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    Omotesando Hills. What an odd place for one such as Ashikaga Kimiko to mention, but... that was her way, wasn't it? Neither of the two really had a clue what they were doing, and neither of them really did much in the outside world, bar arcade trips. Actually, Yugi could hardly think of anything but an arcade when anything resembling a date came to mind. "Eh? So like, a shopping trip?" he questioned. Of all the things she could've brought up, of course she chose one of the more expensive options. It may not have been as bad as anything else expected of rich people, but... Yugi hated malls and the like─ especially the types with stalls and vendors trying to sell him everything in the world he didn't need at all! No, no... he could do this.

    "Hai hai," Yugi agreed after only a few moments of thought. How bad could it be? He'd only pressure himself into trying to buy something, anything, even if only to offer it as a gift. Heavens forbid he find something of interest to himself, as well. In the midst of consideration for the date they were discussing, Yugi sat up, taking hold of his own chin. "Actually, yeah. I've never been, but I think I can manage something. If that's where you want to go, let's go." Surely he had something saved up by now. He'd never be able to afford that new phone, but he didn't really use it much anyway. Maybe he could actually manage to pick up a thing or two worth having. For now at least, exorbitant prices could be mentally pushed aside. "So, what sort of shops are in that one?"

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    Kimiko also had a hard time thinking of something not a date. Yugi questioned the nature of the date and Kimiko thought about it. Was it a shopping date? Yes, but it was a bit more than that. They could spend time walking around together. She could figure out the sorts of things he liked... oh maybe try on a few things and see what he thought of them? Yeah... all of that seemed like a good idea. "Yeah, shopping. I don't really get to hang out there very much but I like the buzz of the place~" she said watching as Yugi sat up. He seemed to be thinking pretty reasonably about the whole thing, and Kimiko couldn't be more amused as she watched the lad with great interest.

    Ah, he was thinking about what he could manage. Hm, that wasn't really necessary at all... she wondered if he'd ever realized it. Whatever the case he hadn't been there before and that meant they could have a reasonable time exploring together. What kind of shops? "Well, all kinds really, a bit of everything. That building has like 130 different stores and restaurants and an art gallery," she explained of her choice in mall. It wasn't the standard pushy place, but instead the sort of place she thought they could have some quiet conversations as well as some pretty interesting adventures.

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    "Hmm. I guess that's fair and all. Not usually my type of thing, but I'll give it a shot." Yugi didn't much understand the thrill of malls and the like, though he figured it was worth an honest try if Kimiko had an interest in it... for whatever reason she had. His hand moved from his chin to the back of his head. As the lad's hair was ruffled via his own efforts, he let his eyes come to a close. This was going to be tedious, yet enjoyable in its own right, he figured.

    Well over a hundred stores were in a single building? That sounded ridiculously asinine. Yugi wondered what they could all even be. Well, he'd be finding out soon enough, surely. Would it be today? Tomorrow? Even a week in the future? He wasn't sure, as there was one specific thing they'd yet to come to terms with. "Eto... that's a lot of places," he said, briefly concerning himself a bit too much with the number of places they would see. "So, when do you want to go? I'm up for it whenever." True enough, any time between immediately and the distant future worked for Yugi. He was too financially unstable to fully enjoy such a place currently, and that fact wasn't going to change in the foreseeable future. He could, however, always enjoy the experience itself, so it didn't truly matter.

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    "Hm, I guess that makes a decent bit of sense... giving it a shot is about all I can ask for~" Kimiko said, but there was something else just a little devious just below the surface. She knew in this moment the lad probably had no idea exactly why she might want to visit a mall. Going into the place, getting advice on some new food to try. She wanted to try on clothes and see if he liked them, maybe take a few pictures and... hold hands? Kimiko really wanted to enjoy more time with the lad, even if it was just as simple as the pair of them just looking around the place while chatting.

    According to the lad, that was a lot of places. She couldn't lie and say it wasn't but malls weren't really for people to visit every single store or shop. "Hm, I suppose that is quite a few but it isn't like we have to go in every one. Only places that catch your eye..." she mentioned with a knowing smile. As he thought over the conversation, Yugi claimed to be ready to go whenever she gave it a bit of thought before settling on it in the moment. "Any time?" she asked. It was only late afternoon at this point, she wouldn't mind having a bit of fun here and now, besides, plans were best put into action swiftly, leaving them to wait would only create the ability to procrastinate. "Alright then, let's go... well get dressed first. It'd be really awkward to go naked~" she joked finally moving herself into the seated position. She'd start getting dressed as if she was ready to go.

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    "Hai hai," he replied. No demands were being made of him; it would be nothing to meet the expectation of just keeping company in some overly-massive amalgamation of shops. Apparently, they only needed to mind the shops that caught his eye. How very... specific. Whatever the case, he didn't imagine many stores would grab his attention; he'd be far more focused on things of greater importance than all the money he couldn't spend. "Fair enough, I guess. So basically just... walking around the open space?" Yugi asked rhetorically, cheekily addressing his lack of interest in most, if not all stores.

    Now was the time Kimiko chose for their adventure. He did say literally any time would be sufficient for him, and this exact moment was no exception at all. Kimiko's commentary about going out naked was worth a light chuckle. As he peeled himself off the couch to find his pants, he looked toward the lass for the sake of responding. "You sure about that? Wardrobe malfunctions are pretty hot, y'know? Well... you obviously know, considering─" Indeed, he realized she managed to catch on at least twice now to what caught his eye. Yugi didn't even know what it was about a disheveled appearance of that ilk, but it was undoubtedly somewhere high on his list of preferences. Whether Kimiko knew how high it was or not, she obviously knew it existed. "Maybe I can just... I dunno, cut a hole in my pants and let one ball hang out! Yeah, that'd really be a statement!"

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    Acceptance. There was going to be a lot of that, maybe eventually, it would make sense to Kimiko. Until then, she was going to enjoy these small moments of fun. It seemed that there was some understanding of the kind of thing she wanted to do, just walking around in the open space? Yeah, but there was a bit more to it than that... "Hoh? That's a pretty cheeky response, Yugi!~" she quipped. Now with a skirt on her hips she went to retrieve her bra which she rather easily slipped on while he watched.

    She put on clothes, since that was the thing to do, and Yugi took a moment to glance in her direction. He claimed in the moment that wardrobe malfunctions were hot. A chuckle would escape the lass in this moment instead as she clipped that bra together and slipped into her button up shirt. "Really!? I didn't notice~" she said with a bit of sarcasm of her own. In fact a cheeky little eye roll would accompany that particular sentence. Of course, she was well aware that the lad in her presence enjoyed a disheveled appearance. It was burned into her memories, from the perspective of a certain kitsune. Oh but the jokes were still there, and this time he claimed to let one of his testicles hang out to make a statement. "I mean it'd be a statement but the only quick thought I have for that is balls to the wall, and it'd be really weird to have to always walk beside a wall~" she mentioned playfully in deep thought. What kind of statement could having one's balls out actually say? Who knew, but it was fun to make passing jokes and have a good time laughing with the lad as they got ready for a real world adventure.

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    After a few moments of searching, Yugi managed to locate his pants on the floor nearby. They were under his discarded shirt, and his boxers happened to be inside them. Well, those were going to be thrown into a laundry basket. In doing so, he took a single step into that small bathroom of his, deciding it was best that he wet a towel for something resembling a wash. "I'm a pretty cheeky guy. I'm sure you don't have any reason to know this, but I'm hiding more ass than you! I even do it while completely nude! One day, I may share the secret~" he joked in the most outlandish, showboaty way he could manage.

    He'd been watching Kimiko all along, averting his gaze only in moments that required him to reach for something. That skirt went on rather quickly, leaving Yugi to wonder if she'd bothered with anything else before moving on with a bra. Did he miss something? "So... did I just miss the part where you put something on before the skirt, or...?" he wondered aloud. It wasn't something he considered incredibly important, but if he'd actually missed something, he'd be quite bothered by such an occurrence. Ah, but if he didn't... that was somehow interesting. Moving on, as he went about wiping off his privates with a wet towel, Yugi thought to continue the current banter involving his one loose testicle as an idea. "Hmm, that would be kinda weird. Oh, oh! What if I just take a plank, call it a wall, and just hold it up against my nut all day?"

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    Oh the fun to be had between these two. An audible laugh escaped Kimiko in the moment as Yugi made quite a few grandiose claims regarding his apparently hidden cheeks. "Oh? You really will have to tell me how you manage it. I spent ages figuring out if it was possible to hide such a thing... alas all my hard work and I seem to fail at it quite a bit~" she said, mockingly aghast. She really would have been quite distraught, if she could have managed such a thing in the moment. This lad had no idea the lengths she went through to not seem too fat and to not have her butt be a totally obvious part of her body. Ah, but maybe she was much better at hiding than she'd like to believe, she was also reasonably good with her poker face.

    Case in point, there was a question from Yugi about the nature of her dressing. He wondered about the state of her undergarments beneath her skirt. Oh, he wanted to know did he? It was true, Kimiko hadn't bothered putting on her underwear. As a girl, slipping back into ones she'd already been wearing wasn't really something she would have done regardless. They were also about to go shopping and she had several reasons for wanting to do this after thinking about it more. Keeping a small amount of things in this space was on the list until she was certain of what she could and couldn't access in her treasury. She would enjoy trying on several things in front of him, and beyond that she might also like flashing him a moment or two of her undercarriage. She'd once found herself standing over him a bit, and the thought of it gave her gentle tingles when she considered it. "Oh? I do wonder if you missed something. How closely were you watching?~" she questioned not answering his question and reverting to teasing instead. Along with this she bent over to claim her shoes. Choosing to do so at the waist in such a manner as to give a small glimpse of her upper thighs and lower bottom but stopping just shy of the ability to tell whether or not she'd claimed her underwear or not. In keeping with this level of playful banter, Kimiko would keep talking to the lad about his subject of choice. "Hm, I don't know about carrying around a plank. That has weird imaginary friend written all over it. Like a pet rock but flat... and imagine the constant strain... small weights and high reps, that's arms' day." She joked dutifully. She was definitely enjoying herself, they were so random but that was great, many people didn't understand when she was joking and when she was being serious so it was quite a relief to be able to be herself, so completely.

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    "It's all part of my transcendental dimensional technology, of course~" he quipped, raising a finger for emphasis. "You might never be able to master the ways though, I'm afraid. With all of my teachings, I could never teach you how to hide that all-consuming thing you've got back there," he continued, stopping his every movement upon having a realization. "Wait, does that sound like me calling you fat? I wasn't. I mean... well, that's a lot of ass... but like, in a good way? Am I digging myself out of a hole at all?" Perhaps it was best for Yugi to finish wiping himself off and find a new pair of undergarments, so he did just that. While slipping them on, his gaze followed Kimiko once more. How closely was he watching, she asked. . .

    "Well... very closely, to be honest. Maybe a couple of blank spaces here and there, but I doubt it was long enough to miss something like that─" Yugi insisted, truly wondering if there was anything under that skirt or not. Considering how Kimiko was, he actually doubted it. What did she have planned? Curious. Finding out would surely be reason for excitement, though time would be required for that. Meanwhile, though, there was a very 'important' rhetorical conversation being had, and it certainly required further acknowledgement. Ah... but Yugi had reason to hesitate before acknowledging that most recent clause. The girl was bent at the waist in a way that accentuated her backside, yet gave him no answers whatsoever. He was even watching as closely as possible, yet to no avail when trying to find the truth. Oh well. "Hmm. Pet plank, huh? Alright, so what if I get a weird curved rock? Y'know, something to really cup that ball. Maybe something softer than a rock, though─"

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    "Hoh? We're hiding butts with Timelord Technology, that seems like a misuse of resources~" she said sassily. She was feeling rather playful in the moment, but soon after Yugi expressed a strange bit of regress about his word choice. "Sou ka, I didn't know boys had those kinds second thoughts..." Kimiko said seeming to have learned something new. Still, a bit of a laugh escaped her as she heard the lad try to work his way back from the idea that his words could have implied fatness. "Well you weren't in a hole at all to start with..." she explained giving it a bit of thought. "I'd only worry about a comment like that meaning something coming from a girl. Though other girls if they meant such a thing as a compliment would also grab a handful and follow up with a comment on jealousy," she said thinking of her understanding based on her own lone female friend and general girl observation. "Guys will call girls fat directly but they are usually the sort to try and play off negative commentary as if its a compliment. In the time I've known you, that hasn't been the case so I didn't hear it as anything but a compliment of my obviously nice ass~" she concluded with a triumphant smirk. "Actually that is a bit of a confidence boost, for a while I didn't think I'd get any boobs so I was really worried about it," she explained of the early part of puberty and what all that meant.

    According to Yugi he'd been watching her closely enough that he didn't think he would have missed her slipping on undergarments. That was fairly true, he hadn't actually missed her doing that, she simply hadn't done it, but Kimiko even as herself, was enough of a tease not to be too direct. "I don't know about that, I'm actually pretty fast ya' know? I can get fully dressed complete with a shower and hair washing in 10 minutes. Slipping into a few pieces is no big feat~" she mused. He liked thinking, she'd let him think on it, besides it was fun watching him work his way through things. She had no reason to interrupt his process so to speak. Their joking conversation continued beyond that, as she finally finished slipping on her shoes and stood a bit straighter. Buttons on shirt done, tie and undies in her hoodie pocket. Not that she felt the need to bother with that immediately. "Ball in a cup? I mean, I guess that's better, but someone would definitely try playing with it then... could get pretty weird~" she mused with a joking light in her eyes. Yes, she looked like she was all ready to go, though she would like to use the bathroom, she'd at least wait for Yugi to finish up first.

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