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    Kimiko had a decent enough point; it could always be said that she was fair. A properly fair business person had to be some sort of oxymoron, actually, but that wasn't something worth thinking over too much at the moment. They were quite busy─ too busy to notice little, insignificant things. No, what Yugi had the time to notice was actually the blood just under the skin of Kimiko's face. Was simply watching her enough for that sort of reaction? Well, it wasn't the first time. What an interesting little quirk he managed to bring out of the lass. . .

    As for their current discussion of potential debauchery, Kimiko came about as prepared as he would have expected. One of the condoms that would have otherwise been left behind, was in her hand within moments. Yugi looked upon the item with a raised brow, his mind at work while rationality and carnal desire went to war in his subconscious. "Hmm. That's... a lot of options. Weirdly though, I think my answer should be..." Surprised by himself, Yugi sighed. Was he disappointed? Somewhere in there, there was a hint of it. Before the next words passed his lips, he decided to push away the condom. He couldn't do anything with an hour. He wanted time to explore these new sensations, to relax, all for the two of them to properly enjoy one another. A forced quickie in a movie theater hardly felt fitting. "Pass? Yikes, I didn't think I'd actually say it. Well, pass isn't right. Eto... raincheck? Yeah, raincheck! If I don't spend too much time listening to the horny, I think time constraints would be pretty bad at this point. Besides... the second one is always more difficult to get out─"

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    The redness of Kimiko's face wasn't something which she held any awareness about, but that was a detail she simply wouldn't know. There was far too much on her mind. Were they going the way of the horny? Were they going to do something else? What were the other options... was she too horny? There were dozens of questions but all would be answered shortly. Right at the moment it was now Kimiko's turn to study Yugi's face, and watch as the two sides of his brain went to work. Choices to be made, decisions to be garnered and how would it end. Strangely, enough in him pushing away the condom and claiming that he should pass.

    No. Pass was too strong a word. A raincheck with an explanation. Though there had been a lot of options offered horny wouldn't win out, well not right just now. Apparently male biology made such a thing as a rushed session harder to accomplish within the time constraints presented. This was logical, rational and reasonable, still that playful pout danced across her face as she pocketed that condom she'd been holding on to, "Eh?! I mean that's fair. I didn't expect the secret third decision, but I don't really like rushing either... well not if I don't have to~" she admitted. "Now then, you're responsible for finding me a snack to distract me from the horny you caused~" she mused before pecking his lips. Yep, just like that she was willing to move on to actual activities. It wasn't like she was in dire need of rushed behavior and to be honest, she was just as excited to do new things as she was to continue their downward or upward spiral into debauchery.

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    "Always expect the secret third decision. Numbers three and four are often the most viable options," Yugi insisted. Either way, if neither of them had complaints, there was nothing to be worried about. Kimiko, however, did have a demand to make. He would be required to take responsibility for her current state of horniness by finding a worthwhile snack, but... something was wrong there. No, that was completely irrational! Retreating from the additional brief moment of lip contact, the male seemed aghast. "Huh? EH?!" he replied.

    Where did that even come from? He hadn't been the one to initiate a thing; this all started with her teasing nature and lack of undergarments, which had been occasionally tormenting him as an idea since he left home. Baffled, he could only stammer over words that hardly existed until something legible finally left his mouth. "Why's that my fault? You're the one parading around with your ass exposed and ready for the taking! What was I supposed to do besides go for it? You started the horny!" An accusatory finger was pointed directly at the lass' face as Yugi spoke these words, fully rejecting all blame toward himself, and indeed redirecting it where he knew it belonged. He wouldn't be taking the heat for this whole thing, no. She got him riled up, so whether he was picking the snacks or not, that fact would be laid out on the table.

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    "Noted." she said about the variable choices. Though she did have a bit more to add... "Well, at least it's only the first two options after one and two. Probabilities for such things get annoying after seven," she said with a curt nod as if this was something worth real consideration. In truth she was just speaking to speak and having made such statements and pressed her lips against his own she'd done all she had and wished to be fed more of these marvelous foods she was apparently being denied. Ah, but there was something amiss...

    A look of sheer shock crossed Yugi's face as he turned down responsibility for how she was presently feeling. He went on to place the blame squarely on her shoulders, even pointing at her in a manner most accusing, claiming her lack of undergarments started this whole thing. A laugh escaped her as she shook her head no, choosing to argue the point instead of letting it fall away. "Not true at all. Can't put on the same underwear after wearing them. That's like girl rule number one. I'd forgotten all about not wearing any until you brought it up, as I am a master at compartmentalizing. It was only then I started teasing because you brought it up," she said with a curt nod, and a gentle tap of that finger with her own. "And how could I do anything but offer to clear up your burning curiosity? I was responsible for it after all~" she asked in a teasing tone, while taking responsibility for riling up the lad. "I was only answering the call, sir..." she managed seemingly amused. Of course, this was mostly all in good fun. She didn't completely blame him, but he was still going to be responsible for snacks. "Regardless of how you think of it, you're responsible for snacks... and my horny." She declared with absolute certainty. Of course, she would take responsibility for his as well... so it was still fair, right? It didn't need saying that one like Ashikaga Kimiko would take a great deal of pride in being the absolute cause of this lad's arousal, in any form she possessed.

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    "True. I can't keep myself from dealing with those, though. Everything with a chance of happening needs to be acknowledged, if you ask me," said Yugi, who spent far too much of his time thinking about various possibilities in every little scenario. It was worthwhile to abandon such thoughts in moments like the present, but it was too frequent an occurrence for the lad to avoid mentioning it.

    A diversion of blame would not be allowed to stand, it seemed. Kimiko refuted his claim of being faultless, insisting that him mentioning her lack of undergarments was the cause of it all. Well, that may have been true, but it all boiled down to one thing in the end. "No way! That could have been a friendly reminder that, while spending half the day shopping for clothes, you conveniently forgot to put on a pair of panties you just bought. I was obviously just making sure you didn't drop something and flash the whole city as a result," he said, turning up his nose. He would be choosing the snacks regardless, but this matter could not stand, no matter how simple! "Besides, I wouldn't have said anything if you didn't start stretching─ very sexually, I might add─ right in front of me! You were teasing long before I even said anything." Ah, he wasn't exactly backing down on this debate, but he was beginning to move. Slipping off to the side, Yugi maneuvered his way out of the seat row. If they were going to find something to eat during this intermission, it was best that they start looking right away. In the meantime though, there was a question of interest on his mind based on Kimiko's closing clause. "And how exactly is it my fault that you're horny? I wasn't the one showing myself off!"

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    "Hm, that sounds like Tsu-chan levels of anxiety. Not sure I could add that to my own plate. But I also prefer bottle-necking possibilities to avoid extra fuss~" the lass said. It was nice to know the man before her was always considering so much. It worked in her favor to have such information on hand. This way she could better focus his attention and not leave his mind busier than it needed to be in normal situations.

    Oh but they were much deeper than that. In the conversation concerning her undergarments apparently there was the fact that she'd been shopping and not put any on. "Well, in my defense, I'd teased a little in the shop and you seemed a bit overwhelmed as it stood. Obviously, I was being extra wholesome by not further drawing attention to my state of dress and keeping it from being a matter of pressing interest... I did that for you," she said with playful snipe. Of course, she was a tease at heart and knowing he'd at least continue thinking about it was a bit more amusing to her than most things could be. But... not giving confirmation was best for keeping on track in their outings. He went on to claim that she'd stretched in front of him, adding a peculiar adjective to the mix while claiming she'd been teasing the whole time. "Yes. I do tease a lot, but again, I admitted to that. The stretch was a standard one... sir. Nothing particularly sexy about it, aside from that wandering thought in your mind.... I even faced you so you wouldn't have to accidentally strain trying to catch a peek under my skirt. I thought only of your virtues!" Kimiko stated. It was as if she was used to conversing in such a manner. Even though she was being rather light-hearted, nothing would change the fact that he'd made her horny. She followed along out of the row in search of her snack for the evening with Yugi making the choice at hand. "Hm, well there is an entire list, poking me the duration of the movie. Expressing abject interest in my undergarments, asking to be flashed then making the claim it wasn't enough prolonging the experience by my own most gracious fairness. The occupying of the space between my legs so suddenly, asking all those leading teasing questions, staring at me from so close..." she said a concise but rather lengthy list of things which contributed to her state of arousal. "Yes, all your fault~" she concluded offering the lad a smile. "Accept it."

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    "Oi, don't pin anxiety on me! I just like to think about every angle, is all," he said, claiming his mannerisms as a habit leftover from years of puzzle-solving. It truly wasn't a matter of anxiety, but rather one of excitement in seeing various possibilities ahead. The thrill alone was what drove him, particularly in the satisfactory moment of realizing the eventual truth was very far down the list of potentials he'd come up with.

    Even more exciting was the entire list of potential things he had in mind any time Kimiko was the subject to be questioned. What would she do next? What would she say? What would sentence 'X' get as a response? These were the things which each had various potential answers, yet still managed to surprise with actual results. Now was such a time, as she carried on with the continued rejection of his clauses. She was avoiding bringing too much attention to her own form for his sake, was she? Madness. "I call bullshit! You got me anticipated, and then you just let it fester inside my poor, fragile mind! I'm being corrupted bit by bit, and it's all the fault of you and your... skin," he said with a huff. According to Kimiko, there wasn't even anything sexual about that stretch of hers... outside of his mind, at least. To that, Yugi had one thing to say. "Sexiness is in the eyes of the beholder. That's what they say, isn't it? Yeah, that's what they say! Whoever 'they' are..." Now that the topic had risen, it was time for a brief tangent. Yugi took great issue with something, and it needed to be addressed. "Actually, wait! Who the fuck are 'they' anyway? Who starts a saying like that? And more importantly, why the fuck is me having a boner in the movie theater my fault, instead of it being a response to your ass rubbing all against my inner legs for three hours?! I'm not accepting blame for you being horny when it happened because you already gave me the curse!"

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    Rejection? Apparently, Yugi didn't see his constantly wandering mind as a form of anxiety. Well, he was free to have his wrong opinion, but that didn't make it any less true. "Uh-huh, so you like having your brain run wild with possibilities past what could even be considered normal amounts of preparation... definitely didn't realize that already or anything," she said seeming to give it a bit of thought, but also being very obviously snippy. She knew his mannerisms well after all, they were quite easy to see after all. "Does that make you some sort of masochist instead?" she asked rhetorically.

    Little did she know, her theory was playing out in the lad's head as he tried and failed to figure out the angle she'd take in her rejection of his words. Ah, he called her on her inconsistency? Well, it wasn't as if it was the first time she'd been called on her less than straightforward behavior. Obviously, it was time to split the difference of these particular losses. "Well, yes. But I did all of that when I was only intending to keep you out for a couple of hours maximum. There was nothing but good intentions in my behavior, a short trip and maybe I'd show you what all that stuff looked like when we returned to your place. Instead, we wound up here and I was trying to preserve your dignity while setting it aside in my own mind. My actions were nearly saintly! I only offered salvation..." she stated as if she wasn't at all thinking of naughty.

    Ah, but he was content to refute her further. Sexiness was in the eye of the beholder and he was the one to determine that her action was sexy. Hm, she'd made a similar argument to him before so she couldn't deny that here and now either. She wasn't a hypocrite after all. Ah, and there was a tangent. He made a good point, how did people come up with these sayings of such things? "Hm, old people, philosophers, the internet... altruists?" she named groups of people who would make such statements. "Still, it's pretty unreasonable to just let some unknown group be responsible for something so ubiquitous. They should own up to it, put their name on it..." she said affirmatively. Ah, and then they were right back to it. How was he responsible for his boner when her body was between his legs. "Well, I couldn't know that you wouldn't have had one even if I hadn't been there..." she said with practical understanding. "I don't mind though. I like being responsible for things like that, if I can curse you like that... it's just proof you're mine~" she said with a look of absolute superiority on her face. And there it was the absolute way the lass considered her ownership of the boy at her side.

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    "Well, yeah. I do puzzles for fun; what else would you expect?" he questioned rhetorically. He didn't expect it to be believable that his methods were not at all linked to anxiety, but that didn't matter. Maybe he was actually some sort of masochist, though it also had nothing to do with what they were discussing. "Well, sometimes, but not because of the way I think about stuff─" he admitted. If anything, the only masochistic streak he knew thus far was the result of Kimiko's endless teasing. . .

    A fair enough point was one which covered Kimiko only intending to be out for a couple of hours. Had they been out for so little time, then indeed, they would have been on the tail end of debauchery right this moment. To say she only had good intentions, though, was a stretch and a half. "Good intentions my dick! You were just waiting for the prime opportunity to strike, right when I would be boiling over with the horny curse so you could ara ara all over me and ruin whatever innocence I have left!" And there, Aiba Yugi cracked the case! She was a devil disguised as a saint, when in fact, it would have been the better option to appear as the devil she was. Ah, but that was his dark side talking, wasn't it? Silence those thoughts, quickly! There was sadly no way to stop the perverted thoughts showing on his face, though.

    "Ehe─ yeah, anyway! Fuck all those guys!" Yes, that was the answer; keeping the subject in the direction of weird phrases and their origins. "I'd like to give them a piece of my mind. I would do, if they actually gave their names, but you're right! Cowards, the lot of them! Shall we bring glorious rise to the witch hunts, and root them out at the source until they beg forgiveness?" Joking statements such as what Yugi offered presently were sure to do the trick, right? Wrong. Perhaps that would have worked, if not for the matter of Yugi's erections... which probably would have appeared whether the girl had been sitting between his legs throughout the film or not. "Well... there's no telling, really? I've popped a few before just because the skin of your legs was showing, so... the idea of seeing just a bit in a dim-lit room would probably have the same end result. And there... I just gave you more ammo, so I guess I am some sort of masochist, huh?" With that said, Yugi shoved his hands into his pockets and continued walking forward, gaze rising to the sky as if he were contemplating his own fate or something of the sort. Well... at least he could be certain of one thing: it would all be worthwhile in the end.

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    "About this actually~" Kimiko chimed in. Even though his question was purely rhetorical, she responded honestly. She did indeed expect him to like the sort of mind blowing craziness she'd been speaking of after figuring out how much he liked puzzles. Hell, his reaction to the simple one she'd thrown together in Atlantis was proof of his unilateral enjoyment of having to think... though it was pretty hard for her to feel like she was accomplishing much in that regard. Hm, even so... he admitted to being a masochist sometimes, but added that it had nothing to do with his thinking patterns. "Noted." Kimiko mentioned. She was exactly the sort of person to keep track of all of these things, she needed to know more about him and would be nothing but happy to commit these little things to her memory.

    Speaking of little things in her memory, more of his personality was showing in a moment like this between them. He claimed her intentions weren't good at all that she was planning debauchery and of stealing his virtues after riling him up. That was true, yes, but that was sort of the point wasn't it? "Are? Of course that was the point. I figured that much was obvious, I'm going for coy not obtuse~" the girl said jokingly. Of course, she was being honest, she did indeed intend to be extra flirty and set up their next encounter, the fact that they came up with something else to do during the interim was alternate to that plan so the plan required more cushioning than was initially intended. Regardless, Yugi's face shifted quite a bit and it was rather obvious that he had no problem with the line of thought he'd just offered. "Hoh? You hardly seem upset about it at all, Yugi!~ You're protesting just to protest. Besides, your innocence is already mine. It's not like I'd let you have it back~" she mentioned with a knowing smirk. Ah, that tasted like victory. It didn't really matter what else he said, she was quite sure he liked that she'd taken the pervert approach. He'd already given her clearance to do anything she wanted aside from his obvious noes so... she had no qualms with accepting her victory.

    And they were off again. This time to hunt those unknown groups of people who made their crappy sayings without taking responsibility for their influence. "Hai hai, nothing wrong with a nice witch hunt to thwart the lurkers who won't claim responsibility for their actions!" she said with certainty. Yes, they were talking about an impossibility but that didn't really matter much to her at all. Even beyond that came an admission. That Yugi had his mind wandering just over thoughts of the skin on her legs. What interesting information. Kimiko's eyes lit up, there was so much to do with such a small piece of information. So many things could be accomplished. Ah, but there was the matter that he'd admitted to his masochism and given her more ammunition to get him with, "It does indeed seem like you're giving me more ammunition and admitting to being something of a masochist," she said with a nod. She'd slip her arm into his and squeeze herself in a bit more as he stared up at the sky. "That's fine though...I like that about you~" she mused. And they could move on rather happily. There were snacks to be had right? And they were walking around in this date and just enjoying each others company and she couldn't have been happier about that.

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