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    It seemed his reaction was taken with a great deal of surprise. He'd been just as shocked when she spoke her intentions initially, and to see such a reaction on Kimiko's face after his confirmation was given, was... odd. It was still, however, a rather attractive expression on the raven-haired girl's face, and it seemed the embarrassment was there to stay. She may have intended for it to appear as an expression of smugness, but that certainly wasn't happening. Of course, she would be receiving a smug expression in response to her attempt, as Yugi knew he'd managed to produce another favorable reaction this day. "I wouldn't say all that if I planned on backing out. You said you could show me your world or something like that, right? The one inside your head counts... I think~" he quipped. He truly had no intention of stepping down, even if Kimiko chose to go above and beyond the current agreement. He was, after all, just a horny teen at the end of the day.

    Neither party would be without a spurt of happiness as they reached their agreement. Yugi was less apt to voice his own satisfaction, but his lips were upturned by the time they were met by Kimiko's. There was a medley of sensation occurring as a result of this oddly soft approach, between the carnal arousal brought about by their hips' movements, and the innocent intimacy passing betwixt their lips. It was almost as if one action flavored the other for a spell, at least in Yugi's eyes. The grinding motions somehow made the kiss seem more desirous, while the kiss made the grinding feel more... pure, more lighthearted even. Could he complain? Not at all, but Kimiko's earlier mention of lingerie had him curious... so of course, he was going to continue lifting her shirt with the intention of seeing for himself rather soon.

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    Yugi thought to mention that he had no intention of backing out, and Kimiko couldn't have been happier about it. It seemed she wouldn't be allowed the level of smugness she wished, and was able to witness a similar amount of smug on the face of the lad before her. Whatever the case, she'd find herself meeting lips upturned as she began that rather gentle kiss. But obviously her own actions wouldn't remain quite so innocent for long. Each movement of her hips brought a smaller sound from the lass, and eventually her hips seemed to find a rhythm all their own. At the same time, Yugi made his move as well, apparently interested on what was going on beneath her clothing he aimed to lift her shirt further up than before.

    As they continued to kiss a bit of smugness would remain present, even so she'd help him out a bit by breaking their kiss if but for a moment to rid herself of her shirt. Doing so would reveal what lay beneath, a crimson colored silk bra trimmed in black lace with thin straps and a tiny bow in black tucked between her breasts. Her underwear matched in similar fashion though the silk and lace were a thong which revealed the fleshier parts of her bottom. She'd chosen these with the lad in mind and wished to know his opinion on them. Still her hips hadn't stopped moving at all and she found herself leaned back just a bit awaiting appraisal, "Hm, this set is one of my favorites..." she mentioned while biting her bottom lip. She'd considered what kind of fun she could have with this lad, and was overall rather keen to know what he thought of her choices. Hell, she would have modeled her entire collection if she thought he would enjoy it.

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    Little did Yugi know, his attempt to unveil Kimiko to the world within his abode was met not only by the girl's assistance, but also by... something quite fancy to look at. He hadn't even given prior consideration to the fact that Kimiko's richness would surely translate to the clothes she wore under the normally visible layers, but he had to admit that it was a pleasant thing to learn about actively. As far as he could tell, it seemed the lass was keen to let such articles be observed on her person as well. Was she some sort of exhibitionist? No, that term wasn't quite right... but something along the way had to be accurate.

    The 'set' was one of her favorites, she claimed. He hadn't seen the matching underwear, but he could draw assumptions based on what the lass said. He, too, had an opinion about the amount he could see thus far, and he intended to offer it. After all, he'd already experienced a lowering ─ and widening ─ of his eyes when Kimiko's shirt was discarded. "Well, I don't blame you for that. Gotta say, I'm a fan too," he stated as his eyes and hands traversed the exposed flesh at the front of Kimiko's torso. Soon enough, some instinct demanded that his tongue receive use once more─ this time along her recently-bared sternum. "Suman, suman; I've got nothing showy to match it~"

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    Exhibitionist might have been a bit too harsh a word, but it wasn't too far off. She enjoyed the idea of being looked at and appreciated in all of her forms. Perhaps one day she'd know the proper definition of this sort of thing, but for now she was content. He was looking her over and he seemed to like what he saw, so far as she could tell by the widening of his eyes. She'd receive confirmation of this by the lad's own words and find herself uniquely satisfied by the experience. He was a fan of the appearance huh, well she'd have to be sure to keep that in mind. "Umhm~ That's good... I was hoping you'd like them~" she managed as his tongue met her exposed sternum. There was a strange shift as the necklace with the large ruby shifted just a bit as well, she'd almost forgotten about it except for the coolness of its chain as she shifted just a tad.

    A giggle came from the lass as Yugi apologized for not having anything to match her showiness. "Iie, sounds like I get to go shopping which is never something to be upset about~" she said happily. It was rare indeed for her to shop for men's clothes and she truly enjoyed doing things for the lad. If he wished to match her in anyway, she'd make sure he could, especially when it came to things she could provide for him materially. At the same time she shifted her hips forward and backward while one hand came to rest once again against his manhood and she found herself rubbing him gently.

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    If she was hoping he'd enjoy the articles she donned, Yugi wondered exactly how long Kimiko had been planning this moment. Did she slip into these when she decided to take his invitation? That would have been a bit strange if she didn't fully know what to expect upon her arrival, but it didn't matter at present. More importantly, his comment about having nothing to match her effort was taken by the lass as an excuse for her to go shopping. He wasn't sure why she would bother even considering such an idea as shopping for his undergarments. Was that something couples did? Maybe.

    "Thinking of grabbing me a couple of fancy bras? I guess I could give it a shot," he said in jest, apparently comfortable enough to joke in the midst of near-copulation. His tongue lashed out again, finishing its trail up Kimiko's sternum before gliding along the length of her collarbone. All the while, his hands were shifting about after making their way up Kimiko's lower torso. In spite of the progress they'd made physically with one another thus far today, he'd yet to begin fondling her breasts. That simply wouldn't do, so he took both into his hands right then and there. He, too, had a bit of rubbing to do. "So... You said everything, but what's first? I'm all ears," he spoke.

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    When had Kimiko decided to pick underwear based on the idea she might have been seen? Well... the answer to that was simply as soon as she entertained the idea that the man with her would be seeing her in them, so basically since her second shower. Regardless, shopping was indeed a couples activity regardless of the item being purchased. In the case of getting the lad undergarments it was just an extra excuse for them to be alone together in a semi-public setting. That would of course leave them open to a bit of public degeneracy, but that didn't matter at present, they had private degeneracy to get to. Still she found it quite comforting that the lad was relaxed enough in the moment to joke with her as she'd come to know he would. A bit of a scoff came from her nonetheless as she found herself responding in kind. "Yes, of course. There are great options for someone with your build~" she mused sarcastically. He was game though, she'd bring up this agreement later.

    For now, he continued to explore her exposed flesh with his tongue and even move on to molesting her chest more direction. This caused a sharp intake of her breath before she could even begin answering. "Umm, how about we get you out your pants first~" she commented absently. She still hadn't quite said enough but several of her ideas involved the ability to initiate more direct contact, and presently his own clothes were way more of a barrier than hers. As she rubbed along his manhood her hand took a minor detour, lifting up to gently move his zipper down after undoing the button at his waist. She'd lift herself gently to allow this lad the freedom to remove his pants, which would give her access to both changing her position and being in more direct contact with his lower half once he returned to the same position. If all went according to plan, when she next lowered herself into his lap, she would be able to feel him a bit more directly against her undercarriage.

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    "Hoho~ I can't wait to see what they're like. I never would have expected anyone to sell something that fits my giant rack," he quipped once more. Oh, the fun they'd have when their degeneracy went public, when Yugi was already managing to be this much of himself in a private setting with the girl he was attracted to. One would have expected a much slower progression, but... they had been in each other's company for half a year already.

    Now then, first on the agenda was to do something about Yugi's pants. In all honesty, he'd forgotten he even had any on. Everything he felt thus far was deceiving in a strange way, perhaps due to his human body. If he gave it proper thought, it made sense; Kou was a Witcher, and a half-Celestial before that... and Akashi was a Dragon. Could those things really have made such a difference? What was this going to feel like when his pants were off?! Well, he'd be finding out soon. Kimiko took the liberty of lowering his zipper and lifting herself to provide a bit of wiggle room. Naturally, he wouldn't be waiting another moment before pinning one pants leg under the heel of his foot, then shimmying his way out of those pesky cargos until they were past his ankles. All of this was done simply so his hands could remain on Kimiko, even as she lowered herself again.

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    Another giggle escaped the raven haired lass within this lad's lap. She had no real clue why she found this funny but she truly did. This lad was a lot of fun, and she felt so relaxed in his presence. This was likely due to the fact, that they'd already gotten to know each other quite well in the more than six months they'd been traveling together. Or perhaps it was for some other reason, it didn't matter so specifically because right now they could be happy basking in each others prescence. She could only wonder what this would eventually translate to? Would people other than herself get to see what this lad was truly like? Well that was a curiosity she'd leave for later.

    Right now, she found herself lowering back down into the lad's lap. He'd gone through a lot of trouble to not have to properly separate from her while he took off his pants. She couldn't help but find this strange but, she enjoyed it nonetheless. For some strange reason his hands on her person felt quite right and beyond that she was more than acutely aware of the sensations they provided her. Perhaps this was related to the current state of her body as her own human one? Whatever the case, she was made aware of something else, when her undercarriage made contact with his lap and that was the ever present pulsing sensation of his manhood which once again garnered an extra movement of her hips. This movement sent a shock up her body which left a moan to fall from between her lips, it also answered her earlier question about leaving friction. "Oooh~" This was something she was going to enjoy quite a bit more than she'd realized. Even so she had no intention of stopping herself as that one gentle movement led to more in a slow rhythm, the slow rocking of her hips would soon enough be partnered with her lips once more pressed against Yugi's.

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    Just as Yugi anticipated a few moments beforehand, there was a certain danger to his pants being discarded when Kimiko returned to his lap. By the time her hips began rocking again, their genitalia rubbing against one another put a quick end to the throbbing of Yugi's member... by resulting in a single throb which refused to recede. Only the lacy fabric of Kimiko's undergarments served as a true barrier between the pair passing a threshold neither could ever return from, and Yugi was having a surprisingly hard time trying to silence his brain. 'Remove the only obstacle,' his instincts chanted. Never in the lad's life had he had such difficulty trying not to do something, and he knew it was only going to get worse in the near future. Gulping down his own saliva, he did his best to steel himself against... temptation, as it were.

    "Alright..." He paused, experiencing the sensation of his breath hitching within his throat for a moment. "Buying a box next time I go anywhere," he concluded. Never did he expect to have such a dire need for even a single condom. The goings-on would be doing just as much damage to his mental state as it did a service to how he felt physically. If he could go back on the situation, though, he would undoubtedly relive it just as he was experiencing it now. Perhaps this session of 'dry-humping' as it was called, could serve as its own form of preparation to make true events less overwhelming than he imagined they would be. . .

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    Yugi wasn't the only one experiencing a bit of a problem with his instincts. As it stood, each movement of Kimiko's hips caused a strange jolt up her spine starting from the core of her body. Not only that but the hardness of his member, the friction caused by the fabric and the twitching of her nether were all contributing to a building problem. Everything about what she was doing, was torturous to her, but watching the lad below her struggle just a little as he tried to speak was enough to make it worthwhile. Still it was hard for her to rationalize keeping all this fabric between them. It would feel better if they were naked, oh but that would be very dangerous. She knew it even as her panties moistened at the idea of it. Worse yet Yugi was speaking and she just barely caught it. Still she didn't let her movements falter, instead leaning down to gently flick her tongue over his lips. Still those movements of her hips never gained speed, she was doing this on purpose, chasing the slow building pressure beneath her waist.

    "Hm, yeah. Definitely on the list... this is amazing, but it's also torture for me too," she mused quietly. A soft breath escaped her as she flicked her tongue down his neck ever presently moving. She did mean that as well, it was quite problematic for her, since each movement was causing a jolt of sensation through her body and the wetter her panties got the easier they moved and the more she felt. It was an enticing feeling which made her concentrate on each and every movement to avoid doing something which might put them both in a negative position. While also fighting against her mind telling her she should move faster and remove that which blocked everything between them.

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