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    Hearing that he wasn't the only one experiencing an undue amount of torture via this interaction, Yugi felt relief. Sadly, this did nothing to quell the seeking of his loins, nor the incomprehensible power his libido aimed to exercise over him. Either he was at the precipice of some sphere in Heaven, or a circle of Hell, and he couldn't tell which would be entered if things progressed any further. How did people actually deal with this sort of feeling on a daily basis? Were the people who claimed they did just liars? Yugi never expected the amount of ridiculousness found in the media he observed, but his poor, virgin mind could hardly fathom even normalcy at this point!

    It felt as if movements were becoming easier... and they were. Moisture produced by the loins of Kimiko reduced friction between them, yet simultaneously provided something more reminiscent of penetration as far as Yugi's imagination gathered. One simple shift, and they would be in a very different situation. Yugi's mind even tried to convince him that it would be a good idea, to shift his hips to one side or another, as if to bypass the girl's undergarments and enter her. Those thoughts needed silencing. The only thing he had to distract himself with, was aggression. As his tongue traced its way along Kimiko's neck, he made the decision to sink his teeth into her nape instead. All the while, his hands were grasping her hips quite firmly, fingers sinking deeper and deeper into the softest flesh he found. Did it work? Time would soon tell.

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    How similar these two were. A couple of virgins trying to navigate something which was supposed to feel normal and instead wound up wondering how it ever felt normal. 'Ugh... this is way too much,' the lass thought as she kept up those slow paced movements. They were drops in an ever filling bucket, so smooth, so slow and each with an accompanying pulse. Her body in its present empty state thought only of filling, of shifting of causing them a grand problem in the long term but satisfying the need for sensation in the short term. Her fingers clinched in the moment immediately to the left and right of this lad's body. If she thought for too long, she might end up changing her pace which would be so good, and yet so bad as well. What she needed was a distraction and she was about to receive one.

    As Yugi licked along her neck she fond herself concentrating on the feeling of his mouth instead. This would only serve to confuse her senses quite a bit when the lad bit down on the nape of her neck. "Ah, I'm coming!~" she moaned her body tensing in the moment. She felt her sex practically vibrate within as she that ever filling bucket overflowed. Her movements remained even as fingers dug into her flesh. How strange. She never really considered that she might like such pain, but in the moment the extra sensation was exactly what she needed as her hips kept the feeling of her flourish fresh within her body as tingles spread from the tips of her ears down to her toes. "Fuck that's good!~" the sentence fell from her mouth without her preapproved thoughts, even so, she couldn't deny such a thing would be worth adding to her list of acknowledged kinks, biting was definitely something she enjoyed. What could that have felt like while his manhood was within her? Would it have been better to finish around something firm? Would that warm feeling last longer in such a case? She could only wonder about these things as her hips slowed finally lifting off his body so she could reach between them and molest him a bit more directly. "Yugi~, you ever get the feeling we are playing with fire?" she asked of the lad as she rather directly aimed to work him out of his boxers and flick her index finger gently over the tip of his manhood. What else did she have planned? Well only time would tell.

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    As for the question of whether Yugi's plan would work or not, the answer was a resounding... no. His biting and gripping did accomplish something, but it wasn't at all a reduction of the situation he was in. It was, however, an end of sorts─ specifically Kimiko's. With all said and done, Yugi was worse off than he had been a few moments prior, and yet again, things could only get worse from there. The lad's teeth never left his partner's neck. Considering the state he was in mentally, her orgasm functioned neither as a deterrent, nor as a cause for progression; his only answer was to stay as he was. If nothing else, his method functioned as some sort of distraction.

    Alas, fate would have it that he saw no reprieve for long. He'd finally found a point at which to remain stagnant, but Kimiko took it upon herself to further things. Up she went, and he thought for just a moment that things would end with her rise. They wouldn't. With a single question offered, she freed the lad of his undergarments. What was he to think of that query? Did she mean to fully disrobe them both, abandoning all concept of contraception? Yugi certainly thought so for a moment, and for that same moment, he was oddly excited and... somewhat anxious. "Well... yeah, I think─" he said, ironically knowing the feeling she referenced at this very second. As far as he knew, his attempt to distract himself had flipped some sort of switch in the lass' mind. She could have decided after a single flourish that she didn't care about future consequences. His fate was, quite literally, in the hand of Ashikaga Kimiko. What an interesting time it was to be incapable of figuring someone out. "Uh... why do you ask?"

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    The first answer to Kimiko's question hadn't been what she thought it would be. Perhaps she'd distracted him? Maybe it was the case that he was just done with that as it was, and there was more on the horizon. She found herself looking at the lad's face, and considered it once more. That wasn't quite right, though... Aiba Yugi in his other faces was a man who thought more than he likely should. In this particular instance, she wondered if she was simply a lot harder to interpret than she thought of herself. After flicking over the tip of him, she allowed her hand to slide down his length and smiled into the lad's face. She'd kiss the left side of his face after he finally answered her inquiry with another question. She'd promised him to share with him the things she'd not been able to share with anyone else. She'd shown him parts of herself she'd kept deeply private well below her public persona. "I just find my mind wandering to all sorts of strange places..." she stated clearly as another press of her lips would have her trail down his neck. "It doesn't help me at all that I think you're really cute while you're thinking~" she mused, still stroking his manhood. Yet another kiss would happen near the lad's collar bone and would be immediately followed by a gentle flicker of her tongue.

    She'd seen his expression many times since they'd known each other. She knew when the lad was working through something he couldn't make heads or tails of, and right just now he was doing exactly that. Still she kept an eye on him as she moved progressively further down his body. Had he noticed yet? Would he be surprised by her next action? Well, there was only one real way to find out. She found herself soon enough at level with his manhood and had not the slightest bit of hesitation in flicking her tongue over it next. Strangely it tasted it like, skin, well that was definitely better than the potential alternatives, and so she'd swirl her tongue around the tip and wait for some sort of reaction before moving on.

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    Yugi would never have even managed to realize one simple fact: Kimiko understood when his mind was at work the way it was now. She had been the one thing he found himself incapable of figuring out for half a year now, and in reality, she surely knew at least part of that reality─ the part where he couldn't simply know what she had in mind. Whatever the case, he remained at the girl's mercy while she held the most crucial part of his physical self in her hand. Lips pressed against his face, and continued making contact with his flesh while making their way... south.

    Ah. That was her plan, then. Kimiko's movements combined with her words to paint the full picture of her intentions, and all became rather clear to Yugi. As a matter of fact, this was just another thing on the list she'd given mere minutes ago. "Strange places, huh?" he asked in rhetoric. What was he to do when she spoke of him being 'cute' while thinking, though? Well... there was nothing to do consciously, but that didn't stop the blood flooding his face as a result. "I─"

    What did he intend to say? None could know, and that demographic included Yugi himself. There was... a sudden loss of everything he thought, everything he was, the moment he felt the warm, moist tongue of Kimiko gracing the tip of his manhood with its touch. Things wouldn't stop there; not for long enough to allow him another moment of thought. That same tongue swirled around the head of his phallus, wetting the tip and seeming as if it intended to rouse his soul from one of few orifices on his body. Briefly, just briefly, he couldn't see. That was probably due to the fact that his eyes were either lidded, or somewhere in the back of his head at the time. Once more, the young male wondered how normal humans dealt with this sort of thing on a daily basis. "Uh─" was all he could say. Perhaps that simple utterance wasn't even a conscious effort of Yugi's, but the subconscious allowance of his lungs to compress after a sharp intake of air. Yes, that was probably what happened; Yugi himself hardly had the consciousness to say for certain.

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    This lad's face had turned a brilliant shade of red, after she'd called him cute. Before that moment he'd been trying to question the places her mind went, but it seemed he'd caught on enough by now. Now she got to bask in the redness of his face as her eyes flickered up to his face. He really didn't understand how much she enjoyed him, and in this moment that feeling only seemed to grow. The flicker of her tongue over the tip of his manhood and elicited a new response from the lad. He'd lost his thoughts so completely he'd not even managed to finish his sentence. What did he plan on saying in such a moment? She couldn't know, perhaps she'd express her curiosity about this in a moment or two. After swirling her tongue around the tip of him and hearing his exhale which was almost an utterance, she moved on, allowing her tongue to trail down the length of him with that warm wet feeling. She was trying desperately not to overload his senses, but she also enjoyed teasing him a bit more than she would realize.

    "Yugi~ I don't know what to make of this silence~" she teased in a manner which gave her a strange amount of de ja vu. Perhaps she'd said something similar before. Whatever the case her tongue took broad strokes around his manhood and she absently found herself with a finger rubbing against her own undergarments and feeling the wetness there. She'd spark her own feelings once more, but still enjoy what she was doing. "You'll have to give me a bit more feedback or I'll have to start making assumptions~" she mentioned flicking her tongue over the opening at the top of his manhood with the very tip of her tongue. Whether he answered or not, she'd take more, closing her mouth around the tip of him and moving her head down to the point of her comfort. She'd digested enough pornographic media to have some idea of things to avoid, but that being said this was most likely to end as practice for her. And she'd undertake it diligently looking towards the lad's face with those startling red eyes of hers as she sought feedback and sucked in her cheeks to further apply pressure as she moved her tongue around within her mouth.

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    Silence? Was he silent? Oh dear; he was almost certain he'd said something in the past few moments. Maybe he'd at least managed something, even if it didn't reach conclusion? No. There was nothing escaping him but an utterance that didn't resemble a word at all, and that would only continue as Kimiko's tongue moved about his phallus more adeptly than in moments prior. Perhaps Kimiko would have to start making assumptions; he certainly made one of his own. If there was ever a question as to how much degenerate media the girl ingested, it became clear here and now that it rivaled his own quantity, at the very least. The descent and halt without a reaction─ was it a sign of practice? If so, it was practiced well.

    These were the thoughts passing through Yugi's mind, but none made it to the surface for quite some time. He could at least see now, and what a sight he had when the ability came to him. Compressed cheeks, a crimson gaze locked onto his face, and all he could manage in return was an agape maw paired with eyes that wandered all over the visage of Kimiko. "I uh... yeah!" Smoothness at its finest. Yugi understood his answer was a bit lacking, but the cloud surrounding his brain disagreed. Still, he managed a bit more in the end. "Well... if you're gonna assume, assume something good. And... keep going─"

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    Kimiko lived the life of a degenerate shut-in with no one to talk to and no potential outlets for her lusts. As such in her life before she'd taken up several bad habits, the least of which was masturbation at a frequency most would consider excessive. The second of her hobbies aside from gaming and running the financial world, was testing theories about the viability of certain sexual acts. Though she'd not gotten bold enough to use certain kinds of sex toys on herself, she'd taken to testing her limits in ways which she could while alone. One of her favorites to do was test her gag reflex. She'd done a great deal of research on the subject online, and knew the tricks necessary to subdue her gag reflex. Excellent posture and her upbringing had actually set her up pretty nicely for this particular experience. How far could she push it, with the real thing to experiment on? Well, she was about to find out.

    As she looked up at Yugi she found the lad would make at least one moment of eye contact. Strange though it was from this angle he was very much himself. His lack of smoothness apparent to her even in a moment like this. She didn't really mind that though. She found it rather endearing that he wasn't a super-smooth womanizer type. It was refreshing that he wasn't always trying to actively seduce her, and instead what she got from him was a raw and honest effort. Her head moved forward quite a bit more and she managed almost to swallow down his length completely, though it was troublesome to push past her desire to gag completely. Such a feeling came with a slurping gurgling sound as she stroked him with her tongue to remove him from her mouth. The movement of her throat couldn't have been missed perhaps this was the next thing to practice with a live target? All the while, she gently stroked her own panties with her other hand seeming to take great amusement from the lad's words. "Hm, that's pretty honest..." she teased, to give her jaw just a little time to rest, she licked along the shaft of him, making sure her tongue took contact with the entirety of the surface. She found herself enjoying this position in more ways that one, perhaps she was truly more of a degenerate than she'd given herself credit for? "Um~" she almost moaned given her own activities. "When you say it like that, I have no choice but to try my best~" she mentioned as she laid a gentle kiss upon the tip of him. "Do let me know how theory translates to practice though~" she said offering the lad a wink before returning her mouth in earnest. This time she take to move her head back and forth down his shaft, while sweeping with her tongue. Her breaths and mumbled moans passing over his skin, making noises that should have embarrassed her fully but she was far too into the activity to care. She aimed for a certain balance between these movements and making sure her mouth wasn't too full of liquid while also making sure his manhood was coated in warm moisture. It was an interesting thing to balance but she'd continue at it, finding it more and more alright over time to allow herself to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was working towards a new goal and perhaps she'd reach it today.

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    Kindred spirits, these two were. In Yugi's case as well, masturbation was a tool used even as an answer to simple boredom. With that, came an excessive amount of research as well, even beyond merely consuming pornographic media. Though he'd never be one to admit it, he'd even resorted to using a fruit or two as test dummies to develop some oral technique... just in case.

    If someone told him years ago that his lack of 'smoothness' could ever be taken as a positive, Yugi would have been less of a shut-in. Of course, being less of a shut-in would have also kept him from this very moment; he'd have been worse off as a result. Since his general demeanor got him here, he'd be thankful for it as more of his length disappeared with the applied suction of Kimiko. The way her face looked in the meantime, the slurping noises that came from the moisture of her moving mouth, the feeling of her tongue when it took the show, and the... mention that she'd have to try her best? What? To think she wasn't functioning at maximum capacity already was a bit frightening for the lad. "Hai. I'll try to let you─" Hesitation came again as Kimiko's efforts returned fully. True enough, there was a more impressive effort to follow her earlier motions, and Yugi was forced into a silence-heralding gasp as a result. "─know!"

    Finally managing to complete at least a single sentence, in spite of the struggle it took, he fell back into virtual silence─ aside from the heavy breathing and occasional moan. It was strange; so many sources implied that he would have been in a position of power in this moment, but that was very much not the case at all. The young male was vulnerable, entirely at the mercy of the other teen. He was enslaved by her whims, sealed behind whatever goal she intended to reach. Somehow, being in such a position was exhilarating. If he couldn't presently feel his sack contracting, and if he wasn't acutely aware of what such a thing meant for him in the long-run, he would have let himself imagine enjoying the sensation without end.

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