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    "It doesn't matter the reason," he said with certainty. Contact had been initiated, and Yugi strangely found himself welcoming it. Given the likelihood of that happening with anyone and him finding it acceptable, he could do nothing but desire its continuation. As such, his hand remained in place atop Kimiko's forearm. In the meantime, Kimiko explained that she'd been in contact with Kitera Ume, who seemed as if she'd yet to become the Avatar they already knew as Kuroka. Moreover, Kimiko pinned herself as the one who managed to introduce that woman to the game that transported her across realities. He knew time was askew between worlds, but this was something outright ridiculous! "... Fuck," he said, seeming upset by a sudden realization. "And I was calling that one chick crazy because she was bringing up time travel for the reason behind there being two worlds. Well... she's still crazy. They're all crazy."

    Now that he mentioned it, Yugi had information to share with Kimiko as well. His previous day had been one hell of an experience, and he wondered if she'd been through anything similar. "Speaking of the crazy people, should I assume you've also been bombarded by psychos since coming back here? I had a cult of people from AoE hold me at gunpoint to make me their leader yesterday. They called me an important part of their movement after going to one world and back to my own, and wanted me to participate in a Holy Grail War. That girl sounded like an idiot for believing this world was just the 'wrong' version of theirs, so I told them to shove it. Then... I wound up getting a servant after I returned your message. That one called me the Witch of Wrath, and... she might have actually been right."

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    Apparently it didn't matter the reason such contact was initiated. Kimiko found herself strangely comfortable in this lad's presence and never really this comfortable in anyone else's. Given this she enjoyed the time they spent in close proximity of each other, but she'd discovered this a long time ago in their adventure. She enjoyed their closeness even as she settled into this embrace and felt no strain having her arms wrapped around this lad in such a fashion. After revealing the information she had about the current existence of one Kitera Ume, it seemed Yugi had come to some sort of conclusion. He did so in his usual manner by muttering a swear of understanding. He then brought up crazy people and time travel which made Kimiko's eyes go wide. "REALLY?!" she uttered excitedly.

    Only soon after did she find out that the lad had been dealing with some strange interactions. According to him he'd had run ins with two different groups from AoE who wanted to claim him as their leader. One group held him at gunpoint, claiming he was important to their movement. And the only a singular person became his servant while referencing him as the Witch of Wrath. "Sou ka," she said in understanding of his situation. As she gained comfort in the moment she had a similar yet slightly different tale of her own to tell. "Oh, well, I was held at gunpoint, in my own house by the cops after a shower because apparently I was reported missing," she mentioned with a shake of her head. "I was taken into the station only to be randomly confronted by some man who claimed to know me, and my other faces. He thought you and I were similar enough that one of us should have been what he was looking for, but I got the feeling he doesn't like you very much," she explained of the situation. "That same man apparently thought I might have been the Witch of Pride, but after talking to me for a few seconds changed his mind. He was also absolutely psychotic and way too much emotion for my liking. He determined I was the Witch of Greed instead, which I find more suitable in general. And then claimed he'd win both worlds for me, in the Holy Grail War, as I stated I wouldn't sacrifice one for the other even if it was an option," she explained the rest with a gentle sigh. "It was a whole fucking ordeal, and all I wanted was to find you. That dude did have some strange powers though and I am pretty sure I have a practical version of them given what happened with that pizza guy. I haven't had much time to test it out figuring out what transferred from that world to this one." The whole of her story now done she sighed. None of that really mattered to her now though, she had the lad she was looking for all other problems could be solved at her leisure.

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    The excited utterance of Kimiko essentially confirmed her going through a similar experience to his own. If that wasn't enough, he was soon to be on the receiving end of an explanation to further effect. She had also been bombarded, not only by that strange set of cults, but by the police as well. When comparing their lifestyles, it made sense that a few days would be reason for police involvement in her case. The same could have been said by Yugi himself a matter of years ago, but there was no one to report him missing at present. Regardless of all that, they had both ended their eventful days on a similar note. She, too, dealt with one crazed individual seeking to pledge themselves to a Witch. Given the amount of sudden dedication mentioned of this person, Yugi imagined it was another of those Archbishops, like the one he'd encountered. All the time-related trickery in this description led Yugi to believe they would be encountering the earlier form of at least one Archbishop in their future, and that was... at least satisfying confirmation that they would indeed be travelling to the other world again. "So we both got approached by people looking for Pride, and both got pinned as a completely different sin. I was wondering what you did to throw that guy into the fountain and have it be such a loud thing, but that pretty much tells me the little tests I've done were best done with the restraint I used."

    Perhaps what that purple-haired woman said was right. Maybe he would participate in their little 'competition' eventually, and maybe Kimiko would as well. Since it seemed they each had an official following consisting of a single member, perhaps they would be joining one another for an entirely new cause. "I'm not very big on the idea of being a Witch, honestly. What do you think, though? If those groups fight against each other for this world's Holy Grail, who knows what could happen? We could always just... take matters into our own hands, and do some of that good old constructive shit~"

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    Kimiko was a bit relieved to know that she wasn't the only one experiencing such strangeness upon her return. After speaking to the lad so recently about his past, she understood that it was unlikely that any would have noticed he was missing. At the same time she knew her own parents were on vacation so there were a very limited number of people who would have noticed she was gone as well. Whatever the case, she was at least satisfied that they were both not pride. This led to another line of thought about being related to Greed and what such a thing would actually mean for her long term. Were their draw backs to abusing such power? Did it have further uses she hadn't yet seen or discovered? She wasn't exactly keen to try and have a conversation with Regulus to find out exactly what that would mean... especially given his apparent obsession with making her one of his wives. Perhaps instead she could use her own brain power and Yugi's to come up with a working idea about the nature of her powers?

    "Hm, I need to figure out if I have any negatives to using whatever power I manifest. Based on all information I've gotten I need to figure out if I have negatives to deal with and mediate them," she thought to herself. Based on what she had it was a bit sketchy. That being said, she was still on the same page as the lad she was with. They could technically do something about this potential problem. "I am not completely sold on being a Witch either, that sounds strange. But, I'd rather have control of all of these situations then leave them in the hands of people who are obviously unstable. Besides... with you around it'll be fun~" she said giving the lad a gentle squeeze as she considered their options. "So now... I have to figure out what Greed as a power entails and how to use it. I would rather not talk to that guy again if I can avoid it. He reminds me of those guys I'd rather not deal with, so I guess I can use what that dude said already, the information you have from your testing, and piece it together for a working theory~"

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    Thinking of how their abilities worked here in their home world would always be something worthwhile. It may have been odd that they chose to do so while touching in such a way, but Yugi didn't give it so much as a second thought. He even continued working toward the end of his pizza slice while Kimiko spoke her piece. She had a very interesting plan in mind─ one that was similar enough to his own mindset that he nearly laughed with a mouthful of food. "Negatives, huh?" he spoke between chews. He had nothing else to say until the entirety of his crust was gone, but Kimiko did. She was also opposed to the idea of being whatever Witches were to those cultists, and she also wanted to know the extent of her powers without having to deal with the cultists themselves... or at least the one connected directly to her. Yugi could commiserate with most of these points, even though he didn't particularly mind his own follower so long as she could avoid fits of overexpressing herself the way he'd seen.

    "I guess that settles it, then. We band together and finish figuring out what we're capable of, and we show those freaky cult guys what team play looks like at its finest! If it's avoiding negatives you find yourself having to do, pretty much all of my research has been feeding into some weird Yin and Yang philosophy, so I think I can help out if necessary there," he said confidently, thinking only after a slight topic shift that there was one more clause in the overall plan. "Oh, and we make sure you don't have to deal with the apparently creepy guy. That one's just as important, since I'm..." He paused. Interestingly enough, Yugi found himself repeatedly failing to mentally acknowledge the relationship they had officially entered. He had some sort of obligation now, right? Even so, admitting to the status shared between the two of them managed to shock him into speechlessness every time. . .

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    It seemed that Yugi found something that Kimiko had said funny. Still as she stayed in her embrace she found herself thinking over this entire thing. Strangely enough she also didn't have a problem with the way they were talking and how they were while they did it. She enjoyed being close to this lad, even as he finished his own meal and she spoke of learning the depths of her own powers. "Hai, I wouldn't want to experience some backlash from a greed based ability, especially since it'd be heavily weighted by the exchange. That weird Archbishop can stop time for large areas and destroy stuff from a distance. I don't really want to be able to do something like that and have it cost me more than I am willing to give for it," she mentioned thinking it through lightly. Soon after he finished his food, he did have something to say. It seemed he was alright with the start of her plan and aimed for the pair of them to combine their skills and take this Holy Grail War with their epic (and already proven) teamwork.

    "Yosh! We can pretty easily do most things... I have faith in our combined efforts~" she chimed happily. It seemed beyond this point, he had information to share about some sort of exchange happening that he'd discovered during his own experiments. Before she could comment on this though the lad in her arms claimed it was also important to keep her away from her creepy Archbishop. A look of curiosity crossed this raven haired lass' face as she looked at him after he managed to sheepishly avoid mentioning the current nature of their relationship. After all they'd been through she found his inability to speak on this rather strange. That being said, given everything she'd seen of him in this form and his other ones, she was pretty sure he had some underlying insecurities. As the sort of person she was, it wasn't within her nature for her to allow him to feel out of sorts about this. She shifted herself gently so that she was in his lap with her legs on either side of his. She placed both of her hands around his face looking at him rather directly in the moment. "My boyfriend." She said finishing his lingering statement. "You're my boyfriend and I'm your girlfriend. And you can look after me as you wish... if that's still what you want." she stated very clearly, she could absolve him of any obligation he thought he had. She wanted him but he only had to do so much as he wanted to do for her, she only expected him to be himself. "I like you, and you're very precious to me, so I won't let you go..." she continued to hold him as such and watched the lad's face with a certain amount of possessiveness. "Is that alright, Yugi?" she questioned with softness in her eyes. She was looking to make certain once he officially accepted this she would have him as she pleased and would allow him the same but... she needed him to understand that she wanted him and him alone.

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    Kimiko wanted to avoid the repercussions, but Kou wondered what said consequences would even be when a power such as stopping time was in use. There was magic which stopped time in the other world, but it had no major costs to speak of aside from one's own mana. That... wasn't a particularly greedy thing to do, though. Stopping time? It didn't lay claim to anything. Of the seven sins, he could think of four which may have had similar abilities to one another. Greed, Gluttony, Lust, and Envy were all more material than the other three, and could all be related to 'taking' things in some way. Perhaps this Archbishop's assault was related to the ability of theft, much like... ah, yes! "You have that Snatch skill as your first Avatar, yeah? Maybe it's more like that. When I was thinking about manifesting Wrath, I compared it to my Full Counter skill. Maybe that guy's not stopping time and destroying things at range, but instead claiming principles that extend even to time itself. I mean... it sounds logical to me."

    Boyfriend. Indeed, that was the word he found so impossible to speak into existence. The reality of it all never made sense to the lad, as the situation itself still didn't fully make sense. He wasn't going to step down, clearly, but total acceptance and acknowledgement within his own head was another matter entirely. There was, of course, no way to even have a second thoughts when Kimiko decided to straddle his lap and take hold of his face for the most intense and extended eye contact he'd ever experienced. He met this gaze, hearing every word spoken by the black-haired girl, taking special note of the clause that she wasn't letting him go. What could he do with that information? Well... he laughed, just slightly. "They thought you were Pride when you say things like that?" he asked. It took a truly greedy individual to brazenly make a statement like that, he thought. "You're sure then? A hundred percent? My Avatars do a lot of heavy lifting on my part, you know? I really am just a perverted shut-in. I'm not exactly different from regular guys; most times I'll look at you and actually just be fantasizing something people shouldn't ever say out loud. It... gets pretty disturbing, really."

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    It seemed that discussion between these two people would indeed lead to a more logical understanding of everything that happened in the lass' encounter with the Archbishop of Greed. Yugi came to the conclusion that the man likely had a theft type ability, one which applied even to the principles of time. That did make sense, if he was greedy he was likely taking something and that would be a rather advanced method of taking something. She'd begin processing that line of thought comparing that to her own skills and thinking of potential drawbacks. But that wasn't something she'd express for a few moments yet. And it seemed it wouldn't matter for now.

    Right at the moment she was sitting within this lad's lap holding his face. It seemed once again she'd said something to make him laugh. No, that wasn't right, he found funny the idea that someone had mistaken the kind of person she was with such a great amount of disconnect. Kimiko could think of a couple of reasons for this, the most likely being the weird way that these Archbishops seemed to equate Pride to Leadership. "It's an easy mistake to make, I only say things like this to you..." she said in a slightly teasing tone. Hm, she really was prone to this flirty behavior. Whatever the case, the lad wanted to be sure. Was she sure about him? Well, that wouldn't take any real thought. No hesitation was necessary, "Hai, one hundred percent sure. I trust you. You're mine." she said with a gentle nod of her head. Apparently he didn't think himself different from other guys, he claimed he was simply a perverted shut-in. So was she, though as a girl this was much deeper within her personality. He was constantly thinking things about her that he shouldn't say aloud? A wide grin spread across her face, "I am not expecting you to be a saint. And everyone's Avatars do heavy lifting, mine do as well. If you're always thinking dirty things about me, as long as they're only about me... then I don't mind. In fact, that is a bonus," she said while studying this lad's face. This girl was truly greedy. She wanted his undivided attention, even that which was unappealing for public consumption. There was no dishonesty in this lass, she truly didn't care if this lad harbored a great number of perversions he aimed at her. She felt in this moment as if this lad was forgetting how very forward she was in situations surrounding him. And how many such situations were started by her and their shared interests...

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    The fact that Kimiko only said such things to him didn't mean much at all to Yugi. At least, this was the case when he considered her greed. "No way," he spoke. "You being Greed should be obvious to anyone who knows of the concept, while also knowing even the first thing about you. Probably the most privileged girl in the world wants to earn her own keep? Instead of inheriting the company like any normal person would, she works a subdivision with its own purpose, which I can only assume is a thing being done for the sake of taking the remainder by merit alone. She does everything without handouts, claiming things in a way that they could never be looked at as if they could belong to another person. That's greed; don't you think?"

    She claimed she trusted him. She claimed 100% certainty in her decision. She claimed that she didn't expect him to be a saint, and that his unsavory thoughts were a bonus if they were implicitly directed toward her. Yugi wasn't sure how those conclusions could be reached before she truly knew. Did she know anything beyond the surface? He was quite certain there were things he considered appealing that most would shun when first hearing about them. What were the chances? "Isn't that a bit much to assume? I mean... it's not like I draw the line right after the basic stuff you see in any random hentai. I've already visualized the creepy shit that shows up in my tag lists. Extreme ahegao, inhuman parts, marking, public, dubcon, somnophilia, mind control and break, even intercrural and... breeding and shit! I'm basically a hentai ugly bastard, but like... not fat. You're saying that's something worth a hundred percent?" he ranted, backtracking for a moment thereafter to address something rather important. "Wait, I said shit... but not like, shit shit. That's a big, hard, hell no... but basically the only 'no' from me."

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    According to this lad there was no way people didn't realize she was inherently greedy. She found herself still looking in his face and processing what he said about her obvious greedy qualities. In the moment though, her eyes widened, she wasn't aware that people outside of those who worked for her would understand at all what she was trying to do. Even if he wasn't completely right he was close enough that she was shocked at least by what he said, "Sou ka, I didn't expect anyone else to really get that. Well, I suppose you are most likely to understand me in general, but that is just another positive," the girl mentioned. If she tallied up this lad and his mental abilities as well as his understanding he only became more appealing to her, not less. "And I am planning a hostile take over. That is what my subdivision is for, usurping the company..." she said. This was probably the most extreme form of taking something with ones own hands, but it wasn't like she had anything to hide from Yugi in the slightest. She wished for him to know and understand her so she found herself sharing information with him rather easily.

    Still she was watching him, what would his reaction be? The lad before her seemed to go into great detail about a list of kinks. She had at least was able to gain more of an understanding of the lad. He claimed that he didn't draw the line at the basic things which were on the list of the average hentai. The words he used were not completely unfamiliar to her. In fact, if she wasn't sure he'd never been in her house, she might have thought he'd been reading her internet history. Poor lad, he apparently thought himself alone in his degeneracy. It was almost like he didn't remember what their interactions were actually like when they spent prolonged time alone recently. So was this something worth one hundred percent? Yes... though there was one thing worth addressing but... "Ahahahaha~" she couldn't stop the laugh that happened. His follow up about his hard no being literal crap was something she could agree with. So, she had something to say. "You aren't ugly or fat, those would have been hard noes for me. I am probably a little bit shallow but visuals are still necessary," she said with a soft chuckle. "So... yes, still worth one hundred percent. And we share the same hard no, so everything else is on the table." She mentioned, perhaps it wasn't initially obvious how far one with a greedy nature could potentially go, but she was much less restricted overall than many. And she meant everything she said, she still wanted him in spite of his degeneracy and wouldn't be adverse to trying any of the things he mentioned. She shared many of his fantasies and would prefer to share those experiences with him, over literally anyone else.

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