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    Kimiko had something to offer. Thinking of his mask pieces being scattered throughout locations where Dragons encountered and interacted with the mortal races, was... an interesting way to consider things. Yugi would be found staring into the middle distance as he processed these words. Yes, it did make much sense, bar only a few variables that weren't truly significant. "That's a pretty good lead. I agree, another thing to prove it would be pretty necessary, but it's definitely worth looking into those sorts of places before anywhere else on the list. Solid thought, really. I also like to try unravelling the lore of something when trying to delve into it, but I honestly hadn't thought that far ahead on that yet. Good shit!" he announced, seeming quite satisfied with the potential development of his journey.

    There was one other development to think about. Nazarick was a place of importance, and with the way Kimiko spoke of it, there wasn't a question in Yugi's mind that he'd find a lead at least. What domain did he wish to enter? It was a great point of excitement for the lad─ so much of one, that he changed his position again immediately. Both arms supporting the weight of his body, he hovered over Kimiko, looking down on the girl with the toothiest grin. "C'mon. You know me better than that," he said. Of all the places he could possibly go to in that world, there was one that excited him even more than the fabled Dragon Gate. In fact, this place was rumored to be somehow connected to the latter location. "I'm gonna solve that damn unsolvable puzzle!" he announced.

    The Puzzle of God was all but a myth. None had any concrete evidence of it existing, but there were conspiracies aplenty to imply its existence within a video game, of all things. He who solves it, will unravel the mysteries of the universe, the legend said. Yugi never cared about all that mumbo jumbo, but if there was an unsolvable puzzle anywhere in reality... he wanted to have at it!

    For all the reasons she could've had for bringing up coitus on campus as it were, Kimiko's core purpose was simply wanting to do it. He wasn't quite sure every adult could be thrown into the category of those who would give resolve-based passes, but he didn't care about any of that stuff anyway. He, too, simply wanted to indulge from time to time. It just... felt right. Consequences be damned, it was so relieving to do things against what should be accepted. Such was the way of the degenerate, which only meant Kimiko was far more 'cultured' than he once accounted for. "Well, whether you think it'd work out or not, I'm down. Besides, you're probably the only reason I could have to take on any extra schooling. If we ever get caught though, let me take the heat? I don't even have the potential for meaningful consequences, so I'd rather you didn't take any unnecessary chances either way."

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    The words and data Kimiko had to offer the lad were taken in. She got to watch excitedly as he processed the information. Though Yugi was one who'd always given consideration to the words she shared with him. Even so, she was still surprised when he claimed that her given tip was useful to him in some way. She managed to look slightly abashed moving her hand to gently twirl one of her pigtails between her fingers in an absent kind of way. "I'm glad you find that information useful. I'll make sure you get the rest of the info, I'd already crossed off, it might help you find the pieces you're looking for," she said softly managing to look way more soft than she normally did. "Searching through lore drops is always fun. And usually lead to unique loot and hints about progress. I enjoy digging through it all to find the means to my next big take," she said of her own love of lore based knowledge. Of course, that much was likely obvious given his Valentine's Present in Atlantis.

    Still, something about being addressed in such a way was definitely turning her into a completely delicate individual, it was strange to her that anyone managed this with her, but she appreciated it. This of course, would only be made more obvious as Yugi's position changed once more. This time he was supporting his weight with his arms, while hovering over her to answer her question. She looked up into his face and found him staring down at her with an excitement that she loved seeing across his visage. "Oh, do I?" she asked playfully only to hear his reply about solving the unsolvable puzzle. A chuckle escaped her, she realized though they had a base of different interests, they still had very similar ends to reach. "Of course, the Puzzle of God is what you're after... I can't say I'm surprised. Of all the people I know, you going after that is the least surprising thing..." she said with a small smile coming to her face. "Does that mean you're interested in unraveling the mysteries of the universe? Are those part of the puzzle or..." she left that question dangling. She figured it was very likely the lad atop her was only interested in the puzzle. In fact, she was almost certain of that, she'd considered going after the 'Puzzle of God' herself mostly to find out if it came with any unique treasure.

    Whatever the case, their campus rendezvous were at least an acceptable term on both their parts. It seemed that Yugi would only really consider going to school extra for her in the first place. That was something surprisingly sweet by her own account. He claimed that if they got caught she should let him take the heat for it, according to him he had no reasonable consequences to suffer so he could do this. "Hm, I don't know how I feel about that... on the one hand it's pretty logical, but I don't like the idea of settling you with consequences of actions I proposed. We're partners with equal investment consequences and spoils should be shared," she said. Truly she wasn't the type of person to throw anybody else under the bus. If she made a decision she didn't intend to put the blame of it on anyone else... "I guess I should make sure we never actually get caught since I know you won't just agree to let me take the blame with you~" she decided in the moment. Yes. That was the way, it was a high-stakes, high-reward game, and the pair of them couldn't lose by her own logic. She'd lean up after saying that, and gently press her lips into his. Though she could understand the chivalrous nature he presented, she had no intention of letting him take the blame and it leading to their potential separation.

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    The surprise Kimiko experienced was made abundantly clear through her every movement. It was cute to watch, Yugi thought. Teasing had its purpose when such results came from a simple, honest statement. Yugi wouldn't be losing that train of thought any time soon─ especially after the day he had since she stepped into the box he called home. Thinking back on it, he even managed to lose himself for a moment or two. Oh well; maybe the twitch of his groin would go unnoticed, brief as it was. "Hai hai. I'll take the help, as well as any interesting lore you've got. Well... it's more like history for us now, huh? Is it weird if that makes me enjoy it more?"

    It shouldn't have been surprising that Yugi sought the Puzzle of God, and it wasn't. Good; few should understand that about him more than Kimiko. After expressing her lack of shock, though, she presented a very interesting, yet strange question. Did he have an interest in the mysteries of the universe? Sure, it would be nice to have answers aplenty, but that was not at all his driving force. No, what Yugi wanted was the thrill of discovering that puzzle, the challenge of solving it, and the pure dopamine rush of victory in the face of an unreachable goal. "Nope! Somebody else can keep the God part; I'm here for the puzzle! It'd be cool if all those mysteries were also a puzzle, though. Anyway, you coming with?"

    Yugi's logic, though followed, seemed displeasing to the lass. He expected as much. She didn't like the idea of him taking all consequences unto himself? Nonsense. In his case, there were no consequences to be considered. He shook his head, set on rebuking all naysaying she had. Before her lips could meet his own, Yugi's forefinger was there to take contact instead. "Consequences should be shared, yeah. Good thing there won't be any for me, huh? It'd be a lot easier for us to both get off scot-free than it will be for both of us to suffer from anything. It's not like I could take on any of your repercussions, so I'll take you down to my level instead."

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    Never. Never would anything about this lad while he was the sole purpose of her focus go unnoticed by Ashikaga Kimiko. She was far too enamored herself to let any little thing about him slide past her without proper appreciation and notice. Right at the moment, the twitch of his groin the smile on his face. He truly enjoyed this, how could she ever do anything but enjoy it with him. He went on to claim he'd take all that information, beyond that he questioned whether or not it was odd that he was more into it, now that those events were properly history for them. "Iie, that isn't so strange. History is a pretty interesting topic. I'd probably have a whole lot more interest in it here, if it weren't so legally and morally ambiguous to want to be a treasure hunter," she said. She took history now and wished she'd been able to search for all the items which gave her that tingle which was a meaningful desire to possess them. At the same time, she was morally bound by a lack of desire to be disenfranchising to other cultures or people. Her life desires were strange in the face of such confliction.

    Too bad, it seemed Yugi held no such conflicting moments at this junction. According to the lad himself he was going after the Puzzle of God, not for the mysteries of the universe or the supposed treasure and loot it gave, but instead for the pure thrill of solving the puzzle. That was so uniquely him as a thing to say. The smile that crossed her face in the the moment the words left his lips was one which was of the genuine quality she only really managed to ever show him. "Hai hai. I'll definitely come with... that sounds like the opportunity I can't pass up. Watching you complete a puzzle, maybe finding that Book of God which I kind of just want because it sounds like the sort of thing that should be the center piece of my collection. It sounds like the perfect extra to finishing off that Unconquerable Dungeon~" she said with a smile on her face. She couldn't have been happier in the moment. She liked being included, and Yugi inviting her along of his own accord made her distinctly happy.

    Whatever the case, he didn't seem at all surprised that she had issues with the idea of letting him foster all of the blame and consequences for anything they got caught doing. Instead of her kissing him her lips met his finger and she pouted a bit surprised. He'd silenced her effectively enough so she supposed she'd keep hearing him out until he reached his ultimate point. His claim for this was, that it'd be easier for both of them to get away with it, and his own negative consequences were none so he was simply bringing her down to his own level in this instance. "Hm, I don't know about that... but if you're certain, I could save that argument for something better later..." she said still sounding just a little pouty about the whole thing. The best case scenario would be experiencing all thrills and never getting caught. No negatives. if the secondary best case would be the pair of them both getting off without consequences after getting caught she couldn't really argue, but the lack of fairness in the initial presentation hadn't set right with her. At the same time, if there was a way for them to work it out, she had the utmost faith in their combined abilities.

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    Day by day, these two were piling arrangements on top of each other. Yugi didn't have an issue with a single thing they'd come to terms with thus far─ a pattern that would continue for the foreseeable future. Some day, they would both stand before the Puzzle of God, and they would both walk away with something lifechanging as a result. Yugi didn't even mind assistance with the completion of it, strange as such a thing was for him; it didn't even register as a thought. "You can have whatever the Book of God is; I don't care. We're gonna get that puzzle, and I hope you get whatever you want out of it!"

    The girl's pouty responses were also noteworthy. Was that more reason to continue with his current antics? Of course it was! Most importantly, she had no more argument to present against his suggestion. He knew it didn't sit right with her, but he also knew his own situation well enough to feel confident in the idea. When offering his response, Yugi moved his finger away from Kimiko's lips. His hand came to rest against her cheek, the gentlest nigh-insignificant rub being applied where it landed. "Daijoubu. If there's something else you want to fight me about instead, I'll welcome it and then some. Never budge on fair exchange, though," he said, taking it upon himself to be the initiator of a kiss. He hadn't stopped her advance simply to do so─ only to raise a point. Now that it was in the air and acknowledged, there was no reason to hold back. Lips were brought together as intended by the lass herself, while Yugi's hand remained pressed against her cheek.

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    Kimiko found herself internally happy. As strange as it was, being included in something that interested someone else, without it being something unfair or exploitative was exhilarating. She would easily go along with some random thing Yugi wanted to do, just to see the happiness on his face when he did what he aimed for. She had no doubt that eventually they would find the Puzzle of God and that he would complete it. According to the lad himself, he didn't care about the Book of God and wished her to come along and claim it for herself, along with whatever else she wished for. "Hai hai, it's a date then~" the lass mused. She was pleased by this, though the pouting of her face would remain as they worked out the later half of their conversation.

    Yugi's hand would soon be moved from that finger before her lips to the side of her face. He was gently rubbing against the side of her face instead. He claimed it would be alright, and with blood rushing to her face and her heart beating oddly hard in her chest, Kimiko believed him. Whatever the case, she'd soon find their lips being joined by Yugi's own volition. She'd still not really gotten used to that. His other self the one she'd spent the most time with was sort of soft. She'd spent a lot of time goading him into certain behaviors. Here and now though, she happened to feel wanted as her pursed lips met his just the way she'd intended initially. She liked something about this though... it was nice to feel wanted after all. It was great to know that Yugi was just as interested in her as she was in him, and it was nice to have someone to share herself with. So, a certain amount of extra relaxation was reached in the moment as she easily found herself meeting this kiss and aiming to deepen it just a bit. Her own hand rose, sliding around the back of the lad's neck into his hair near the roots pulling gently. Wait... was this supposed to be a sweet thing or a sexy thing? Oh well, it didn't really matter right now, she supposed.

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    "Ou. Added to the list," he said, directly referencing the great many things they chose to do together. How many more things would they sign themselves and each other up for? Yugi, for one, was quite excited to find out. Now that he thought about it though, he once again had the feeling there was something they were meant to do by now. What was it? He couldn't recall anything specific when trying to jog his own memory; he didn't even know if they had actually agreed to anything. It would be stupid to bring it up if it wasn't real, right?

    Whether there was anything to actually remember or not, there was no point harping on it at the moment. Lips were sealed regardless, and there was no undoing that. What type of thing was this? It didn't matter one bit. Yugi had no specific intentions; the timing simply felt right. Whatever the end result was, he remained accepting of the idea. The male settled with great ease. How his first Avatar became so timid, he didn't have a clue. Yugi was far more brash than that; he was more inclined to abandon most 'what if' thoughts in favor of the belief that he could achieve something with effort. In this specific case, there was no reason to back down. If Kimiko had a reason to refuse his advance, he simply had to wait until a better moment... likely only a few moments later. Ah, but that wasn't necessary here. With enough leeway to progress unhindered, he even decided it was fitting to nudge the separation of Kimiko's lips with his own, if only to create space for his tongue.

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    Their lives were developing strangely since the day they met each other in that alternate world. How little did Kimiko interact with other people? How often was she left disappointed by potential meetings? The answer was of course, far too often to count, that being said, everything she set herself up to undertake with Yugi, brought her nothing but joy. Regardless of the forms they held, or the details. They sealed yet another thing they planned to do together. How easily their own drives seemed to match up, giving them a perfect balance of fun and adventure to keep them busy while they spent time together. Yes, it was something she could only look forward to, never abandon.

    At the same time, after their lips were pressed together, it seemed they were content to progress a bit more beyond that. To Kimiko's general surprise, she was not the one to force more and more... instead, Yugi himself nudged at her lips while they kissed. Kimiko was herself a rather demanding individual, without provocation she could have easily found herself seeking entrance into his mouth instead. Strangely, she still could do nothing but accept this advancement coming from Yugi. He truly wanted her, aimed for her in the way that she did him? How could she do anything other than open herself up to falling apart for him in a moment like this? Her mouth would gently part, allowing him to enter without any fuss, and within the confines of her maw, her own tongue would aim to greet the visitor. Desire was starting to well up in this lass, as she gently shifted her legs, allowing him the space to settle between them if he wanted. Kimiko literally opened herself up to accept this man in many ways, and she would as long as he seemed interested in what she had to offer. She still had no clue the nature of this kiss, but she had no desire to stop it... whatever breaking point it had, it wouldn't be hers to create. She only wished for more, it wasn't in her nature to cut herself off before she found satisfaction.

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    Time would tell how things progressed from one simple act. Whether it would remain something simple and innocent, or spiral into the dank depths of debauchery, was all up to chance at this point. It didn't even matter whether they were wearing clothes or not; it seemed only happenstance led to them being without for the time being. Legs were open, as were lips. Yugi found himself easily settling between both, though only in the latter case was anything within to occur beyond a brush or two. Of course, that couple of brushes here and there were natural, albeit no less stimulating to the lad whose groin responded immediately to being touched by foreign flesh. Most important was another meeting occurring at the time: the meeting of tongues within Kimiko's mouth.

    As if savoring some frozen delicacy, Yugi's tongue remained ever mobile. His focus appeared to be solely to taste every inch of the muscle that rose to meet his own. In doing so, he didn't seem to be riling himself up at all. His movements were not wild, not ravenous, not urgent at all. He was settled in comfort, going through motions as desired. Clearly, any outcome was something to be considered satisfactory; he didn't need to achieve anything. In fact, he eventually withdrew his tongue to speak, as if having a casual conversation felt completely fitting in the moment. "Speaking of dates, shouldn't we like... go on some? That's what people do, right? Any ideas?" he asked. Surely, if there was to be something considered a 'date' by normal standards, the poor lad would have to scrounge up some money. Ah, and there was also the broken phone problem that he'd forgotten about yet again. . .

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    A dice roll on the universe, but would it crit? That was a question which should have been answered by the universe at large, instead of dwelling on it Kimiko was in the middle of accepting a fair bit of attention. There were some gentle brushes against her person, as Yugi settled into comfort against her. And she was stirred just a tad by the savoring of her tongue as they danced within her mouth. Still this didn't seem to be wholly a thing which was sexual at all, they were enjoying each other as much as they could. She was having a good time of that, even as he pulled away to make some sort of assertion. They were naked, on a couch, making out and he broke the kiss to bring up dating? Ah, well they were supposed to be dating she supposed that was probably important, besides, no one made a bunch of new memories hanging out in the house all the time. She did this sort of thing all the time and though she enjoyed it to a great extent there was no reason she couldn't go hang out more with the lad in some other place and get the fun of experiencing life a bit more.

    "Oh, right dating and like going outside are actually important," she said managing to smile softly. Ah, she probably should have paid a bit more attention to what other people spoke about. What constituted a date exactly? Did she have any ideas... she was the girl so extra date ideas and things she liked to do in this case were important. "Hm, well, I usually go out a bit now and then... but being out alone always feels a bit weird. Well, except for arcades," she said softly. "Ever been to Omotesando Hills? I like it there but I don't usually get to wander around there for too long..." she offered her own idea. She liked shopping and gaming and it was a bit mall. Not exactly the department store place that her 'type' normally liked, but the foods smelled great around there and the shops all had a certain feel to them so she liked the quality of things there a bit more than the bigger department stores as well. There were unique things to be found there, so she'd rather hang out there than other places and given the size of the mall, it should have some kind of appeal to both of them.

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