He was too young to struggle with such decisions. What was a guy supposed to do with the options presented of an empty movie theater and a little less than an hour to have a snack or a snack. "Well for you the options are pretty clear aren't they? It would depend on what kind of hungry you are, right Yugi?~" she questioned in a teasing manner. "Though admittedly if you want my opinion, I'd take both. Nothing wrong with satisfaction in its entirety~" she mused. Ah yes, the offer of herself as a snack and an actual food based snack were indeed on the table. The lass was known to prepare in advance for such occasions, she'd done the same this time around. But as was generally the case, she'd leave herself and this particular decision in his hands. Half done for the tease, half done for the potential... all for her own investment into the activities they shared in, this was Kimiko's way in all things.

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    "Oi oi, you never said preview! You said you could show me if I wanted to see. The timeframe should be of my choosing, then," Yugi said as if he'd already won the debate. He even raised a finger, as if his point were that solid. "I demand justice for this transgression! As recompense, you must either stay that way until the movie returns, or offer equivalent exchange!" he continued, nodding. Of course the flirty behavior wasn't going to go unnoticed by Yugi. In fact, he would easily return the notion. "Besides, the whole point of a preview is to confirm something's on the way, right? Can't just go getting people's hopes up for a new release without a release date."

    People went without undergarments in public places for reasons... true. Kimiko had no idea... false. The purest form of disbelief was upon Yugi's face as he stared her in the eye. "Of course not. Who would ever think something like that? Certainly not someone like you; no way!" he retorted. Whatever the case, Kimiko offered her own opinion as to which form of snack he should be focusing on during the intermission. Both? That was, of course, the greedy choice. Why not, though? Why shouldn't he indulge when possible? Ah, that wasn't him─ this girl was becoming something of an influence on his everyday decisions now. "You would take both," he said, nearly in a flippant manner yet again. Of course, that wasn't to imply that he disagreed at all. "But hey, I'm still a growing boy, yeah? Might as well go for the works either way. I like to think I'm the sort of guy who can't see a coming soon preview without wanting the thing to release right away. I'm easily excited like that~"

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    Kimiko was confronted by some strange facts. According to the lad, she'd never mentioned that her little show was a preview, too bad for him, he'd already gotten one over on her earlier today by such a tactic he wouldn't be able to pull a fast one like that twice. "Iie, it was implied. There was no injustice, I offered a show and I provided one~" she said with that same smirk on her face. Was she right? That didn't matter, mostly she was just talking while her own fingers found themselves dancing around the edges of her skirt. "Though I suppose expecting confirmation isn't too far outside the realm of necessity... still my arms wouldn't survive holding up my skirt for the entire time until the movie comes back~" she said as if she was giving it a real amount of consideration. She of course, didn't care one way or another if the lad wished to see more or for longer, it was only a matter of banter which kept her talking.

    Speaking of the banter, there was the matter of her apparent lack of knowledge concerning people's lack of undergarments in movie theaters. There was a look of pure disbelief on the lad's face and along with it came words which outright portrayed his lack of faith in her understanding. It came with a similarly sarcastic reply. Of course, Kimiko could do nothing but laugh as she propped her right leg up on the left arm of his chair, ever so gently shifting her skirt up towards her hips. Oh, but it was dangerously close to flashing him further wasn't it? Well, she'd agreed by omission at least to meet his demands in some way so she'd go about presenting herself in this way so he could see that which interested him so while they continued to discuss their next step, that seemed fair enough. "Definitely not, me. Obviously such thoughts never cross my mind~" the amount of sarcasm that dropped from the lass was almost deceiving by its volume. No way Yugi managed to take her seriously when she spoke like this... Ah, but what would be taken seriously was her answer of both. Of course she would take both, it wasn't in her nature to deny herself anything. And it seemed, Yugi was coming around to such indulgences. He claimed to be a growing boy, he was easily excitable, and impatient enough to want anything in a preview as quickly as he could get it. Kimiko herself was much the same, with her leg propped up like it was, she was near enough presenting herself for consumption if she was on the menu. "Who am I to stop a lad from experiencing his excitement and having his cake and eating it too~" Welp, no denying her own degeneracy. There was never much way for her to do so anyways, but here and now she was about as direct as she could be about it.

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    No injustice? Damn, it seemed he wasn't going to get away with using the same trick twice. How troublesome, and yet, how riveting. He never expected being required to use a second means of making things work, but in this case, it would have been necessity─ would have. "Not much of a show, is it? Just long enough to get the brain working is more like... a tease," he argued. If nothing else, he would always pick at semantics. Moreover, there was an important exchange to be considered regarding the holding of Kimiko's skirt. "Well you could always just... not hold it up. You could even bend over and have it flipped up, or..."

    Before Yugi got the remainder of his thought out, there was a shift to how Kimiko was standing. Most specifically, her leg rose until he could essentially see beneath her skirt while simply sitting where he was. Naturally, he could hardly avoid letting his eyes wander once more. A simple glimpse was all it took to leave the lad clearing his throat and quirking a brow. Oh, what was it she'd been saying? Something about never having such thoughts cross her mind, despite the obvious intention to put herself on display here and now. "Definitely not. Why would you? That would make you some sort of degen. I wouldn't dare associate with someone like that, wholesome as I am~" he joked. With that, the young male pushed himself out of his seat. There was hardly space between rows in this theater, so such an action would quickly see to it that Kimiko's lower half was pressed between himself and the chair behind her. It was only fitting that he occupied the space provided by her raised leg, after all. Cheekily, he offered some commentary based on this new positioning. "Stop me? Don't even joke about that when you've been egging me on the whole time. What? If you're going to offer someone something, you should at least be forthright letting them know you want them to have it. Trying to offer me cake or something now?" Concluded with a question, his words would vibrate upon the flesh of Kimiko's face due to sheer proximity. He could have kissed her with a single additional movement of his lips alone; he even thought about it. Ah, but doing something like that would have left them both incapable of speaking... and the speaking part was the ultimate goal here.

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    Ah, what a quick thinker Yugi was. He was one to realize almost immediately that his previous tactic wouldn't work, so what would he do instead? Argue the semantics, was the rather simple answer. Kimiko in a moment like this, understood why this was his choice, it was already easy to pick apart words, but as it was already an issue she was taking care of at the moment, she had no intention of properly acknowledging such pokes with anything resembling seriousness. "Oh? Well, I did admit to being something of a tease~" she stated with that same flirty tone, already knowing how she would be handling the situation.

    Speaking of the situation, that raised leg of hers garnered some new attention. More accurately the shift of his gaze along with a quirked brow, but he obviously wasn't looking away at all. Kimiko enjoyed something about this, and she wasn't quite sure what it was yet. "Yes, quite wholesome. Definitely wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize my current status," she joked right along with him. Though this was admittedly how they were together, constantly brushing against such subjects in a joking manner while being a bit provocative. Was this an evolution into something wholesome, or a devolution into degeneracy on their parts? She was never actually certain, not that she cared, oh but there was something she did care about quite a bit more than the thought exercise.

    The sudden movement of Yugi placed him in the space created by her open legs. He rather quickly pinned her lower half against the chair behind her eliciting a gasp as she felt him close enough to her nether that she was quite sure he felt heat and he was close enough to her face that she felt the vibrations of his words across her skin. "Ara ara~" she managed initially seeming to be mulling over his words with his mouth so close to hers she definitely could have kissed him and was rather obviously considering it for a few seconds. "I was only teasing... just a little you know. It's hard making offers, I'm usually just trying to take... something~" she mentioned in her same haphazard way, a brief pause in there was mostly her thinking about how to phrase her desire. As for his question, there was only one real way for her to answer. "I'll offer you everything you'd like from me..." she said shifting her body ever so slightly. "Cake or kisses... hm definitely the kisses," she mentioned. He was far too close and she didn't truly wish to stop herself from having it. She'd aim to take that with just a few more words spoken. "I'm taking that now..." she mentioned while closing the space between their faces. Admittedly, they should were probably a bit strapped for time, but she wasn't sure how far she should be pushing. She hadn't lied, she truly wished to give Yugi any part of her he wanted, ah and fully intended to offer him whatever he wanted in that respect.

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    "I guess you did, yeah. It's not like that's enough to save on missing value, though." As Yugi spoke, his eyes were continuously scanning different parts of Kimiko's face. his gaze was all over, never settling on a single location, almost as if he'd gotten so close for the sole purpose of studying the girl's features. He didn't do such a thing intentionally, nor did he appear conscious of the fact that he was doing it at all.

    Farther went the pair's very pointed path progress. Nothing child-friendly would happen this day, from the movie itself to the intermission as they approached it. Kimiko found it difficult to make offers, stating that her intention was only to take... something. Oh, that one had about a thousand openings. Only a little tease, she said. Alas, there was hardly anything she did that could be considered a little of... anything. Oh well. She could say what she liked, but the facts would never change. A little tease was tantamount to a threat─ one which demanded a response. Prior to any response being given, though, Kimiko thought to take something for herself. Cake or kisses? One of those wasn't even part of the discussion, but lo, that would not stop the assault on his lips. Yugi made no moves against this; it only made up for his own choice to avoid the same result for a time. There was much more to be said, but much to be done as well─ a bit of time could be afforded. As such, he sank into the moment without much thought, taking hold of Kimiko's sides as his lips pursed against hers. Mere seconds were not enough. It seemed a minute or two would pass before a series of lip-smacks came to an end, at which point, Yugi continued speaking. "I wonder what I'd like. Everything's too vague. What's the right here, right now part? I'll take it all, but we don't really have time for that right now, do we?"

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    From this close distance, Yugi was studying Kimiko's face, unbeknown to her, it would redden ever so slightly under the scrutiny. "Well, maybe or maybe not. I would be willing to negotiate a bit on lost value, I'm pretty fair after all~" she answered sheepishly. Oh the number of concessions she found herself giving this man without even so much as a second thought. Ah, besides all that she'd already decide to take some more for herself, by her own logic he could have what he wanted and that would be pretty fair.

    Speaking of what she wanted, that kiss was something he accepted. Great. Their lips met repeatedly over the course of a couple of minutes. They were still having a discussion of course, but there was nothing wrong with a short break right? Apparently the answer was a resounding no. No problems found here. Soft lips met for the sake of sating some desire Kimiko had just made known. How was she supposed to continue waiting all the time when it was rather obvious that she'd always want more and more? By the time their faces finally parted, Yugi was speaking to the purpose of their current negotiation. He wondered what he would like and what all this should entail. He brought up some valid points as well. While proclaiming to be willing to take everything, there was the rather simple matter that they were on borrowed time, less than an hour before this movie started, snacks were supposed to be had as well. What was in it for the right here and right now? Hm, well there were only two possible answers and both were technically feasible for different reasons. In the same moment, Kimiko bit down on her bottom lip, thinking through the situation, "Well, those are all good points. So, the here and now is either a time challenge with this..." she said producing a condom from her pocket. Yes, she'd taken it from the box in preparation for this at some point before. No, she wasn't sure if she was going to need it or not, but knowing what they were like prepared for it as a possibility for their outing today. "Or... a finish without that bit for now and saving this for later. Still time sensitive but somehow obviously less challenging to achieve... either way we'd want to be done with at least 20 minutes to spare for snacks so it would give us fifteen minutes for us... if we're being cautious for the movie's sake..." she said. Yes, she had approximated the amount of time they had before the movie would start up again and before maybe they'd be joined again within the theater if that was a question worth asking. Of course, this conversion didn't account for a change in venue or any particular issues of finding one in particular.

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