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    "Hah! It's only the perfect use of resources! I have to protect all of my virtuous virtues, after all~" Yugi chimed in, tossing that used rag into the same basket his previous pair of undergarments had gone into. With a new pair in hand, he began to dress right there in the bathroom. Boxers were on soon enough, albeit... with his testicles hanging through the frontal hole. Yugi actually seemed to be making an attempt at hanging just one of them out through said hole. It wasn't much of an honest effort─ more of a mock failure to do so. "As far as getting my way into a hole is concerned, you're wrong! I'm in a hole right now, but the one ball thing isn't working out for me─" he joked. Girls and their commentary was common knowledge to any who believed media portrayals and hearsay. Yugi was such a person in certain cases, with that being one of them. "Wait, does that mean I can call your ass fat and get a free handful? Like, whenever wherever? Like... yeah?"

    Ah, he was rambling. Kimiko was doing the same, it seemed, as if she were trying to make him question his own senses. Yugi had already given up on wondering; he was almost certain he'd find nothing but flesh under the girl's skirt. "All that in ten minutes, huh?" he questioned aloud. "Anything else you can do in ten minutes?" The purpose of Yugi's most recent question was one potentially lost to the lad himself. He left the bathroom while speaking, being most casual in an effort to jiggle his testes around as they hung out of that hole. "Would that be weird? I dunno; people have been playing with balls since fun and games became a thing. You might be right, though. I'm trying to make the whole 'one ball out' thing work right now, and it's not happening. I could just play around here instead, right? Let me know if you've got some random burning desire to play with these; I'm gonna do a social experiment."

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    "Awww, but I thought I was responsible for protecting your virtues?" she questioned seemingly pouty that her divine task was being usurped. Whatever the case the lad had more to say about being in a hole and claiming that it wasn't working out for him. "Oh? Well, pants are complicated. One leg at a time~" she teased seeming to think it a funny assumption. Oh, but how wrong she was about the nature of this hole. Beyond this he questioned how far his freedoms with her rear went. Could he grab a handful and compliment its size? "Hai hai, you can do all of that. You can take that as you like~" she mused, knowing this lad was the type to question the truth depth of that statement. But she'd agreed to give all of herself to all of his selves, she didn't plan on stopping at grab ass and cheeky commentary. She definitely didn't mind the attention, if it was coming from him and a genuine place.

    "Hai hai, all of that in ten minutes," she confirmed. Of course, it was a notable feat, but she usually took about 15 to 20 minutes to get ready, but she spent 10 getting cleaned up and 10 tending to her raging libido. Oh, he was questioning that bit as well. "I wonder about that... I'm sure I'll find out eventually all of the random things I am capable of within such time constraints~" she managed to say in a light-hearted tone. Of course, beyond that he emerged from his bathroom with the hole in question filled by his testes. Her eyes widened and a hearty and building chuckle escaped her. "Bawahahahaha~" she laughed with light in her eyes and the biggest most genuine smile on her face. Who actually did that sort of thing? When she finally recovered she took on a bit of a pensive visage studying this new look so she could give commentary. "I don't know about a burning desire, but I never expected to see them without their neighbor being present... a novel sight. Definitely some kind of fashion statement if I've ever seen one~" she mused. "Definitely curious..." she said seemingly in a good mood.

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    "Well, uh..." Ah, he'd forgotten about that little agreement made in the midst of banter. Would he not honor such a thing simply because it appeared in a time of jest? Nonsense. "Of course you are! Just, y'know... doing my part to make your job a little easier, yeah?" he replied. Nice save, he thought gleefully. What sort of conversations did the even have during times like these? It was so satisfying to simply... talk, with nothing at all in mind, bar a bit of debauchery intended from time to time.

    Did exiting the restroom with his gonads hanging out count as debauchery? Yugi wasn't even sure, nor did he seem too concerned about whether it was or not. While Kimiko thought about discovering things she could cram into time constraints, Yugi was wondering what she would think of his random show of family jewels. Apparently, it was comical. Good; part of him hoped for that sort of reaction. If nothing else, he could at least cause a laugh. Laughs were good to share. A few shifts left and right were performed while Kimiko spoke regarding his setup. Strangely, the word she chose to end her clause with was... curious. "Well, I'm taking points for novelty. Curious, though? Damn. I might have to start a new thesis if that's all I'm gonna get out of this genius idea~"

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    It would seem that Yugi was able to catch on to the supposed pout caused by his almost break of their agreement. Alas, he was able to catch it, and beyond that he made the claim that he'd simply been doing his part to ease her work load. How unassumingly smooth. That was something to appreciate wasn't it? "Sou ka, then I suppose thanks are in order for easing my workload..." she said wistfully. Oh, all the fun they managed to have while just joking around.

    Beyond all of that her laughter was received well. That was good for her considering the nature of her face most times. Kimiko had even chosen the right words to express herself. Mostly. Apparently, curious wasn't big enough for the lad, and he claimed that he would have to redo his thesis. "No, no. Curious is perfect. There is mystery, and softness and uh... inquisition. Like you would turn to investigate but not stare directly. Definitely an opinion piece," she claimed. Her musings were nothing short of exaggerations and yet, they felt nice. She couldn't help but be amused even as she moved into his tiny bathroom to clean herself up as well. Which she'd do while leaving herself open to continued banter, it was all too amusing after all.

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    "Yes, of course! I'll be kind and not demand thanks of you, of course. Oh how lucky you must be to..." Yugi paused, bursting into laughter mid-sentence. Damn; he thought he could get through that joke without being stopped by his own amusement. "I can't even. Imagine being like that for real," he said, indirectly referencing the most popular streamer of the game which... very literally brought them together.

    Yugi stepped aside to allow ample space for bathroom entry. In doing so, he took a moment to watch the girl's steps... especially her backside. That skirt really did a lot of heavy lifting to conceal what was back there, until he already knew what he was looking for. Misdirection was one hell of a thing. Moving forward though, Kimiko insisted upon the accuracy of her chosen word. Yugi pondered, almost legitimately... and then, out came yet another bit of jest. "Hmm. I didn't expect the inquisition. You might be right, but then... do I rock the Opinion Balls instead of upgrading to something more useful to me?"

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    Kimiko heard out the fake pomposity of Yugi's words. It was laughable, but much like his earlier use of such a voice it was so obviously in jest that she could barely hold herself together. Not much to her surprise Yugi was barely holding it together."Oh?! How very gracious, of course my humble self has no choice but to accept something offered so magnanimously," she said also in jest. The reference to that particular streamer was one she understood and unknown to either of them, rather pointed. "I really can't imagine. I would love waking up with that sort of confidence though. Still makes for some pretty good background noise as long as you don't fall asleep on it," she mentioned. It wasn't even strange at this point for them to have so much in common.

    Now within the bathroom, Kimiko cleaned herself up, and she couldn't help but smile. She knew the lad had been looking at her rear but still their conversation continued. Though this time it was with another reference, "No one expects the Inquisition! " The lass exclaimed. Post washing up she pulled the other previously used cloth to herself and threw them both in the hamper. She understood this but wondered what normal people did when it was full. No matter, there were more important things afoot. "I don't know, we can't say no to upgrades~" she mused. All clean she was now ready for their little outing. "Yus. READY!~"

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    Oh? So then, Kimiko also observed a particular streamer he favored watching. Interesting. Yugi happened to be after that man's head, at least in a video game-related sense. He agreed with her clause, though; that was not something to fall asleep on at all. "You know, I found his streams and wound up watching a bunch of content, like... back-to-back-to-back-to-back. It took weeks before that laugh got out of my head. Everywhere I went, I could hear it," he noted. On one hand, a streamer with a signature sound effect of any sort was good for overall image. On the other hand, however, he often felt it was not an act at all.

    Kimiko latched on to a very obscure reference while taking her turn in the bathroom. There was an entire stereotype about girls not liking the type of sketch comedy he alluded to, and yet, she picked it up flawlessly. "Huh. I'd think that was weird, if I didn't sort of expect it," Yugi spoke. Now that his testicle-related joke had run its course, the lad went about properly situating himself and slipping into some pants and a black A-top shirt. He looked around for something else to throw on, taking the time to also don shoes. Kimiko spoke of upgrading in the meantime, and even announced her readiness to leave. Yugi's forefinger was caught between his heel and his shoe as he looked her way. "I'm the holdup, huh? Gomen, gomen. I just need something else to throw on. Enjoy the tiny bathroom?"

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    Kimiko heard out what Yugi had to say about one of their shared streamer experience. And the words he said resonated with her quite a bit, a chuckle escaped her as she could only nod her agreement. "Hai, exactly that. Well, that laugh was something that I heard in my dreams a couple of times. I can't believe someone is like that..." she said with amusement. He wasn't wrong though, that man's content was at least interesting to watch most of the time. If it wasn't for the fact that Kimiko herself found a community more fitting of her interests to lurk in, he probably would have been her main source of entertainment. Of course, his personality was very over the top, but she couldn't really judge that entirely given her own personal situation.

    Moving right along, Yugi himself was apparently rather shocked that she'd picked up on one of his more obscure references. He claimed he shouldn't be as surprised by that as he was, and she couldn't disagree more. "Iie, I can't be completely dishonest. There are only about 4 of those I would even get. It's really weird but that humor kinda flies over my head a lot more than it hits," she confessed. That particular kind of comedy was hit and miss with women from what she'd learned on the internet. Whatever the case, she was ready before Yugi who claimed to still be looking for something else to put on before their departure. While he did this he asked about her enjoyment of his tiny bathroom. "Hm? It's a nice little bathroom. To be perfectly honest, I am really surprised such a space is so absolutely functional, but I've seen a few good tiny homes designed on Sims streams so it isn't totally surprising," she explained of herself. "Besides, tiny spaces can be fun and I have a lot of strange thoughts concerning them~" she said admitting in a round about way that she entertained such spaces for more than their general usage.

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    "It's pretty intense, yeah. I guess it's always been good for entertainment value, and at least he's a decent guy under all that ego," Yugi proclaimed, fully tying his shoes and tapping them against the floor as a quick comfort check. Further thought was offered to the current topic of conversation, leading to something he found quite laughable. "Why wouldn't those guys have gone to him instead of me?" he wondered aloud.

    Almost missed was his earlier reference. Had it been most other references from the same series of sketches, it would have apparently gone straight overhead. That was understandable. Just the same, it was well within the stereotype that came from good enough reasons. "That makes sense. It's pretty trashy humor, to be totally honest. You've basically got to be an idiot to find it appealing." Finally, Yugi located something worth throwing on. He chose a jacket with actual sleeves this time, black in color with a Rubik's Cube on its back. "And of course it's functional; it's a bathroom. Well, it's probably worth ignoring the prison shower. I couldn't fit a whole one in there, but it works alright," he explained. Of course, Kimiko went on to voice deviancy once more, while Yugi opened the door to his crate of a home. He stopped in the entryway, turning to face the girl while quirking a brow. "Huh. Y'know, I never actually thought of it like that. Now that you mention it though, I guess cramped spaces are pretty good for... stuff─"

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    Apparently Yugi agreed about the intensity of the laugh which belonged to that one streamer. Though there was the concession that beneath all of that bravado that said streamer was a decent guy. "Hai, definitely decent. Probably a bit too annoying for me personally, but I do like his charities so I can give his extravagant personality a pass," she said giving it a bit more thought. "Besides, I am probably considered to have that sort of outlandishness about me so I am pretty sure I can't judge it too harshly~" Kimiko said with a chuckle. Of course, there was also the problem of the group looking for pride not going after that particular person instead of someone like Yugi. Kimiko gave it a bit of thought, "Hm, maybe they don't know him? I mean for two groups of individuals they were stalking someone who had a cult following instead of a popular streamer, they might not realize the difference. But if I was looking for a prideful individual, I'd go after him..." she said.

    Moving on from that point, it seemed that the humor of that sketch comedy set was often lost upon people. Yugi even claimed it required a certain level of stupidity to make sense all the time. "Definitely trashy, but even trashy can be entertaining from time to time. Just not all the time," she said in agreement. Still she watched as the lad found the article of the clothing that he wished to wear, a black jacket with a Rubik's Cube on the back. Huh, that said a lot about his general style, it even had sleeves. How interesting. A strange memory was tingling in the back of Kimiko's brain at the sight... ah, but she couldn't really remember why. Beyond that according to the lad, his particular bathroom was supposed to be functional but she should ignore the tiny shower as he couldn't have fit a bigger one in there. "Definitely functional, I enjoy that space it could be fun~" the lass said as she pushed the sleeves up on her hoodie and situated her sunglasses on her face. Yugi was opening the door of his particular dwelling and looked back at her to fully acknowledge the statement she made. "Indeed, all kinds of stuff~" she mused, slipping out of his place so he could shut and lock his own door before they headed off.

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